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I am #OneOfThe5Million and #BrexitIsPersonal. Almost 30 yrs ago my then wife and I packed up our belongings and moved with our six months old baby, to a village in the Gaeltach at the edge of Europe in the far west of Ireland. 1/12
Two more babies followed and all three became bi-lingual in Irish and English. We left that beautiful splinter of rock thrust into the Atlantic 11 yrs later for another beautiful place, Guéthary in the French Basque country 2/12
As our children progressed through maternelle, primaire, college and Lycée they became French for practical purposes. Over the next 15 yrs the children left for university in the UK and I was delighted I had been able to give them such a culturally rich upbringing. 3/11
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I’m still in Brussels and today it’s all about raising awareness for the serious threats still faced by @The3Million & @BritishInEurope. That’s FIVE million people! And to all of us #BrexitIsPersonal. Please join me in telling your story here today as #OneOfThe5Million 1/
So I am #OneOfThe5Million and to me #BrexitIsPersonal not only because of the immediate impact it has on my rights—I have to apply to stay in my own home—but also because of the significant personal cost standing up to it has had. 2/
Please join in on Twitter throughout the day using #BrexitIsPersonal & #OneOfThe5Million ... And watch this space later to learn what I’m up to. 3/3
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As some of you already know, I'm 1/3 of the board of the Final Say For All Foundation, along with @grrrahh & @MintyTeaboy. We're closely supported by @Shieldmaid8 & @GuitarMoog. With growing support for a people's vote, I'd like to explain why it must be a @FinalSayForAll 1/
In the 2016 referendum #The5Million most directly affected were excluded from voting. This must not be allowed to happen again in any new vote that has such a direct impact on our lives. 2/
Let's first remind ourselves why it was decided to exclude #The5Million. EU27 in the UK were excluded on the grounds of citizenship. UK in the EU for 15+ years, were excluded on the grounds of residency. 3/
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Last year, when I was really suicidal because #BrexitReality has unbalanced me, I made this petition to David Davis asking for a FinalSay.…

I'm grateful to everyone who signed up, but it made no difference & I nearly gave up.
Rumble strips are a godsend.
I'm OK but I must fight those feelings of helplessness every single day.

Then there was another #FinalSay petition on @HocPetitions petition that, despite @DExEUgov trying to reject it, went to (great) debate in December 2017.

@HoCpetitions @DExEUgov How much longer do we need to wait until we all accept that we need to put the brakes on & check Brexit?

We'll never be United Kingdom without #FinalSay

It's a result we can all respect, however it turns out

Better safe than sorry

Look before we Leave…
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Today marks #Omagh20 and the usual news cycle has been running its course throughout the day when mark significant events.

For a region that had seen so much blood shed over the previous 30 years it probably wouldn't have been unusual except for a number of factors 1/
Firstly, even for the bloodiest conflict in a generation the death toll was significant. 29 people died, one of whom was an expectant mother carrying twins.

A community and a country changed for ever 2/
Secondly, it happened after the #GFA had been ratified by referenda north and south of @BorderIrish with a resounding mandate that the people were tired of violence, of division and of hatred. The agreement had been signed just months before with so much hope and potential 3/
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For those denied a vote in the EU referendum, #BrexitIsPersonal. We will continue to give a voice to those denied a say in their futures, and already affected by Brexit. Any future votes must include a #FinalSayForAll, and an #OptionToStay. Here’s how we hope to achieve this.
FinalSayForAll was founded by Bloke From Barnsley @Nickynoo007, John Ling @grrrahh and Michael Moss @MintyTeaboy, three British citizens who were concerned about the 5 million citizens both in the UK and the EU who were denied a vote in the EU referendum of 2016.
They met many people across social media who had very personal stories to tell, who felt that their voices were being drowned out by rallying cries of British independence and taking back control. Their lives have been turned upside down against their will.
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Exactly! This is the kind of thing that needs to happen throughout the UK now. Stalls are a good thing, the #PeoplesVoteMarch was amazing. But it’s not enough and neither is waiting till party conferences etc. Make no mistake: the next three months are absolutely critical 1/
And so no time can be wasted. So talk to local groups and get some things off the ground that are bigger and not the traditional stuff. If you haven’t been so involved, now is the time to become involved. My advice is to focus on one and one thing only: that #BrexitIsPersonal 2/
And if you’re wondering why I’m so happily lecturing everyone on doing stuff rather than do that stuff: watch this space ...
#TanjasSecretSummerProject 3/3
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Brexit, all that’s happened since June 2016, has no benefits. But after #PeoplesVoteMarch let me say that I consider it my privilege to have been able to meet so many amazing people because of Brexit. They are what keeps me going. All of you are. Together we can #StopBrexit 1/
So here’s a little walk down memory lane, as it were ... told through some events, activities ... and wonderful people. 2/
24 June 2016 ... it was a sad day. But still the message is unchanged ❤️ 3/
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When #ProjectFear becomes #ProjectFact... Has the penny started to drop?

This isn't just a remainer thing BTW. If I was a leaver and I read that tweet I'd be PRETTY worried and pissed off TBH
These are our so-called "betters" who are in charge. They were told. They were told THREE YEARS ago that this could happen. The sheer arrogance as they dismissed this with a flick of the hand as one might a fly: "#ProjectFear", they sneered
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On Friday 18th @FinalSayForAll sent this email out 469 times in an attempt to have it land on the editors desk of every single newspaper in the U.K. 1/5
Fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised is a huge part of our work, as is holding the government to account for its promises. 2/5
There are 2 huge ways you can support us in this work. One is to contact both your local newspaper, and us, with the story of how you are personally effected because #BrexitIsPersonal 3/5
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*Quick start guide: Welcome to #BrexitandDragons. Here's a quick guide to this evenings event.

Get some snacks
Make sure your phone is charged
Follow @finalsayforall
Get comfy
Follow the numbered tweets
Hote in the polls! You will have 15 minutes.
Have fun!
Please donate!
1. Treeza surveyed the party and gave a rousing speech: “We been tasked by Will O'thepeople to enforce the rite of B’rexit! And that is what we will do! We are here to ‘get on with the job’ ‘drive from the rear’ and ‘crush the saboteurs'.”
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To those who believe we should roll over and "accept" the ref/vote... Do you know how democracy works? #ABTV #FBPE #BrexitIsPersonal
It's a PROCESS. Not an end product. You don't do it just the once. Remainers/leavers who insist we should respect the vote are either not aware of the threat democracy is currently under or they don't understand the concept of democracy.
"You don't get to keep voting until you get what you want". Well actually that IS kinda the point. You want your vote to count. And you want your values and policies to be realised.
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Some of you know me from my phone-melting, slightly anarchic, light relief threads. Although they appear flippant, there is a very serious idea and a lot of work behind them.
#BrexitIsPersonal 1/21
After a few months of spending all day, every day, taking abuse from leavers & feeling ground down by the negativity & repetition, I knew that I needed a break. I started to set up threads, had fun & felt better. I wondered, if others needed a break, too. #BrexitIsPersonal 2/21
At 1st it was chaotic, but it's grown into something far more organised. There's a group of regulars, who want to be tagged into every new thread. There is no tagging w/o permission, as we all got blocked by William Shatner in a tragic tagging accident. #BrexitIsPersonal 3/21
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