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BREAKING: #BNNUganda Reports.

Due to project delays, about Sh300 billion remained unutilized under the World Bank-funded #Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Programme. #economy #Uganda #Finance #WorldBank Image
Mr. Stephen Ajalu, the senior urban infrastructure specialist at the World Bank, stated that requests for additional money would only be considered if quality and deadlines are met.
"We can only respond to requests for additional financing if there is quality compliance while also staying within the contract timeframes," he said. Due to the delays, a number of local authorities have returned huge sums of money to the consolidated.
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JUST IN: #BNNAfghanistan Reports.

The latest survey released by World Bank (@WorldBank) on Tuesday revealed that living conditions in the country continue to remain difficult for Afghan families as two-thirds of households struggle to fulfill their basic needs.
The survey highlighted that widespread deprivation is prevalent and food insecurity remains high in the country, which is adversely affecting the economy and the welfare of the Afghan people, especially women and girls. #worldbank #Taliban #humanitarian #Politics #Afghanistan
World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan, Melinda Good, in a statement, said,“it is deeply concerning to see that a majority of Afghan households continue to face enormous economic difficulties and that access to education, especially for girls, remains severely constrained.”
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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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Half through sorting the #dataviz bookmarks and still haven't found the links I am looking for (the curse of over bookmarking).

But here are 10+1 super amazing, interactive, and midn-blowing🤯 #environment, #climate, #trade, #emissions related websites that are just 🤩

1/ The #WorldBank's #SDG atlas covers each #SDG goal in detail with some great datavizzes inside each of them. Check it out! Really a lot of effort went into this.
2/ @ChathamHouse brings an interactive resource website that allows you to explore bi-lateral #trade linkages. Data currently ranges from 2000-2020.
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Oct 12 2022: "Deep-sea miner stock jumps after first seafloor collection since 1970s"

The "#greatreset" (#Commonwealth w/ WEF as secretariat) includes deep sea #mining. The annihilation of #oceans carried out under guise of sustainability.

#UN #SDGs…
"The fields in the CCZ represent the largest known, undeveloped #nickel resource on the planet & is estimated to contain over 3 times the amount of #cobalt, almost 2 x the amount of nickel & as much #manganese as all global land-based reserves, combined."

#Privatization of the #oceans will allow for ocean exploration & deep sea #mining - both essential for the fourth industrial revolution infrastructure desired by the ruling class technocrats. #4IR #EVs #Salesforce

Learning thread:

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@MikaLintila Ns. 'hallitus', #WEF-#GreatReset -kätyrit #MikaLintilä ja #Caruna-#PekkaHaavisto @pekkahaavisto ovat omatoimisesti katkaisseet Venäjän sähkön ja kaasun, aiheuttaen jälleen, kuten ns. '#pandemia'ssakin, mittaamatonta vahinkoa suomalaisille
- #EU on sanktioinut vain hiilen tuonnin
@MikaLintila @pekkahaavisto #GreatReset -logikkaa #SuomenTuulivoimaYhdistyksen haarakonttorista, Suomen tuhoksi:
#Fingrid: - "Venäjän rajasiirtoyhteyksien siirtokapasiteettia rajoitetaan käyttövarmuuden turvaamiseksi".
- Katkaisu kokonaan on siis ääriturvallista...
@MikaLintila @pekkahaavisto Samaan aikaan kun #Jauhojengi katkaisi kaiken, #USA'n #tuonti #Venäjä'ltä takoo ennätyksiä.

#UnitedStates #Imports from #Russia - 2022. Data 2023 Forecast 1992-2021 Historical
-data, historical chart and statistics - was last updated on Aug of 2022.
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1. #MaxHastings needs to bone up before sketchily declaiming ‘#histrionics in the #West’ about #ChineseBeltandRoad #lending, @thetimes 30 July 22, p 33. Becoming, like that #LeCarré, another raging '#nationaltreasure' discharging disaffected drivel.
2. Surmises of #moralequivalence between #Chinese and #Western rapacity by #MaxHastings are tenuous. #Pakistanieconomists, long critical of the #BRI, would remind him how 27% of #Islamabad’s #externaldebt, $90bn as of April 2021, is now owed to #Beijing.
3. #Pakistan, since 1988, has been bailed out 12 times and in talks for a thirteenth reprieve as it requires at least $41bn to sustain #foreignexchangereserves. #IMF suspicion of #dodgyChinese #powercompanies borne out in recent #reports.
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As colleagues are preparing their syllabi for the new semester, I want to start a thread sharing polisci books published during the pandemic (especially by early career scholars) to help promote them. If you can help, DM me the title of your book and I’ll add it to the thread 1/
Also please indicate if you’d be willing to hop on a zoom meeting to discuss it with the class when assigned. We open the thread with Counterterrorism Strategies in #Egypt by Ahmed M. Abozaid (@AbozaidahmedM) 2/ Image
The next nomination we got is for Nivi Manchanda's Imagining Afghanistan: The History and Politics of Imperial Knowledge Production. #ImaginingAfghanistan would make a great read in IR, Postcolonial Studies, critical theory and more 3/ (keep them coming!) Image
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There is a break in the thread. I am replugging the breakaway chain here

Nine construction firms have submitted bids for the new terminal building of Saharanpur Airport in UP.

Saharanpur’s 2000 sq m new terminal will be located on a 65 acre land parcel within the operational Sarsawa Air Force Station

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Chennai on Thursday (26 May) to launch multiple development projects worth over Rs 31,500 crore. PM Modi will dedicate to the nation five projects worth over Rs 2,960 crore in Chennai.

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We are LIVE tweeting the conversation between .@WBHoekstra and Harsh V Pant.

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
.@WBHoekstra: The most important conversation that we are having now across #Europe is about the #Ukrainian crisis—the blatant breach of international law—and we stand shoulder to shoulder with #Ukraine in this period of crisis.

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Don't blame #Putin or #Covid for your sky-high grocery bill. Blame the elites who collude with the biggest scam in history, involving #CentralBanks and their friends in finance, under the cover of the pandemic
A thread on #QuantitativeSleazing ...… Image
Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, #CentralBanks in the West began pouring trillions into the coffers of large corporations, making their #stockmarket friends rich while making us poorer through high #inflation
#QuantitativeSleazing… Image
#CentralBanks should not favour one business over another by giving them easy loans. Helping large & dirty corporations outcompete smaller firms is anti-business, anti-markets, anti-democratic & anti-sustainability. Such #QuantitativeSleazing makes mockery of green promises Image
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Feb 23 2022: "#WHO facilitates 194 member states to introduce digital #vaccination certificates... WHO will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future... It is intended to serve as a standard procedure..." #DigitalID
"#WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national & regional trust networks & verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future #vaccination campaigns..."

"Digitization keeps the world running. Digital #vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this...The gateway will interact w/ other parts of the system already developed by WHO...This will also give hints for regional & national setups to be followed by the implementers."
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Imperative to shift focus. Missing from #FreedomConvoy dissent is rule of British Crown/British Empire - head of #GreatReset convened via #WEF platform.

#Trudeau: "in all things I shall do as a faithful & true servant ought to do, for Her Majesty, so help me God."

Vanity Fair, May 22, 2020: "Now he [Charles] has shifted his attention to the world stage, announcing a project he’s calling "#GreatReset," [] Along w/ the #WEF, [] Charles will kick off the project at a virtual event on June 3."

"The Royal Family" 👇

In Jan 2020 at Davos, Charles started announced his Sustainable Markets Initiative in partnership w/ #WEF. He spoke "about how he thought #capitalism needed to "reset" in order to prevent the worst effects of climate []. Now he’s applying that [] to [] #conavirus." [Vanity Fair]
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A Thread on Income Tax and Middle Class

1. #UnionBudget2022 placed. Apart from several excellent proposals and measures suggested in order to achieve sustainable growth of National economy, government suggested no change in the existing income tax rates and exemptions. This is
2. exactly where d typical middle class, generally unaware of the intricate details of economics, remain interested. This is exactly the issue which concerns them the most and this is what they treat as yardstick to measure the extent of concern the government shows towards them.
3. Not unlike with any other previous governments of independent India,this time too they feel deprived. To understand the matter a little more precisely and to judge the extent of justification behind this feeling of the middle class, let us penetrate a little further.
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Toward a new global governance. A corporate coup d'état, global in scale, long in the making. Covid as pretext.

Schwab, #WEF: "What we are really proud of now, [is] the young generation. Like PM #Trudeau, the President of Argentina, & so on. So we penetrate the cabinets..."
Schwab continues: "So yesterday, I was at a reception for PM #Trudeau. And I know that half of this cabinet, or even more than half of this cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the world."

"The World Government Summit is the only global organization dedicated to shaping the future of governments & setting the agenda for the next generation of governments worldwide."

#WorldBank #IMF #UN #WHO #OECD #WEF

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The kids are not alright.

So they are resisting & not complying.


BBC: "[] we have had reports in the last 24 hrs of at least 6 secondary #schools in the NW of England where #children in huge numbers are refusing to take lateral flow tests or to wear #masks."
"The #BBC​ is and has long been the most refined #propaganda service in the world" - Pilger

#BraveNewWorld w/ #children plated up as sacrificial lambs.

BBC World Service joins Global #Education Coalition by Jamie Angus, Director:

Children/youth as sacrificial lambs & experimental subjects.

Underway is the #4IR "digital transformation of #education" led by 200+ corps & global institutions including Microsoft, Google, McKinsey, Facebook, #WHO, #WorldBank.

Learning thread 👇

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Sept 29 2021: On sidelines of 76th session of the UN Gen. Assembly, the #G7 Partnership for Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion in #Africa. #Gates

Framed as inclusion - in reality, entry point into #debt economy for billions w/ absolute compliance.


#WorldBank, July 22, 2021: "Building on existing international norms, the ID Principles were first developed and published in 2017 by a group of orgs committed to supporting the development of identification systems"

#SDGs #digitalidentity #ID4D

#blockchain will further chain impoverished:

"Our loan officer is that SIM card in the device that can shut it off remotely," ... "We know that it's important for them to keep their lights on at night, so they can be counted on to keep paying."

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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/30/2021…
Global impacts of Nature’s journalism and opinion…

#journalism #OpEd,#RealWorldImpact #publications #funding
Identifying and prioritizing potential human-infecting viruses from their genome sequences…

#ZoonoticRisk #genomics #MachineLearning #models #RiskAssessment
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Jul 15 2020: #McKinsey "has continued to scoop up #COVID19-related contracts for [] govts... in the 4 months since the pandemic started, the firm has been awarded work for state, city & federal agencies worth well over $100 million — & counting." #Reset…
June 28, 2021: "... the #World #Government #Summit will work together with a select group of knowledge partners [] that will help govt leaders globally shape their future agenda's."

#4IR #GreatReset #McKinsey #Biotech…
"...priorities must include repairing the social fabric, navigating a transformed geo technological order, competing in a transformed global economy, and securing the long-term future."

#4IR #Corporatocracy
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#Cryptocurrency has cross-border promise as more and more people are using #crypto to send money to family and friends abroad

@MorningBrew @haydenfield
$540 billion in remittances flowed to low- and middle-income countries in 2020, per the #WorldBank

Most #remittance payments are made via wire transfer or bank transfer

Watch how #CBDCs could change this
Some of the biggest players in the money transfer space, like #WesternUnion and #MoneyGram, are beginning to team up with #crypto firms

With #crypto, you’re using a bank; with traditional, you're using an exchange/or holding company

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What is the Experiment, again?

"And #Covid is a project, however one tweezes it apart, of an unelected #billionaire #class that continues to amass enormous almost unthinkable amounts of money and property, beginning a #project of reshaping the #planet."… Image
"& their influence is now expressed in global corps &, more, in NGOs & institutions such as the #WHO & #WorldBank, the UN, & the #WEF. That they are ignorant of their own hubris is perhaps the most terrifying part of this entire scenario. This is the age of the rigid & weak ego." Image
"The eradication of the unconscious, of archaic dreams & collective imagination, the disenchantment of the world, & of the self, has taken place rapidly over the last 30 yrs ... & this disenchanted human is one who finds it hard to grasp the ideas of #class & economic #coercion." Image
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Globalists are setting the stage for their #GreatReset to bring down the entire system.

Their #CyberPolygon online-attack simulation targets major financial institutions, affects major supply-chains, and causes a “cyberpandemic”:……
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"We're hearin about #Lebanon's economic situation.
We're seein a crazy clubbin nightlife on social media.
How r people goin out & spendin given the disastrous Lebanese situation?" @TheRealTahinis
Ali asked me this Q yesterday on Clubhouse, and I answered briefly:
⫸Thread⫷ Image
- Lebanon's post-war era (1990-Present) vs. the three main sectors of the economy (Agriculture, Manufacturing & Services) that haven't been built neither for self-sufficiency nor for export.
- How lively Lebanese are by nature.
- How luxurious cars in Leb are bought on credit.
- How Lebanese like to enjoy life at the expense of being realistic sometimes.
- How most Lebanese families in Lebanon have family members that are abroad working as expats worldwide. These Lebanese expats do send hard currencies to their families.
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