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#PC1237 #PayForPlay #JuanGonzalezGalarza ~ Buenas Noches y Salud!
#JuanGonzalezGalarza es abogado, socio del bufete “Gonzalez & Martinez” que se dedica a representar clientes de Hospitales, Farmacias, y Administradores de salud publica & privada #1BillionViews
#JuanGonzalezGalarza es el representante legal de la “Asociación Farmacias de Comunidad de Puerto Rico (AFCPR)” #SoyParte
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@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree And now for MY thoughts...

1. This is a lie.

Being both a Dr AND a lawyer, Dr Lewis knows full well the power of words. Her sentence structure here was specifically chosen to create the false impression even one Liberal MP said "ALL Canadians (no exceptions) are racist."
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 2. Not only has this not been said, it hasn't even been hinted hat.

The only party putting the concept of "(ALL) Canadians are racist" out into the universe is the CPC with its 24/7 Outrage Machine.
@LeslynLewis @livingrealfree 3. It has become an instant go-to CPC play to immediately accuse the entry-level left (especially Liberal) view is: "Canada is a racist country" the very second they raise the issue of #SystemicRacism
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.@lisburnccc is debating @allianceparty @dhoneyford's motion for council to stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatters.
.@dhoneyford warns racism could be a "second blight" on NI (sectarianism being the first).
Former mayor Alan Givan says BLM is Marxist and "anti-family": It doesn’t matter whether you're black, white or yellow or red or whatever ... and the quantity of melanin in our bodies has no bearing on how precious any individual is."
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Seeing this headline this morning makes me want to do a bit of research.

It didn't take long to find the truth intentionally left out of history class...

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This may sound both personal and raw, but let me clarify what is wrong with #AllLivesMatter in the following thread. I'm not going to call out anyone for being a "bad person" with "bad intent" -- I just want to show how using that phrase is not helpful or healing.
My cousin died last night after a five-year battle with a cancer the doctor said would take her in 6 months. She leaves behind one daughter in high school and another who just finished her freshman college, as well as her father and two sisters.
I'm making a donation to an organization that does research on that particular type of cancer. does that mean that I don't think that all cancers, and all cancer patients, matter? Hell no! But by God, right now that particular type of cancer matters just a bit more to me.
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Vasudaiva Kutumbakam isn't against Kshatriya Dharma. It actually supports it.

Ahimsa Parma Dharmo,
Dharm Himsa Tathaiva Cha

2nd part wasn't quoted to confuse Hindus
Beef eater Iyervval takes his respect to a whole other "fucking" level with this jibe.

Non alignment is a shit movement and he's right. But to think Vasudaiva Kutumbakam just means that "world is one family" is nothing but stupidity.

Here is another specimen.

Do these idiots stop to think for 1 second to understand?


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The time for "white" people to stand up for their rights is now. History, death tolls and suffering has been perverted to fit a false narrative. Let us begin at the beginning, with facts.

Slavery dates from the daw of time, and the Bible when Moses freed his people from Egypt 1
The first slaves imported into the US were white, from Ireland. They were also children.

There is an existing form of slavery around the globe today, and it is that of sex trafficked children. Millions of children go missing each year.

Global elite are complicit.
Slavery was abolished in the US in 1865, 155 years ago. No one alive today was a slave or slave owner of adult, black vs white slavery. NO ONE.

The civil war was fought by white men to free black men. It has the single highest death toll of any war. "Debt" was paid. 
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Have you ever listened to a black woman in America explain what the Movement for Black Liberation is all about? Be honest! Have you? Here's your opportunity. Presented by me, Mr. #ProfessionalVirtueSignaler Part 1/?
Part 2
Part 3 w/ Dominique Hazzard w/ @BlackYouthProj
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Now they take bitcoin! #TheMoreYouKnow
Why is BLM so popular? #TheMoreYouKnow part 1
The Swamp joins in- part 2-
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A short time ago people wanted bodycams. We got them. Very soon and very quickly nobody wanted to be filmed by us. As many of you saw various people saying on #LivePD. In alot and most of these instances people began to see what "we" go through. Because before that it was a lie.
And very soon bad cops were exposed by their own agencies and ousted. Overwhelmingly many false complaints by the citizen being arrested or encountered we debunked. But no repercussions for filing a false complaint was turned on to the citizen.
It was thought widely by Law Enforcement that it would reduce complaints about wrong doing or injustice. And it did do that for awhile. Point is the people wanted the body cam, spending millions in the technology. Ot changed policing for the better and force accountability.
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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कासगंज में गिरफ्तार #अनामिका_शुक्ला_निकली_प्रिया_जाटव, बीएससी की पढ़ाई के दौरान एक लाख में नौकरी दिलाने का सौदा
🔃 #प्रिया_जाटव #PriyaJatav, The privileged > @Profdilipmandal <
HowZthat @ThePrintIndia @ShekharGupta your columnist hatemonger
2.👇 Your Kinda 🔥ist - DO YOU @HartoshSinghBal @SankarshanT @nramind @scroll_in @TheQuint @thewire_in @khanumarfa @nilanjanaroy @mkvenu1 etc
Deploy in your publications, agents of Hate, Bigotry & Divisiveness like @Profdilipmandal.?
🚨 His Thread
3.👇 @ARanganathan72 @TheJaggi @swati_gs @Shubhrastha @OpIndia_com @UnSubtleDesi @ajeetbharti @ShefVaidya
Meet the hatemonger, divisive @Profdilipmandal > he incites such violent hatred, that his targets may become victim of violence & communal venom
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#BlackLivesMatter is a Marxist revolution. It is inherently anti-American, anti-freedom, & anti-equality. Anyone blindly following their cause is known as a Useful Idiot.

For the Useful Idiots, there is still hope. Open your eyes, research, & learn the truth for yourself.
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#AllLivesMatter is a positive worldview that shows no preference to any individual because of their race. This is in contrast to #BlackLivesMatter, which is predicated on the idea of favouring black people over other races.
When someone responds to a BLM activist with "well, I think all lives matter", they aren't just deflecting, they are making a positive moral assertion that no particular race should be raised above others in importance, and each case must be dealt with on the individual merits.
In the ALM worldview, #AllLivesMatter is not a negation of #BlackLivesMatter. BLM is derived from ALM because black people are people and their lives matter. That they are black is incidental and not important to the guiding philosophy of ALM.
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Today, June 5, 2020, an over 1200 strong Group of so-called Public Health Professionals, Infectious Disease Professionals and Community Stakeholders (which means any Tom, Dick [yes, Dick] or Harry) SIGNED THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS & RACIST (against Whites) PUBLIC LETTER EVER PRODUCED.
This Thread contains the entire Letter & EVERY NAME of these PREJUDICED so-called PROFESSIONALS and Tom, Dick or Harry who DARED TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES AS THE BLATANT RACISTS THAT THEY ARE.

THEY have been so BOLDENED by the Protests that they are OUTING THEMSELVES!
Page 2 of the Most Sickening Expression of RACISM (against Whites) everOPENLY SHARED!

The Good News about the RIOTS is US REAL AMERICANS can SEE WITH OUR OWN EYESthe HATRED and PREJUDICES being aimed at us by a Group of People who claim to be free of Prejudice.
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#MSM #GeorgeFloydMemorial #BlackLivesMatter yeah ok.. #AllLivesMattter #PoliceBrutality #Slaves #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 I didn't see a match for this person. Was this life any less than #GerogeFloydMemorial? Enough is Enough with this BS!! He wasnt
Moses, he didn't cure cancer, and he certainly wasn't #MLK. God rest his soul but the outage that had come about this should be the same and equally applied upon #AllLivesMatter. I am disgusted by the way the media puts it's finger heavily on the scale for Anarchy and shapes
The hateful rhetoric persistently trying to divide and conquer. If everyone would take one step back and look at what they are doing. This is a distraction for a bigger event. The democratic party is now showing itself to be the enemy of the people and therefore a clear and
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It's very interesting to see how all these orgs are using their platforms this week to show solidarity to the #BlackLivesMatter movement - but are they just playing lip-service? Here is what POC in the sector have been experiencing this week - a thread.

Listen, Reflect & Act!
#CharitySoWhite is our having to emotionally cope with the deafening silence from CEOs who we have worked with (for free) for the last six months that told us they were committed to root out institutional racism.
#CharitySoWhite is when a white manager tells a zoom call of staff to not let the ‘hot topic of racism’ take focus away from the important issues right now.
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Barr is Cheney 2.0. He is CIA from way back. His father was OSS. His father hired Jeffrey Epstein to be a math teacher at the Dalton School. Barr was AG when Bush I gave Christmas eve pardons to Elliott Abrams and others after Bush I was voted out of office in 1992....
Barr was brought into the Trump administration about the same time as Elliott Abrams. He basically declared that based on his reading of the Mueller report that there was no obstruction of justice. So Barr basically got to decide if Trump stays or goes.
Barr will provide legal and political cover for Trump who simply deals in symbolism and narrow self interest. He is incredibly slick and will triangulate. It will be in his interest to appear to uphold the law. This shows the limits of the current protests.
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The news of the brutal assault by police on Thariq Ahamed, a 14 year old autistic boy of Dharga Town, Aluthgama is shocking and the prejudice that ensued after by the Police and the JMO needs to be exposed. Thariq was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder since he was 4..(1)
... and his development has been hindered by it since. Today, he has the capacities of a 6 year old child. On the 25th of May, while curfew was imposed, Thariq had wandered out of his house on his bicycle and had ventured by the Ambagaha Junction in Dharga Town where there..(2)
...was a police checkpoint manned by 6-7 policemen. He was first stopped and accosted by a policeman in civvies, and pushed violently off his bicycle. Thariq, being autistic, naturally was not able to effectively communicate who he was and what he was doing there. Further...(3)
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Any white person (or anyone) deeming it necessary to object yourself to such humiliation please unfollow me on Twitter and any other social media platform. This offensive and degrading. #AllLivesMatter
This should not be. New York City restaurants bordered up out of fear of being looted and burned. #riots
Not a third world country but the United States of America.
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REPOST (Apagado acidentalmente)

Se você viu algum problema nesta postagem, tenho uma péssima notícia para te dar: VOCÊ É RACISTA.

Existem duas críticas sérias aqui que muitos estão cegos demais para ver.

Ficará longo e chato. Mas como a imbecilidade prevaleceu, vamos lá

1/10 Image
Na esquerda temos uma situação desmedida e que não deve ser apoiada. Até que ponto uma causa legítima deve servir de absolvição para atos ilegítimos?

Se fossem brancos quebrando tudo e espancando/matando negros em reação... Isso ainda parece certo pra você? Reflita.

Quantos pais de família foram assassinados por terem saído de casa para trabalhar honestamente?

Então para o militante de plantão, tá certo a sociedade se juntar e ir na comunidade do bandido tocar o puteiro, saquear, queimar tudo, espancar os moradores... Pense.

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