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How do I comment on racism
How do I bring about change
What can I do to ensure
It doesn't happen again
I watch the news
I hear the recordings
"I can't breathe"
What was he thinking
And then I hear from friends
I hear the reality
The hate and fear
The embedded inequality..
What can I do?
What can I say?
I can only be me
Speak as me
But I am speechless
When it comes to the injustice
I see in the US
But also here in the UK
Experienced by people
Of different races

#racismuk #racism #napowrimo
I'm a white British woman
That gives me security
I can't know the fear
Or know the injustice
I haven't experienced hatred
At the hands of racists

#RaceReport #poetry #NaPoWriMo #SystemicRacism
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Amnesty International UK @AmnestyUK leadership is racist:

The article below reflects the seriousness of the situation at AIUK. The problems with the org and its leadership are a risk to POC staff, activists, volunteers. 1/14

#Racism #RaceReport #CharitySoWhite #NotJustNCVO
I worked at AIUK for 3 year, 2015-18. Since 2016 the problems of racism have been raised and discussed at length. 5 years of countless hours of meetings, emails, discussions, conversations at the Senior Management and Board Level. Nothing has changed. 5 years. 2/14
In response to the 2016 EU referendum, AIUK leadership launched #AgainstHate to tackle hate crimes. They had never done anything on race or religious hate crimes before. They had no connections to POC led orgs. They didn't talk to any POC leaders 3/14
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Today, Parliament is debating Black Maternal Healthcare for the first time in its history.

The UK maternal mortality rate for white women is 8 per 100,000 live births.

For Black women, this rises to 34 per 100,000 live births #BlackMaternalHealthDebate

In November, a @HumanRightsCtte report pointed out that the NHS "acknowledge and regret this disparity but have no target to end it".

That's scandalous.

The Government has long been aware of these disparities and failed to address them.

The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities in maternity care.

Over half of pregnant women admitted with #Covid19 in the first two months were Black, Asian or from another minority ethnic group.

Black women have been 8x more likely to be admitted.

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“Downing Street has rejected a formal diplomatic request to discuss the immigration problems being experienced by some Windrush-generation British residents at this week’s meeting of the Commonwealth heads of government”
3 years ago... #RaceReport…
“... rebuffing a request from representatives of 12 Caribbean countries for a meeting with the prime minister. The refusal has given Caribbean diplomats the impression that the UK government is not taking a sufficiently serious approach to the problem...”
“that is affecting large numbers of long-term UK residents who came to Britain as children.”
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“The publication of the 1999 Macpherson report... set a precedent that we should measure institutional racism – not by the presence or absence of intent to cause harm, but by the impact on people’s lives.“

Fantastic, balanced Editorial👍🏾 #RaceReport…
“even as it claims to affirm the Macpherson definition, it dilutes it from the first pages... This enables it to bat away perhaps the most egregious example of institutional discrimination in recent decades – the Windrush scandal”
“-because it did not “come about by design” and was “certainly not deliberately targeted”.
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The Government's #racereport is a huge Rorscharch test. You know the one. 10 inkblots – mixed in form, colour and movement – are presented one by one. A single question is asked: “What do you see?”.

So, what do you see? A bird? A bat? A rib cage? (1/)
Know this. Your answer matters. We are not assessing your eyesight – we are assessing you. In America, custody battles are settled on your answer, medical diagnoses made, insurance claims declined. This is the Rorschach test. (2/)
We stare at the same image. The same flecks of paint, the same colours, the same blots. And yet, our mind forms different patterns, different images, different interpretations. Why? (3/)
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Thinking about the line of argument that we’re either positive or negative when it comes to considering race inequality in the U.K. and that the #RaceReport is an attempt at being ‘positive’. Opposition or resistance & anti-racism is often on this ground, it makes us feel bad.
I think there’s something we all have to confront about the ‘feeling bad’ part. It’s a systemic blocker. If institutions & people cannot tolerate seeing themselves in any ‘negative’ light to the point they simply refuse to engage with reality, we have a serious problem, don’t we?
What is the solution? Is the solution whitewashing reality. As per race report, No.

‘Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced’ wrote — James Baldwin
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Ce qu'il se passe en Occident avec le #RaceReport en GB, les lois racistes en France, c'est le backlash des blancs suite à la prise de conscience collective des personnes qu'ils assignent racisées. Les RS rendent notre parole sur leur racisme publique. Ils s'y opposent violemment
La fragilité blanche est le refus des blancs d'admettre leurs biais racistes car ça casse la belle image qu'ils ont d'eux-mêmes : qu'ils sont de bonnes personnes. Et tout le monde sait qu'une bonne personne n'est pas raciste. C'est leur refus violent de se remettre en question.
On en est arrivé à un point où non seulement les blancs refusent d'admettre leurs biais racistes inconscients, mais où ils refusent aussi de reconnaître le racisme hostile comme du racisme (insultes, comparaisons méprisantes associant les non-blancs comme inférieurs aux blancs).
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'There is a new story about the Caribbean experience which speaks to the slave period not only being about profit and suffering but how culturally African people transformed themselves into a re-modelled African/Britain.'

I keep staring a this sentence in the #RaceReport
It doesn't really make grammatical sense. What new story? The Caribbean experience of what? Being shackled and beaten? How did that speak to how 'culturally African' people transforming themselves?
What does this mean?? What remodelled African/Britain? How do enslaved people transform themselves into a country/continent? This is fucking nonsense.
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We back @AkikoMHart completely, and applaud her courage in sharing this with @ThirdSector ❤️

The funder-fundee relationship should not require endangering yourself by staying silent in the face of dehumanising treatment.

Who will join Akiko in speaking?…
The #RaceReport's historical revisionism of the UK's role in enslavement as the "Caribbean experience" is even more chilling when the Chair of NLCF - a co-opted member of the report’s commissioning team - is in a group representing plantation owners

How the Chair of NLCF's other org describes itself:

"...commenced life as a trade association during the infamous era of slavery. The original members...interests were largely aligned with the pro-slavery movement"

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The contents of the #SewellReport should come as no surprise. @IRR_News and others warned of this when it became known that the commission was being put together by Boris Johnson's policy lead, Munira Mirza.

A short THREAD…
The #RaceReport features familiar arguments that Mirza has made in the past, including on sites such as Spiked Online.

An article Mirza wrote in 2017 in response to the Lammy Review on racism in the criminal justice system serves as a useful comparison.…
Mirza has regularly made the point that people's experiences (or indeed evidence) of institutional and systemic racism are actually driven more by a 'perception than a reality'.

One of the subheadings in CRED's report is 'Perceptions and realities'

Left: Mirza Right: Sewell
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Before I log off...

🧵 A thread of UK orgs & institutions admitting that institutional racism does exist & how👇🏾
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Don't think this #AprilFoolsDay joke in the #RaceCommission report is very funny
This is the real story of the Atlantic Slave Trade and how African nations were remodelled by it
Good thread detailing the actual timeline of the abolition of slavery & the slave trade
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Good morning. I have been listening to all the legitimate outcry around the #racereport and many successful attempts to debunks the frankly puerile & nonsensical claim that institutional racism is now over in Britain. Since there is no longer ‘evidence’ of it.
Just wanted to remind some of you what institutional is.

This is McPherson definition. It is not a definition without problems or controversies...but here:
So if we break this idea down, that there is no longer ‘evidence’ of it.

Let’s ask what evidence was there in the first place? That is to say, presuming the authors agree it was ever in existence (incidentally the evidence suggest many don’t), what evidence supported the case.
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I've now read all 258 pages of the #RaceReport, so you don't have to.

It bats away issues of great significance and infantilizes those from ethnic minorities.

Here are my highlights/lowlights:
There are multiple bizarre attempts to underplay serious issues.

"Fear of hate crime among ethnic minorities is greater than its likelihood of occurring."

Well, yes. Just because you didn't get hit by a car on the way home doesn't mean you were wrong to look before you crossed.
On historical racism:

"We understand the idealism of these well-intentioned young people who have held on to, and amplified, this inter-generational mistrust."
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Not that anyone is particularly waiting for my thoughts, but, you're going to get them on the #RaceReport and the #RaceCommission

I have quite a few and they may be a bit rambling and without a sense of order, but, that's the style of the report.

Where to begin??
The title. Language matters and that this commission and therefore report is called Race and Ethnic Disparities, rather than Race and Ethnic Minority Disparities, is a small point BUT it does set us up for what's to come.

Which is essentially a lot of divide and conquer.
The expectation that this report, coming in the wake of Black Lives Matter, was a chance to look at the racial disparities is unmet.

Therefore just as a starting point we cannot take this report seriously.
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The #RaceReport released today is disappointing at its best and offensive at its worst.

👎🏽 No mentions of the links between migration and race

👎🏽 Downplays the prevalence of structural racism in our society

👎🏽 Minimises the links between race and other inequalities
📢 Our immigration system has problems of institutionalised racism, but this wasn’t mentioned. There is a lack of reflection on how UK Gov depts (like the Home Office) can also perpetuate discriminatory policies. See: Hostile Environment ⤵️
📢 Covid has run along racial lines, there is clear evidence of that. To label the link between health and race a “pessimistic narrative” is concerning, and dismisses the high death rates we have seen in minority ethnic communities in the last year
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I have now looked at the #RaceReport. The full scope of its attempt to gaslight by both rewriting history and reframing the future in a narrative of whitewash is deeply disturbing - see for instance this part from the foreword, which encapsulates the issue:
With that in mind, there is little surprise that this is the general view. But it really is shameful and worrying to see this spelled out in this casual fashion for the purpose of, as others have also noted, government-led gaslighting. Full report here:…
PS: Unsurprisingly, the bot et al army has arrived. But it reminded me that I had meant to add a few links earlier for some further contextualisation—not an exhaustive list at all, but to indicate some of the issues.

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Full disclosure, I haven't read the #RaceReport yet - but based on the widely leaded summary it is odd that whole industries feel there a problem to be addressed and the government doesn't. one question - When I do read the report I will bear the following facts in mind:
45% of white British pupils attend university after school, the lowest rate of all ethnicities bar Gypsy/Roma. But 24% of white British students attend elite Russell Group colleges, more than most minority ethnic groups
'White working class boys perform poorest in terms of educational attainment - a quarter having no
qualifications and also the lowest proportion with the highest qualifications, YET they outperform ethnic working classes in terms of income'. Aberdeen Uni
Aoki, Battu & Massa
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