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An elected head of state is accountable, democratic, representative, cost effective. It provides stability, legitimacy, transparency, adaptability, and unity.

@RepublicStaff @GrahamSmith_ #NotMyKing

Accountability matters. An elected head of state is answerable to the people who voted them in. #accountability #democracy

Democracy is the bedrock of a free society. An elected head of state reflects the people's will, chosen through a fair and transparent process. #democracy #fairness
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The intensifying clamp down on #protest is just capitalism & the capitalist state “out in the open”. Climate activism, worker struggle and opposition to the clowning of a new King show people are less willing to passively accept their domination. So it must be done forcibly (1/5)
Significantly, it’s now being experienced more by those not used to it. They should be justifiably outraged. But there are many in our society who’ve been subjected to unjust and discriminatory punitive actions from police, politics and the legal system their entire lives.
This has been central to the critique of the climate activist space as too white and middle class, especially when it came to tactics of “wilful arrest”. State repression and violence is not new, it’s always been necessary for maintaining this system of hierarchy and oppression.
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Yesterday I got arrested whilst filming a @JustStop_Oil supporter holding a banner on the pavement near the coronation route. I'm a filmmaker and had my @bectu press accreditation visible around my neck.

Police deemed this to be "conspiracy to commit a public nuisance".
After police stopped me filming, they ripped my press pass off and handcuffed me behind my back.
Even before this protester held this banner up, myself and 4 protesters were surrounded by police and stop and searched to look for "articles to commit criminal damage". They didn't find anything.
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Today I was arrested at the #Coronation on suspicion of carrying eggs. I was identified by facial recognition cameras, and snatched from the protest in handcuffs so tight they cut my skin. For the second time I was dragged through a crowd of monarchists baying for my blood....1
I was searched, and when they found nothing, was released after half an hour. The police had to escort me back through the monarchist crowds because so many people were assaulting me...2
Solidarity to Graham Smith and all of the @republiccampaign organisers arrested today under the new Public Order Bill for carrying a bundle of signs wrapped up in rope, which the police said could be used to lock on. #abolishthemonarchy #NotMyKing #coronation
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I don't think it's a good start to the reign of any monarch to:
a) Spend £250 million of public funding on their self aggrandisement in a cost of living crisis
b) tolerate the arrest of legitimate dissenters exercising a peaceful protest
#NotMyKing 1/9
If anything sends a message that the thinly veiled care and regard for 'one's subjects' is absolutely false and cosmetic, it's exactly what we are seeing on this bleak day for democracy. 2/9
Yesterday we celebrated the fact that we had been to the polls, and in the most civilised way, chosen our local representatives. We had sent our message to the political establishment and they had to take it. 3/9
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1/ Today’s coronation will see anti-monarchists in Britain using the #notmyking hashtag.

It is worth remembering that, historically, Britons haven’t always held the freedom to openly criticise the King/his family.
2/ Under the laws of seditious libel and seditious words, writing/speaking against the Crown were serious criminal offences.
3/ Perhaps the most infamous seditious libel in the English language was penned by radical republican, Tom Paine.

His pamphlet, The Rights of Man (1791-2), which sold 250,00 copies, had some choice things to say about hereditary monarchy... Image
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The organisers of the #notmyking protest have been arrested - police won’t say what for…
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Speaking about whether it’s fair to protest against the King new panellist @Marvyn_Harrison says the monarchy mismanaged the good royals like Diana and Prince Harry and Meghan and it’s fair to protest and express a sentiment against the monarchy.
Angela says it’s decent and respectful not to protest on Charles’ big Coronation day.

@Marvyn_Harrison conveys that the monarchy fumbled the bag by rejecting opportunities to embrace modernity and the choice of Camilla as Queen is an issue.
“I speak for people who do not have empathy (for the king with the gold crown on his head).”
Says @Marvyn_Harrison
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As ever, looking to history clarifies so much. The crisis of monarchy in 1917 (George V) absolutely tells you why the royal dynasty is not as it is branded 'a family' - but is and always has been an organisation of a dynastic and inherited nature. We need to understand more 1/24
Monarchy wasn't described as 'the royal family' until the practise was encouraged under Queen Victoria - mainly as part of subtle reforms and branding changes brought about by Prince Albert. It was always - and has always been - a dynasty. What is the difference? 2/24
Well first of all at the time of George V - in the darkness of WW1 - there were royal cousins ruling the main power countries, albeit monarchy was outmoded and was being eclipsed by people power. Kaiser Wilhelm was a cousin of George V, as was Tsar Nicholas of Russia. 3/24
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#LabourConference2022 delegate from Edinburgh Vijay Jackson quotes Keir Hardie on why the labour movement should oppose the #monarchy

#QueenElizabethII #KingCharlesIII #NotMyKing #Labour #Lab22 Image
This is what Hardie said:

"Even under a representative system of government it is possible to paralyse a nation by maintaining the fiction that a reigning family is a necessity of good government. Now, one of two things must be – either the British people are fit to govern
themselves or they are not. If they are, an hereditary ruler who in legislation has more power than the whole nation is an insult. Despotism and monarchy are compatible; democracy and monarchy are an unthinkable connection.
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"We should not let anything overshadow the most important event the world will ever see, and that is the funeral of her majesty the queen" (Sir Lindsay Hoyle)

Aside from being one of the most ridiculous statements ever, what does that say about Charlie's upcoming coronation?!
It seems to me that in their haste to reboot the public's perception of the Royal family through this ridiculous PR campaign and infringement of our basic human rights, they forget that once this spectacle is all over, Charles will still be king. And there's no fixing that.
All his life he has acted like a spiteful, spoiled child. And when you're in your seventies and are one of the richest men in the world, that's gonna piss off a lot of people. Especially once the cold really kicks in and we're all queuing outside food banks.
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Hilo de cosas loquísimas que están pasando en Reino Unido por la muerte de Isabel II 👑
Se están cancelando citas en los hospitales…
Algunos bancos de comida y supermercados también han anunciado que cerrarán el lunes "por respeto"
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Authoritarian practices are "everyday acts of authortiarianism" which intentionally silence the political voice of the people.

Accountability means we can question and pass judgment on our political representatives, without a voice, a vote, and protest, we can't.

Accountability (or a lack thereof) helps distinguish democracy from authoritarianism.

Can you hold your political leaders accountable for their failures? Can you remove your political leaders from power, if needed.

And make no mistake, the monarchy is political.

Update on the protester wanting to hold #PrinceAndrew accountable:…
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#thread 🧵 The British Monarchy’s neo-colonial control over the Arab world: as promised we delve into the the realm of foreign policy where revolutionary overthrow of Britain’s colonial proxies is a real and ever-present danger.
Following the taxonomy deployed by legendary Ghanaian revolutionary, Kwame Nkrumah, the Arab states can be divided into 2 camps: those which are under the effective control of the former colonial powers and their allies (which he termed ‘neocolonial’), and those which are not.
State such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and the UAE, all of them creations of the British empire and to this day still controlled by the ruling families handpicked by Britain at the height of empire.
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England has lost the plot.
Cancer treatments stopped out of “respect”
Funerals cancelled because your loved ones can’t be cherished the same day the queen is buried.
The press is asking people to stop leaving marmalade sandwiches
People are being arrested for silent protest
The government are on holiday. Again.
There is shit in the sea
We can’t afford food and energy.
A prince can sexually exploit his daughter live on air and it goes unnoticed by main stream media.
The new king can literally growl at a member of staff
We are supposed to shut up
God knows what else the #tories are at while they have this as a cover. Be scared. Be very scared.
We are no longer a #democracy the fact that go home Megan is trending says a lot. #racist #corrupt #tories #NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonachy
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