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The systematic disconnection and destruction of CCTV cameras also confirms the existence of a pre- planned and pre-meditated conspiracy to disturb law and order in the city: DELHI HC on #DelhiRiots
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#DelhiHighCourt to pronounce order in bail pleas of Mohd Saleem Khan and Mohd Ibrahim accused of the murder of Head Constable Ratan Lal and for causing injuries to DCP, Shahdara and other police officials during the NorthEast #DelhiRiots.

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Earlier the Court had granted bail to Shahnawaz and Mohd Ayyub and dismissed the bail application of Sadiq and Irshad Ali also accused in the same case.…
On September 3, Justice Subramonium Prasad had granted bail to accused persons Mohd Arif, Furkan, Shadab Ahmed, Suvaleen and Tabassum also accused in the same case.…
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It's clear that #AnuragThakur, #PraveshVarma and #KapilMishra gave provoking statements, Govt should take action on them and #TusharMehta you are Solicitor General of India,not private lawyer of BJP. Stop defending people who are not related to Central Govt.
Let's think, wasn't there any riots before their statements? Wasn't buses were burn in the name of saving dEmOcRaCy? Wasn't AAP MLA's (especially #AmanatullahKhan) also gave provoking speeches? (Which is the root of all this nonsense) Wasn't he shared stage with #SharjeelImam?
Wasn't Delhi Dy CM #ManishSisodia spread fake news by sharing old video of Delhi police saying Police lit up the buses? Wasn't #NDTV journos gave limelight to so called 'Sheros of #Jamia' who doesn't believe in Secularism and Judiciary of this country & rushed to defend Sharjeel?
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Autopsy reports confirmed that #RatanLal died of bullet injuries
Akash Napa Journalist fm J&K 24*7 news shot by Jihadis
Rioters threw acid at para military forces at Karawal Nagar
Vinod a Hindu activist was brutally killed by a Muslim mob chanting Allah hu Akbar
Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma was shot ,beaten his body thrown in the mob ,he was helping people from the mob.
Will the liberals take responsibility of their deaths who have been legitimising riots and communal slogans since last 2 months
#TahirHussain AAP councillor
was leading the mob, pelting stone and petrol bomb from d rooftop
IB officer Ankit Sharma was dragged out and killed on the streets and the body was thrown into drain by his mob of rioters.
And Mujriwal was shedding crocodile tears in d assembly.
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इस पुलिसकर्मी की जगह खुद को रखकर देखिए। गोलियाँ बरसा रहे मोहम्मद शाहरुख के सामने प्रहरी की भाँति खड़े इस पुलिस कर्मी का काम हर मायने में बेहद वीरतापूर्ण है। लेकिन उनकी पहचान अभी तक सबके सामने नहीं आ सकी है। हम अपने नायक चुनने में लेफ्ट-लिबरल गिरोह जितने होशियार और तत्पर नहीं हैं Image
‘"मुस्लिमों ने गली नंबर 1 में हमारे हिंदू भाई के शव को भेजा , वो भी इस संदेश के साथ कि वो पूरी रात इस तरह शव भेजेंगे।"

तब भी, हर जगह के लिए, कपिल मिश्रा ही तो जिम्मेदार है, 🙄😏

शांतिदूतों ने कहाँ कुछ किया है! 😡

#DelhiViolence #DelhiRiots #DelhiBurning
पोस्टमॉर्टम रिपोर्ट ने पुष्टि की है कि 42 वर्षीय हेड कॉन्स्टेबल की मौत गोली लगने से हुई न कि पथराव के कारण। रिपोर्ट में लिखा गया है, "रतन लाल के शरीर में एक गोली लगी थी।"

#DelhiViolence #DelhiRiots #DelhiBurning #RatanLal
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@KritrishaDivya Even with Arjuna holding off the full Kuru host, Drona proves to be a handful to the Panchalas, Bhima and the twins. They were like dry hay caught in fire that was Drona. Krishna sees the destruction suffered by Panchalas and gives an idea. #Kurukshetra #Day15
He says, in order to protect the remaining soldiers and stop Drona from fighting, let us have him believe that his son Ashvatthama died. Arjuna hates the idea. Yudhishtira is hesitant. Meanwhile Bhima finds an elephant named Ashvatthama and kills it #Kurukshetra #Day15
Then, Bhima comes to the forefront and shouts that he killed Ashvatthama. Drona is shocked to hear it but recovers quickly and attacks Drishtadyumna with a renewed anger. Panchalas struggle to save their prince. #Kurukshetra #Day15
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ButvKarna sliced that arrow into 12 pieces, saving Drona. Drishtadyumna had to now fight multiple warriors Karna, Shalya, Duryodhana, Shakuni and others. But retreating was not the Panchala's way and he wounded tham back, all of them. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Drishtadyumna, while withstanding the cumulative attack, killed a warrior called Drumasena and broke Karna's bow, enraging him. Shalya, Shakuni, Ashvatthama, Duryodhana and Drona surround him. At that instant, Satyaki comes to Panchala's rescue. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Another violent duel takes place between Karna and Satyaki (This guy is superhuman!). Vrishasena arrives to help his father but Satyaki engages both of them. At that instant, Arjuna is seen from a distance. Duryodhana is concerned. #Kurukshetra
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Kripa countered Shikhandi, Shakuni fought Nakula. Dushasana met Prativindhya. Ghatotkacha was again stopped by Ashvatthama. Vrishasena countered Drupada and Virata had to fight Shalya. Nakula's son Shatanika tried to attack Drona but Chitrasena stopped him #Kurukshetra #Day14
Arjuna found Alambusha facing him and Drishtadyumna faced Drona. The battle restarted.

Yudhishtira was the first to draw blood in his fight with Kritavarma who severed the former's bow. The king took up another and wounded Kritavarma in arms and chest. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Kritavarma foight back angrily. But Yudhishtira gained and broke the Yadava's bow. Kritavarma picked another and wounded back Yudhishtira and his charioteer. The Pandava took up a lance and hurled it, injuring Kritavarma's right hand. #Kurukshetra #Day14
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Karna stalled Arjuna for a while, but soon, lost his bow, horses and charioteer to Arjuna and ascended Kripa's chariot. Kuru soldiers retreated at this and were sent back by Duryodhana who came to the fore to fight Arjuna. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Ashvatthama stops Duryodhana from going on that dangerous mission and proceeds to fight. Till this moment, we realise he was as averse to fighting the Pandavas as Bhishma, Drona and Kripa were. His valour sees the death of eight Panchalas. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Drishtadyumna and Ashvatthama thrn met for a duel. A long drawn one but in front of Drishtadyumna, Ashvatthama destroyed the Panchalas. Yudhoshtira and Bhima came to the forefront to stall him. Drona joined his son. #Kurukshetra #Day14
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Ashvatthama became unstoppable. A host of Panchala princes fall to his fury. Another sharp arrow of his makes Ghatotkacha faint. Drishtadyumna fears the worst and has him moved away from the fore. The Pandava warriors retreat. #Kurukshetra #Day14
While they rearrayed themselves, Somadatta attacks Satyaki. Bhima, perhaps mindful that Satyaki was exhausted with multiple duels, girls a mace at Somadatta. Satyaki simultaneously shoots back an arrow. Under the twin attack, Somadatta falls to the ground. #Kurukshetra #Day14
Seeing his son fall, Bahlika attacks Bhima. The oldest man (as he is the younger bro of Shantanu perhaps) of the battle gives a tough fight but Bhima kills him at the end. Ten sons of Dhritarashtra too follow him to Yama's abode #Kurukshetra #Day14
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