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"Erkek saldırganlığı" ve "kadına şiddet" hakkında 25 parçalık bir zincir.

1/ #EmineBulut sonrası gördüğüm 3 farklı yaklaşımdan bahsedeceğim:

-Klasik muhafazakarlık ("o saatte orada ne işi varmış")
-Yeni sağ ("asıl mağdur erkekler")
-Yeni sol ("bunların hepsi sosyal inşa")
2/ İlki hakkında denecek yeni bir şey pek yok.

300 bin yıllık insanlık tarihinde, kadının erkeğin malı olması 10 bin senelik bir ara dönem (Neolitik Devrim). Çoğu toplumda daha da kısa.

Miyadını çoktan doldurdu, salt gelenekle devam eden artıkları da azalarak bitecektir.
3/ Ha, bazı gençler "Tanrı böyle emretti" demiyor da "farklı evrimsel üreme stratejilerinin sonucu" diyor.

Zıt kutuptalarmış gibiler ama ikisi de, tarihin %1'ini oluşturan bu ara dönemi "insanın doğal hali" veya "olması gereken hali" olarak yorumluyor.…
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Aright y'all lemme tell u a story. This a thread so hang tight. When I was young I worked at a meat shop n this old white vet in a wheelchair would come in every week to get his meat. He told me I can't cut it for him cause I'm 'tainted.' At the time my mom was having health
Problems n I can't lose that job or I can't pay for the medication. Every week for bout 2 years he comin in talkin his shit n makin me mad as hell but I was always polite n had excellent customer service. We used to serve up bacon sometimes n some kids came in to get it. Vet was
There n they started makin fun of him callin him names sayin he's crippled. I told em to get out the damn store wit they nonsense. Y'all this vet starts cryin sayin his daddy always told him POC were shit n he believed him. He said he never thought no black person would stand up
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Let's take a minute and look at #Trump through the eyes of the religious right and see if he measures up. Today, Proverbs 6:16-19 @TheDemocrats @TomPerez
It says:
@TheDemocrats @TomPerez There are 6 things the Lord hates, 7 that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies & a person who stirs up community conflict
@TheDemocrats @TomPerez 1) Haughty eyes: Eyes, according to Scripture, are the windows of the soul. It means that God truly despises those whose look communicates an arrogance and pride that shows that they have no respect for God and His ways - just an utter disdain of them. #MAGA - sound familiar?
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"Decoration Day" renews memory of soldiers who gave their lives that our nation might live. Or in former Pres. Lincoln’s words, “That this nation shall have a new birth of freedom.” It was first instituted by the Grand Army of the Republic - May 30, 1868..1/12
@realDonaldTrump...for the purpose of strewing w/flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, & whose bodies lie in almost every city, village, hamlet & churchyard in our land (Civil War reference)...2/12
Every #MemorialDay a national moment of silent remembrance takes place, 3p local time. It's unclear where the tradition began/initiated as many memorial gatherings were community-based. The Fed Government declared Waterloo, NY official birthplace, 1966...3/12
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I'm going to call the 2020 election for Trump right now. After almost 3 years Democrats still refuse to acknowledge their failings in 2016. I supported Bernie in the primaries & Clinton in the general. We're in the 3rd year out from Trump's win & Democrats are focused on Trump.
The 2016 election was a group effort. @BernieSanders was 2 blame 4 his own loss. Yes, the primaries WERE rigged. If U deny this, u're denying the words of Donna Brazile, Harry Reid, & @ewarren. That being said, Barack Obama faced the same "rigged" process that was in place in 08.
Obama engaged minority communities. In the LGBT community, his campaign reached out to LGBT leaders. I was on Obama's LGBT Policy & Steering Committee. This outreach mattered because we became surrogates for him within the community & we built support. CC: @ZachAdamson
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Hey @PeteButtigieg, since you clearly can’t tell what’s going on around us. Let me sum it up for you, Sister to Sister.
I hope you can forgive my tone here, but frankly we’re tired of you and you need to go back to Milwaukee or whenever you’re from. 👬🏳️‍🌈👏🏾
1) People are dying left and right, many of whom are undocumented and many of whom are #POC. Black women are 4x more likely to die of complications in childbirth. Our own community (LGBT+) is systemically hurt by lack of #MedicareforAll…
2) Unconstitutional Wars have become the new normal in America. I know you haven’t bothered to read the Constitution in entirety, but if you want a Readers Digest version, I suggest following @MikeGravel or @TulsiGabbard as they tend to hit the mark.…
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ANALYSIS #Abortionists admit that #3rdTrimesterAbortions are done on #HealthyBabies

Abortion supporters falsely claim late-term abortions, especially those done in the 3rd trimester, aren’t done on healthy babies.…
Late-term New Mexico abortionist Susan Robinson has admitted that not all women are seeking such late abortions for reasons of maternal health or fetal indication. She said:
Infamous late-term abortionist #GeorgeTiller admitted to a National Abortion Federation audience in 1995, that a mere 8% of Tiller’s late-term patients who aborted, was because their babies were diagnosed prenatally with a health condition.
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Quick thread on International Holocaust Remembrance Day and Yom HaShoah. These are two different holidays. One's an international, universal one, and one's specifically a Jewish day of remembrance. 1/x
I've noticed a lot of responses to people talking about the 6 million Jews murdered during the Shoah with "the total death toll was closer to 15 million." And that's true! And it's important to remember ALL the victims, not just Jews. 2/x
Especially since people tend to automatically associate "Holocaust" with "Jews" and forget the Roma, the LGBT people, disabled people, resistance fighters, and others who were sent to camps, tortured, and murdered. 3/x
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Watching Chris Pratt go all-in on lowkey neo-evangelical culture was initially kinda surprising but the more I think about it, not really.
I would describe "neo-evangelical" as basically all the same awful anti-LGBTQ, anti-woman, "colorblind/#AllLivesMatter" opinions but without being nearly as obnoxious (most of the time).

So, these folks still don't validate your humanity but they're even more "polite" about it.
The "anti-woman" descriptor there is purposeful. It's not just describing abortion rights but also the way in which the evangelical church truly believes the husband is supposed to lead the household and the wife is meant to "lift him up" and placate his decision-making.
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Kann mir jemand was erklären, bitte?

Ich umreisse mein Verständnisproblem mit Beispielen:

+ 15jährige wird um 23:45 in "gehobenem Stadtviertel" vergewaltigt - Kommentare: was hat das Kind um die Zeit draußen gemacht? Was für Eltern erlauben das?
+ 23jährige wird beim Joggen im Wald überfallen - Kommentare: warum joggt die Frau im Wald? Womöglich im Dunklen?

+ Frau taucht wiederholt grün und blau im Frauenhaus auf - Kommentare: warum geht sie denn auch immer zurück? Lässt sich das gefallen?
+ Frau trennt sich vom koksenden Freund, weil er sie darüber belogen hat, der will das nicht hinnehmen - Kommentare: jeder hat 'ne zweite Chance verdient, muss man denn so überreagieren?

+ Frau/ Mann bittet darum, nicht mehr mit einem Wort zu bezeichnen, weil sie/er sich davon
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🔴#WalkAway: "I've lived in silence for over 21 years as a registered Republican & NRA member. Since the time I was able to vote I was a Republican & the person who taught me about the differences between the Republican & Democrat Party was my government & economics teacher...1
in high school. He taught the whole class the differences between the parties & what they stood for it, but never once did he interject his personal beliefs into his lessons. At the end of every lesson he would tell us "now it's our turn to decide". Now since we have a great...2
President whom I believed in since day one & #Blexit I have been able to come out of the Shadows & unafraid to talk about where I stand. #GodHasBeen2Good #Walkaway #MAGA #IStand4TheFlag #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter" - Versace 🇺🇸 (3/3)
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(1) Two innocent Americans suffered actual harm today when they were shot & killed shortly after 2.30pm in Louisville, KY.

Current info suggests the motive was personal, not political, but I want to share this example to honor the dead & remind of real harm, not fake harm.
(2) Also, an armed citizen was able to open fire on the gunman, which probably prevented other deaths.

The lying liberal MSM pushes these stories well down the page, of course.
(3) I'll be interested to see if that brave armed citizen hero happened to be black. Either way, thank God much of America is protected by people exercising their 2A rights.

Try to avoid those areas where gun crimes is encouraged, aka "gun free" zones.
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#WhyIWillVoteDemocrat in 24 days and So should you:

I am autistic, and back in the late 1980s and 1990s and Von before that, people with special needs both physically and mentally, were not given much of a future. The only places that we were told to be put away because
society didn't give us much of a future, were institutions or if we were lucky, group homes. My mom refused to see that happen. She raised me in a community where they were taught to accept me as who I was, a regular human being regardless
It was through that community and the support of many people including teachers who cared, and others, that made me the person I am today to help strive forward 4 rights for all people and not just for people with special needs, but for the LGBT community, women including
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Students do not need to read The Scarlet Letter (or any other “classic” text) to become successful readers & writers. Crazy how many adults think they do. #ProjectLITchat
Just b/c it’s easier and cheaper and “safer” to run back the same books and lessons and units year after year doesn’t mean it’s right. Especially when it’s not working for a lot of our students and teachers.
And SMH at the people who are pushing for more “complex” texts while simultaneously dismissing the need for more culturally relevant texts.
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#Thread #Equity: It is difficult to shake off #privilege. Difficult. And it is even harder to explain it to those who enjoy it.
I see so many men writing posts about sharing responsibilities at home, being participatory fathers, not dominating women etc.
This is great. So many are becoming "woke" and we must celebrate it. But here's the flip side and herein lies privilege.
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For non Cameroonians: when we refer to Southern Cameroons or Northern Cameroons these are territory names both located in West Cameroon.
S. Cameroons and N. Cameroons administered by British w/ Nigeria. S. Cameroons now in Cameroon as SW and NW regions. N.Cameroons in Nigeria
Many still refer to SW and NW regions under the original Southern Cameroons even though it’s in the West and not the South.
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