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Wait, WUT? #ShaunKing has given his login to 20 different organizers and activists to post whatever they want under his name? He's literally admitting he's not only a tool but lied to everyone in his own independent report🤣…
This is quite the insight to how these so called activists operate, they are tools of propaganda probably from the highest bidder.
For the record I'm the only one that has my login and I'm the only one that posts from my account, silly me for assuming that was standard.
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Read that report by the Shaun King Financial Review board and remain unimpressed. There is no comprehensive forensic accounting here but rather a sort of cobbled together report a defense attorney might put together and present to a jury.
Independent review board suggests, at least to me, a board that has no stake in the outcome and hence can be neutral. That is not the case here. Becky Bond is a cofounder of Real Justice PAC. Tamika Mallory & SK are friends. Rob Smith is an SK collaborator.
Lee Merritt has been a staunch defender of Shaun and is one of the attorney’s that he was using to threaten people with legal action
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Anyone who gives Shaun King anymore money deserves to be grifted.

Shaun King is ✌🏾fundraising✌🏾 to fight in all 50 states to flip the senate in 2020 even though something like less than half the states have a senate race in 2020.

He is profiting off of people’s desperation about trump. This is absurd.

He has the political acumen of a newt.
To the white folks in my mentions who are saying that no one has ever proven BRD that Shaun King is a grifter or done the things that Black women have been talking about for five years?

Give him your money.

Your his target demo. Enjoy feeling like you’re doing something. ✌🏾
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I will not stand by idling while ANYONE is out here doxxing Black femmes - which is exactly what many of you JUST helped Shaun King do.

So here is a reference post about the harm Shaun King has caused in his community.
I am creating this post because I have been tagged in enough “show me the receipts” posts to last me a lifetime. 🙄 I really don’t know why y’all are like this.
I don’t know what that white man does with the money you send him. This post isn’t about that. Black MAGE’s have to shuck and jive for groceries and to keep their lights on, but this Shaun King starts “movements” then leaves Black nonmen holding an empty bag.
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I am not questioning @shaunking’s race. I am not questioning that he has done some good work. I AM questioning how he handles critique & calls for accountability from other black activists & radicals. I AM questioning how he has decided to use his power.
I AM suspicious of his doubling down with lawyers plus screenshots plus tagging. I AM disappointed that no matter how many of us say “Hey, is this how you wanna handle this? Is this how you lead?” he has left up these tweets. He has not examined his abuse of power.
How people respond when hurt or angry or afraid reveals a lot. We are asking for humility, accountability & real leadership that doesn’t rely on silencing, domination, coercion, violence or the prison-industrial complex (including cops & lawyers).
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Being black in America is wanting to defend #ShaunKing from racists while critiquing him & calling him in on his abuse of power/influence toward other black people. Being black in America means knowing that white people will delight any time black folks fight.
Being black in America means knowing that black folks do harm to each other & we are inclined to ignore that harm too long to keep up appearances for white folks.
Being black in America means recognizing that we have all learned & internalized white surpremacist heteropatriarchal modes of relating that hold us back & working daily to learn new ways of being. But white supremacy gives us no time, space or privacy to do that work.
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Black folks only. Seriously, I only want to talk to black ppl on this: What is going on with #ShaunKing? Why would anyone with his influence & power go after other black cultural workers asking for his accountability like he’s doing? Something doesn’t smell right here to me
I get that no one wants to feel accused. I get it’s hard to be in the spotlight. But he knows what tagging & screenshotting folks like this will do. One is a black queer woman college student apparently? Anyone who uses their power in this way is suspect to me. #ISupportClarissa
To be clear this isn’t a quick smart @rgay style troll smackdowm, this is a public mini meltdown/tirade targeting other black activists...I just...What in the hell? Remember yall, I’m talking to #BlackTwitter here.
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Some of y'all still need to wake the fuck up. #ShaunKing 👏is👏a 👏lying👏ass👏white👏dude.
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Although #ShaunKing has claimed he returned all the money donated to Justice Together, the charity has NEVER filed a tax return with the IRS to account for where the money went.
In fact, the charity status for Justice Together was REVOKED by the IRS for NOT filing the required tax returns to account for the money that #ShaunKing was managing.
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I’ve always found it ironic when ever those who support #guncontrol speak about police involved shootings that involve a black man with a gun.

They largely ignore black gun ownership and demonize anyone who carries a gun for self defense.
I ask this question. Why is the social justice warrior activists suddenly pro gun when ever a black man is killed by a white police officer? Its obvious if you’re smart and with bias. It’s purely about an agenda.
Lately I’ve been talking about black gun ownership. Because there’s a stigma around gun ownership in the black community. The stigma is “the second amendment isn’t for black people” & “if you own a gun, the police will kill you.” I have been trying to change this mindset.
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