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🇫🇷 "L’arme aérienne est l’arme du politique par excellence, produisant des effets immédiats et décisifs sur l’ensemble du spectre de la conflictualité."

Retour sur l'audition du général de corps aérien Frédéric Parisot, major général de l'@Armee_de_lair par @AN_Defense

"La France est une puissance aérospatiale, et cette caractéristique [...] est un atout extraordinaire pour notre pays. C’est, bien sûr, un avantage décisif sur le plan militaire et diplomatique, mais c’est également un atout industriel et économique au service de notre pays."
"L’aviation fait partie de notre histoire commune et elle constitue un héritage exceptionnel qu’il nous appartient de faire vivre en l’adaptant à la diversité et l’imprévisibilité des circonstances et des menaces." @Armee_de_lair
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As an aspiring #Artist , I love to Paint/Sketch my own perspective & observations of things that inspires me. I've been doing this for a decade & would love to share it on this platform.

Hence, I am starting this thread where I'll add my couple of #artwork everyday. Let's go...
"Under the same moon, Let's watch it together, tonight."

This is made with Soft Pastel on Black sheet.
Follow on #Instagram for more:

#StarryNight #moon #night #NightSky #Sketching #sketch #art #artwork #artistsontwitter #Artists #Artist #artistsupport Image
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1/Εφ'ολης της υλης για #Rafale και τα #Mirage 2000/-5/F1 στην Αεροπορικη Επιθεωρηση της #ΠΑ #HAF :
i) Παθητικη στοχοποιηση δεκαδες μιλια με το #Spectra του #Rafale
ii) Πολυ μεγαλυτερος φακελος εμπλοκης για τους Mica
iii)70% συνθετικα υλικα #Rafale (VLO)…
-Επιταχυνση του #Rafale απο 400 σε 550 κομβους σε χαμηλο υψος σε ελαχιστα secs
-Supercruise (δλδ υπερηχητικη πτηση χωρις μετακαυση)
-Πολυ πιο ομαλη απογειωση και εξοικονομηση καυσιμων
-Ευκολια στη συντηρηση, αλλαγη κινητηρα σε 30 λεπτα (!) εν αντιθεση με 35 ωρες του #F35
3/ -Γωνιες προσβολης με βαρυ οπλισμο σε πανω απο 20 μοιρες και με επιταχυνσεις -3.2 εως 9 G
-Game Changer ο πυραυλος #Meteor στις BVR εμπλοκες εναντι εχθρικων #F16
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1/Thread: Σε 2 εβδομαδες απο σημερα εισερχεται στο Ελληνικο οπλοστασιο ο πυραυλος #Meteor που αλλαζει τα δεδομενα στην εναερια υπεροχη στο #Αιγαιο μεταξυ #HAF #ΠΑ και #TuAF #THK #Ελλαδα και #Τουρκια. Ο Meteor θα φερεται απο τα 24 x #Rafale της 332 ΜΠΚ #ΓΕΡΑΚΙ στην #Ταναγρα
2/Σε σχεση με τους υπαρχοντες #AMRAAM εχει μεγαλυτερη κινητικη ενεργεια και 3πλασια Non-Escape-Zone (#NEZ) στα 60 χλμ χαρις στον κινητηρα ramjet που διαθέτει. Αυτο επιτρέπει στα Ελληνικα #Rafale να εγκλωβισουν αποτελεσματικα τα Τουρκικα #F16 CCIP χωρις ποτε αυτα να τα απειλησουν
3/Η μεγιστη εμβελεια του κατα διαφορες πηγες είναι τα 200 χλμ. Η Επιχειρησιακη Εμβελεια ειναι μικροτερη και εξαρταται απο τον τυπο του στοχου, την γεωμετρια της αερομαχιας (υψος, κατευθυνση, ΑοΑ,ταχυτητα). Με βαση την #Saab και επισημα η ωφελιμη εμβελεια ξεπερνα τα 100+ χλμ
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Good Morning #DragonRiders. As we all get ready to #crack our #meteors, it brings us back to our early days and how we chose the 🐉 as our mascot.…
A 🧵...
The dragon is Levana’s symbol, mascot, and logo. of Levana’s community members are called #DragonRiders.
Cultures around the world 🗺️ have given dragons 🐲different meanings.
In eastern lore 🀄️, dragon's bring luck and fortune. They grant wishes, bestow treasures, and act as a supernatural ally for those lucky enough to chance an encounter with one.
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Gear up for the upcoming Leonid meteor shower caused due to the debris left by the Comet ☄️ Tempel-Tuttle.
This comet requires 33 years to complete its one round about the Sun, and every 33 years we see a Peak in the ZHR (Zenithal Hourly Rate) of the meteor shower, i.e. no. of meteors are visible per hour for a location.
A 'Radiant' is an apparent point in a constellation(in this case, Leo), where the Meteors seem to originate from if we trace back their path.

Image by: Fred Espenak "Mr. Eclipse"
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The @Levana_protocol meteor shower is over! Congratulations to all who got their #meteor! 🥳🎉

➡️Let's have a closer look to the on-chain data and analyse this new sale type in detail.

#TerraLuna #TERRA #NFTs #NFT #cryptocurrency Image
The @Levana_protocol meteor shower took place from
11/8 6AM UTC and ended at 11/10 2AM UTC.

Even before the sale officially started Levana received 2412txs from 1873 addresses --> in total 295501,425 UST. These transactions happened from 11/7 8:37:35AM to 11/8/ 5:59:48AM
Overall Levana received 3.980.741,43 UST from 6339 unique addresses in 49.974 transactions.
Thats an average tx amout of 79,65 UST.
The median tx amount was 10 UST.

➡️1.624,14 UST were paid for transaction fees.
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Protecting Europe’s frontiers with state-of-the-art European technology. A thread on French warplanes in the Hellenic Air Force… #theHELC #France #Rafale #Mirage #HAF
Modern Greek-French relations have deep historical roots going back to the Napoleonic period. In more recent years, Greece’s alliance with France has played a game-changing role in the Hellenic Air Force’s vital mission of defending the airspace of the European Union and NATO.
The recent purchase of 24 state-of-art #Rafale jets is the culmination of a long relationship between the French defence industry and HAF. The procurement of 🇫🇷warplanes in a time of threats from Turkey underlines the deep military and political bonds between the two nations.
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#MeteorWatchDay 🌠☄️
ఆకాశం నిర్మలంగా ఉన్న రాత్రి మినుకు మినుకు మంటూ వేలాది చుక్కలు మనకు దర్శనమిస్తాయి. కొన్ని సార్లు ఈ చుక్కలు నేలమీదికి రాలుతున్నట్లు కనిపిస్తాయి. అవి జారిపడేటప్పుడు ఒక వెలుతురు చారను వెనక్కు వదులుతున్నట్లు కనిపిస్తుంది.
ఇలా వెలుగులు విరజిమ్ముతూ ఆకాశం నుండి రాలేవి నక్షత్రాలు కాదు ఉల్కలు. ఉల్కలు పగలూ, రాత్రీ రాలుతుంటాయి. కాని రాత్రిపూట మాత్రమే మనకు కనిపిస్తాయి.ఉల్క రాలుతుంటే మనం మనసులో ఏదైనా అనుకుంటే అది జరుగుతుంది అనే మూఢ నమ్మకం కూడా ఉంది. ఇలా ఏదైనా కోరుకున్నది జరిగితే అది కాకతాలీయమే.
మనుకోర్కెలకు ఉల్కలకు ఏ సంబంధం లేదు.
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Widespread reports of a #meteor or #space junk re-entering the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest (#WA #OR #Seattle), so checked GOES-West and there *is* an interesting cloud that appeared recently. (upper left of this image)
Here's the GOES image of that spot.
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It's Monday AM post-@ASCO #GU21 & clinic starts in a couple of hours! Lots to process - I'll try to tackle optimal 1L tx for #kidneycancer. I'll make a case for cabo/nivo, leaning on the beautiful (& timely) tables below from @lalaniMD, @SoaresAndrey & @brian_rini (1/15)
What about IO/IO? We have long f/u w #CM214 data w nivo/ipi, no doubt (@AlbigesL et al in @myESMO Open). And treatment-free interval discussed by McDermott @BIDMChealth is no doubt impt. But we've known data not as impressive for favorable risk (2/15)
And furthermore, as @ERPlimackMD points out in another tweet, impt to look at primary PD rates (seen in @lalaniMD's table) - nivo/ipi at 19%!!! CR rate used to be something we highlighted w nivo/ipi, but now comparable across studies (3/15)
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Red [fires]
Red [waves]
Red [Chi-na]
Red [dragon]
Red [planet]
Red [Rome]
Red [devil]

RIG FOR RED ImageImage
3.2 - LINKS TO PARTS 1 & 2


PART 1 - Intro & The # of Current Events

PART 2 - Signs of Sodom & of the Revelation

And get yourself a copy of a King James #Bible

And #PRAY to #God

🙏 Image

Say a #Prayer for @POTUS and our great country


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We summarize here data concerning the acquisition of 18 @Dassault_OnAir #Rafale F3s for #HellenicAirForce:

➡️ On 12th #September2020 @PrimeministerGR @kmitsotakis officially announced at @TIFHelexpo #ΔΕΘ2020 the 2 billion euros deal.
1.7€ billion will go for:
➡️ 12 "used" #Rafale F3-O4T version &
➡️ 6 new built #RafaleF3R.

➡️ 14 will be single-seat #RafaleC
➡️ 4 will be two-seat #RafaleB
not declared till now which type will be of which subtype version.
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Some preliminary results on the earthgrazing #fireball of yesterday morning, from Dutch all-sky #meteor camera images.
Rare case of a meteor that definitely went in and out of the atmosphere again! Just like the famous 1972 Grand Tetons fireball
@MVerstraaten @cgbassa @Doenker Image
Even the meteors try to avoid our planet in 2020...
Note that the apparent "curve" does not mean it travelled on a curved trajectory. That "curve" in reality is due to the curved earth surface below the fireball!
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Dear you, good evening,
tonight the #volcano(#火山 ) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 20:34~20:54,Jan.13th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 ImageImageImageImage
Dear you, good evening,
tonight it's very cold,
#volcano(#火山) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 23:12,Jan.18th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 Image
Dear you, good evening,
tonight it's very cold,
#volcano(#火山) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 22:52,23:04,Jan.18th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 ImageImage
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#Exploze islandské sopky #Askja, která pomohla vyhnat čtvrtinu tamní populace. Aneb dnes se vysílal druhý díl miniseriálu o sopkách Islandu na @CRoDvojka v pořadu #Meteor, který jsem pomáhal připravit… @Akademie_ved_CR @GFU_AVCR #avcr #akademieved #Island Image
Podobně jako k #Laki, i k Askje vyšel na webu @Vesmir1871 článek, který se explozi této vnitrozemské islandské sopky zevrubně věnuje. Pokud jste tak fandové #vulkanologie či #Island, směle do čtení!…

@GFU_AVCR @Akademie_ved_CR #AVCR #akademie #zijemevedou
Nový Meteor na @CRoDvojka je venku. Tentokrát se podíváme do roku #1918, který máme spojen s koncem I. světové války a vznikem #ČSR. Pro obyvatele Islandu to byl ale rok, kdy vybuchla sopka #Katla a zaplavila své okolí...… @Akademie_ved_CR #akademieved Image
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