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Get this, #BrexitBritain. Any withdrawal agreement means compromise; you will pay, you will give ground. You are humiliated before the world, because #Brexit is an admission you can’t handle real life, that scuttling back to the safety of the dull 1950s is all you can handle.
If I sound bitter and angry it’s because I am. Because I’m one of those being screwed over. One of those whose life was defined by being European, by using the freedom that was my right. Five million of us whose lives have been turned upside down. #The5Million
#Brexiters are afraid that we don’t respect their ‘democratic vote’. Damned right we don’t. The referendum was never democratic. How could it be? The majority of those directly affected by the result DIDN’T EVEN GET A VOTE. Think about that. Democracy? No. The tyranny of the mob.
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Migration controls threaten job shock to Bristol

75% of EU27 citizens, living Bristol region would be unable to work in the UK under proposals to come into affect in 2021.

Labour & Tories voted away the #SingleMarket & FoM.

Bristol would come to a grinding halt without our migrants.
It's affected both my doctor and dentist, both who have found it difficult to recruit when EU27 citizens leave.

This makes me so angry, even more so when most local MPs aren't interested.

Part of the issue I think is that MPs are just not interested enough to learn.

This is my MP, making the case for using the "profit" from migrant workers to contribute to towns which haven’t benefited from economic growth.


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1. As most of you know, we decided to organise when PV moved the date of their march. Our aim's always been to offer those who can't change their travel arrangements and those who can attend both a chance to protest on 12th Oct. The following's our plan.
2. We're focusing on the rights that all #66million plus #the5Million will lose due to Brexit. So the rally's taking place in locations we feel most relevant to the loss of rights:
The Home Office - Marsham Street
Tufton Street
European Parliament Office - St John's Smith Square
3. It's a static protest, though attendees can move between locations, if they wish.
There'll be speakers at each location, who will cover topics relevant to that particular location. Uniquely there'll also be an opportunity for ppl attending to have their say.
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It's 3am. I am awake at my family house I left many years ago exercising my right to travel freely across 28 countries. I am just visiting for few days but 2000 miles away from UK the reality of what we are doing to our country by inflicting Br**it madness hits.

How can any sane person even contemplate that it will be beneficial for anyone who isn't rich with vested interests in the chaos ensuing from "No Deal"

I am genuinely worried about the damage it will cause to everyone's lives. And I mean everyone: #the5million , British citizens who voted remain,those who didn't vote for various reasons, even those who voted leave whether they understood the consequences or not.

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To honour my t-shirt promise from last night I’m still going to have to find out who actually got @the3million crowdjustice fundraiser over the line. In the meantime, as some of you asked, the t-shirt is available from @DemarcationDSGN
There’s a hoodie too — sadly, @davidschneider is not included in the order but he sure has been an amazing #EUcitizensChampion!
Or, if you’re one of @the3million or @BritishInEurope you might also like this one — #The5Million is a slogan first coined by @nickynoo007 to capture how Brexit is personal for the two groups so immediately affected.
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Tomorrow is the #MarchForChange
We have never needed to take to the streets in huge numbers before.
What is happening in the world is not normal but with every horrific statement we hear from leaders it becomes the new normal. 1/
When people talk about the Holocaust, they say 'why did no one stand up and stop them?' They didn't because it had become the new normal. The time to stand up and be counted is NOW! 2/
So let's fill the streets of London tomorrow.
Let's shout until it hurts that we will not tolerate this.
Let's shout in support of #The5Million
Let's shout that they can't take our kids rights away.
Let's shout they can't take our future away. 3/
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I was looking at these beautiful peonies on my windowsill today and it got me thinking... 1/
I live in NL. The flowers were a gift from a neighbour. The 2nd bunch in 2 weeks. I don't have the heart to tell him that I'm allergic, because it's so lovely of him. Now contrast this kindness with what @the3million have to deal with in the UK. /2
Last week I voted in the EP elections. My polling card was automatically sent, no extra forms, no delays. At the polling station, I showed my polling card and id (compulsory for everyone here) and voted. I spent the rest of the day watching in horror as #DeniedMyVote unfolded. /3
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I'm no expert but this "new low" is mild compared to older lows in UK politics. I think that before we get outraged over the use of one slang anatomical word, we should first deal with some other more important lows. 1/
I'll make a start, but there are so many that I'll certainly forget some, so please chip in.
Hostile environment
Queue jumpers
Citizens of nowhere
Jeremy Hunt comparing Eu to Soviet Union
Questions during PMQs on buses not brexit 2/
Everything ever said by Johnson
Ditto for François
Ditto for Dorries
Ditto for McVey
Bailout Barry
MEP candidates making rape 'jokes'
Any Labour MP refering to 'cheap migrant workers'
Guisella Stuart campaigning to end EU migrants' rights 3/
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Tonight the #CostaAmendment was adopted as Govt policy. Huge thanks to @the3million & @BritishInEurope ... and of course to @AlbertoCostaMP! He gave a fantastic speech to those assembled and it was my privilege to meet him tonight. He made sure people are put before politics. 1/
Now the ball is in your court @eucopresident. We know you agree that @the3million & @BritishInEurope should be protected. So let’s finally make sure this happens no matter what. Let’s take #The5Million out of limbo and ring-fence the citizens’ rights agreement now. 2/
I will make the case for exactly that with representatives at the Bundestag in Germany in two week’s time. Those who live the EU through freedom of movement are the EU’s very heart. They must not be sacrificed on the Brexit altar. 3/
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.@BorisJohnson, you promised 3.6 million EU citizens at home in the UK that nothing would change for us; that our rights would be automatically guaranteed. Now we have to *apply* to even have a chance to stay and will get a special ID on a special register only for us. 1/
You tell me what that sort of system sounds like, and where we have seen the selective ID-ing of one group of people to place them on a special register before .... And let's not forget that Turkey poster. You helped unleash far right forces with your dog whistling. 2/
And EU citizens have to live with the fallout from that. So how about you support the Costa amendment this week? It would ensure citizens' right for #The5Million are ring-fenced. If you want to reject the far right, supporting this would be a good start. 3/3
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I recently attended a @the3million event and heard @AlbertoCostaMP's strong support for the rights of EU citizens at home in the UK. He has now put his words into action with an amendment to the motion being voted on in the House of Commons on 27 Feb. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP! 1/
Such ring-fencing would finally give certainty to #The5Million. Mr Costa has a lot of cross-party support already, and @the3million & @BritishInEurope are writing to every MP to ask for their support - to increase the chances of the Speaker selecting this amendment next week. 2/
However, it will make much more impact if MPs receive emails from their own constituents - that is why we need your help. Please write! Here is a really easy-to-use website for doing so: 3/
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So @peoplesvote_uk here’s a question:
- Will you give EU citizens at home in the UK a platform this time?
- Will you again *choose* to exclude us like you did the last two times?
➡️ Ultimately, the question is simple: are we part of this country, or are we not? Your call.
PS: EU citizens have been manning remain stalls for 2+ years; we are, together with our British friends in EU countries, those most affected by Brexit already. So if a supposedly pro-EU March again chooses to exclude us — it would send the most devastating message. 1/
Organisers should think carefully about that. Is that really a message you want to keep sending? Apart from that it’s self-defeating to silence us: FoM/migration delivered the EUref result. Nothing can be gained by repeating the tactics of 2016. 2/
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"Since the referendum, Giulia @GiuliaSavini1 has felt scared when walking through the town she's made her home. She's even been called a ""another f***ing immigrant"". #BrexitIsPersonal /1"
If that is not the sort of country you'd like the UK to be, it's not too late to change course. Stand up with us and millions of others in demanding a #PeoplesVote with a #FinalsayForAll Watch Giulia's full film and see why, for her, #BrexitIsPersonal /2
At @FinalSayForAll, we fight for the rights of #The5Million disenfranchised citizens. We’ve filmed and collected many moving stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. /3
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Howard talks about his Dutch brother-in-law who’s lived & worked in the UK for 35 yrs and feels the referendum has removed his identity. Howard has seen the huge emotional impact this has had on him, and also on a friend who’s lived here for over 40 yrs. #BrexitIsPersonal /1
If you agree with Howard that this is wrong, it's not too late to change course. Stand up with us and millions of others in demanding a #PeoplesVote with a #FinalsayForAll Watch Howard's full film and see why, for him, #BrexitIsPersonal /2
At @FinalSayForAll, we fight for the rights of #The5Million disenfranchised citizens. We’ve filmed and collected many moving stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. /3
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On Monday #SettledStatus will open for all of us @the3million in the UK (well, those who have a newer Android phone). It’s still a “test phase”, testing the system that will be used to force all of us to apply to pay to stay. The system is nothing like what we were promised. 1/
The system also does not allow us to live our lives as before even though @theresa_may has been telling us that all this time. 2/
She wasn’t on her own. Here is @BorisJohnson also stating clearly that rights will be protected “whatever happens”. That is not true. No-deal poses a serious threat and could mean that 3.6 million people, people like me, have no immigration status overnight. 3/
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.@theresa_may makes 2 assurances.
1️⃣ A flimsy one for the House of Commons.
2️⃣ And one to Leave voters.
That was it.
Millions of British people and all of us #The5Million — we do not matter to the Primer Minister. Not. One. Single. Bit. It’s a disgrace. 1/
That said, this historic loss must mean the end of May as Prime Minister. But the no confidence motion from an opposition leader who also supports Brexit only provides limited hope. This cannot just be resolved with replacing Prime Ministers nor with a GE where both main 2/
parties run on a pro-Brexit ticket. The same is true for a #PeoplesVote that still excludes those who are already the most severely affected. There is no straightforward way out of this mess, not least because the leaders of both main parties continue to lie to voters daily. 3/
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John @john196201 explains how Brexit's already had an impact on his dental practice. Working ethically, along with the fall in the pound, means he's already taken a huge financial hit. He fears far worse is to come, as vital medical supplies become scarcer. #BrexitIsPersonal /1
If this worries you too, it's not too late to change course. Stand up with us and millions of others in demanding a #PeoplesVote with a #FinalsayForAll
Watch John's full film and see why, for him, #BrexitIsPersonal /2
At @FinalSayForAll, we fight for the rights of #The5Million disenfranchised citizens. We’ve filmed and collected many moving stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. /3
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David voted to leave the EU but now regrets it. #BrexitIsPersonal for him because he's had to reassess his beliefs. He’s always felt politics should be about looking after individuals, but feels that the whole Brexit process has not done that. He now wants a #FinalSayForAll /1
If you agree with David, it's not too late to change course. Stand up with us and millions of others in demanding a #PeoplesVote with a #FinalsayForAll
Watch David's full film and see why, for him, #BrexitIsPersonal /2
At @FinalSayForAll, we fight for the rights of #The5Million disenfranchised citizens. We’ve filmed and collected many moving stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. /3
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It was only yesterday that I said that the majority of people have still not understood how much damage Brexit has already done, particularly to #The5Million. Thinking of that makes me angry when I then see that some, like @ViSpring, see Brexit as an advertisement opportunity. 1/
That is questionable in any case, I think. But considering the number of accounts of sleepless nights triggered by anxiety etc that stems from Brexit uncertainty, this ad is particularly ignorant of the reality that Brexit has already caused so many people a lot of harm. 2/
The EU citizen who spotted this ad cried when she saw it. Sadly, I am not surprised by that. But it serves as a tragic and sad illustration of what we have come to. Faced with having to apply to stay in our home, many people - sometimes even family and friends - still fail to 3/
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I am glad to see that finally the penny is dropping amongst politicians that a leave vote has led to the wholesale removal of rights and made people unequal. #The5Million are at the sharp end but we are all losing something very valuable.
What we are losing is the trust and confidence of people who are a part of our communities who are now being told to ask for permission to continue living amongst us. This issue must be kept in the open. I don’t believe soft leavers realised this would be the consequence
Of their vote so we have to keep giving them an understanding of the issues. A #PeoplesVOTE will allow us to fully explore the consequences on not just EU citizens in the UK currently but what it means for British citizens in the future as their own rights to FOM is removed.
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As #The5Million of us go into our 3rd Christmas of uncertainty, I would like to take a moment to look back not at all the awful things 2018 brought, but at what has kept me going — or rather: who. And with this thread about amazing people I wish you all a 🎄Merry Christmas🎄 1/
First up is @Scotkraut! We’ve done so much together this year — in Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Berlin ... from marches, to birthdays, to Brexit retreats. We even tried out the Brexit unicorns 🦄 Unsurprisingly, they didn’t work. But our friendship sure does xx 2/
Then I think of my friend Alexander. A fellow German with a great mind and an equally great sense of humour who makes me laugh — sadly now from back in Germany rather than in London as he and his family joined the #Brexodus in the summer.… 3/
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Today has been a very bad day for #The5Million. I had prepared myself for defending #FreedomOfMovement against @theresa_may. Turns out I should also have prepared myself for defending it against @HackneyAbbott who chose to pit EU citizens against other immigrants today. 1/
Earlier today I tweeted that I consider doing this - pit people against people -the lowest of the low. I expected it from @theresa_may and @sajidjavid, but I did not see coming that @HackneyAbbott would choose to do so too. This is always wrong, but especially in this case. 2/
1) It neglects the fact that freedom of movement is a *reciprocal* right, not preferential access, not a one-way street into the UK.
2) It is in the UK Govt's choice to treat immigrants from elsewhere in the way they are being treated - that is not a result of FoM. 3/
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Blair might be perceived as toxic by some, but I don’t think that’s actually the main issue in this case. That is his pandering to Leave lies about FoM. Doing so is catastrophic. If people really still don’t see that even now ... then we might just as well stop now. 1/
I’ve said it a million times before: opposition to FoM is what delivered the result the first time round but it is *not* the actual problem. What that means is that pandering to Leave lies about it will forever provide the wrong solution. 2/
Yet that’s still what most people do. Every day this week I’ve seen prominent #PeoplesVote supporters repeat the mistakes of 2016. From a focus on London to this pandering to the arrogant assumption that a People’s Vote would be won. Keep going like that and you’ll lose. 3/
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@maischberger @HelmutMarkwort There is no doubt,@fromTGA we can achieve this! @HelmutMarkwort @focusonline also pointed out it would be a catastrophe for both,the UK&Europe if the UK left the EU. You need allies from all society groups across Europe. Citizens telling, they don't want you to leave. @julie4nw
@maischberger @HelmutMarkwort @fromTGA @focusonline @julie4nw “Vrienden, roep de Britten op om te blijven“ @AuroraBlogspot @mvanderKist @arnhemsmeisje62
Fantastic Timothy,now also in Dutch! Just found it @hanssteketee
I hope you find publishers in all EU27 countries. Maybe FOCUS could publish German version?… via @nrc
@maischberger @HelmutMarkwort @fromTGA @focusonline @julie4nw @AuroraBlogspot @mvanderKist @arnhemsmeisje62 @hanssteketee @nrc @csibike1 Your #BollockstobrexitBus has been featured by @MichaelGrytz for @tagesthemen In an interview @FrazerGoodwin pointed out that European citizens should lead the debate in #FutureofEurope Ordinary citizens often feel neglected in decisions made by politics. @mark_johnston
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