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“Myth 9 – The #USSR and the #Third #Reich were Not #Allies from 1939–1941” Image
“The Essence of the #Myth

The #Soviet #Union never was an ally of #Nazi #Germany and in those cases where joint actions took place, this was motivated by #political and #military necessity.”
“Fast #Facts

This was not so much myth as taboo. The cooperation of the #USSR and the #Third #Reich was not written about in #Soviet textbooks or encyclopedias and was even circumvented in academic writings.
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THREAD: The Weapons of Siege of Jadotville (2016)

Lets take a look at the plethora of weapons seen in the film we covered this week!

First up a vehicle mounted Browning M2! - the tip of a pretty big iceberg! 1/
#FightingOnFilm #SiegeofJadotville #WarMovies
The company's Marksman/Sniper makes ample use throughout the film of an Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4(T) with a 3.5x scope. He's a force multiplier, picking off enemy heavy weapon crews like the M2 above! 2/
In this shot we see Dornan as Cmdt Pat Quinlan with a FN FAL. The Irish troops arriving in the Congo were the first to be equipped with Belgian-made metric-pattern FN FALs.

Note in the background, a chap with an SMLE MkIII - a classic! /3
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How do I comment on racism
How do I bring about change
What can I do to ensure
It doesn't happen again
I watch the news
I hear the recordings
"I can't breathe"
What was he thinking
And then I hear from friends
I hear the reality
The hate and fear
The embedded inequality..
What can I do?
What can I say?
I can only be me
Speak as me
But I am speechless
When it comes to the injustice
I see in the US
But also here in the UK
Experienced by people
Of different races

#racismuk #racism #napowrimo
I'm a white British woman
That gives me security
I can't know the fear
Or know the injustice
I haven't experienced hatred
At the hands of racists

#RaceReport #poetry #NaPoWriMo #SystemicRacism
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Friends, let me tell you about my experience not even an hour ago with Walmart Grocery. If ableism upsets you, this thread is not for you.
Relevant info: I live on the @dominguezHills campus in an apartment. Part of Covid-19 restrictions is restricting visitors to our campus. Residential staff have been gracious enough to allow deliveries so I can get food every week.
I placed my order like I always do, and my order was on its way. The driver, who I will name with no regret, was Sharron J. The trouble started when he arrived at my location. He contued to interrupt me while I was speaking, getting more frustrated as I spoke.
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@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Rant incoming. This is exactly why I'm flipping pissed there's no attention on this b/c nearly everyone is assuming the wrong narrative. Press & politics aren't picking it up because they're AFRAID of it being an #LGBTQ+/#trans issue w/o looking past it & seeing the REAL story.
@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Cyberbullying has infected our community. These users carry very far-right beliefs w/ a very specific agenda: dump Trudeau, dump Singh, cancel The Social, praise Don Cherry, celebrate Adam Skelly (now) & TARGET OUR COMMUNITY. It's incredibly linear, systemic & super predictable.
@mike_yung @PrairieTheatre @Brittan60572844 Considering the political leanings and the fact that it's oh-so-coincidental that OUR community is getting heat, especially yours truly, I struggle to not imagine DW blowing a dog whistle especially considering his COVID beliefs & political leanings, including w/ Gary Marshall.
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Image descriptions in alt text. The background of the image...
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Woah..that was freaky but familiar. Was lying down & decided to get up to take pain meds for #endometriosis and #fibroids and it felt as painful to get up as the day after surgery. In kitchen, sweating, lightheaded. Quickly squatted to avoid passing out holding onto fridge door
..which swung open..but I did not fall. Then once head feeling better, stood up long enough to take meds...then walked, wobbly and lightheaded to chair. I can't quite feel my palms but that will come back. This probably gets to be called 10/10 pain..but maybe really an 8/10
Great..and a migraine too..scotoma.. taking a migraine med and lying down. Man, when it rains it pours.

Mother Nature is such a misogynist.

SO glad I did not decide to rent a car and try to go Finger Lakes this weekend to see peak foliage.
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Yesterday we did a thread on our mainstage faculty for this years #WIMStrongerTogether conference that is less than 2 days away! We know the work doesn't get done without #AlliesInEquity, so here are our #HeForShe faculty for this years CME Conference. Make sure to register!
Dr. Bobbie Byrne @danmichelson & Sarah Alter from @NEWNational will be talking about Putting Allyship Into Action. As exceptional leaders from across the country, they will be discussing how to create a culture of allyship and will introduce ways to put skills into action plans.
Drs. @christylemak @christophersonnenday and @HPB_Txp_Surg will discuss using your platform to make intentional and actionable changes. To achieve #GenderEquity in healthcare leadership must be an active participant in proposing intentional change. #WIMStronger
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@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 1/ Good question @sarah_bodell
Love that idea @DrCConnell , we could even go to say that positive action is taken & there is always a seat specifically for election for each of those #Diversity groups
Thank you for both your engagement

Another draft idea... (cont.) #BAME
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal 2/ If there is ever an #Equality #Diversity #inclusion (#EDI) officer in the college, then attached to this are @BAMEOTUK network, officially in @theRCOT contributing to the EDI agenda (cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
@DrCConnell @sarah_bodell @LecturerMish @anita_atwal @theRCOT 3/ The aim would be to influence & impact @theRCOT activities & raise the agenda at board level regarding the issues of paying #BAME members across the profession & ...(cont.)

#campaign @BAMEOTUK network officially part of @theRCOT
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being “owned by Pakistan” is my way of making amends for centuries of oppression at the hands of my goray ancestors, it’s called being an #ally
Sadly I am not successful enough to have anyone manage my account for me, much less a member of Pakistani intelligence
I would pay good money to see a movie which captures what these people think is true.
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"Recent events at the #UnitedNations have, however, exposed the true nature of #Canada’s #
global position, particularly in the matter of its blind and unconditional support for #Israel."
by @RamzyBaroud and @RomanaRubeo… #UN #ForeignPolicy #FridayThoughts
Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN #NikkiHaley once asserted, “Nowhere has the #UN’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than its #bias against our close #ally #Israel.”
by @HomePalestine… #palestine #FridayThoughts #UnitedNations
“We express our deep concern with the stated intention to move ahead with any unilateral #annexation of #WestBank territory, and we urge your government to reconsider plans to do so,” the letter said, in part.
by @RamzyBaroud… #AIPAC #Isreal #Palestine
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#China stocks roar on, with #CSI300 up ~20% in little more than a week as (official) #margin debt climbs Y150bln to touch Y1.3 trillion - levels only seen in the peak months of 2015's madness.
Worth noting a rejection here could mean the Jan'19 formation is complete.
As the money floods into #China #equities, #bonds bear the brunt. Wealth Managers are the MOMO traders de jour "Our company's mixed products can have 60% allocations to #stock, but now we're at 70-80%. This is a normal phenomenon [sic]," said one.

This latest burst has also spared #CNY the ignominy of setting a new 12-year high above 7.18, instead pushing it briefly back through the talismanic 7.00 parity. Ergo, either locals are repatriating to get in on the action or Johnny Foreigner is being sucked into the move.
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#Allies- my sister gave "the talk" to her son. The one Black parents give that White parents don't have to. The one steeped in respectability politics.The talk that doesn't save lives, because it doesn't matter how nice of non-threatening you are if your skin color is your weapon
#Allies how can you help- well, she told him, if he ever needed help from an adult (when she was not around), run quickly out of the neighborhood and ask the local store owner for help. I'm thinking about all the houses with all the adults in it that my nephew would run past,
and I'm thinking surely there's an #ally in one of those. Maybe consider putting a sign on your lawn or window stating your ally-ship. And if a Black person knocks on your door looking for help, #DontShoot. #Help instead. Make that commitment. It could save my nephew's life.
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Have you ever listened to a black woman in America explain what the Movement for Black Liberation is all about? Be honest! Have you? Here's your opportunity. Presented by me, Mr. #ProfessionalVirtueSignaler Part 1/?
Part 2
Part 3 w/ Dominique Hazzard w/ @BlackYouthProj
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1/ Remember that you will not dismantle the systems of racism overnight. It took over 400 years to build up and maintain systems of inequality and injustice.
2/ While 2020 has created a significant inflection point for fighting racial injustice – there is much work to be done and it all won’t happen or be solved overnight. The Scriptures remind us that every part of the body must do its work.
3/ This is applicable both spiritually and naturally. Everyone may not be called to march on the street, but we are all called to commit to loving our neighbor. One of the ways that we love them is by committing to the work of anti-racism.
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1/ Over the last several weeks, I began journaling my response to the murders of #GeorgeFloyd, #AhmaudArbery and #BreonnaTaylor. My world is uniquely intertwined to the present challenges.
2/ As an African-American father of 3 boys, I am a son of Ghanaian heritage, and married to a beautiful scientist of Ghanaian-American descent. I have the privilege of co-pastoring a multi-ethnic church in the Boston area.
3/ All of my worlds are affected by the brokenness of racial injustice.
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(1/3) Here's a helpful framework for why convos around race can surface defensiveness/stress. The impact of White Fragility "a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves" on the #UX community is real💙#uxtalk
(2/3) There’s a really amazing article that gets into this more called "The Sugarcoated Language Of White Fragility” (I’d HIGHLY recommend everyone to read this: and in it they share this chart of things that cause white people racial stress and why.
(3/3) If you want to start doing the proactive, personal work of being human-centered & being an #ally, please take a moment to go through this article/chart & think about the interactions you've had at work, w/clients, UXers etc. & the responses you've extended or witnessed.
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We're talking with @dessalen about #metoo in the #workplace workplace right now! It's fascinating to see the agreement and differences in how people respond to changes in #workplaceculture.
@dessalen You can join the #virtualevent in progress right here:…
@dessalen Figuring out what is acceptable behaviour and what isn't can be difficult – without training!
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Part 2 of @AsianAllies Student Series included honouring the story of 14 yo #EmmettTill & looking at systemic issues that affect Blk folks. Asian students at @MiddlefieldCI were invited to challenge the ways in which they were privileged & consider being an ally for Blk students. ImageImageImageImage
Some @YRDSB students’ comments & questions: We only learn about Western/white histories in History class!? Asians & Blk characters are quickly killed off on TV shows & movies. What kind of Asian are we talking about? The systems have situated Blk folks to face such circumstances!
It was exciting for me & @JoanneTangYRDSB to know that a number of @MiddlefieldCI students were now feeling: shocked, informed & more aware of #AntiBlackRacism. We hope they continue the #asianalliesconvo & take up the responsibility of being better allies.✊🏼💪🏼 #BlackHistoryMonth
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5am thoughts: One of the challenges for men in #leadership positions in #tech who want to increase #inclusion and #diversity in our orgs, is that first we need to first recognize our own #privilege before knowing what conscious actions to take in our orgs & company-wide... 1/14
First, credit to my colleague @bjohnso5y. Her post on how to be a better #ally for #womenintech emphasized the mechanism of #recognition (e.g. crediting women for their ideas in public spaces). The goal of better #allyship inspired this thread... 2/14…
In the sphere of political debate, you’ll often hear white people (especially men) arguing they don’t have privilege and don’t get special treatment. "Everything’s a meritocracy!" "Nobody 'gave' me anything!" - Nothing to see here, move along… 3/14
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Excited to be headed to #ARHEinBoston today ---

(Need more info on #CollegiateRecovery? Be sure to check out the EXCELLENT work being done by @CollegeRecovery!)
First #ARHEinBoston session is underway!
Common dominant identity traits of higher ed CRP make-up.

When I walk in a room, the two things that always show up first are race and gender and I don't even get to decide that. This holds true in society AND in higher ed. - Keith #ARHEinBoston
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Friendly reminder that #ally is a verb.
If you’re using this title, ask yourself “What have I done lately?”
And “Is this title self-proclaimed or was it bestowed by those I claim to support?”
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