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CM #UddhavThackeray addresses state: We are all waiting for this war to get over. Like I had said earlier, if we could have seen our enemy, we could have won this war a long time ago.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #Coronavirus #CoronavirusLockdown #CoronavirusOutbreak
CM #UddhavThackeray: But this enemy is invisible. And another factor is that this enemy is using our own people to spread its infection. Determination, strength, patience all of these will stand us in good stead.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra #CoronavirusLockdown
CM Uddhav Thackeray: Tomorrow we will complete 6 weeks since we have been in a #lockdown. Many are constantly looking at numbers and raising questions so I want to place some numbers in front of you.

#COVID19 #COVID #CoronaInMaharashtra
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Total #Covid19 -134
Live #Covid19 - 120
- Paras Hospital & Contact’s- 16
-Fatehpur Sikri & Contact’s - 14 (New)
-Dr P****d M****l & Contact’s -5
Total Samples collected till date -2264
The breakup is of two days
10th Sample - 12
11th Sample - 30
Two more corona positive in Firozabad, toll rose to 18.

The new case are related to Jamaat.

34 new Covid19 positive cases reported in Agra on Monday morning, increasing the district tally to 138. Out of these 124 are active cases. At least 60 cases related to people who attended the Tabligi Jammat event in Delhi and their contacts.
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The Impact on the Economy of a country depends upon who and How many perished in a pandemic.
I bet #India will get multifaceted benefits from this #CoronavirusOutbreakindia and Even though 2100 coronavirus all the problems will be short-lived.
Though #China is responsible for this great Humanitarian Crisis, and my request seems to be a little bit inhuman but I urge Our Indian Government to learn the art from china how to utilise best from the #COVID crisis.
To get the best use of the Pandemic, Govt & also the People must *encompass the Behaviour that facilitates disease transmission.
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Facts & important information abt #CoronavirusOutbreak follow the thread #pulmonologist speaks #CoronaWarrior
@drkamnakakkar @DrRebellious @doc_obg @BDUTT
1. #Coronavirus, is Beta CoV enveloped RNA viruses, characterized by club-like spikes
2. Bats are natural reservoir for it
3. Scaly anteater-Pangolins mediated transmission between bats and humans.
4. Mode of transmission: Droplets coughs, sneezes
or talks (Travel up to 2m), airborne and rarely a fecal-oral route
5.Incubation period: 2 to 14 days after
exposure (5-7days)
6.The spectrum of Illness (#CoronavirusOutbreakindia )
a)Mild 81%
b)Severe illness ( Fall in Oxygen, lung involvement) in 14%
c)Critical Disease (Respiratory failure, shock, multi-organ dysfunction syndrome) 5%
• Overall case fatality rate was between 2.3 to 5%
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Project #KhaanaChahiye ?
Day 4/1st April : 4700 hot meals distributed to those in need

Western E Highway -1500
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Masjid Bunder -2200

Thank u partners, volunteers & supporters @LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND @thebohrikitchen

#MumbaiFightsCorona ImageImageImageImage
Project #KhaanaChahiye ?

Day 5/2nd April : 4560 hot meals distributed to those in need thanks to our brave team on the ground ❤️

Western E Highway -1360
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Mumbai Central -2200

@LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND

#MumbaiFightsCorona #COVID19Pandemic ImageImageImageImage
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.@narendramodi's India: politics above everything else #Thread
1) No consultation with ANY opposition political party leaders on #CoronavirusOutbreakindia
2) No information to Parliament - when it was in session - on 1st lockdown
3) No plan for migrant labourers in 2nd lockdown
4) Officers who provided transport for labourers in Delhi suspended
5) No word if such action will be taken against @IASassociation officers in #UP
6) New public trust (?) PM - CARES when already PM has a Fund to manage extraordinary circumstances and crisis. Why a "trust?"
7) Data on new infections unavailable at @ICMRDELHI site. Who has the data now?
8) Not a single press conference - even in this critical time - so that someone can ask him who's running this show
9) @WHO says 'test, test, test.' So why is @BJP4India government not testing at all?
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[1/n]. State-wise status of #COVID19 outbreak as on 25th Mar, 2020 (till 9.15 am). Source: @MoHFW_INDIA @nytimes @the_hindu @WHOSEARO @kafila @scroll_in @ravishndtv
[2/n]. Most confirmed #coronavirus cases among Indians in Andhra (9), Delhi (30), Gujarat (32), Haryana (14), Karnataka (41), Kerala (101), M.Pradesh (9), Maharashtra (98), Punjab (29), Rajasthan (30), T.Nadu (16), Telangana (25), Ladakh (13), U.Pradesh (34) and W.Bengal (9).
[3/n]. Most confirmed #SARSCoV2 cases among foreigners reported in Haryana (14), Kerala (8) and Telangana (10). @AFP @bsindia @IndiaToday @ThePrintHindi @firstpost @ttindia @jsa_india @swarajexpresstv
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ICMR: A total of 16,999 samples from 16,109 individuals have been tested for #COVID2019 as on 22.03.2020, 10 am.

A total of 341 individuals have been confirmed positive among suspected cases and contacts of known positive cases

#Update: ICMR- A total of 18,127 samples from 17,237 individuals have been tested for #COVID2019 as on 22.03.2020, 6 pm.

A total of 396 individuals have been confirmed positive among suspected cases and contacts of known positive cases

#Update: ICMR- A total of 18,383 samples from 17,493 individuals have been tested for #COVID2019 as on 23.03.2020, 10 am.

A total of 415 individuals have been confirmed positive among suspected cases and contacts of known positive cases

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#Thread on #FightCOVID19

Handwashing facilities in public places has been started in various places across Chennai and it's happy to see that people are using them.
These images are from Besant Nagar and Sholinganallur.

#coronavirusindia #WashYourHands
Awareness on #WashYourHands also being done at public places, traffic signals, bus stands and railway stations.

Major public gathering places are being disinfected through tractor mounted cleaning machines and jet rodding machines.
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Translating into Bengali:
চারবদকে প্রচযর ভ্রান্ত তেয রকয়কছ। এগুবল সতয:
েকরাকনাভাইরাস দ্বারা সমস্ত িয়কসর রলাকেরা আক্রান্ত িকত পাকর। প্রিীণ িযজক্তরা এিং প্রাে-
বিদযমান বচবেত্সা অিস্থ্ার (রেমন িাপাঁ াবন, ডায়াকিটটস, হৃদকরাগ) আক্রান্ত রলাকেরা ভাইরাকস
মারাত্মেভাকি অসুস্থ্ িওয়ার জনয আরও ঝুাঁ বের মকযয রকয়কছ িকল মকন িয়।
িান্ডা আিিাওয়া এিং তযষার েনাভত াইরাসকে িতযা েরকত পাকর না।
েকরানভাইরাসটট গরম এিং আর্দ্ত জলিায়ু সি এমন অঞ্চকল সংক্রমণ িকত পাকর।
েকরানভাইরাস মোর োমক়ির মাযযকম সংক্রমণ িকত পাকর না।
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1/ Thread on how real is #coronavirus2020 threat.

Amid all the chaos, there is a certain section of people who believe the coronavirus threat is amplified and not a cause of worry.

2/They correlated the number of deaths with #coronavirus to diseases like common flu, etc arguing that it is not as serious as it is being shown.

The most important factor they didn't consider is the virality of a disease and network effects as its consequences.
3/ To understand the virality of a disease, R0 is an important factor to consider.

R0 tells how many additional cases of a disease each infected person will cause during their infectious period.
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This thread is documentation of #viral, #PseudoScience & #irrational information circulating around in the midst of #CoronavirusOutbreakindia.
Starting from @AltNews report debunking uniform latitudes of places where #Corona came.…

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help?
By Reality Check team @BBCNEWSIndia1…
China culled around 18,000 chickens in Shaoyang city in the southern province of Hunan as a result of a flu outbreak. Rumours in India started circulating, that broiler chicken has been infected with Coronavirus and people should avoid consuming it.…
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The Government has created WhatsApp Chatbot on Corona.

It is called MyGov Corona Helpdesk.

Just save on WhatsApp #9013151515 and you will get automated response on queries related to Corona.

Spread this information
#CoronavirusOutbreakindia #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID2019india
*Key highlights*

Namaste 🙏
This is the Government of India's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Helpdesk to create awareness and help you and your family stay safe.

For any emergency 👇
📞 Helpline: *011-23978046* | Toll-Free Number: *1075*
✉️ Email: **
You can get info on below👇

*A.* What is Coronavirus and what are its symptoms?
*B.* How does Coronavirus spread?
*C.* How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus?
*D.* Professional Advice By AIIMS-Director
*E.* Know more on Coronavirus
*F.* Where to get help?
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What Government should do? (1/n)

1. Enforce curfew for at least 15 days.

2. Provide free kit consisting of Hand Sanitizer, Hand wash, Soap, Face mask, Gloves, Egg, Rice/Wheat and grocery through PDS (Public Distribution System).

#CoronavirusOutbreakindia #JanataCurfew
3. Each citizen should be paid at least ₹1500 through cash.
4. All departments except External affairs, Health, Electricity-water and Law enforcement must be shut down.
5. Except Health department, Government should not utilise the employees who are all above the age of 50.(2/n)
6. Citizens should be given exemption from paying their loan, EMI, cable, phone, electricity and water bill for at least next 3 months.
7. Government must immediately accommodate homeless people. (3/n)

#JanataCurfew #IndiaFightsCorona
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Delhi High Court will shortly hear plea by #Nirbhaya convicts against the Trial Court order refusing to stay the execution of death warrant.

The four convicts are scheduled to be hanged tomorrow ie. March 20 at 5:30 am.

Standing Counsel (Crl) for Delhi Govt, Rahul Mehra, Nirbhaya's parents and counsel for convicts, Adv AP Singh present in Court.

Matter to be heard by a Division Bench headed by Justice Manmohan.

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#JantaCurfew: This will be a life saver & game changer #CoronavirusOutbreakindia. @PMOIndia is absolutely right. Stay home. #Isolation -this will ensure the #Virus does not spread. Contain to kill the virus. #StayHome. Keep #IndiaFirst. Staying Home will save many many many lives
Instead of just an appeal, the government (Centre & states) must strictly enforce the #JantaCurfew. It should not be restricted to one day. Begin with a day & extend for a week/fortnight if needed. Till a vaccine is found, this is the best way to defeat #CoronavirusOutbreakindia
Hats off to doctors, hospital staff, armed forces personnel, Air India, airports staff for coming together as one body to help fellow Indians. Putting themselves in harm's way to help all Indians. May we as a nation fight, win together. @PMOIndia seeks support to keep #IndiaFirst
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Past two months we are constantly monitoring developments on #CoronaVirusUpdate. 130 crore Indians must remain alert. No room for complacency: @PMOIndia. ``Dear fellow Indians I need coming few weeks from you. There is no vaccine. Everyone is worried,'' adds @narendramodi
`After the first few days there was an explosion of illness in some countries. Govt monitoring the track record of #CoronaVirus. Some countries took necessary decisions & isolated people to contain the situation. Role of citizens very important. India's population is 130 crore.'
India will not remain untouched. Therefore to deal with this pandemic need a strong resolve & restraint. RESOLVE & RESTRAINT NEEDED BY 130 CRORE INDIANS: @PMOIndia. Indians must as citizens do everything to stop the pandemic. Follow Central & state Govt guidelines. Prevention imp
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Thanks @GpWagholi for awareness !!!
Let's fight together against #COVIDー19
"बहुजन हिताय बहुजन सुखायच"
@collectorpune1 @CollectorPune
@lonikand @CMOMaharashtra @AjitPawarSpeaks @AshokPawarMLA @kolhe_amol @MauliKatke @MlaPacharne @rajeshtope11
#COVID2019 Let's follow the basics , fight unitedly and Make WAGHOLI safe.
Share precautionary actions here to MAKE AWARE EVERYONE.
सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् 
@collectorpune1 @CollectorPune
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