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#Brexit's 'nightmare alley' from 100 miles high. A 'house of horrors' story with a happy ending? But only if we vote for an end to the 'biggest heist in history'! 1/
Cameron launched his cunning plan (Bruges 2013) which only half worked? Spoiler! A cautionary tale, never to be followed! being nothing to do with improved welfare for the vast majority of Brits. 2/
Cam's plan was to kill off the Tories' @LibDems coalition partner, by secretly shafting them, while 'doing for' UKIP with the same bullet! Only the first bit worked? 3/
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1/ Let' just 'deliver Brexit'? That's just fluff. Here's why:
Yes, the UK would 'Leave' the EU. But then nothing would change for years (transition period + multiple extensions - possibly until 2030 as that's how long a full trade deal takes to negotiate & ratify)...
2/ Except that, 'overnight' on Exit, the UK would lose 'all' its power in the EU (UK Commissioners, UK MEPs swinging votes in the European Parliament, UK govt veto in Council, etc). I worked with UK officials in Brussels: I saw our power first hand.
3/ After all those transition period extensions there would then be either a no deal 'hole' of (by this govt's own expert assessments) potential chaos and guaranteed huge economic loss, 'or' a trade deal. But a trade deal is still way 'less' than what we have now in EU.
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In 4 years we have had 3 prime ministers and 2 elections.If Johnson gets his way we would have 4 prime ministers and 3 elections. There have been 4 votes on some kind of #Brexit deal - all FAILED to pass /THREAD.
Yet politicians consistently refuse us a #PeoplesVote comparing the type of Brexit they want to impose against the deal we have - EU membership. Image
3.5 years after the advisory crooked lying cheating referendum, parliament cannot make its mind up on what is an acceptable #brexit for the country. You have taken up enough time and money on this nonsense. #voteleavebrokethelaw
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Thread 1/4. The Rees-Mogg heckling Saturday looks like an inside job. Brexiters pretending to be Remain. Tory media got the story they wanted to run = the million protesting are all nasty remainers. Anyone surprised yet? A few thoughts.

#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #mondaythoughts
2/4 It’s very out of the norm for several key government figures to leave the House on foot, especially knowing so many people are around. If you’re JRM with your son, a million people outside, why choose a walkthrough unless you expect useful coverage?
#StopTheCoup #RevokeA50
3/4 So you’d need a guarantee before you’d do it, to know in advance you’re both safe, it’s just stage-managing some fake news? And plenty of ministers have helpful press links. One obvious one, rhymes with Loathe.
#StopBrexit #StopTheCoup #LiarJohnson
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20 February 2016:

"Justice Secretary Michael Gove has said Britain would be "freer, fairer and better off outside the EU"."

"Four other cabinet ministers - Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, John Whittingdale and Theresa Villiers - have signed up to the Leave campaign."
"By leaving the EU we can take control. Indeed, we can show the rest of Europe the way to flourish."

Operation Yellowhammer comes to mind!!!

Perhaps Gove would care to review his statement he made in 2016 - to convince voters to vote to leave EU!
"Instead of grumbling and complaining about the things we can't change and growing resentful and bitter, we can shape an optimistic, forward-looking and genuinely internationalist alternative to the path the EU is going down."

Austerity is the 'political choice' of Tory Party!
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Personally, I don't want a "People's Vote". It would be a bit like a criminal getting off on a technicality. We all know that Cameron fiddled 2016, mainly by not setting a supermajority requirement. Only #Tories promised to implement the outcome of that fiddled 1/5
2/5 referendum. So having to have 'another go at it' implies that there was some validity to the 2016 one; there wasn't- Cameron made sure of that. In the same way that the Supreme Court's decision yesterday put aside Johnson's fiddled prorogation attempt, parliament
3/5 should put aside Cameron's fiddled referendum...because it was fiddled. If, in future, after revocation of A50, parliament decides to have another referendum on the "#EU membership question" (unfiddled) then fine; but having a referendum isn't the way to
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1) what choice do the LDs have? Corbyn is making Remain ridiculous

Again, I'd ask people to take a deep breath. The issue is not the LDs #RevokeA50 position, because no other position is possible, and Corbyn's #Brexit position is ridiculous

Whether @joswinson says so or not
@joswinson 2) a reminder - Corbyn will negotiate some unspecified (and unrealistic) deal

And then will neither campaign for or against it

He'll call a Referendum, and be neutral on the outcome

Just look at how ridiculous that appears
@joswinson 3) I get the earnest arguments about how it's the most democratic, how it brings the country together, how it's honourable...

But it's just full of holes
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Labour & LDs on #Brexit - optics
1) I really think people need to take a deep breath and think about the reality of the optics on the Labour position - and why the LDs are for #RevokeA50

Labour's policy is logical, rational, fair...
...and will be shredded in 30 seconds on TV
2) it comes down to the single fatal flaw in the #PeoplesVote approach, what is the other option to Remain

If you are not in power you can, though it's not easy, argue it's Brexiter responsibility to pick the leave deal in a ref

"Give us your best shot"
3) but if you are in power, it's on *you* to define the alternative to Remain. And what is it? Your own version of a deal?

But then if you campaign for that deal, you are a Brexiter party, if you campaign against your own deal, you look ridiculous

And if you remain neutral?
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Can we have a Labour #Brexit reality check please?
1) lot of good people getting themselves all bent out of shape on the #LibDems policy of #RevokeA50 without really absorbing that this is all about Labour zigzagging on a #FinalSay

It's Corbyn's fault for demanding a GE!
2) a reminder of recent history.

Anti #Brexit/no deal groups focused on a #PeoplesVote 2 years ago. Labour conference last year tried to push Corbyn into an unambiguous PV stance with a ton of CLPs putting motions forward - they were sidelined
3) the Labour powers that be morphed 100s of "we want a PV" motions into "we want a GE, if we can't get that, we look at other options, one of which might be a PV"

This happened - and it allowed Corbyn to fuck about for 2 years
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I supported a Peoples Vote from July 2016 until a few weeks ago. But then I started thinking seriously about how bitterly contentious the Leave option and voting system in a referendum would be. And the more I thought the less I could see a PV healing divisions.
For example, if May's WA is chosen as the Leave option the Brexit press and politicians will scream foul, and if Remain wins the subsequent referendum they will shriek that the vote was a charade and millions of Leavers will believe them.
If Labour agrees a deal that inflicts low economic hardship by keeping us close to the EU, the Brexiters will scream "Vassal state", "Surrender" and "Betrayal" and will reject the legitimacy of any Remain victory against such a deal.
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Essential reading @SKinnock @normanlamb @CarolineFlintMP @RoryStewartUK & colleagues hoping for a Brexit compromise. The politics just don't add up. The only way out of this politically *and constitutionally* is to go back to the people.

A thread...

@SKinnock @normanlamb @CarolineFlintMP @RoryStewartUK & colleagues: @davidallengreen explains how the 2016 referendum will continue to destabilise our precarious unwritten constitutional arrangements until we lance the boil.

What started with the people needs to end with the people. Only a #PeoplesVote with two legally defined, practicably deliverable options can bring back stability to the system.

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Joined @LibDems for a year - £36.

Sole reason - commitment to Remain.

If we do remain I reckon £36+ personal benefit in the following year.

Would urge millions to join to make this more likely! 😀

Post-join survey Q16: ".. comments or feedback on this survey?"

"A. In my view it is inappropriate for the first questions to be about gender etc. - not focusing on the current important issues for the UK. Considered immediately cancelling membership"

@LibDems #RevokeA50
They ( @Libdems) need urgently to change the survey questions as they are IMO irrelevant "today"

Should also improve the website UX for joiners.

They need professional marketing help = need money.

@LaylaMoran @EdwardJDavey

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Mark @ItRecks joined us at the #FSFABeehive in Hereford with @HerefordshireEU. He may be more familiar to you as the 8ft dinosaur, T-Rexit.
In this clip he talks about the severe impacts of a no-deal Brexit: “We’ve been lied to all the way through this.” #BrexitIsPersonal /1
Watch the rest of Mark's film to hear why #BrexitIsPersonal for him.
If you’re just as angry & frustrated at all the lies people have been sold, then stand up with millions of us to demand a #FinalSayForAll or better still, #RevokeA50. /2
There’s a chance to do just that at the @Rally4OurRights in London on the 12th October. Join us to demand that the rights of ALL are defended. Let's continue to #R4OR!
For details of the event, visit the website below & sign up using the RSVP link. /3
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#RevokeA50 #TakeBackControl #StopTheCoup
@davidallengreen @IanDunt

1. Please don't fail to see the woods for the trees. Brexit itself is the attempted coup. Prorogation is just the latest enabling step in the implementation of the coup which started with the 2016 ref
@davidallengreen @IanDunt 2. "To me [prorogation] is the latest, most dangerous, manifestation of a rolling coup parliamentarians have been battling since 2016...So it is a coup – but it’s just the latest step in the incremental trashing of our unwritten constitution" - Margaret Beckett MP, 1 Sept 2019
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Eddie was far too young to vote in the 2016 referendum. He’s still too young to vote now, but he knows how damaging #Brexit will be for others. That’s why he’s joined the protest against Brexit because “other people will suffer if I don’t do anything.” #BrexitIsPersonal /1
Watch the rest of Eddie’s short film. If you feel proud of him for standing up for his generation’s future, stand up with him and millions of others in demanding a #FinalSayForAll, or better still #RevokeA50.
#BrexitIsPersonal /2
We’ve filmed more than 150 stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. Please visit our YouTube channel for more #BrexitIsPersonal stories from our many #FSFABeehive's. /3…
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Two crucial reasons why the anti-Johnson resistance will definitely win in the end, if we fight (short thread) 😠✊ #stopthecoup #RevokeA50 #stopboris 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
1) The No Deal freaks are weak: the current attempt at suspending Parliament is an admission of failure – they do not have the parliamentary numbers to pass their keynote legislation. #stopboris #StopTheCoup #revokeA50 🇪🇺
Johnson is a lazy, ill-prepared chancer who is already completely out of his depth. Cummings is nothing like as clever as he likes to think - he’s winging it too. They’re unprincipled chancers, NOT strategic masterminds. 🤪 #resist
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Julia suffers from epilepsy and it’s taken 10 years for her to get the right medication to enable her to work and have a life. Now she’s terrified that Brexit will put her medication at risk and she’ll be back to square one. #BrexitIsPersonal 1/
Watch Julia’s full film to hear more about why #BrexitIsPersonal for her.
Why should people’s lives be needlessly put at risk for Brexit? If you are angry too, stand with us & millions of others to demand a #FinalSayForAll, or better still #RevokeA50. /2
We’ve filmed more than 150 stories about the personal impacts of Brexit. Our aim is to disseminate them, especially to those who can bring about change. Please visit our YouTube channel for more #BrexitIsPersonal stories from our many #FSFABeehive's. /3…
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@DavidHerdson has, with his resignation from the Tory Party, whilst making it clear that he thinks we should “honour the result of the referendum” leaving WITH a deal, started an engaging, challenging conversation.

I wondered whether that has been a bit different for him?

I already know we are not in blissful harmony even over what democracy looks like, but I think we agree that any planned Proroguing of Parliament is also deeply offensive to many Tories.

Will you give this case a boost? @JolyonMaugham charges nothing for his time
3/. He also uses his QC clout to negotiate low rates from QCs and lawyers specialist in the fields.

In this case he has reassembled his winning #RevokeA50 team.

Will you at least contribute and ask your principled colleagues to do so?

Please? 💕🙏
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On Saturday we sent our volunteers out to the Cross in #Chester and to Ellesmere Port to talk to the constituents of @justinmadders too. We wanted to ask whether Halloween Brexit would be a Trick or Treat. THREAD
Additionally our message in Ellesmere Port included a discussion relating to the NO-Deal related job losses at Vauxhall expected if Boris Johnson gets his way. In #Chester we want to know if people would support a #RemainAlliance
Meanwhile @EuropeWeaver set up their table in Weaverham. They experienced a good deal of gratitude from remainers really pleased to see them out campaigning for a #peoplesvote and #StopBrexit
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HofC voted by 315 to 274 to back an amendment to NI legislation forcing the Gov to hold debates in parl in the run-up to the Brexit date of 31 October.
Crucially this is an amendable motion so could include ruling out no deal.

But that needs CONSEQUENCES. Eg #RevokeA50
1/. Who were the 274 eejit MPs that did not back this?

2/. More critically was our Cheltenham MP @AlexChalkChelt vote?

He has said he would NOT back proporging Parl
I can’t see his name on the list of Tory rebels re a motion designed to prevent it.

@Chelt4Europe @nikkirobson1
3/. It looks as if his name was not even on the list of Conservative MPs who did not vote (including for reasons of illness/ pairings).

Well well. So Alex Chalk continues to push our poor country and his constituents to the brink and against their will.

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This leak “was a deliberate political attack. Darroch was anti-Brexit ... So, in order to force him out, someone on the inside collaborated with Brexiteers in the media to leak the cables and create a dispute with the US President.”

Let that sink in…
2/ “A diplomatic crisis with one of the UK's main allies was considered an acceptable vehicle for this attack, with seemingly no thought given to any long-term damage that could follow. And why?
3/. “Because Darroch, having held apolitical functions in the UK's diplomatic service for almost four decades, was considered unfit as he held the wrong political views.”
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No matter how we ask the question, we keep coming to the same predictable conclusion:
The public are divided on how to resolve Brexit - BMG Research...

But #RevokeA50 has the highest NET approval when -be score subtracted from +ve.
I think it is fair to say that if you take the #FinalSay+ve scores it is reasonable to assume that all or nearly all support Remain.

I think Remain is looking solid. I don’t think you can assume the same on the Leave options.
But when given less nuanced choices Leave No Deal was the single most popular choice.

Slightly puzzled about the thinking behind this given the outcomes in tweet 2 diagram, that suggests otherwise.
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On the #LibDemLeadership debates something that has been very much in my mind since the Bollocks to Brexit EU19 launch that was so successful.

It was an uncluttered message.

I increasingly think that following through with “We want a PV” is weak and an anti climax.
I REALLY think the POWERFUL unequivocal message that should follow “Bollocks to Brexit” in any GE and all messages should be
#RevokeA50. It is more logical, less messy and avoids the ethical trapdoor of allowing something that we think is unethical on ballot
If we are in GE territory then that should be our message.

Vote for #LibDem in large enough numbers so we have a majority and we will #RevokeA50 and get on the next day with rebuilding our broken country and broken politics.

Spell out the programme of work to achieve that.
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This is actually an excellent take

There may be a number of people for whom a 2nd ref is a massive turn off - they hate #Brexit but see "getting it done" as preferable to "dragging it out"

So just #RevokeArticle50, one simple action and #Brexit goes away in a puff of smoke
As @dirktherabbit says, there is a powerful simple narrative here. The Tory brexiters had their chance and instead got dragged into foolish infighting

Why should we be dragged into their psychodrama?

They failed, they couldn't agree

@dirktherabbit Who knows, maybe even some no dealers want it because its "clean" rather than actually a worthy goal?
A vote for Remain is a vote for a 2nd ref, make it a vote for a straight #RevokeA50 because theres no time for anything else
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