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America showed us after Sandy Hook they don't mind children getting killed!

Abolitionists just want to abolish some shit and we are not scary.
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Been wondering for many years if U.S. intelligence agencies are behind many mass shootings.

There's an
in the #UvaldePolice tape.
Is this evidence?

#BLM ImageImageImageImage
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I've noticed a habit of centrists to assume everyone who's fighting for better can only see destruction.

I say #AbolishThePolice and they assume I mean letting crime and violence spread (I mean community defense & resources, housing, healthcare, *prevention* focused services)
I say #banABA and they assume I mean leave autistic kids with no support
(I mean funding for autistic peer mentors/groups, autistic-affirming mental health care, autistic-led OT and sensory guidance, non-behaviour- based AAC tech and training, accessible school accomodations)

I say end #LTC institutionalization and they assume I mean families should take care of everything (I mean proper professional home & community care)

I say #Divest from fossil fuels and they assume I mean no more energy projects of any kind (I mean sustainability)

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The LAPD invented the phrase “officer-involved shooting” specifically to minimize scrutiny from the press and public when officers killed someone. ImageImageImage
In 1979, Eula Love, mother of 3, was killed on her front lawn in front of her daughters by LAPD officers, as they escorted a gas company employee sent to cut off her service

Her shooting led to the popularization of the phrase "officer-involved shooting"…
Not much has changed within the Los Angeles Police Department. They still insist on using "officer-involved shooting" & put pressure on local media to use that phrasing as well.

LAPD Chief Daryl Gates blamed the media for the public's displeasure with police violence
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@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine since i was not asked for my answers; here they are:
@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine #1-"the cop one"
unlike most mayoral candidates contending in this race; i believe in the abolition of our policing institutions. we can build a safety department which doesn't wield any lethal power(power no state should hold btw) #AbolishThePolice
@ThatSeanKeenan @AtlantaMagazine #2-"the crime one"
most crime is not a something we should fight from the top down but eliminate from the bottom up via assuring a society where needs are provided for; acts of desperation will be drastically reduced..
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No one asked for this, but I've been thinking a lot about #abolition and #abolishthepolice for some time now. And if I may, I'd like to share my novice perspective, albeit one rooted in my own (anti-)philosophical stance. So here goes.
I'm not convinced that the #abolitionist movement--which I wholly agree with--is an oppositional movement. Philosophically, a call for abolition is not a call to opposition. This distinction, in my mind anyway, is crucial. I'll elaborate.
Hegel told us long ago that oppositional realities (or what he calls dialectics) form a totality in themselves. Think about a fight: if one person chooses not to fight, there is no fight at all--only violence on the part of the aggressor.
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I first met with @ShahidForChange last year to talk #GeneralStrike. Then he and @EFF helped recover my Twitter account from hackers, and later he joined our call with @FlyingWithSara.

I interviewed him on everything, including the allegations against him

During our 60-min conversation, lawyer, organizer, Congressional candidate and rapper @ShahidForChange and I talked Mike Gravel, the Squad and #ForceTheVote, the George Floyd Act, police reform, #DefundThePolice and abolition, and power in protest music

"Mike Gravel was like an actual real-life Jedi… He’s one of the only members of congress in the entire last century to show up for work"

- @ShahidForChange on Mike Gravel, who endorsed Shahid and whose legacy continues today through @GravelInstitute

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Happy July 4th

Let’s talk about those who still aren’t free, as a result of racism in policing, prosecution, and sentencing — also known as @thenewjimcrow

Cops kill 3 people a day

Black people are 300+% more likely to be the victim

But it’s a lot more insidious than that.

1 out of every 3 Black boys and 1 out of every 6 Latino boys born today can expect to be sentenced to prison

A Black person is 500% more likely to be stopped without just cause than a white person

Black people are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites
32% of the US population is Black or Latino, but 56% of the US incarcerated population is Black or Latino

In fact, if Black and Latino people were merely incarcerated at the same rates as whites, prison and jail populations would decline by almost 40%
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The #1 way cops are equipped to repress protest movements and perform no-knock raids on private homes is the BILLIONS of $ in military weaponry from the federal govt.

This is the militarization of the police, and it’s made an already violent institution even more dangerous.

The origins of the 1033 program lie in the “forever wars” on drugs, crime, and terror.

In 1989, Congress gave the Pentagon temporary authority to give military equipment to local law enforcement.

Anything was OK as long as it was deemed suitable “in counter-drug activities.”
In 1996, Congress made the Pentagon’s temporary authority to give weapons of war to local law enforcement agencies permanent and expanded its purview to “counterterrorism”, creating 1033 as we know it.

Since, 10,000 jurisdictions have received $7 billion-plus in equipment.
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If you haven’t heard of @MOHAVVKJOHNSON, it’s because @LoriLightfoot and the Chicago PD don’t want you to.

Mohawk has been on house arrest for 309 days — with no trial, and despite having no criminal record


🧵 Image
The Chicago PD “has tried to turn the rapper and comedian into a cautionary example to social justice protesters” - @imLeor, @chicagoreader

Mohawk Johnson was arrested at a protest to #DefundThePolice and #AbolishICE

He was charged with aggravated battery of a “peace officer”
While @MOHAVVKJOHNSON was charged with battery, here’s what really happened, in his words:

“Four to five officers grabbed me and held me against the car before they handcuffed me, and didn't tell me why. They kept yelling, 'Don't struggle…’ I said, 'I'm not struggling.’”
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The most common question posed to abolitionists is ‘what about rapists and pedophiles?’ 🧵

While this is a sensitive subject, the facts clearly demonstrate that criminalization, cops and cages don’t protect us from the sexual predators the politicians and media warn us about…
Sex offender registries were designed to track perpetrators of the most heinous offenses, but their reach has extended exponentially to include even teen sexting and consensual relations between young people.

Those on registries are denied civil, constitutional and human rights.
1. “Stranger danger” is a myth: 90% of sex assault victims know the attacker

2. 95% of sexual offenses are committed by someone *not* on a registry

3. Only 3.5% of registrants are convicted of another sexual offense within 3 years, compared to the average recidivism rate of 67%
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Want answers on what it means to #AbolishThePolice and #AbolishPrisons?

I interviewed @equalityAlec of @CivRightsCorps, and I don't say this often but this is a *must watch*

I interviewed @equalityAlec about his work ending the criminalization of poverty, the history of policing and prisons, the real motives behind reforms like body cams, arguments against #DefundThePolice, what abolition really means, and...

What you can do in your own community:
"No society in recorded history of the modern world ever attempted to take so many human beings from the schools, and families, and jobs, and medical care, and children, and put them into government run cages" - @equalityAlec

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Ever wonder why the virulent panic over violent gangs of the late 80s and 90s has subsided?

It’s not because cops fixed the problem – it’s because it was a racist moral panic that was leveraged to increase police budgets and incarcerate people of color.

Here’s how 👇🧵
Yes, violence in cities was a problem - yet violent crime fell substantially in the 1990s while rhetoric ramped up.

Meanwhile, between 1989 and 1991 the FBI claimed the number of gangs increased threefold.

Their source? Surveys of cops - who gained $ from the supposed crisis. Image
There was also a massive increase in media coverage - in Las Vegas in 1983 there were 4 articles about gangs in local LV papers.

By 1991 there were 174 articles and cops were bringing media along to drug busts.

If you read the paper or watched TV, the Black people were coming.
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My God. Now they murdered 3 month old baby in Mississippi. This cannot be reformed. #DefundThePolice
South Carolina:
#JamalSutherland tased to death in police custody for fun. This cannot be reformed. #DefundThePolice #AbolishThePolice #AbolishPrisons
#MarvinScottIII murdered by LOEs while in custody after being detained for a ridiculous “possession” of weed charge. End this fucking “war on drugs”. #DefundThePolice #AbolishThePolice #AbolishPrisons
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TW: rape, police violence

“The detectives took turns raping her in the backseat as the van cruised the dark streets and as she sat handcuffed, crying and repeatedly telling them ‘No.’ Between assaults… the van pulled over so the cops could switch drivers”


New York is one of 35 states where cops can evade sexual assault charges by claiming it was consensual

Some states have recently closed this loophole

Most have not, “because it has been politically unpopular to push laws that target cops and anger their powerful unions”
In most of the states that do not outlaw sex between on-duty cops and detainees, an officer can claim consent and face only a misdemeanor “official misconduct” charge, which carries a maximum one-year sentence
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“State officials will continue to violate people’s rights with impunity”

Ron Keine was convicted and sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder in 1974

He was exonerated in 1976, 9 days before his execution

#EndQualifiedImmunity 🧵
Misconduct in Ron Keine’s case was “so egregious” the prosecutor lost his license and several officers were fired - @innocence

Yet Ron’s lawsuit was dismissed — because of qualified immunity

And Ron’s case isn’t rare

Qualified immunity enables police brutality and corruption
Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine from the 1960s that allows public officials, like cops, to act with impunity — even when they break the law

And as we know, the very people empowered to uphold the law break it every day — and laugh about it…
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Derek Chauvin was involved in 5 police killings before suffocating George Floyd to death

But Chauvin's far from the only cop to get away with murder.

In fact, those who *are* fired just get hired somewhere else.

It's endemic.

Why #DefundThePolice then #AbolishThePolice?

🧵 Image
Even those who still believe the fallacy that police and prisons make us safer understand that police accountability is critical — and "wandering cops" are a major concern

A 2020 Yale Law study found 1,100 terminated cops re-hired and walking the streets in Florida alone Image
The national decertification database isn't public, isn't checked by most depts before hiring, and doesn't include some of the biggest states, including California and New Jersey

This sorry excuse for transparency has led to numerous deaths

St. Ann, Missouri, is a prime example
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#AbolishThePolice #Rojava


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Fuck Joe Biden. I don't care if saying it gets me banned. Police murdered #DuanteWright, yet Jim Crow Joe wants to talk about looting. I stand with the protesters, the looters, and whoever else is fed up with them murdering us. No justice no peace. #ACAB #AbolishThePolice
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so you want to talk about anti-asian racism & policing in so-called vancouver. a thread & response to targeted VPD outreach to diasporic asian communities.

CN/CW anti-asian violence, police violence & white supremacy

let’s talk about the history of racist policing in so-called vancouver BC, specifically in point grey, unceded xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) territory.

1924: Wong Foon Sing a domestic labourer in point grey, calls the police upon discovering his coworker Janet Smith is dead, from an apparent gunshot wound. Wong Foon Sing immediately contacted the police, who ruled her death a suicide.

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[THREAD ON POLICING] March 15 - International Day Against Police Brutality AKA #IDAPB #IDAPB2021

#IDAPB was first observed in 1997 thanks to organizing by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (Montreal), and the Black Flag group (Switzerland).

“Cdn” media portrays police brutality as something that stops at an arbitrary border -everywhere there are police there is police brutality. During the #BLM protests of 2020, Montreal police used tear gas against protesters, a chemical weapon banned for use in warfare.

From 2000-17, the #VPD in the #DTES and the #RCMP in Northern BC (V0J) killed people at the highest rates in Canada. When police attend wellness checks, the results can be fatal. Over 70% of those killed by police in BC were experiencing a mental health crisis.

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Let’s get this right, those protesting #PHXPD for being the deadliest police force in the US are being charged as gang members, but PHXPD uses Nazi emblems, and brags about retaliating against protesters with impunity WHILE using the MAGA slogan... but it’s not political? GTFOH!!
Of the 7 criteria that indicate street gang membership, PHXPD qualifies 4/7. That's half of the criteria.

If Neo-Nazi groups are street gangs, prison gangs, and organized crime syndicates, and PHXPD officers are issuing Neo-Nazi coins, then police and white supremacy are two--
sides of the same antiBlack (challenge) coin.

how can MCAO try peaceful protesters as a street gang, while NEO NAZIS spread paraphernalia amongst their ranks?

THIS TERRORIZES those who the PHXPD claim to protect and serve! This is an egregious assault to OUR people!
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KUTV has confirmed a Utah man involved in violent protests in Utah this Spring was in D.C & stormed the Capitol amid violent protests. @JimSpiewak spoke to him. The story on 2 News at 10. His most often used hashtags: #blm #antifa #burn #fuckthesystem #abolishthepolice #fucktrump
John Sullivan faced charges here in Utah after organizing protests. His most recent video post on Intsa.
The Utah man told 2 News he was there to document the protests. He is seen in the video moments after a woman was shot and killed trying to break through a window in the U.S. Capitol. You can hear from him tonight at 10. Image
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Cops solve 2% of major crimes

Cops commit 1/3 of stranger murders

40% of cops *admit* to abusing their partners

Cops do not stop crime, and interactions with cops increase the likelihood of future criminality

Want links? Visit

In Portland:

Cops beat #BlackLivesMatter protesters

Protect Proud Boys

And wait hours or *days* to respond to 911 calls

And people still claim cops “serve and protect”?

@alex_zee has more:…

“Study after study shows that a living wage, access to holistic health services and treatment, educational opportunity, and stable housing are more successful in reducing crime than more police or prisons." - @popdemoc, ‘Freedom to Thrive’

#AbolishThePolice #AbolishPrisons
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