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@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto That's the most brilliant evidence-based fact-filled logically-constructed fully-developed well-reasoned beautifully presented counter-arg...

Oh, wait..!😲😱🤦‍♂️😂🤣🤣

Why have you called to tell me that dressed in your "Democrat" militant-wing robes

Was it because you didn't...
@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto Why have you called to tell me that dressed in your "#Democrat" militant-wing robes?

Was it because you didn't read what I said

And had a #HystericalOvaryAction

To #VirtueSignal to your "#Progressive" Bubble in a "#Liberal" Silo in a Lefty Village on a "Democrat" Plantation!🤦‍♂️
@FedUpHumanKS @richard22171773 @TommyIgoe @Logan_benson3 @ChuckCallesto If you'd bothered to read what I Tweeted I was DEFENDING Black people🤦‍♂️

Oh wait😲

What #Triggered you was that I was defending them against #VirtueSignalling racists & bigots like you in the "#Democrat" Party who want to keep your Black brethren down on the #DemocratPlantation! ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the ...gimme more coffee @FedUpHumanKS #KlanStaffer down on the
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FACT: The problem with Liberals is they've never been called out on their BULLSHIT and have never been forcibly sat down in their place and scolded for being idiots and wrong about everything. They have been coddled for way to long. Not offending them, this REAL PANDEMIC.
They have been treated like spoiled brats by incompetently stupid parents is what is wrong with them. They have been told for way too long they are such good little angels and this has led to their severe Mental Delusion Disorder.
The @DNC #DemocratParty is full of idiots who have been brainwashed into thinking that i.e. killing babies via Abortion is such a wonder and moral, and ethical thing to do. They've been told that it is okay to flaunt their #LGBTQ-ness in front of children in public is a Godly.
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🔴 [Info @Valeurs] Trois individus, qui collaient des affiches antiflics ("la police tue"), ont été interpellés à Lyon 7 ce mardi vers 19h et placés en GAV : Laurent A. (26 ans), Bastien L. (35 ans) et Leo B. (23 ans, SDF). Mouvance d'extrême gauche et deux sont fichés S.
Les affiches représentaient notamment un policier porteur d'une cagoule du Ku Klux Klan avec la mention "La police tue" et le ministre de l'Intérieur en maréchal Pétain, précise une source policière. #Lyon #fichesS #police #antifa #extremegauche #KKK @Valeurs
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Been wondering for many years if U.S. intelligence agencies are behind many mass shootings.

There's an
in the #UvaldePolice tape.
Is this evidence?

#BLM ImageImageImageImage
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In its attempts to restrict the free flow of info about Putin's invasion of Ukraine, TikTok has—unannounced—blocked an estimated 95% of content previously available to Russians, @trackingexposed found.

If you read our 2020 @ASPI_ICPC paper on TikTok you won't be surprised. 🧵 Image
ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns & operates TikTok is rivalled only by Tencent as the most censorship-ready tech company on the planet.

On March 8th, with the flick of a switch, all non-Russian content was blocked on Russian TikTok. ImageImage
TikTok's ability to restrict access to content at this scale was evident in 2020.

As we discovered, the use of #путинвор (‘Putin Is A Thief’)—a catchcry of the political opposition—was blocked on the platform.

Similarly, #гей (#Gay), was also blocked.

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By early 1966, the work of Vernon Dahmer was well known in south #Mississippi. A light-skinned Black man, he was a farmer, grocery store owner, and two-time president of the Forrest County chapter of the NAACP. He & Medgar Evers founded a youth NAACP chapter in Hattiesburg,
and for years after Evers’s assassination Dahmer was the chief advocate for voting rights in a county where Black registration was shamelessly suppressed.This put Dahmer in the crosshairs of the White Knights, w headquarters in nearby Laurel. Already known as one of the most 2/
violent sects of the #KKK in the South, the group carried out his murder in a raid that burned down his home & store. A yr. before, #TomLandrum, a young, unassuming member of a family w deep #Mississippi roots,joined the Klan to become an FBI informant. He penetrated the White 3/
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With the resurgence of scum like the Proud Boys et al I'm going to post #photos of the unAmerican extremists who support @realDonaldTrump and this #IllegitimateRegime. The world needs to know the company his "#Christian" & other supporters keep. All credit to @petersonpixs/@NYMag
And after seeing these images, I want ONE notable #Christian preacher to explain to me & the rest of the world how/why s/he can support #Drumpf, whose message, history & lifestyle is antithetical to all that Jesus preached.
But not one will step forward b/c there IS no defense.
Loyal White Knights of the KKK
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2. How abt when 19 minutes after @POTUS was inaugurated the #WashingtonPost DECLARED the #IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN had STARTED?Was thàt when #Trump divided America? Did the ripping up of @POTUS' State of the Union,by #NancyPelosi right in front of the world,bring the country 2gether? Image
3. Remember the DONORS,so SÚRE Hillary wld WIN,aka #Bloomberg,#TomSteyer,#GeorgeSoros & #MÀNY #MÓRE INVESTED #MULTIMILLIONS in #Hillary,they were PRÓMISED SHÓWERS w HÚGE RETURNS when SHE became PRESIDENT,&THEY LÓST all those MILLIONS,so they wanted TRUMP ÓUTofthe #WH by any means Image
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Was just thinking about this marvelous @NewYorker design by David @plunkert from a couple of years ago entitled "Blowhard." [THREAD] Image
And much of the inimitable Edel Rodriguez' work (@edelstudio). Here's “Stand by”: Image
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Our weekend Movie Events at 'chez o'Connell' are growing, 15 friends last night, tonight and Sunday for what has been deemed a John Grisham Marathon Weekend :-)

Copious reed wine and snacks, of course, good company too. Image
Last weekend was a pairing of cult murder mysteries, a British Italian original, and an American remake, both with their good points.

Last night was 'The Chamber' and 'A Time To Kill'.

'The Chamber', is not one of the best adaptations of a Grisham novel, but it's a good story and a decent cast. Image
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Hallo @LkaBaWue, hab da mal eine kleine Frage: gibt es personelle Überschneidungen zwischen den Beamten, die #KKK-Mitglieder wurden / werden wollten und denjenigen, die jetzt "#Stammbaum-Recherche" betreiben? Ich frage für eine Struktur.

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Remember when #Republicans #seceded from the #Union to defend the @PeculiarInstitution of #Slavery?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans created the #KKK as an armed force of masked #terrorists to #murder newly #freedslaves and government officials that protected them?

Neither do I.
Remember when #Republicans enacted #apartheid in America through so-called #JimCrow laws?

Neither do I.
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1. @realDonaldTrump did something that baffles me. He has taken a position that encourages 8 Catholic @SenateGOP who are not in the 2020 cycle to vote with 2 who are, to convict him if @SpeakerPelosi adds the Syrian genocide impeachment article. Trump has confirmed he supports
2. Erdogan, de facto ISIS Caliph's, #CatholicGenocide. That was clear today. And now @GOP Catholics have to face the fact that supporting Trump is sinful. @POTUS Trump agreed to Catholic mass murder. Trump knows the #MAGA #Evangelicals won't care.

#KKK kills Catholics too.
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@CNNSotu Oddly, you discuss #eugenics in America in the 1920s, but you never mention #MargaretSanger, the founder of @PPFA, and her approval of #GermanEugenicSterilzation, #KKK, and other efforts to eliminate the production of offspring by the #unfit.
I say, "oddly" with respect to your omission because Sanger's love affair with #eugenics ran so deeply through her activism that it constituted a part of the masthead of her "Birth Control Review."
Sanger didn't pull punches about the intended use of #eugenic #sterilization:

"There is only one reply to a request for a higher birthrate among the intelligent, and that is to ask the government to first take off the burdens of the insane and the feeble-minded from your backs."
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1. Why the Trump polls may be baloney. First, IMO membership in the @GOP is an admission be being a racist. Trump has proven that. Second, being a member of a hate group can be grounds to deny employment. You have no right to be a Nazi in the work-space. Third, when pollsters
2. call they will likely have the party data and know they are calling a GOP member but will generally confirm that. For people who are willing to risk their job for their #WhiteSupremacist party they will likely freely and openly identify as GOP.
3. Others who may vote GOP but may not want to risk the socioeconomic impact of being identified as an admitted white-supremacist are more likely to identify as an 'independent." So the people who respond as "GOP" will be skewed towards #MAGA #KKK and #Nazis and away from
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In February 2017, the Charlottesville City Council voted to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from a local park named for him & in June they voted to rename it “Emancipation Park.”…
On May 13, 2017, #WhiteSupremacist Richard Spencer led a rally to protest the removal of the statue. His protesters held torches near the statue (as seen in photo used later for August #UTR)…
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#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part 1
"Father I am bored" Whined #DTJ, "I want a pet"
"Son, Remember I gave you #ScottBaio and you forgot to feed him? #Trump replied.
"I didn't like him" Jr said stomping his feet, "He is always whining about this career he had and also he bites".
#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part2
"Father" #DTJ said in a much lower voice, "Can we speak of the family secret."
"You mean #Russia" #Trump snarled as Junior recoiled
"Just kidding, everyone knows about that" #Trump said
"The OTHER secret. like why we love the #NRA" Junior replied.
#TFC: #Trump family curse: Part 3
#FAKENEWS Roared #Trump slamming the door.
"Father please it's why we hunt and need big things and..." #DTJ said
"SILENCE" #Trump interrupted handing his son a piece of paper.
"Take this and Summon #PaulRyan, he will show you the way, now leave"
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The organizers of events which inspired & led to #charlottesvilleterroristattack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons. 1/6
They are adherents of an evil ideology which argues certain people are inferior because of race, ethnicity or nation of origin. 2/6
When entire movement built on anger & hatred towards people different than you,it justifies & ultimately leads to violence against them 3/6
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