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Ashish Kacholia buys stake in UGRO CAPITAL yesterday
Buying 6,26,174 shares in bulk deal @ 187₹ Image
▶️UGRO Capital was envisaged to be built as India's largest small business financing platform combining the power of Data & Tech and was uniquely created as India first listed startup.
▶️ In2018, its founder Mr. Shachindra Nath
acquired control of a small listed NBFC 'Chokhani Securities Limited
& raised capital institutional equity capital from likes of TPG- NewQuest, PAG, ADV Capital, Sameena Capital & other domestic family offices & public market investors
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आज सर्वच क्षेत्रात कुठे ना कुठे Excel चा वापर केला त्यामुळे एक्सेल शिकणं आणि प्रभावीपणे त्याचा वापर करणं खूप महत्त्वाचं आहे, तुम्हाला सुद्धा एक्सेल शिकायची इच्छा असेल तर हा कोर्स नक्कीच तुम्हाला मदत करेल, ट्विट बुकमार्क करा म्हणजे कोर्स तुम्हाला परत शोधावा लागणार नाही👇
🧵१/७ Image
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𝑷𝑨𝑹𝑻 6 𝑺𝑬𝑹𝑰𝑬𝑺 𝑻𝑯𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑫: How a Wealthy Billionaire is influencing local politics playing shell games in collaboration with elected officials in @austintexasgov Image
Today we are going to discuss @workersdefense
Project but first, we must ask...

Who is Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez @cristinanextgen

Cristina is a first-generation American & a Democrat Socialist #DSA who ran for US Senator in Texas in 2019
She was endorsed by socialist @FlipTheSenate

#FlipTheSenate was launched by Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee @dscc
& paid for by The Action PAC

Top donors to the PAC:

America Votes - (Sixteen Thirty slush fund)

Sixteen Thirty Fund ImageImageImageImage
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Find #our best companies & providers for your "car insurance in Marlborough MA" online at: or visit: (Quotes Marlborough MA…) for "Marlborough Car Insurance".
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Marlborough, MA 01752
1-508-258-7195… #MA
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We launched a new #python #wrapper for #website #classification of domains and URLs:…
Added a new #nodejs module for #API which returns categorized domains in terms of 440 categories for general content and 1110+ categories for #ecommerce.…
Classification is based on #machinelearning model.
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#NIFTY bottom for the year 2022 is near 15400 - 15100

Mostly will get achieved in month on MAY 2022 only.

After #bottom out #TOP for the year 2022 is near 19100 - 19500 which i am expecting before NOVEMBER 2022

For SECTORAL OUTLOOK check out the thread 🧵
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All types of online slot tournaments have always enjoyed #GreatFreedom popularity among casino players and for good reason - spinning the reels is fun but it’s so much more fun doing it to #Top the leaderboard and add a nice prize to your regular winnings.… Over the last few years, the basic concept has been further developed and diversified to embrace the greatest possible audience of punters and cater to various gambling styles and preferences.

There is more to it than the simplified division into buy-… in contests and freerolls, therefore if you want to make the most of your time and money, read on to learn about different types of slot tourneys and races. Equipped with this knowledge, you will easily identify an event worth a shot to add an extra
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Einfach weil ich zu oft höre "Mit Omicron zeigt Virus endlich die Richtung ein, dass es milder wird, wir haben einen Top Impfstoff, für Geboosterte sind Infektionen unangehm aber idR kein Drama, für die die nicht von irrationaler Angst erfüllt sind, ist die Pandemie vorbei"
Das ist eine extem verkürzte Aussage voller Spekulationen, Verallgemeinerung, Halbwahrheiten, Unterstellungen und Pauschalisierungen. Und das ist den Menschen die innerhalb dieses Narrativs argumentieren meist nicht voll bewußt, da oft Ergebnis oberflächlicher Betrachtung bzw
medial vermittelten Narrativs. Zeigt denn SARS-COV-2 die Tendenz harmloser zu werden ? Bis auf die Entwicklung von Omicron nicht. Aber oft wird der Fehler gemacht, Omicron sei das Ergebnis einer linearen Entwicklung von SARS-COV-2 . Dem ist nichts so.⤵
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Retweet the main tweet for 50 Engagement Points.
Like the main tweet for 25 Engagement Points.

Engagement Points are how I determine the ranking on my #Top1000 list. I give points for Likes, Replies & Retweets of my tweets.…
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Back in 2014, when financial #education was restricted to a few, we decided to make #content accessible & affordable for all

With that resolution, in 2016 we launched #webinars with the best trainers sharing their most valuable #trading #strategies

It worked. Read why & how? -
We had the #best trainers sharing valuable strategies in 2-3 hours webinar at < ₹500, it became an instant hit and there was no looking back.

Out of our 250+ #webinars, here I have handpicked the ones which has the power to change your TRADING DESTINY. Image
Sivakumar Jayachandran - @Justsiva123, a NISM Certified Professional for Equity Derivatives, talks about Scalping which refers to a style of trading where an #INTRADAY trader makes money purely on the #price momentum.
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@FutureStudies_ Apologies: posted my comment at the #top of the thread (on its 72nd floor) rather than here at the #bottom, beneath the present example. Here it is:… #Babel_on! :-)
@FutureStudies_ Now—following after the #comment—a #question: do you really think that these corporate yoga/meditation/mindfulness classes are a form (or forms) of #mysticism, that-is-to-say #mystical_practice? I suspect that they are #not (indeed #far_from_it).
@FutureStudies_ And #a_follow_̶up_question, if I may (in June): what is a ‘#part_̶time_mystic’?—or indeed a #full_̶time_mystic, for that matter/mindfulness. Are there part-time and full-time employment-opportunities for mystics?—and again, are these mystics actual (or even virtual) #μύστης?
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Si el 100% de los que contestan a tu encuesta, te indican que quieren seguir leyendo tweets de lo que ves, pues tú, sacas tus huecos y escribes con gusto. Abrimos nuevo hilo para reseñar lo visto en 2021. Pasen, lean y comenten si les apetece.
SIEMPRE HACE BUEN TIEMPO (Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly, 1955)
La primera del año, desde hace tiempo, que sea un musical. Film que cierra la trilogía dirigida por Donen y Kelly. Elegante, divertido y con sabor a clásico. #Top Gene Kelly bailando con patines. Image
EL IMPERIO DEL SOL (Steven Spielberg, 1987)
Asombroso drama bélico contado a través de la mirada de un jovencísimo Christian Bale. Spielberiana de inicio a fin. Pese a los altibajos de su historia, está cargado de belleza. #Top El poder de sus imágenes. Image
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Irgendwo ist heute #TagDerKinderrechte. Zumindest mal am #CampusDonaufeld.
Wegen dem #Lockdown leider nicht so feierlich, wie ursprünglich gedacht, aber dafür mit einem #Zoom für alle #Klassensprecher_innen.
Und ich darf als #Vertreter des #Elternverein wieder dran teilnehmen👍
Also viel schlechter als wir Erwachsenen machen die #Volksschüler_innen das auch nicht.
Ohne Stummschaltung dazwischengequatscht wird nur, wo auch Erwachsene dabei sind.
Die #Moderation liegt wweitgehend bei den #Campussprecher_innen und da habe ich auch schon Schlechteres erlebt.
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#Market #breadth is weak despite 100 point gap up in #nifty...quite unusual considering the recent rally in broader markets👀 Lets see if it catches up during the day
#Humptydumty #nifty had a great this the #top?
Declining stocks outweighed advances early in the day this was an indication of things to come.

#advancedecline #nifty #triplecentury Image
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How I'm using @RoamResearch.
An ongoing thread.
/// >> @ ~
I started out by watching some tutorials on how others use Roam:
How to create an Asana-style 'My Tasks' view in Roam Research () by @RosieCampbell
Writing Inbox System in Roam Research () by @ShuOmi3
Introduction to Personal Knowledge Management in Roam () by Anonym.s

(many more)
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Wieder einmal demonstriert ein feministischer #Betamale und #Alphakevin, wie dämlich linksgrüne #Gutmenschen wirklich sind und wie wenig sie davon verstehen, was #Rassismus wirklich ist. Ich werde das mal Punkt für Punkt abarbeiten. #metwo

Danke, ganz gut eigentlich. Ist in #Deutschland ja auch nicht so schwierig, wenn man einsieht, dass man die Stunden des Tages nur jeweils einmal nutzen kann und sich im Leben entscheiden muss, was einem wichtig ist.


Ich werde normalerweise einfach Alman / Kartoffel genannt, ohne vorher gefragt zu werden. Die Frage vor der rassistischen Beschimpfung wäre für mich schon ein echter #Fortschritt. Stört es Dich eigentlich, wenn ich Dich linksgrünen Naivling nenne?


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