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THREAD: (Ashkenazi) Jewish intelligence, cognitive profile, outcomes, & nature/nurture 🧬🧠✡️


Topics: #Psychology #IntelligenceResearch #IQ #BehaviorGenetics #GroupDifferences #Jews

"…the "Jewish intellect" appears to be centered on..."/1
"...An ability to manipulate and integrate chains of reasoning, especially those related to "causality", coupled with faculty otherwise known as verbal and/or symbolic analytics to interrelate and explain derived meanings. An ability to..."/2
"...integrate emotional context with such analytical frameworks as the skill needed to attain proficiency in conduction and playing classical music, acting, selling, and practicing psychotherapy."/3
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All right, I'm reading the piece.

And #StevenPinker's sense of history of exclusion of speech from North American campuses is really odd. 1/
"Pinker traces the origins all the way back to 1975 and the publication of E.O. Wilson’s 'Sociobiology,' when Wilson and other biologists 'would get shouted down' for expressing the view that genetic & other evolutionary considerations determine, in part, social organization."
What a curious thing to say.

Why not go back to the 19th century when the idea that women should be allowed to study at college or uni was shouted down? When white campus populations shouted down Black students on their campuses?
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At my age, I can afford to laugh at this, because by the time FUCK! actually arrives I'll be dead & gone.

Our children's only hope is that enough people quickly realise that FUCK has already arrived & start taking drastic action.
What drastic action, you ask?

That depends very much on your situation & means.

If, like me, you have very limited means (which largely boils down to money) there is very little one can do, except get together with people who have more means.
If I had the means, I would found a community based on sustainable values.

The individualistic values which underpin existing society are inherently unsustainable. This has to change, or our civilisation will soon perish.
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Past challenges to the power of the state, if successful, have only ever resulted in one ruler or ruling elite being replaced by another.

My challenge to the power of the British state is very different.

If my challenge fails, western civilisation will also fail - & fall.
Mock me if you will, but your children & grandchildren - #GretaThunberg amongst them - will curse you for it.

I am not looking to control or exploit you, but to liberate you from your enslavement to #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state & capital.
I can't actually liberate you. We all have to do that, in cooperation with others, for ourselves. But what I can & am attempting to do is awaken you to your enslavement, which most are unaware of, especially if, like #StevenPinker, you are very comfortable in your enslavement.
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