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grampradhan spreads fake news about 12 #TablighiJamaat member in #kaushambi police found they were actually Hindus *कोशाम्बी में पकड़े 12 जमाती निकले हिन्दू*
तबलीग़ी जमात पर ग्राम प्रधान ने झूठा आरोप लगाया था, प्रधान पर माम्ला दर्ज।
#TablighiJamaat Chief Mohammad Saad appeals to Jamaat's workers and all Muslims who have been cured of #COVID19 to donate blood plasma for those still infected and under treatment. Image
The chief of #TablighiJamaat Mohammad Saad has appealed to all #Muslims and especially his members who have been cured of #Coronavirus “to come forward and show this act of kindness to humanity, and help the society and government by donating blood plasma.…
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My 2 cents on IsIamophobia.
Whenever I hear words like Homophobia, Transphobia etc. It never makes sense. Because ppl aren't scared of homosexuals, they hate them. So homohate wld make sense.
But but #Islamophobia makes complete sense.
Because ppl are genuinely scared of lsIam and musIims. The hate is just a reaction of that.
And ppl have genuine base for fear. Check out the list of terrorist org. 90% of terrorist groups have links with lsIam. Why would ppl not be scared?
As in all this isn't enough MusIims just don't want to advance and are still stuck in Iron age. They won't give up their traditions. Patriarchy is still prevalent. For them religion is above everything even common sense and science
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In the context of #COVID2019, PM Modi's next address to the nation is on Tuesday, 14th April at 10:00 AM. As we await what next, pertinent to look back at actions till now.

1) When did India first react to the threat? 17th January 2020, ahead of almost every other country. 1/10
2) What about issuing travel advisories on travel to China? India issued on 30th Jan - again leading the world reaction. At this stage - India had ZERO cases.

This was an important decision point because remember, at this stage WHO and Chinese lobby was arguing against it. 2/10
From 17th Jan, when India started screening, to 30th Jan when India issued travel advisory to various actions in Feb and early March, came the time to issue a national lock down.

When did India do this? At just 562 cases. Compare that with other countries. 3/10 #COVID2019
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Right-wing Hindutva voices on social media are promoting a dangerous conspiracy theory accusing #Muslims in #India of devising a sinister plot, "Coronajihad," to spread the #Coronavirus. This is leading to violence & hostility against Indian Muslims.
It's not just online, Indian media & BJP politicians r guilty of promoting this reckless, dangerous, & racist accusation. A political cartoon in The Hindu equated #Muslims to the virus, leading to further dehumanization of Muslims. #StopCOVIDIslamophobia
Indian media networks have platformed this dangerous conspiracy theory, giving greater airtime to bigotry. #StopCOVIDIslamophobia
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मुंबईत कोरोनाने चांगलंच थैमान घातलं आहे. दिवसेंदिवस कोरोनाच्या रुग्णांच्या संख्येत होणारी वाढ संपूर्ण मुंबईसाठी चिंता वाढवणारी बाब आहे. राज्यांत कोरोनाग्रस्तांची संख्या ७४८वर पोहचली आहे. त्यापैकी एकट्या मुंबईतच कोरोनाचे सर्वाधिक रुग्ण आहेत. @mybmc
मुंबईत कोरोनाचे आणखी ७० रुग्ण वाढले आहेत. त्यामुळे मुंबईतील कोरोना रुग्णांची संख्या ५२८वर गेली आहे. सोमवारी २४ तासांत चार जणांचा मृत्यू झाला. मुंबईतील अनेक भाग कोरोना हॉटस्पॉट ठरत आहेत. त्यापैकी मुंबईत आता 8 वॉर्ड सर्वाधिक डेंजर झोन, अतिगंभीर क्षेत्र असल्याचं सांगण्यात आलं आहे
जी साऊथ – लोअर परळ आणि वरळीचा परिसर

ई वॉर्ड – भायखळा , भायखळा फायर ब्रिगेड आणि आसपासचा भाग 

डी वॉर्ड – नाना चौक ते मलबार हिल परिसर 

के वेस्ट – अंधेरी पश्चिमचा भाग 

पी नॉर्थ – मालाड, मालवणी , दिंडोशीचा भाग

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They r not satiated with #TablighiJamat
Now practicing namaz in the road with social distancing!
I heard in RVS Mani's video where he mentions India is sitting on a Volcano know as Isiam & mainly illegal immigrants which is active to burst at anytime!
To know more
Hear this Video
I came to know that this at Karnataka
Place known as Belagavi..
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Military Intelligence gave UP Police Intel about 12 members of #TablighiJamat hiding in a mosque near Lucknow Cantonment. 12 Jamat members were found hiding after a Police raid. All 12 were later found positive for #CoronaVirus. All were part of Nizamuddin Markaz. FIR lodged.
Photographs of Alizan Mosque near Sadar Bazar near Lucknow Cantonment where Military Intelligence found food packets being silently delivered to some non-locals hiding in a mosque. Cops were alerted and prompt action was taken. Area well sanitised by local administration.
FIR that was registered by UP Police under six sections including 188, 269, 270 & 271 in Lucknow after raid on a mosque in Sadar Bazar next to Lucknow Cantt where 12 members of the #TableeghiJamaat were found hiding. Probe underway. 12 hiding were later tested #COVID19 positive.
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Ophthalmology HOD of RIMS medical college,Adilabad #Telangana
Dr.Idris Akbani attended #TabligiJamaat
He hid this information from officials& RIMS,attended OT where 100s of surgeries r done,attended OPD with 100s of patients per day😥
He infected deliberately to many innocents.
Whoever asking proofs, this is @the_hindu newspaper.
Now dear muslims who r writing so bad comments on my original post.
Plz spread your hatred somewhere else🙏
News is 100% truth.
Final result can be anything,but tweet was 100% correct.
Adilabad govt,police,media every1 know it.
Don't spread negativity &stop threatening me🙏
Just bcoz I revealed a doctor's extreme negligence.
He attended #TabligiJamaat,then didn't inform anyone,continued working in hospital till police find him on 1st april,His relatives,fellow #muslims r threatening me. @drharshvardhan
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तब्लीघी जमात के मौलाना साद पर कसा शिकंजा...

दिल्ली पुलिस के बाद अब जांच एजेंसियों के राडार पर भी आया निज़ामुद्दीन मामले में तब्लीगी जमात का प्रमुख मौलाना साद। मौलाना साद से जुड़े तमाम इनपुट्स को खंगालने में जुटी इनकम टैक्स सहित कुछ और जांच एजेंसी
#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
इनकम टैक्स के सूत्रों के मुताबिक यूपी पुलिस प्रशासन को मिली जानकारी के मुताबिक शामली में है मौलाना साद का बेहद आलीशान फार्म हाउस सहित कई बड़ी और महंगी प्रोपेर्टी। कई आलीशान और मंहगी कारों का भी शौकीन है मौलाना साद।

#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
निज़ामुद्दीन स्थित मरकज़ में मैनेजिंग कमिटी में मौलाना साद के तीन बेटों की है बेहद महत्वपूर्ण पकड़। करोड़ों रूपये की आमदनी और खर्चे से जुड़ी जानकारियों को भी विस्तार से खंगालने में जुटी है जांच एजेंसी। कभी भी मौलाना साद की बढ़ सकती हैं मुश्किलें।

#TablighiJamat #CoronaJihad
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When a zeegad is happening can JNU fall behind? So there
Same MO another state #CoronaJihad

See how the resources are being wasted on these pests
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1n Pointing out that #TablighJamaat is disproportionately responsible for the spread of a disease is NOT Islamophobia. It comes from the methods of political negotiation that muslims developed in the wake of 1857 & have been systematically rewarded by both Britain and India
2n Given their eviction from power, their society never moved past the feudal structure of power capture by few elite families. Given their weak economic & electoral hand: their tactics have remained consistent: escalating through obstinacy, obstructionism & finally violence.
3n An example of this is Partition. Jinnah starts with impossible maximalist demands, then starts obstructionism, & finally calls for violence. Issue is this pattern was rewarded by the British, then by the INC & now by the BJP. This strategy has proved brilliant for them.
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Revelation that #Muslims from #TablighiJamaat r wilful #superspreaders of #COVID19 in parts of India, highlights a bigger issue that secular, democratic (and diverse) societies like India face.
It should serve as a lesson for US & other democracies.
My take on this thread below-
Most democratic societies around the world (including US) used to turn a blind eye towards the activities by #TablighiJamat, because they thought (& some still think) that the "non-political nature of Tablighis" make them less likely to indulge in anti-state terror activities.
But the true pan-Islamic nature of #TablighiJamaat makes them one of the most efficient half-way-house for terror groups like #AlQaeda,#ISIS, et al, that actually indulge in anti-state activities.
An article from 2008 on how #Tablighis recruit for #Jihad…
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THREAD: The issue of #coronavirus and #TablighiJamat has taken a predictable turn. Not to re-litigate the arguments, there is definitely a selective justice component here and media is blaming the entire community. Something to distract from the GOI cluster-eff on #COVID19. 1/n
If Kejriwal is keen on filing FIRs against people who allegedly violated instructions of Mar 13, there are other religious gatherings that should come under the scanner. Tablighi Jamat seems to be a convenient scapegoat at the altar of colossal mismanagement. 2/n
At the same time, Tablighi leadership is not without faults. Even when GOI itself announced on Mar 13 that #COVID19 wasn’t a health emergency, Maulana Saad should have considered Markaz operations in light of global situation for three reasons. #NizamuddinMarkaz
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Indian Security Agencies had received information that foreign delegates of #TablighiJamat had sneaked into the Indian hinterland & were touring states & UTs. There was credible intelligence that these Foreign delegates of #TablighiJamaat were infected/carriers of #COVID19 (1)
Alarm bells rang after some members of Tabligh on tour to Erode in TN & 8 Indonesian nationals & part of Jamaat in Hyderabad tested positive for #COVID19. There was a strong possibility of foreigners staying at #NizamuddinMarkaj of #TabligiJamat were carriers if #COVID19 (2)
MHA sent an advisory on March 28,2020 to Chief Secretaries of all States & UTs warning about the presence of foreign delegates of #TabligiJamat who were infected with deadly virus. Arrival ports had logged some 2000 Muslims of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia & other countries. (3)
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A timeline of many advisories to bust Congress/AAP ecosystem defence of #NizamuddinMarkaz Islamists that they had no idea before 24th March of what was happening, hence not their fault.

1) 4th March Delhi Govt: No large gatherings
2) 4th March: PM tweet on no Holi Milan

3) 12th March Delhi govt: Epidemic Act invoked
4) 13th March Delhi govt: All 200+ gatherings banned
5) 16th March: Gathering size reduced to below 50
6) 19th March Delhi govt: All educational institutions closed till 31st March

#NizamuddinMarkaz #TablighiJamat

7) 22nd March: Lock down of Delhi by Delhi government.


So for Islamists to now claim that national lock down on 24th was sudden hence they could not get out is pure bigotry. #NizamuddinMarkaz
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THREAD: As someone who used to be associated with #TablighiJamat at one point and spent quite a few days at Nizamuddin Markaz, I have a few thoughts to share. Markaz acts like an airport terminal where the success is in getting people on their way as quickly as possible. 1/n
Most people don’t stay there longer than a day or two. harkat meN barkat hai is the oft-repeated mantra. As such the 1500 count of evacuees and 1000+ that are stranded are conservative numbers. We don’t know how many people passed through Markaz during the #COVID19 outbreak. 2/n
Tablighis place incredible faith in God. Like-I-can’t-describe-in-words faith. As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pandemic wasn’t taken seriously in the beginning, especially with the GOI itself badly managing its own response. 3/n
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#TablighiJamat के निज़ामुद्दीन मरकज में हुआ कुछ यू हुआ। @Sanakhan_m
रिपोर्ट का संवाद हिंदी में।
इज्तेमा लॉकडाउन से पहले हुआ था। कुछ ३५०० लोग जमा हुए थे। २००० लोगों को तुरंत खाली करवाया गया जैसे ही लॉकडॉउन का संदेश जारी हुआ।
याद रहे पीएम ने ८ बजे बताया की २१ दिन का लोकडाउन होने वाला है(सिर्फ ३ घंटे की नोटिस)
१४०० लोग नहीं निकल पाए, वे स्थानीय ज़िम्मेदारों से मदद की अपील करने लगे। इसी दौरान २ की मृत्यु हो गई, यह पता नहीं कि अगर वो कोरोना वायरस ही था।
जमात ने अपनी तरफ से समकी जांच की और संगदिद लोगों को अलग कर दिया। आइसोलेशन हॉल का इंतजाम किया गया और जिनपर भी शक हुआ, उनको वहां पर रखा गया। तब्लीग़ी जमात के जिम्मेदारों ने पुलिस और प्रशासन से हर पल मदद कि मांग जारी रखी।
( 3/n)
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Another letter to the ACP, Lajpat Nagar by Markaz laying out facts threadbare.

Explains how there were 'no new persons allowed inside after lockdown was announced'
Efforts to decongest had to be stopped midway because of *lockdown* itself.
Markaz was being evacuated by 23rd.
Mostly evacuated by the 23rd, as soon as janta curfew was announced by PM.

However, AFTER PM said "jo jahan hai wahin rahe" the efforts to mive out remaining #TablighiJamat members came to a halt.
Then authorities were engaged, but vehicles did not have curfew passes on them.
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Here is the official version of the #TablighiJamat

The congregation took place before the lockdown. Around 3400 people had gathered. 2000 were evacuated as soon as the lockdown was ordered.

(The lockdown was sudden with a 3 hr notice announced by PM Modi)
Around 1400 could not leave.
The Jamaat then started coordinating and requesting authorities for assistance.
Two people died due to illness, not sure if was due to coronavirus. Thereafter, the Jamaat screened everyone and isolated all suspect cases.
Isolation hall was prepared & all suspected persons were moved there.
Markaz mgmt was overwhelmed with the large number of stranded persons & constantly appealed to govt/police to help evacuate them. There were delays on their part due to pressure allegedly bcz of lockdown (3/n)
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1) THREAD on positive cases found from the people who attended #TablighiJamat gathering in #Nizamuddin, and the high decibel REACTION of the people.
2) Below I have attached screenshots of news reports of a Sikh Guru who might have spread the Corona-virus as he held religious gatherings, a celebrity singer who has definitely spread the virus in a party and has tested positive already....
3) Rich and powerful who returned home and roamed around the city, and foreigners who came to India as tourists or for work, and have all tested positive and unintentionally (or foolishly) spread the virus.
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IMPORTANT: Upon receiving orders of a lockdown on 24/3 from PS Nizamuddin, markaz admin sends an execution report to the SHO. Informs them of 1500 jamatis which had been sent back. 1000 jamatis were still at the premises and unable to leave bcz of a sudden lockdown...(1/n)
..vehicle passes were needed. The admin contacted SDM the same day, and got an appointment for the NEXT day. No urgency from SDM's side.
Time given was 24/3 at 11 am.
Admin needed vehicle passes to transport 1000 jamatis who had been unable to leave now bcz of the curfew.(2/n)
The Nizamuddin admin also urged the SHO to expedite the matter so that jamatis could be sent back to their respective states in view of the lockdown.

Here is the letter they wrote to SDM attached is a list of vehicles for which passes were sought.

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Indian Media Can't Question Incompetence Of Government But Will do everything To Put all Blames On Muslims !

Let Me Tell You Gathering At Nizamuddin Markaz Was Taken Place 13 To 15 March & That Was Before A Week Of Lockdown

Apart From That Even That Time As Per Government Official "Corona Virus Was Not A Health Emergency "

Then Even Government Was Not Serious About Covid-19 ,How Can Blame Be Put On Muslims ?

Many People Visited Nizamuddin Markaz From Foreign Countries ,And Across Nation ,When PM Announce Sudden Lockdown They Had No option except To Stay There !

If Government Comes Up With Hasty Decision What People Will Do ? Even PM asked Everyone To Stay There Where They are

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Big Breaking: Health Ministry and WHO team reached Tabligi Zamat Islamic centre in Nizamuddin West area after 300 people mostly foreigners are reported to be #Corona suspects. 6 tested positive. After Delhi Police report to MHA efforts on admit the suspects in the Hospital.
Big question is how these Tabligi zamat people managed to gather and engaged in preaching despite the ban on any gatherings or meetings? As per report 2000 people gathered at the Centre two days back...
Finally, government agencies woke up to the #Coronathreat by Tablighi Jamaat in the Nizamuddin area. Medical reports suggests that many of those hospitalized tested positive. FIR against Maulana for illegally holding meet in violation of the prohibitory orders after #Lockdown21
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