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My Last Canvas

Tonight I'm tired to the bone, wasted from too little sleep
and the same amount of love.
It's difficult to keep life in perspective.
The looming unfamiliar, so easily dismissed during daylight hours,
hunches menacingly right over there, occasionally giving out
a short sharp bark of what must pass for laughter in its tribe.
Undaunted, I stare into its face,
searching those pitiless features for some clue
to its intent, its content, its torment.
There it waits, mostly silent, daring me to walk right up and own it.
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I want to create a thread of poems. Anyone interested in joining in? #Poetry #Poem #poetrycommunity #Friday #SpokenWord #artists
Self Pity.

A dusty path,
But there are cleaner routes,
Yet, you chose to be soiled with earth,
Standing mocked before elites,
Your confidence muffled by a swathe of flies,
Your nose piling up unused water that dripped down your jaw.

You chose to be robbed of choice.

The mother of errors,
Always unknown,
Muddling right in a wrongful way,
Pointing evil in an unstoppable direction,
It never meant harm,
But brings blood to the table,
How did it nestle all alone?
Waving to no-one in motion?
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the prophets are
acting so
damned smug

there’s no living with them

they were right

this is it

the world is ending
the windows are shaking
the sun is swelling
the china is rattling
the ground is splitting apart
the sky is falling
the sirens are blaring
the geese are fleeing

the plans we wrote out in
detail on onion skin paper
have caught on fire
all of our blueprints are burning
up in a pungent cloud of
herbal tears

everything we so
carefully planned
for is being undone

this is it

the world is ending

for one last time
would you be kind enough
to sit on the lawn
and make one last memory
with me?
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Here is a typical example of #Opitz' poetry (and of Baroque #poetry in general), written in the midst of the #ThirtyYearsWar.The poem's topic is #tedium caused by overstudy (which appears in #Goethe's Faust, too), combined with all the three main #Baroque 𝘵𝘰𝘱𝘰𝘪:
1. 𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘴,
2. 𝘤𝘢𝘳𝘱𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘦𝘮,
3. 𝘮𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘪.

The poem:


Ich empfinde fast ein Grawen
Daß ich / Plato / für vnd für
Bin gesessen über dir;
Es ist Zeit hinauß zu schawen /

Vnd sich bey den frischen Quellen
In dem grünen zu ergehn /
Wo die schönen Blumen stehn /
Vnd die Fischer Netze stellen.

Worzu dienet das studieren
Als zu lauter Vngemach?
Vnter dessen laufft die Bach
Vnsers Lebens das wir führen /
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Today is the 297-th #birthday of #German #poet Mathias Etenhueber (1722-1782). Getting ever poorer with increasing age, he produced a large amount of #poetry in #Latin and #German, often for specific occasions in #Bavaria. In despair, he even tried to exploit..
.. the spectacle of public #executions to draw attention to his work, by writing moralizing verses commenting on specific delinquents, then displaying them publicly near the official public proclamation of the respective death sentence.
The last PUBLIC #execution in the #kingdom of #Bavaria happend as late as 1861-11-09, when a farmhand was #guillotine​d because he had robbed and killed a Bavarian #farmer. The last public execution WITH A SWORD in #Bavaria happened as late as 1854-05-12 when 19-year old..
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@EmilyHobhouse_ For completeness, I take the liberty to add a version of this beautiful poem as it was printed during Eichendorff's lifetime (1788-1857): this is a photographic reproduction of an 1843 edition of Eichendorff's poems (I also confirm that the above version agrees with this one):
@EmilyHobhouse_ For more completeness, I add a scanned version of Eichendorff's 1810 "Gebet". The poetic meter is #trochaictetrameter, perfect in the first stanza, sometimes katalectic in the latter three stanzas. The pattern of catalecticity is EQUAL in all three catalectic stanzas though, so..
@EmilyHobhouse_ .. the poem still has a very regular form and feeling.

In full, the metric patterns (to my mind) is the following:..
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at the barre

i live life en pointe these days,
always poised for the next wave,
alert, with nostrils open,
sniffing for the swift salt tide incoming

how i cling to that bright barre
because i know i’ll need
its safety, its sure clamping
to the wall of what is real
if i let go i will be washed away
to those deep currents
from which there is no rescue,
my spirit willing but my arms too weak

how ill-equipped am i
after decades of bought courage
i have no coin remaining with which
to buy another swimmer for to save me
and though i’ve tried repeatedly
to buff my soul and body
to withstand whatever’s coming
it has, even now, all been for naught
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The Mass of Christ In a Time of Sundering - a poem by me for @RedWedgeMag #poem #poetry

No ear may hear, but in this world of sin
our thumbs flick across screens, ring trolley bells
and scan the fares. Wheels howl unholy dins,
dead bodies washed ashore say their farewells
to fishes. Nets cast to the other side,
the tentacles all rotting in the trucks.
Gas canisters that washed up with the tide,
best wishes, cards, God's blessings and good luck.
The twinkling lights, cups half-crushed, sleeping men
curled tight, cement, car parks full up by seven.
Church packed, the rafters echo with the hymn:
so, God imparts the blessings of his heaven.
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This poem has been written for @DisabilityJ

It is designed to be read aloud, ideally by @jarvisguidedog et al

I'll add words below for #visuallyimparied and a video will go up shortly with a reading

#accesible #church #differingability #christianity #christmas #poetry #poem
Heaven Obscured
Kneecapped, I’m kneecapped,
Here looking out,
Where few really see me,
Worshipping their doubts.

Just like you all, I have a father and mother,
I’ve been to school, been educated,
Played games with my sisters and brothers,
Yet here in church I feel denigrated!
You stand around with smiles on your frowns,
Grasping the Spirit, claiming God is all around,
The sermon well focused, all about our saviour,
And how you all do so well, loving your neighbour!
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Objective #art is possible only when somebody has attained to a higher plane of being; it is created by those who have reached the peak. They can see the peak and they can see the valley both. They can see the height, the beauty, the sickness and the ugliness of #humanity.
They can see deep down in the dark valleys. They can manage to create some devices which will help the people who are crawling in the darkness to reach the sunlit peaks. Their art will be just a device for your inner #growth, for #maturity.
Picasso’s pictures are subjective art. Seeing a painting by Picasso … he has not considered you, who are going to see the painting. You are not taken into account at all. He has simply vomited his own madness on the canvas. It is simply a vomit.
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Okay friends today is #tarot day!

I havent had any booking as of yet so feel free to dm

Will be going from 9pm till at least 3am GMT so I can maybe help a few friends across the Atlantic tonight who feel they need the cards guidance.

Today nov 7 9pm-3am GMT

#tarotreading Price list with a slightly altered William Morris pattern as the background  very antique older florals on black.<br />
<br />
Lighter rectangles with the title Readings by Roo<br />
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20-30mins<br />
<br />
3 = £20<br />
45m- 1hr<br />
<br />
5= £30<br />
1hr30-1hr45<br />
<br />
7= £ 50<br />
2hrs-2hr15<br />
<br />
9= £ 60<br />
2hr45-3hrs<br />
<br />
<br />
10= £65<br />
3hr30-3hr45<br />
<br />
Wednesdays and Saturdays 9pm-3am GMT<br />
All times and days are approximate custom layouts upon request
As always I'll be doing a thread while I wait for customers and folks if you like #poetry (Pssst @showupforthis thought of you immediately)

Then you'll enjoy tonights thread.

9pm-3am ish GMT

Right here join me if you like!
So good evening folks!

It's 9pm GMT #readingsbyroo is now open for #tarotreading till 3am ish GMT

While im waiting for customers I'm doing a thread here about poetry

Please enjoy Price list with a slightly altered William Morris pattern as the background  very antique older florals on black.<br />
<br />
Lighter rectangles with the title Readings by Roo<br />
<br />
Main body reads<br />
<br />
1 card = £10  <br />
20-30mins<br />
<br />
3 = £20<br />
45m- 1hr<br />
<br />
5= £30<br />
1hr30-1hr45<br />
<br />
7= £ 50<br />
2hrs-2hr15<br />
<br />
9= £ 60<br />
2hr45-3hrs<br />
<br />
<br />
10= £65<br />
3hr30-3hr45<br />
<br />
Wednesdays and Saturdays <br />
All times and days are approximate, first come first served, custom layout up request
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Had a run-in with an old poem I wrote. Thought I would share.
#amwriting #poetry

Today I am the dove.

As a child, growing up in St Louis
I embodied the red of the cardinal.
The fires in my soul shown bright and
flamed eternally, it seemed.
As a late teen, I experienced the blue bird.
Learning of my illness and coming to terms
With my incurable crohn’s disease.
A trail of tears, pain, and anger.
My body’s betrayal.
As a young adult, I became the hawk.
The spiraling up into new horizons.
The keen pursuit of my career and
Of a family to call my own.
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an old fairytale from 2012
The art is Arthur Rackham - Princess and Troll

The Troll’s Wife

I’ve lived, for what seems ages,
under a wooden bridge
with my constant husband.
He is a troll.
I have been enchanted, spellbound,
but no longer.
I brewed his tea with herbs of sleep
and found his magick book
and while he slept
unwove each charm
I let him bind around me.

I don’t know how this came to be,
this sorry state of wedlock.

No – that’s a lie.
I remember it well.
I was a stupid child
grown to a stupid woman,
a willing victim
never understanding there are those
who play with people:
out of ego, spite at life
or mere amusement.
I wandered blindly,
always ready to taste
the sweet but meeting only the sour.
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not for me the cryptic tongues of men
who even as they yearn deny it readily,
not for me the pious tongues of saints
who even as they burn deny it steadily,
not for me the artful smile and arch uplifted brow
by which the maiden signifies that she is ready now,
no i will speak in forthright tones
that resonate from blood and bones
and tell you plainly to your face
with no attempt at girlish grace
i want you now and for all time
at matins, lauds, at tierce and prime
to take me, own me, every part,
impress yourself upon my heart,
and when no longer passion rages
love lives on in these bound pages.

© 1999 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved
always, my darling man
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Releasing more #poetry into the wild: "In concert", the second poem in
#AnachronismΨ. I'll tell you more about the music in it after the poem, but first, you can just read it unfiltered, in the thread below...
You should be here.
The crumbling leaves and chilling brilliant sky
are all the ochre golds and blues you loved, and I
can feel the wheel of fate: you will appear –
you should be here.
You should be here.
You’ve always loved the ancient stone of vaults.
The piper’s dirge and steady cello-surge would jolt
your soul with love of old if you could hear –
you should be here.
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Invoking Morpheus

The night, of late, is nothing but a blank;
no dreams are surfacing on break of day.
Is this phenomenon something to thank,
or has all inspiration gone astray?
I do not wish for nightmares to invade,
but strange it is that nothing I recall
of hours spent in Morpheus's glade,
as if beyond the purview of life's scrawl.
Oh shine a lantern, daemon god of dreams,
illuminate the secrets of the mind,
that better I will see beyond what streams
while wakeful, and there understanding find.
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So: From @OSUtheJOURNAL's site: "The magazine is endorsed by The Ohio State University, and its contents determined solely by the editorial staff."

1. I have been told that @OhioState instructed the Journal's editorial staff to reinstate a piece they removed. #poetry #smallpress
2. I know some of the screen shots of transphobic, racist, islamophobic, sexist tweets that were sent to @OSUtheJOURNAL. Including a tweet threatening folks who want gun control with violence. Does @OhioState endorse this? Because it sounds like they do. #poetry #smallpress
3. Literary community: Do you want to support a journal that "endorses" a serial harasser of women & POC? Do you want to support a university that won't stand with its journal's editorial board? Tell @OSUtheJOURNAL & @OhioState what you think. Use your voice. #poetry #smallpress
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Releasing more #poetry into the wild: "Song for the Wounded". I'll give my spin on it after the #poem, because I believe quite strongly that people should be free to read a poem however they like, just as we all feel free to take song lyrics and make them OURS.
With songs, we can take lyrics and apply them like poultices to our own wounds or joys, "yes, like THAT, it's exactly that!" - and ignore the lyrics that don't fit. And I believe we should always feel free to USE #poetry the same way. That's not the only way possible, of course.
There's a different pleasure in unpeeling and interpreting a #poem only on its own terms - but even then, I'm a death-of-the-author believer: if the words in the poem offer you that meaning, that's yours. What I *intended* is neither here nor there. You own its meaning now.
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I'm doing #NaPoWriMo - I won't share the draft poems cos I like some sheltering privacy to write freely, but I love seeing other people's prompts and starting points, so I'll share mine too.
Day 1 of #NaPoWriMo (yesterday; haven't done today's yet): I wrote a draft of a list poem, listing one experience in terms of just its sounds, just its sights, etc. It was a really interesting exercise because I was writing about chronic pain but not about the actual sensations.
Day 2 of #NaPoWriMo: my #writingprompts came from my partner who suggested I wrote him a poem, and gave me two options: "futility", and "waiting for summer". I used both, for a free-write free-verse poem.
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