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@ir_rkp #Korsakov @MikaLintila
#Gasgrid. #LNG alus ei tuota #kaasua, vaan varastoi #Venäjä'n, aiemmin #Baltiasta ostettua, n. 3x hintaan.
- 10v. ajalta terminaalin kokonaiskustannuksiksi arvioidaan noin €460 miljoona, eli noin €126 000 päivässä
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #GreatReset=#SuurTyöttömyys-#Hätätila
#WEF-#Marxist -ideologia lahtaa yritykset #kaasu'lla. @valtionomistus
#Gasgrid Imatra #Räikkölä vs. #Korsakov
- Korsakov on satamakaupunki ja piirikunta #Sahalini'n saaren eteläpäässä Venäjän  Sahalinin alueella. 
@ir_rkp @MikaLintila @valtionomistus #Uniper-#Gasgrid #skandaali.
#YGLs veijarit keksivät roudata kaasun #Räikkölä'n sijasta näin. @TyttiTup
#Prigorodnoje'n satama 10km #Korsakovi'n itäpuolella on #LNG'n vientiin erikoistunut satama
From: Port of #Korsakov
To: Port of #Gibraltar (->#Inkoo)
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@SRLucie92 @elonmusk @EU_Commission @kokoomus @vihreat @sfprkp @persut #AliBaba & #WorldBank & #IMF and 40 world wealthiest #thieves.
- Who collects all the world's #CarbonTaxes in their own #coffers?
- The World Bank - IMF is owned and controlled by NM #Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world.
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“Whence is it that you found the truth, o, Plato? … I know your teachers, although you seek to conceal them: you learned geometry from the Egyptians, astronomy from the Babylonians, you received pious invocations from the Thracians; the Assyrians taught you a great deal. > 1/2
>And, to the extent the laws [you expound] are true and glorify God, you have benefited yourself from the Jews.”

—Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus 2/2
Klement adds that Plato took up the doctrine of the immortal soul from Pythagoras, who in turn had appropriated this from the Egyptians.
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O Holy Souls in Purgatory, you are the certain heirs of Heaven. You are most dear to Jesus as the trophies of His Precious Blood

#HolySouls #Purgatory #November
2. and to Mary, Mother of Mercy. Obtain for me through your intercession the grace to lead a holy life, to die a happy death and to attain the blessedness of eternity in Heaven.
Dear suffering souls, who long to be delivered in order to praise and glorify God in Heaven,
3. by your unfailing pity help me in the needs which distress me at this time, particularly (mention your request), so that I may obtain relief and assistance from God.
In gratitude for your intercession I offer to God on your behalf the satisfactory merits
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1. By purgatory, no more is meant than a middle state of souls; viz., of purgation from sin by temporary chastisements, or a punishment of some sin inflicted after
#AllSoulsDay #purgatory
2. death, which is not eternal.

As to the place, manner, or kind of these sufferings, nothing has been defined by the Church,it is interwoven with the fundamental articles of the Christian faith.

For, as eternal torments are the portion of all souls which
#faith #Christian
3. depart this life under the guilt of mortal sin, and everlasting bliss of those who die in a state of grace, so it is an obvious consequence that among the latter, many souls may be defiled with lesser stains, and cannot enter immediately into the joy of the Lord.

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