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En #Gibraltar viven apenas 33mil personas y están de fiesta: el Lincoln Red Imps logró ser el primer equipo gibraltareño en clasificar a la fase de grupos de un torneo UEFA (#ConferenceLeague)

Pero, ¿por qué generaría revuelo si se enfrenta contra un club español? ¡Abrimos hilo!
🇬🇮#Gibraltar es un territorio británico de ultramar ubicado en el extremo sur de la península ibérica, haciendo frontera terrestre con España.

➡️ Para la ONU es uno de los territorios no autónomos bajo supervisión de su Comité Especial de Descolonización.
🤝🏻España, Gran Bretaña y Países Bajos firmaron en 1713 el tratado de Utrecht en 1713: a cambio de la paz internacional, los españoles cederían el territorio que entonces ocupaba Gibraltar al Imperio británico.

🗡️ Eran tiempos de la guerra de sucesión española.
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① The #EUreferendum was undemocratic. Many people directly affected were denied a vote.

Citizens living in the UK from over 70 nations could vote in the EU referendum, but most citizens living here from the rest of the #EU could not.
② Including Britain, 55 countries across the world are members of the #Commonwealth, and all citizens from those countries resident with ‘leave-to-remain’ in the UK were granted a vote the #EUreferendum.

They included citizens living here from Australia, Canada, Ghana, India..
③ Just two #EU countries are members of the #Commonwealth, #Malta and #Cyprus, and citizens from those countries resident in the UK were able to vote in the #EUreferendum.
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The Disregard of #InformedConsent and Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2 - “The Great Pivot” - Jab hesitancy is informed, literate, and sophisticated, but government agencies, officials, and politicos pushed false narratives - by @TraderStef 4 #CrushTheStreet #ADE… Image
I am moving "The Great Pivot & Echoes of Nuremberg Part 2" #InformedConsent2 (the thread from @RWMaloneMD's gracious RT ) to my acct original here. Replies were breaking apart/not keeping continuity under his RT. Chronology is now intact. Apology for move. Image
Here is a link to PART 1 of “The Disregard of Informed Consent & Echoes of Nuremberg” (is hash tagged as #InformedConsent). That thread's continuity is intact and extensive, from March 31 to Aug 3.
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1) The #Gibraltar government has responded to publication of the EU Commission's draft negotiating mandate re the future relationship with the EU, with a statement saying that on several points it unhelpfully strays from the framework agreed by UK/Gib/Spain on 31 December 2020...
2) and may therefore not form the basis for negotiating a Treaty. The #Gibraltar government says it will continue to work with the UK gov to explore all possibilities, and will also continue with contingency plans for a situation where no agreement can be negotiated.
3) #Gibraltar's chief minister, Fabian Picardo, said "on the basis of the present draft, there is no possibility of this forming the basis of an agreement".
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(1/7) On this #WorldTurtleDay discover the story of Thunderbird, the loggerhead turtle 🐢 that travelled 6000km. Her epic journey illustrates 2 of the major threats that many #marine #species face 🦈🐋 – entanglement in #ghost fishing gear and #bycatch in industrial #fisheries 🆘
(2/7) Thunderbird was found entangled in ghost fishing gear by #SaveTheMedFoundation in July 2020, and taken to the @PalmaAquarium rescue centre in Mallorca 🐢

📷Save The Med
(3/7) We attached a #satellite tag 🛰️ before she was released as part of the “Oceanographic turtles”, a joint programme by @socib_icts, @alnitakmission, @PalmaAquarium and @ExeterMarine, with the support of @NOAA NMFS 📉🐢
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Here's what @TelegraphTravel won't tell you.

1. No passenger can be forced to undergo invasive medical procedure (PCR/LFT) at a port of entry/exit. Even if tests are free.

2. #VaccinePassports as a condition of departure/entry are *illegal*

🔴 If rules change in international airspace before you arrive e.g. #Gibraltar #Iceland et al - international law *doesn't change*.

You can't be forced to take an invasive test & threatened with non-entry. Medical procedure needs fully informed consent.
🔴 Pilots like the one on @Ryanair who threatened passengers with local police due to facemasks are employees of an airline, i.e. a PLC,

They have no authority on domestic or international laws other than legitimate passenger safety concerns on their craft.
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The secret war on oil smuggling to fund Hezbollah
The #smuggling axis and the money laundering- hundreds of millions of dollars that pass through 🇸🇾Syria to the #terrorist organization (#Hezbollah) in 🇱🇧Lebanon. This is how the "oil war" is conducted.
1/25–Part 1
#Iran's oil smuggling into Syria is not a new issue. They have been in place for several years, even before the #Trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran and on Syria.
The question facing Western intelligence was how #Syria pays Iran for the oil it receives. 2/25
As of May2018, when the #Iranians were barred from transferring funds in the international financial system, they had trouble getting the proceeds or payments for the oil they smuggled to China, North Korea, Syria & other countries like Turkey where oil was smuggled inland. 3/25
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Was about to install the famous #NHS #covid19 app (don't ask), yet couldn't find it easily in #GooglePlay (remember I use a fair few devices not just an old iPhone!)

These apps were offered to me, from Jersey (the island), Scotland, Northern Ireland and even #Gibraltar

Odd eh?
I thought I had mistyped etc but bring over the link, externally to double check.

It said, "Your device isn't compatible with this version"

Curious, you might have thought that #NHSX etc would have made work (at least part of it) with the #Amazon #Fire tablets (was using that)
Obviously, that type of request could seem unusual, as the app is mostly designed for phones.

But one of the major purposes here, is the mass take up of the app, getting everyone possible to use it and beat #covid19

And these are probably most prevalent #android devices about.
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I've been tweeting a lot about UK #OverseasTerritories not being part of the #Brexit deal and a bit more has emerged ...
#Falklands MLA @teslynbark has answered a q about #Brexit and the #Falklands on fb - highlights:

1 Original UK EU mandate didn't include OTs except for Gibraltar.

2 In May, EU said they didn't have a mandate to negotiate for their OTs and wouldn't negotiate on UK OT issues.
(2 possibly explains what @BorisJohnson said about EU "intransigence" in his Christmas message to the #Falklands, but wasn't mentioned when he replied to a pmq from @DerekTwiggMP earlier in the month)
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Spain and Great Britain reached an agreement in principle at the last minute that Gibraltar would join the Schengen area without border controls.
This will prevent the border between Spain and Gibraltar on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula from becoming an impermeable external EU border from January 1, 2021.
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The #Nationalist and anti-immigration agenda that drove #LeaveEU will face many (at least to them) unpleasant surprises in decades to come. If we are to trade with nations from all over the globe we must expect to relax immigration controls. I have no problem with that.
It reveals the abject incoherence in the #LeaveEU cohorts. Free traders, who advocate rigid borders on immigration (some motivated by aversion to diversity or race) are living in a dream world.
Moreover, those who despised a supranational Europe, are now facing serious scrutiny: #NorthernIreland is de facto part of #Europe. Ditto #Gibraltar. Those who claim #Scotland’s quest for Independence is misconceived will be accused of rank hypocrisy.
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#Shaking detected

5.3MB #Magnitude #Earthquake reported

West of #Gibraltar, #UnitedKingdom , North Atlantic Ocean
60KM deep

2020/12/08| 16:35:44 (UTC)
GPS: 35.15, -9.33

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal
According to "Instituto Geográfico Nacional" its a 4.8mb #Magnitude #Earthquake 56KM deep.
SW of Cabo de san Vicente.

GPS: 35.0871, -9.3756
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📢📢📢 #Australia invertirá 15 millones de euros en un proyecto pionero de guerra de minas basado en buques autónomos. Esto permitirá el desminado con un riesgo mínimo y a una velocidad sin precedentes. Image
2) El proyecto forma parte de una nueva asociación entre el Ministerio de Defensa aussie, el Australia’s Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (TAS DCRC) y Thales Australia. Se une así por ejemplo al #ReinoUnido, que hace poco lanzó su propio programa. Image
3) En el caso británico denominado "Sweep" y desarrollado por el MoD y la empresa Atlas Electronik (AEUK) y actualmente en fase de pruebas. Image
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En la Linea #FiscalFronteras seguimos al pie del cañón, con poco personal, poco control sanitario e ingleses que cambian ruta habitual para entra por Gibraltar para no pasar medidas sanitarias en #Frontera @DGobAndalucia @juntadeandaluu @sanidadgob
Al menos 4 vuelos diarios de @British_Airways a #Gibraltar donde no se tomas medidas sanitarias, turistas sin mascarillas, turistas que no constan que estén/estuvieran en España @GibraltarGov @DGobAndalucia @juntadeandaluu @sanidadgob
Turistas que no cumplen la distancia social,no usan mascarilla. No se les controla al entrar en #España ni pasan cuarentena al regresar a #ReinoUnido . #aeropuerto no, pero la #Linea es paso fronterizo. @GibraltarGov @DGobAndalucia @juntadeandaluu @sanidadgob
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Live briefing on @GBCTVGibraltar & @RadioGibraltar with @FabianPicardo who is expected to confirm the move to “Unlock the Rock” will be delayed.
Chief Minister says global #Covid19 deaths have climbed from 640k to 673k deaths.

He confirms #Gibraltar will stay in Phase Six without any relaxation of the current arrangements.
CM says we need to be prepared to make sacrifices now for longterm benefit. Says there's a risk of a spike in coronavirus cases arising from holiday & other travel arrangements.
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.@FabianPicardo about to start #COVID19 briefing on @GBCTVGibraltar & on @RadioGibraltar Plus. We’ll post some summary points here too.
Chief Minister says "delighted" we're starting Phase 5 today with zero active cases in #Gibraltar. Tomorrow will mark 14 days with zero active cases on the Rock. 22 days with no new infections locally.
CM: 1 ERS cross frontier worker did test positive, there had been no contacts with patients. Details sent to Spanish authorities. Person self-isolating at home in Spain.
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Details of @GibraltarGov’s “Unlock the Rock” document being discussed now by CM @FabianPicardo & Director of Public Health @PHcritique live on @GBCTVGibraltar & on @RadioGibraltar Plus. We’ll post a summary of key points here too. Image
Noting that today is #InternationalNursesDay, CM thanks all nurses working in Gibraltar for the work they've done in preparing for the challenges posed by #COVIDー19
"Unlock the Rock" has been published with all the details you need about the Government's lifting of restrictions on your movement.…
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#TalDíaComoHoy 1725 Felipe V y Carlos VI firman la Paz de Viena que pone fin a la guerra que ambos mantenían desde 1704 por la herencia de Carlos II. La Paz se concretaba en 3 tratados, uno de paz y amistad, otro de alianza defensiva y otro de comercio y navegación.

El primer tratado recoge el reconocimiento de Felipe V como Rey de #España y la renuncia de Carlos VI, pero ambos "podrán conservarse durante su vida los títulos que han tomado" por lo que el Emperador podía seguir utilizando el título de Rey de España hasta su muerte
En el artículo 9 establece que "Habrá por una y otra parte perpetuo olvido[...] general amnistia y perdón todos y cada uno de los súbditos de una y otra Majestad". Por tanto, se permitía a los austracistas volver a España y se restablece la restitución de los bienes incautados
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When Francis #Fukuyama, in his 1992 book, disclosed the "end of history" #thesis, he became a world celebrity.

The formulation was simple, but devastating for the left: faced with the evidence of the disappearance of the #SovietUnion, he could affirm that #communism had failed..
and that #capitalism emerged victorious as the only system that guaranteed #peace, #freedom & #equality.

However, in 2010 Fukuyama acknowledged that he had not understood the meaning of the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the #European socialist bloc.
Fukuyama had believed in the drunkard #Yeltsin (the face of the gravedigger & #thief who prevailed with blood & fire, supported by the #West, with the coup d'etat in #Moscow in 1993) and in the capacity of liberalism to satisfy human needs and, In addition, in 1992, ...
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1. #Gibraltar #5G #Gibtelecom. I head up technology at Gibtelecom and would like to set the record straight with regards to 5G. Also happy to answer non-commercially sensitive questions.
2. Even though I don’t usually engage in others’ speculation, I fear that an unreasonable voice is gaining momentum within our community. I would, therefore, advise those individuals who are contributing to the discussions to conduct in-depth research from reputable sources.
3. Those who are fueling the conspiracy theorists should refrain, given that parts of our society are becoming increasing worried. And, those of you that are genuinely afraid, don’t be.
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‼️ Our new #AlarmPhone Western #Med Regional Analysis is out, 1.11.19 to 29.02.20 ‼️ It documents developments & dynamics affecting the possibility of transit via #Morocco to #EU. Read about our experiences, news from the region & political dynamics.…
Recent setbacks & successes: an #ECtHR ruling legitimised a push-back at the #Melilla border fence but on 6 Feb we held a large protest at the #Morocco - #Algeria border to commemorate dead & missing travellers. In late Feb, 8000 people marched in #Ceuta against racism.
Most of the distress calls #AlarmPhone received came from the #westernsahara route where our collaboration with the #Spanish Salvamento Marítimo was good. In the Strait of #Gibraltar or the #Alborán Sea it was more difficult: often cases were referred to the #Moroccan Navy.
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#Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

01 - #Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like @JohnnyMercerUK leave it on their feed and actively continue to spread.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

02 - #Tories Boris #Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by #BBC, who were right there.
@JohnnyMercerUK #Tories Election Cock-Up Chaos so far - a continuing series :

03 - #Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames #Grenfell victims for their own deaths. It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.
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Coverage of Tuesday’s session of the #UNGA 4th Committee:…

#Gibraltar was one #NSGT covered on Tuesday, as was #Anguilla and French Polynesia
The @GovAnguillaUK representative argued that the relationship between the UK and #Anguilla is “... not a modern relationship, nor is it one that offers respect to our citizens.”
The @GovAnguillaUK representative also made this interesting point at the #UNGA 4th Committee on Tuesday: “The United Kingdom’s bundling of Territories together for administrative reasons means that only the agendas of the most dominant members of such a forum receive attention.”
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Authorities in #Gibraltar have released the Iranian supertanker Grace 1, which was seized on July 4 on suspicion it was shipping 2.1m barrels of crude oil to Syria in breach of EU sanctions.
The decision to release the ship was taken hours after the US launched a separate last-minute legal move to detain the vessel.
But Chief Justice Anthony Dudley said that there was no US application currently before the court.

“That’s not before me,” he said. “There are no applications in relation to the US letters of request [for mutual legal assistance].”
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