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Thread 1/ #Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in #Japan and has caused widespread flooding with human lives lost. Spare a thought for those in Japan who need help at present. #Fukushima Daiichi. But some are using this storm to promote scientific misinformation
2/ I am seeing posts that link the #radioactive contamination/decay heat from #Fukushima Daiichi & the development of tropical cyclones like #Hagibis and going so far as to say the human caused global warming is not like to #CO2 but nuclear fallout/contamination
3/ The argument goes something like this and is summarized in a blog I posted some time ago @dailykos…:
1. Fukushima released radionuclides to the environment with much of the contamination ending up in the Pacific Ocean
2. Isotopes generate heat on decay
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Klimaschutz: Eine #CO2-Bepreisung mit #Klimageld/Energiegeld, wie es in mehreren wissenschaftlichen Studien vorgeschlagen wurde, ist weder effizient noch sozial gerecht – eine Erläuterung. @bmf_bund @bmu 1/
Die ökonomische Textbuchanalyse des Allokationsproblems ist formal richtig: Für gegebene Infrastruktur ist die CO2-Bepreisung (Steuer oder Emissionshandel) ein effizientes Instrument, damit private Akteure die sozialen Kosten ihres Verhaltens internalisieren. 2/
Die Textbuchanalyse des sozialen Problems ist ebenso formal richtig: Wenn die Anpassungskosten der Menschen nicht vom Einkommen abhängen und die Infrastruktur konstant gehalten wird, dann kann der Klimabonus sozial gerecht sein. 3/
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+1,1°C heute gemessen
+0,1°C wenn Sonne wieder stärker scheint
+0,5°C ohne fossile Luftverschmutzung
+0,2°C wegen Latenz
=1,9°C Erwärmung, wenn wir sofort die Emissionen stoppen (mit 33% Risiko wärmer)

→ Ohne negative Emissionen schaffen wir es nicht
Bei 450 ppm #CO2-Äquivalent Treibhausgase (wurde 2014 überschritten), liegt das Risiko, dass es zu 6°C-Erwärmung kommt, bei >1,6%.

Würden wir dieses Risiko bei Flugzeugen zu lassen, hätten wir 1500 Flugzeugabstürze, jeden Tag. So (un)wichtig ist uns das Überleben der Menschheit.
Letzter Tweet im Video
Das Risiko, dass die Menschheit an der #Klimakrise unter geht (6°C) ist so hoch, würde man das im Flugverkehr zulassen, hätten wir 1500 Flugzeugabstürze, pro Tag. Die nötige Treibhausgasmenge haben wir 2014 überschritten… #Klimawandel
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El #CO2 representa un 0.52% sobre el total de todos los gases que confinguran las distintas capas de la atmósfera terrestre. Las emisiones de orígen antropológico representan una parte muy pequeña respecto del total.
En EE UU (donde la medición de la temperatura terrestre es más precisa), las variaciones de temperatura en los últimos años son menores y sin tendencia clara (más bien, algo a la baja).
Dos de los gráficos del informe del #IPCC (de 2007, luego se eliminaron de sucesivos informes) son los que muestran una evolución largo plazo: la Tierra ha estado mucho más caliente (y más fría) que el nivel de temperatura actual.
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Comme nous en parlons souvent, voici mon analyse sur l’impact environnemental des #briques @tetrapak vs alternatives en PET pour les jus de fruits. Est ce que @pepsicofrance avait raison de remplacer les briques Tropicana par des #bouteilles en #plastique ?🤔
La tâche n’a pas été facile parce qu’il y a ENORMEMENT d’études faites par TetraPak sur le sujet. Je me suis donc basée sur l’étude française de 2008. J’ai utilisé les autres études provenant d’autres pays pour vérifier que la méthodologie était à peu près la même.
Voici le lien vers l’étude française :…
Et vers une présentation qui présente un résumé :…
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THREAD: In a new study in @nature we present a way to avoid the bias that burdens future generations and the risky strategies that current #climate change mitigation pathways suffer from.

A #climatetwitter explainer

#Fridays4Future #ClimateStrike #ParisAgreement

Existing #ClimateChange scenarios focus on reaching a target in 2100

but by doing so weirdly suggest that the best way to achieve a #climate target is to delay action first, miss it over the next decades, and then to try to make up for it later

This puts put a disproportionate burden on future generations, who:
-will suffer higher #climate impacts in their lives
-are burdened with later cleaning up the mess by actively pulling #CO2 out of the air

This strategy is very risky and can be avoided

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[thread a tema #forestazioneurbana]

1. Da un annetto il tema della #forestazione urbana è di gran moda a #Milano e dintorni: 3 MLN (!) di nuovi alberi entro il 2030 recita il refrain e l'idea, purché ci sia della sostanza, non può non piacere. Quindi?
@OffTopic_lab 2. I primi annunci sono del maggio 2018… e suggeriscono dove reperire le aree: parcheggi a raso, tetti, scali ferroviari e cortili per cominciare. Da notare l'incongruenza assoluta tra dida e corredo foto/grafico, sarà tema ricorrente nelle prossime tappe.
@OffTopic_lab 3. Per raggiungere il traguardo (almeno sulla carta!) si inseriscono anche progetti già archiviati come #raggiverdi e #boscometropolitano ma è il consuntivo dell'anno precedente… a chiarire il gap tra annuncio (3 MLN) e realtà: 16 mila alberi nel 2018.
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#FalseAlarm, #fakenews, ignorance...2019 #AmazonFires are only 35% more (ok, so far) than the average of the last 8 years.Most are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared, a common agricultural practice #deforestation #Brazil…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 As of August 16, 2019, an analysis of #NASA satellite data indicated that total fire activity across the #Amazon basin this year has been close to the AVERAGE in comparison to the past 15 years.…
#AmazonFires 🔥🔥🔥 Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy @ProjectDrawdown
#Amazon contributes at most 5% (not 20%) of the world’s oxygen‼️
We actually used to see fires like this, and even worse, back in the 1990s and the early 2000s #climatechange #FakeNews…
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In diesem spannenden Artikel erklärt @Fischblog, dass alle (Öko-, Sozial-, Wirtschafts-)Systeme stabil sind, weil sie einer Schale gleichen, in der eine Kugel nach einer Erschütterung (Waldbrand, Lehman-Pleite) immer wieder in die Mitte rollt. > #Rezession
#FridaysForFuture, #ExtinctionRebellion und andere warnen oft davor, dass Ökosysteme zusammenbrechen. Wann passiert das? Das tritt ein, wenn die Kugel über den Rand der Schale hinausschießen, um in einer anderen Schale eine andere (vielleicht schlechtere) neue Mitte zu finden. >
So kann aus einem #Korallenriff nach einem gewissen #Temperaturanstieg trotz Korallenbleiche wieder ein gesundes Riff werden – oder mit zu viel #Korallenbleiche (zu viel Schwung der Kugel) entsteht ein anderes Ökosystem (eine Schale) mit Algen, das stabil ist (eine Mitte hat). >
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@EmmanuelMacron The image on the left shows a fire from 1989, and the image on the right has been online since at least 2012. A number of other outdated and unrelated photographs have also been circulated as if they depicted the 2019 #AmazonFires.…
@EmmanuelMacron Plankton that are plants, known as #phytoplankton, grow and get their own energy through photosynthesis and are responsible for producing an estimated 80% of the world’s oxygen. They need #CO2 to thrive.…
@EmmanuelMacron Many use fire to maintain farmland or to clear land.
Typically, activity peaks in early Sept & mostly stops by Nov.
#NASA satellite data indicates total fire activity across the #AmazonBasin this year has been close to the average of the past 15 years.…
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Anthropogenic #CO2 emissions, combined with #deforestation and increased #human-caused ignitions have created the perfect storm for #megafires in the #Amazon #IPCC2014
Warmer temperatures as a result of increased #anthropogenic #CO2, #detorestation and increased #fire activity can cause #positive #feedbacks that push the #Amazon towards a #tippingpoint resulting in a shift from #rainforest to #savanna forests
A shift from #rainforest to #savanna ecosystems will have global consequences. The rainforest creates its own weather by recycling moisture from the jungle. The trees absorb #CO2 and release #oxygen, literally the air we breathe.
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1/ The Amazon forest is burning up, we’ve all heard about it by now. What can you do about it? A thread in 8 chapters. 🌳🔥👩🏼‍🚒💪🏾
2/ Spread the word, help raise awareness. Just like @GretaThunberg gave all of us & those in power no option but to listen and act, you can now do the same with the Amazon. Inform yourself and share the knowledge:…
@GretaThunberg 3/ There are many organisation you can donate to to help protect animal & tree species living in the Amazon. Consider donating to the @WWF or @RnfrstAlliance , for example. Comment under this tweet for more organizations protecting the Amazon!
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@godless_mom Heaven is just a fairy story for those afraid of the LIGHT
#TheoreticalPhysicists prefer to believe in the heavenly fairy tales they can concoct themselves.
#cosmology #Heaven #GOD #Truth #StephenHawking #NeildeGrasseTyson
@godless_mom Don’t know if they buried #StephenHawking in a black hole, like most people, but he said: "If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a way out."… #Hawking #BlackHoles #MythMath #cosmology #NeildeGrasseTyson #atheist
@godless_mom Imagine there’s no #BlackHole heaven.
#StephenHawking didn't know what to believe about the NOTHING of #BlackHoles.… #atheists #cosmology
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Tram vergeleken met auto? Hoeveel verschil in CO2/km?
Volgens dit document van de lijn komt de Tram in praktijk op 1g/km pp. Maar is dat ook zo?
Een tram verbruikt gemiddeld 4,5 kWh/km dus 450 kWh/100km, mijn Nissan Leaf komt op 16 kWh/100 km in praktijk. Vanaf 29 personen in de tram is het dus zuiniger pp. met de tram. Het gaat hierbij om een HermeLijn tram.
Een HermeLijn (30m lang) heeft in Antwerpen 74 zitplaatsen en 176 staanplaatsen. In de spits zal de tram vermoedelijk veel beter zijn voor het milieu, dan een elektrische wagen.
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The #IPCC special report on the land sector is out.

It's the culmination of the hard work of 107 experts from 52 countries.

I've got some big takeaways. Buckle in – it's going to be a long thread.

Some quick background:

Land and ocean warm at different rates (thank you @RARohde) for the great figure.
Land is both a carbon source and sink. The balance between the strength of sources and sinks determines overall impact of land on GHG emissions. Humans already use a LOT of land (almost ¾ of all ice-free terrestrial surface, according to the IPCC graphic below).
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1. @ExtinctionR Having looked at some of your policies & grievances my advice to you as a scientist is to do your own research before you jump to conclusions; resist the temptation to go down a EnergyDeadEnd path before really appreciating after years of research life's realities
2. @ExtinctionR scenario has come about through a few scientists exaggerating #ClimateChange which is a natural phenomena that has occurred since Earth had an atmosphere; one of the variables keeping us warm is yes photosynthesising #TraceGas #CO2 as well as water vapour (clouds)
3. @ExtinctionR Earth's CO2 levels vary over time & currently only 0.041% or to make it sound larger 410ppm on average; at levels below 200ppm to 150ppm #photosynthesis ceases & all life relying on plants will die off.
Many other variables are involved with #ClimateChange e.g.Sun
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#ClimateAlarmists ignore the fact that all of their propaganda efforts to scare people into submitting to expensive CO2 reduction schemes are having less than no restraining effect on the one & a half degrees of #GlobalWarming over the last two centuries.…
Nothing being done now is having any effect on reducing CO2. We could help Nature do it the old fashioned way by planting a trillion trees. But that takes time.
#ClimateAlarmists prefer preventing the poorest people from trying to stay alive during winter.…
Scientists are proving that active geothermal sources around the globe are causing most of the glacier melting & ocean warming. And more of that heat should be harnessed to benefit humanity, as has been done throughout human history.
#GeothermalGlobalWarming #ClimateChange
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Unprecedented #wildfire activity in the #Arctic Circle in June 2019, with notable widespread fires in Sakha Republic, Russia for much of the last 3 weeks, as estimated with #Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service GFAS data based on MODIS 🛰️obs…
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J’ai eu une demande pour analyser l’impact d’une couche jetable versus couche lavable. J’ai trouvé une étude très bien faite, une #ACV carrée comme on les aime (et ce n’est pas facile à faire) Donc c’est partie pour les explications #Thread ⬇️⬇️
L’étude a été réalisée en Angleterre. Mis à part le mix énergétique qui est différent, on peut considérer que le bilan sera le même en France. Voici le lien vers l’étude:…
Elle a été réalisée par l'agence environnementale
Cette étude a été revue par l’Ademe
Je pense que vous vous doutez de la conclusion, mais l’étude est intéressante donc je vais la développer.
Les paramètres utilisés par les auteurs sont assez précis.
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@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, yet #ClimateCatastrophists claim NONE of that improvement has slowed global, or U.S. #ClimateChange.…
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper For more than forty-five years the Clean Air Act has cut pollution as the U.S. economy has grown.
Carbon dioxide is not pollution. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless.… #ClimateAlarmism #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Watch the animated version & see how average global temperatures continually vary and move around erratically with no relationship or response to any nation’s #GlobalWarming prevention policies or actions.
#GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #AlGore
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Message to fellow climate scientists & #ClimateTwitter: After seeing many variations on theme "Are we going to reach a catastrophe in 12 years?”, I think it could be more helpful if we were focusing instead on: "How much climate change can still be considered safe?” (Thread; 1/n)
This thread builds upon my recent @theAGU webinar (see below) and the @IPCC_CH #SR15 report… (2/n)
Many scientists point - rightfully - to the fact that we cannot state with certainty that climate would suddenly go berserk in 12 years if we weren’t doing any climate mitigation. But who can state with certainty that we would be safe beyond that stage or even before that? (3/n)
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@Keeper_86 @reclamatioet @tagesschau a) Und womit belegen Sie diese Aussagen?
Ich: 1. Ja die Erde wird wärmer (kommen auch aus einer kleinen #Eiszeit), 2. ja der Mensch hat AUCH einen Einfluss (vorallem aber bei Vermüllung & Resourcenvernichtung), 3. Aber...
@Keeper_86 @reclamatioet @tagesschau b) 3. Aber dieser Einfluss wird von #Lobbygruppen hochgespielt, weil mit #GreenEnergy & #CO2Steuern (jetzt schon in #SüdAfrika, bald in #Deutschland) viele Milliarden verdient wird!
#Klimawandel #CO2 #FridaysForFurture
@Keeper_86 @reclamatioet @tagesschau c) Nur so kann man den deutschen #Verbraucher mit den teuersten #Strom der Welt verkaufen (1 oder 2 Staaten ein Tick teurer, #Frankreich hat nur 30% unserer Stromkosten) & ihn weiter abzocken.

#Klimawandel #FridaysForFurture
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#CreepyJoe has a way with the girls.
But it's not the right way.
Back off, Joe.
Buy a #TickleMeElmo doll and tell it it's as bright as it is good looking.
Maybe #CreepyVP #JoeBiden can get a real job as #TickleMeElmo.
Here he surprises #Elmo with a couple of inappropriate #TestTickles.
Do we really need to have someone acting like an old dummy, with family problems, trying to be #POTUS, again?… #CreepyJoeBiden #JoeBiden #Walter #Hillary2020 @HillaryWarnedUs
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Petit bilan de l'effet des énergies #PseudoRenouvelables (à renouveler tous les 20 ans) sur les émissions de CO2 de l'électricité française et allemande.
Les chiffres suivants sont les chiffres officiels :
Pour la France, chiffres @rte_france, source ici:…
Pour l'Allemagne, chiffres @FraunhoferISE, source ici:…
A ces chiffres, nous appliquons les valeurs officielles d'émissions retenues par le #GIEC @IPCC_CH, ou celle données par les pays quand elles sont plus précises: exemple : charbon français, 966g #CO2/kWh (au lieu de 820g #GIEC)
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