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🧵👇 Thread: India's Regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 🇮🇳🤖
1️⃣ Exciting news from India! Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar announced plans to regulate AI, focusing on mitigating user harm and addressing potential risks. This move aims to protect citizens and ensure a safe digital space. #AIRegulation #UserProtection
2️⃣ Chandrasekhar emphasized the increasing toxicity and criminality on the internet. India, with 850 million internet users, recognizes the importance of safeguarding its citizens from online harm. AI regulation will play a vital role in achieving this goal. #DigitalSafety
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Got obsessed with this story. It’s a wild one, y’all.

It’s about AI’s favorite child ChatGPT, lawyers, and a very angry judge😅

27 Twitter threads & 5 articles later, I finally have a straightforward picture.

The details, juicy. The implications, huge.

Let’s dig in 🍿

1/n AI generated art (Dall-E) d...
3 characters are important:
- Mata (plaintiff)
- Schwartz (attorney)
- LoDuca (attorney on record).

Mata sues Avianca airlines through Schwartz at NY state court.

Avianca transfers the case to Manhattan’s federal court.

That's when things get interesting🕵️‍♂️

Schwartz can’t practice there, so he gets LoDuca to be the attorney on record.

Remember, LoDuca does zero research. Everything is done by Schwartz.

Mata's lawyers file the brief.

Avianca asks the judge to throw the case out. Why? Because none of the cited cases exist! 🤯

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Massive developments in the world of AI today from OpenAI, HuggingFace, the White House, Microsoft, and AMD

Here's the AI news brief on everything you need to know:
ChatGPT Code Interpreter: a powerhouse for data analysis and visualization. Upload datasets, images, and more to uncover trends, create stunning visuals, and even generate business strategies. Plus, it can create GIFs and do basic video editing. #DataScience #Visualization #AI Image
Hugging Face and ServiceNow Research have launched StarCoder, a free AI model for code generation trained on over 80 programming languages and text from GitHub repositories. #AI #CodeGeneration #BigCodeProject…
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🧵Hugging Face, a leader in the #AI community, has revolutionized the creation, collaboration & discovery of ML models & apps.

By open-sourcing their tech, they've become a force in the industry, raising $160M & serving 10k+ companies.

Here's why their approach is key! #ML #NLP Image
🚀Open-sourcing allowed Hugging Face to foster collaboration among researchers & companies, propelling the launch of #ChatGPT - a tipping point in AI's shift from niche to mainstream. #OpenSource #MachineLearning
🌐With a focus on natural language processing & text-to-image tasks, Hugging Face expanded to other domains, hitting 50M page views in Jan.

Open science & open source are vital for ML advancement, despite some companies' commercial goals. #NLP #ComputerVision
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1/ A recent controversy at Google has sparked important questions about training ML models on the output of other models. Let's dive into the engineering, business, and legal aspects of this practice. Buckle up, folks! 🧵
2/ Engineering recipes for training algorithms on generated data are still evolving. Instances of using a competitor's model outputs to train your own are surfacing. Are these techniques fair game or should there be limits?
3/ Business-wise, data may not always make your business more defensible. Market leaders might spend resources gathering data, but if their product's data makes it easier for competitors to catch up, is that initial effort a strong defense?
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🚀🧠 Thread: Unlock the Power of GPT & LLMs 🧠🚀

1/ As a huge fan of ChatGPT, I am thrilled to share my insights on how to make the most out of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and Large Language Models (LLMs) in this THREAD. Get ready for the future of AI! 🔥🌐
2/ First things first, brush up on the basics! GPT and LLMs use @OpenAI’s transformers framework to comprehend & generate human-like text. Want to dive deeper into it? Check out their whitepaper👩‍💻👨‍💻: #MachineLearning #NaturalLanguageProcessing
3/ GPT and LLMs have a wide range of applications! They can be used for:

- Writing content 🖊️
- Generating code 💻
- Conversational AI 🤖
- Language translation 🌍 And so much more! In short, they are shaping the AI world as we know it! ⚡️ #RealWorldApplications
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Exploring ChatGPT: what it is and why regulation is crucial. A thread. #ChatGPT #ResponsibleAI #AIGovernance
1/ ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that generates human-like responses to text-based inputs using deep learning. It has been widely adopted in various applications, including customer service chatbots and virtual assistants.
2/ While ChatGPT has many potential benefits, it also poses significant risks. As an AI system, it can perpetuate biases and misinformation, and its responses can have real-world consequences.
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#ParisPeaceForum | Stabilité du cyberespace, régulation internationale d’Internet, lutte contre les contenus terroristes et illicites : la🇫🇷prend le parti du multilatéralisme efficace, porté par @JY_LeDrian

Retour sur une séquence riche pour la diplomatie numérique 👇
Le 10/11, une vingtaine d’universitaires et de chercheurs, du monde entier, autour d’@EmmanuelMacron.

Les échanges ont porté sur la régulation des plateformes, la transparence algorithmique, l’ouverture des données et protection des démocraties à l’ère numérique.
Le 11/11, @EmmanuelMacron a fait le bilan des projets portés par la 🇫🇷 et ses partenaires, notamment la🇳🇿 et le🇨🇦.


👉 Ces initiatives concrètes, multi-acteurs et multilatérales, portent aujourd’hui leurs fruits.
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The Digital #NewNormal Part 7:


#COVID19 #DigitalIdentity #ID2020 #GreatReset #NHSCOVID19app #HealthPassport #ImmunityPassport
#CommonPass #COVAX

In Jan 2020 The @wef published a document "Reimagining Digital Identity: A Strategic Imperative"…

"For healthcare players, a patient-led connected health experience offers more targeted and sustainable treatments even at home, reducing the cost of processing health records and of hospitalization, and opening the door to truly personalized, targeted healthcare"

This is the digital future we need.

"We stand at a pivotal moment in the creation of our digital world. We urge leaders, practitioners and experts from all sectors and countries to contribute to and support these processes"…
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I should have spoken up earlier about the ability to easily get toxic outputs from GPT-3. By posting a demo without reinforcing that it can exhibit harmful biases, I probably exacerbated the hype. The paradigm shift towards few-shot learning is cool, but there are consequences.
I also think it’s possible to believe in #ResponsibleAI and be optimistic about the potential of language models. I currently wouldn’t trust a language model to make decisions that determine the fates of humans, but I’m excited by cute apps that enhance my developer productivity.
I’m glad people are speaking up sooner rather than later about the consequences of models exhibiting bias at scale, and I hope more people continue to work on solutions to these problems.
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Last week I raised concerns about using #gpt3 in production because it can easily output toxic language that propagates harmful biases. I thought it was a pretty uncontroversial stance but the responses ranged from complete misunderstanding of AI to total irresponsibility. 1/13
I am a big fan of @OpenAI’s research. It is often very original in ways that more traditional research labs, like my own team, tend to ignore. While #gpt3 doesn’t bring any algorithmic innovation, the zero-to-few shot approach as a universal language API is groundbreaking. 2/13
I do take exception with some of @OpenAI’s PR though. In particular, I don’t understand how we went from #gpt2 being too big a threat to humanity to be released openly to #gpt3 being ready to tweet, support customers or execute shell commands ( 3/13
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Mark your calendars and join us next week for our monthly #AIEthics #Twitterchat on May 29 at 8a PDT/11a EDT/4p GMT for a timely and relevant discussion with a global expert panel on the ethics of responses to Covid-19 @CummingsRenee @CarlaHustedt #WomeninAIEthics #ResponsibleAI Image
Please use this time zone converter to get your local time. We'll start at 8a PDT. #AIEthics #TwitterChat… Image
Counting down to our May #AIEthics #TwitterCh with our global Women in AI Ethics™ experts Renée Cummings @CummingsRenee and Carla Hustedt @CarlaHustedt
on the ethics of responses to Covid-19 in 30mins at 8a PDT. Grab coffee/tea/your favorite drink and join us! :) Image
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