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I promised I’d be nice to #Quartz this #MinCup, although SOME people think it’s mean to point out you can access quartz’s electrical properties by hitting, squishing, or sawing it.

So, fine. Strategy tip. Why not tap existing Steven Universe fans to recruit voters?
The .gif opportunities are amazing considering Amethyst (the purple gem of #Quartz) is a major character.

Here she is getting a helping hand from #MinCup2018’s champion #Garnet:
One of the reoccurring #MinCup2019 arguments is that #Quartz is more stable than #IceMin at surface temperatures.

You’ve got a .gif for that. NO ONE USED IT THE ENTIRE CUP. Come on, it’s in the first handful of “Amethyst Steven Universe” .gifs pre-loaded into the Twitter app!
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Ok Moose, are you ready to showcase the #MinCup2019Final contestants for our pocket friends? Plush moose with a notebook with fancy ink lettering spelling out “Mineral Cup 2019”
It’s still only autumn in the Pacific Northwest, but are you looking forward to first snowfall, Moose?

Those delicate #IceMin crystals show up so well on your chocolate brown! Plush moose in a snowbank, dappled in snowflakes
Ahh! Yeah, I know, Moose, you’ve had rather painful experiences with #Quartz.

But try to find a comfy spot so we can grab a pic? Just, uh... maybe pretend it’s a Bed of Nails demo? Plush moose painfully sprawled on an extremely pointy quartz crystal
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#MinCup2019 semifinals at @PMEUBC:

#Quartz: from Arkansas, USA
Amethyst: from Anahi Mine, Bolivia

#Calcite: detailed description of how 12% by mass is atmospheric carbon from 495 million years ago, what that tells us about ancient worlds, & how carbon is captured into crystal Large white hexagonal crystalsLarge purple hexagonal crystalsLarge blob of yellow trapezoidal crystals
If you can’t grow it, you mine it.

I’ve seen plenty of #MinCup2019 arguments that #quartz is in smartphones, but it doesn’t seem like many realize #calcite. Both semifinalists are in your phone display screen.
#Calcite & #quartz are battling it out in the semifinals of #MinCup2019. Quartz took a strong early lead, but calcite is creeping closer.

Quartz has never won despite the entire competition being founded to promote it.

I voted calcite.
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I’m totally amused how #quartz is catering the pity vote. All of #MinCup was created to make it feel special, yet every year other minerals win. Poor quartz.

Meanwhile #calcite is both fun & a climate indicator.
#Calcite is a mineral with neat optical properties, fizzes with acid, flags your attention when you stumble on to an ancient sea floor in the mountains, was a critical plot point for the premiere of #Stargate #SGU, and tracks climate.

But I lost a bet.
Whoo #quartz. Screenshot of a Stargate team in a desert investigating geology
So. #Quartz.

It’s most of Earth’s crust. If you’re only learning one mineral, quartz is a good default guess.

I can’t help with ID more than”uh, it’s hard?” unless it happens to be a pointy crystal, but I’ve never found those in the wild. It’s the white bits of granite. Large quartz crystal with plastic dinosaur
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#Quartz is a perfectly fine mineral and I’m sure you have some nearby. I’ve got a few lovely crystals. Whoo quartz.

But #apatite is in your TEETH. You grow it! You’re synthesizing gems! And it’s on the moon! And is super-shiny!!
Forget ravens & writing desks, apatite inspires the even more surreal riddle of “How is a tooth like a lunar landscape?”
Even better?

#apatite is named for being deceptive (mistaken for quartz, among many others).

Apatite is being all kinds of deceptive about revealing how much water is on the moon. Every few years we get new analysis & updates up & down.

Moon is wetter? Moon is drier? Apatite!
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I promised I’d be nice to #quartz this year.

It’s a perfectly adequate collection of silicate tetrahedrals. Whoo. Go quartz.

Don’t mind that #serpentine is a pettable green delight named for serpents. Quartz is fine.
My personal preference is that if I’m going to learn about a mineral, I want to be able to identify it when I stumble on it in the wild.

I want the joy of knowing what I have & to be absolutely confident I didn’t get confused. #Serpentine makes ID easy.

But that’s just me.
Like any good danger noodle, #serpentine requires an ounce of common sense to work with it safely.

Namely, don’t huff or lick chrysotile, but if you do, expect to die ~20 years later if something else doesn’t kill you first.

#Quartz doesn’t require common sense. Yay quartz.
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SIGH. I still can’t believe I have to say nice things about #Quartz this year.
#Quartz starts with a Q, so you can flip to the end of the stack to find it instead of wading around in the endless C’s hunting for #Chalcopyrite
#Quartz has such inexplicably devoted fans that @MineralCup was invented to make them feel better.

#Chalcopyrite doesn’t inspire that steadfast devotion in the face of years of defeat by other minerals.
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Today’s #MinCup2019 is a face off between Very Interesting Properties. A translucent rock on a postcard creating a magnifying optical effect next to a small jar of black sand with a magnet stuck to it
Lots of minerals have neat optical effects, but #Ulexite is a bit different.

Light doesn’t pass straight through, like with #quartz or #halite (salt), nor does it have the birefringence of #calcite. Instead it’s a mineral of natural fibre optic channels transmitting light. Top view of the listed minerals on a postcardSide view of the same scene
#Ulexite grows as a bundle of fibers, each of which totally internally reflects light. It’s the same basic optics behind why diamond is sparkly.
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I had exactly 30min entry-to-exit to explore @hmns.

I’d heard they have a solid collection of trilobites & the massive cut blue sapphire Siren of Serendip is a special exhibit.

But with the clock ticking down, I raced up the stairs & tumbled into Cullen Hall of Gems & Minerals. Museum wall sign of icons indicating different types of exhibits
#Crocoite: Shiny red-orange spiketastic lead chromate.

Despite being named for colour-matching saffron, lead makes it firmly “Do Not Lick.”

This particular spikefren is from Adelaide Mine, Tasmania, sticking with “everything cute in Australia can secretly kill you” theme. Adamantine red-orange long prismatic crystalsAdamantine red-orange long prismatic crystalsAdamantine red-orange long prismatic crystals
#Fluorite: a honkin’ massive cube of calcium fluorite with that particular dull-waxy translucence I wanna pet so bad.

No UV light to see if it’d fluoresce pretty colours for me.

From Nikolaevskiy Mine in Russia where hot sulfide solutions crystallized in limestone caverns. Large translucent pale green cube with smaller cube to sideClose-up of cubical facets
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon drop No. 2990...
#FB bottom lines ==> It's a covertly, #Clown run, #DARPA developed #MetaData collection system, made 2look like eye candy 2dupe the masses into accepting its #1984esk agenda. They would attempt 2prevent regulation
2) of #FB if they hadn't lied by omission & run it as they have. #MZ became the perfect candidate 4 #CEO because of his grooming. He's multilingual, has intense narcissistic tendencies & works his life & biz like a #Sociopath. He married #PriscillaChan & picked up #Mandarin prior
3) 2their #China trip. #Chan was born & raised in #MA. Her parents were #HoaChinese refugees who fled #Vietnam in refugee boats. She was raised speaking #Cantonese & practices medicine.
Naturally #China is opposed 2 #FB & will not allow it as it exists WW. They are also aware
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