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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

Learn more click link…
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In today's @china_table Berthold Kuhn has published a very problematic response to my rebuttal of @ESandschneider op-ed. Instead of defending #academicfreedom against CCP censorship Kuhn criticises @merics_eu supposedly 'confrontational China attitude' /1…
Whereas in March 2021 European Research Institute Directors roundly denounced the CCP's sanctions against @merics_eu Berthold Kuhn suggests that 'young scientists and business experts in particular are more likely to refrain from working with Merics' /2
While I welcome robust public debates about the logic & limits of Magnitsky sanctions I am dismayed that Berthold Kuhn's discussion of the Chinese Communist Party's sanctions against @merics_eu isn't prefaced with an unequivocal defence of #AcademicFreedom and #FreedomOfSpeech /3
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Blowback & retaliation anticipated today (#Friday) for #PTIGovernment banning #TLP. Mosques & seminaries/madrassas continue to operate beyond #Pakistani state's authority & control. Large scale #protests by TLP supporters & sympathizers expected nationwide after #Jummah prayers.
Taking a leaf out of #France's book, #TLP supporters on #socialmedia are using the hashtag #IAmSaadHussainRizvi (#IamSaadHusaainRizvi - with a spelling mistake - is also trending).
It seems like decades ago, but does anyone else remember #JeSuisCharlie #IAmCharlieHebdo from 2015?
Not sure whether this is the 'official' account, but pretty sure this is how it starts...
#TLPProtest #TLP_PROTEST #TLPLive #TLPDharna #IAmSaadHussainRizvi
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We need to talk about Germany - again. Today a highly problematic essay by former German Council on Foreign Relations @dgapev director @ESandschneider was published in @china_table. This daily briefing is widely read among German professionals /1

In his article Sandschneider criticises what he calls a 'moralising foreign policy'; 'double standards' in US and European China policy, which are supposedly driven by geopolitical or economic concerns; and suggests that tensions in the Taiwan Strait are provoked by the USG /2
He criticises western Magnitsky sanctions against Chinese officials for 'blocking dialogue channels' and calls for 'silent diplomacy'. Whilst labelling attempts to 'manage China's rise' a form of 'megalomania', he nevertheless considers western China policy a 'management task' /3
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[BREAKING] @JessicaDenson07 wins lawsuit over Trump campaign’s illegal NDAs. This is a huge victory for free speech & the American public’s right to hear the truth.…
The Trump campaign required its workers—incl. volunteers—to sign unlimited NDAs that prohibit them from criticizing Donald Trump, his family, Trump businesses, and the Trump campaign—forever.
The Court has spoken: the Campaign’s form NDA that Jessica signed is invalid as a matter of law. The contract goes too far and is unenforceable.…
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【 BREAKING 】@thetimes reports that 400+ academics have signed an open letter in solidarity with Dr Finley. The signatories criticise the political censorship of the Chinese Communist Party, which now jeopardises scholarly cooperation with China /1…
Such global support for Dr Finley marks a decisive pushback against the CCP’s threat to academic freedom. In 2020 100+ scholars from 71 academic institutions across 16 countries had already signed another open letter condemning the HK security law /2…
So what is happening here and what do we need to know? In an article for the International Journal of Human Rights @InRights (in peer review) David Missal @DavidJRMissal and I have pointed out that the CCP poses a serious threat to academic freedom at home and abroad /3
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I hereby call on all China specialists in the UK to stand in solidarity with @j_smithfinley from Newcastle University.

@bacs_china should also issue a public statement condemning the Chinese Communist Party’s threats to #AcademicFreedom and #FreedomOfSpeech.

Enough is enough.
As scholars we have a shared responsibility to address the issue of domestic and international threats to #AcademicFreedom in the UK. @DavidJRMissal and I developed the following framework when discussing Germany's case in an article for the International Journal of Human Rights.
Good to see that the Academic Freedom and Internationalisation Working Group (AFIWG) has issued this statement.
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The Myth of #FreedomOfSpeech

My Account has been suspended twice till date
1 ) 1 day
2) 7 days
What was my mistake did I give any calls for Riots or Something
The first time was I cracked a joke on Turkey getting vaccines from China

This time it was for me explaining context of some verses in Asmani Qitab
These liberals and their so called FOS champs like Twitter FB Insta always say that they are the lone defenders of FOS in the whole world and the anti left govts like that of Trump or Modi are Fasict
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January 3rd, 2021 ~ @drsimonegold talking about the 'vaccines' and media disinformation campaigns.

I'm watching this now. I recommend you make the time...
For your own sake and the people you care about, as well.
(remove the ~) Image
There are several links available;
A chance to be proactive:
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In the wake of #SarahEverad death and the rubbish that some men are spewing on this street, I want to talk about how we allow the violence of men in plain sight because they are famous. These violence targeting women by famous men is not new. Let’s use #PiersMorgan & #MeganMarkle
It is really funny and dishonest that we pretend to not know that the action of #PiersMorgan is not driven by #FreedomOfSpeech but by the fact that #megan “rejected him” according to Piers himself.
This obsession of #PiersMorgan on #MeganMarkle is seen here in this picture. Imagine for once many women like Megan but without the influence of Megan who have fallen victim to men like Piers with all the power and connections. Who speaks for them?
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True to form we had Joanna Cherry QC issuing legal letters to @DavidPaisley, this was rightly covered by Hannah Rodger. Joanna ridiculously claimed it wasn't legal action. Yet when Joanna had letters sent to @PinkNews she claimed to have "sued PinkNews".
You can't have it both ways @joannaccherry. You deliberately stifle criticism of your actions, the tweets you make and which you like and the comments you utter - yet due to your eagerness and readiness to threaten legal action many shy away from criticising you.
This is the Tweet where Joanna claimed to have "sued PinkNews". The reply from the founder @benjamincohen is shown below. This claim by Joanna Cherry, much like the claim that she had not taken legal action against @DavidPaisley is fundamentally untrue.
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🧵#Turkey #SocialMedia #Twitter #FreedomOfSpeech

Ömer Çelik called social media companies the source of digital fascism and digital dictatorship, saying the platforms pose a threat to the country’s sovereignty.
The reason? 👇2⃣3⃣4⃣…
2⃣A tweet posted by President Erdoğan’s far-right ally Bahçeli that referred to students protesting the appointment of a pro-government rector to Boğaziçi University as “poisonous snakes whose heads need to be crushed” has been removed by Twitter.
3⃣In his tweets, Bahçeli called those demonstrating against Melih Bulu, a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) recently appointed as rector by Erdoğan, “terrorists,” “vandals” and “barbarians.”
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Uday Shankar president of FICCI to @SreenivasanJain @ndtv talks about the #Tandav controversy and what followed. "It worries me a lot. It's a matter of concern. Anyone anywhere in this country can hold anyone to ransom. The only fundamental right today in this country is
the right to take offense and if you claim to be offended you have far greater attention. That is a source of worry. People don't want to just change the channel if they don't like something. They want capital punishment, you want to company to be shut down, you want people to
be arrested. We are in a democracy, the joy of the democracy is that we can disagree. The overall mindset in this country is that I can take matters into my hand, I can lodge an FIR, bring a bunch of people and start shouting
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BTW, don't bother looking for Parler today.

Jeff Bezos has killed it.
Welcome to 1984.
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I’m used to nasty hatchet jobs on me. Its been a particular feature of my experience in politics. Often they come from a position of ignorance from those who have never spoken with me & wish to distort something I’ve said by taking it wholly out of context
Today’s piece in the Herald is fairly . Typical. Perhaps Mr Smith didn’t read or understand my original column?…
Fortunately the Irish Times did & here’s their piece. Typical of the consistently high quality of their journalism…
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1/ I wonder if Donald Trump and his supporters will reconsider their antipathy toward #Section230 in light of recent events.
2/ As the controversy over the tech giants cracking down in @parler_app demonstrates, if Trump and his supporters want a free-for-all social media platform like Parler, that platform will want and need #Section230-type protection.
3/ Under #Section230 as it currently stands, Parler generally isn’t responsible, at least in a court of law, for third-party/user-generated content.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/07/2021…
COVID-19 lockdown induces disease-mitigating structural changes in mobility networks…

#COVID19 #lockdowns #PandemicResponse #effectiveness #research
Uncertain times: The pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity – seeing human society as a complex system opens a better future for us all…

#PandemicResponse #complexity #SocialSystems #FutureTrends
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Our #NationalSecurity must realize that the top brass is corrupt. When this happens, there is only the #Press--the real Press--that can sometimes raise-awareness. #Biden made deals on YOUR SELL OUR #USA SOVEREIGNTY!

#Wikileaks is a place for #whistleblowers.

#NationalSecurity must realize that the safety of the #USA has been compromised by security agencies' laziness & corruption!

#Wikileaks published the information that helped link #Biden, #China & a #FakeTradeDeal that kills our #USA SOVEREIGNTY! #NoCPTPP

Our #NationalSecurity must realize that our country cannot survive if we shift production to offshore sweatshops, hand our law-making processes to transnational, CEOs in #ISDS tribunals &/or censor our #FreedomofSpeech & #FreedomOfThePress.

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'Fruits' of the labour of Chairman of World's First Counter Terrorism 'Think ' tank & their ilk

Govn Community Leader proud of 4 year old kids being interrogated this way

Chilling expression of kids the Muscular Liberalism way

👆Scroll up thread below
“Initially I was so upset and distraught that I told him not to do any more drawings … God bless him, he said: ‘I won’t draw anything ... I’ll just draw a house, or the remote control. And I said: ‘Don’t draw the remote!’”…
The parents of the 14-year-old said they were taking legal action after the boy said he was left “scared and nervous” by his experience with school officials, and was left reluctant to join in class discussions for fear of being suspected of extremism.
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It thus become more important than ever before to document instances of free speech violations by the state and build a repository from all over the country.
#RightSideBroadcasting #FakeNews #HumanRights
The #tracker entails publicly available data collected by volunteers with via various sources including news sources, court orders etc. as well as by crowd-sourcing information from the public at large and verifying it.…
The aim of this project is to ignite conversations & deepen understanding around the status of #FreeSpeech in India. Right to freedom of speech and expression is the spine of a #Democratic nation. A tracker like this is a mirror which shows us how deep the water is.
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