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It has been noted that Jason Knauf is to #PrinceWilliam what Micheal Fawcett is to #PrinceCharles Knauf was William's Comms secretary tasked with his media image. His go-to man was Dan wooton. Dan was the first to spill that royal family was behind the leaks against #MeghanMarkle
In case you don't know who #PrinceCharles right hand man Michael Fawcett is, here is a brief summary.
Other journalists have also come forward with information that the Royal Family was behind most of the attacks on Meghan. Daily Mirror Editor Kevin Maguire says that things were done to #MeghanandHarry before their wedding, that if made public would change public perception.
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1. Thread on Michael Fawcett and Prince Charles. Michael Fawcett has resigned for a third time, however media are hiding the allegations behind his second resignation... allegations of a rape by Fawcett and also a Fawcett/ Prince Charles affair... #PrinceCharles #MichaelFawcett
2. Michael Fawcett latest and third resignation involves "cash for favours" with Saudi Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz... cash for honours… #Mahfouz #MichaelFawcett #PrinceCharles #cashforhonours
3. Fawcetts first resignation was in 1998 after allegations of bullying. ‘His resignation was accepted but Camilla stepped in and persuaded Charles to reinstate him,’ the aide said. #MichaelFawcett #PrinceCharles #Camilla #resignation
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1,. My day so far. Get up see Prince Charles aide Michael Fawcett trending for resigning (temporarily) for cash for favours saudi donor - do a thread about himbeing accused fo rape...…
2. See Gordon Brown trending for imploring people to get the clotshot. Do a thread on his links to nefarious activity...… #GordonBrown
3. Finish a thread on Steveo as i saw him say something stupid on a RT, so checked him out and saw he had blocked me... Did a thread… #steveo
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1. Prince Charles is trending as his aide has resigned for arranged a CBE for a Saudi "tycoon". The aide was Michael Fawcett who was accused of rape by valet George Smith… #PrinceCharles #GeorgeSmith #MichaelFawcett
2. Saudi have an unpleasant history of rape and child abuse… #saudi #csa #childrape
3. The British Royals also have many pedo links… #pedo #royalpedos #csa #royal
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A thread: #PrinceCharles w.r.t the cash for citizenship and knighthood scandal especially his affection for Michael Fawcett. (Start) Image
2.Disclaimer: All news and pictures used are in the public domain freely available via a simple google search.
"The pair were so close that the prince has said: “I can manage without just about anyone except Michael.”-Sunday Times
He will continue to work for Charles but on a freelance basis for his own event management business.

Charles today said: "I am enormously grateful to Mr Fawcett for all he has done over many years and I wish him well with his new business."…
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1. Prince Andrew and Epstein thread - Prince Andrew’s 2019 “Suicide” Interview Transcript – about Epstein, Maxwell and Virginia… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #VirginiaGiuffre
2. FBI have Prince Andrew child abuse video… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa
3. Panorama: The Pervert, the Prince, the Pimp and the Survivor… #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #nonce #csa #virginia
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Q: What did #PrinceCharles know? And when did he know it?


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So we finally get to hear that Prince Philip and the family were made aware when he was in hospital ,his life was indeed coming to end . They knew he had but a month to live which explains the tears from Charles when departing the hospital the other week. Prince Philip was coming
home to die. That was the true reality of the situation and explains why Lady Campbell told us he knew only part details of the Oprah interview, and not the most damaging details due to his fragile state.The Duke‘s last message to Charles was ,” Look after the Queen......- and
lead the Royal Family.” We pray and hope Charles does indeed keep to his dear Papa’s final request.God Bless them all. #princephilip #princephilipfuneral #princephilipRIP #thequeen #princecharles #theroyalfamily
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Annual WEF commences tomorrow w/ #DavosAgenda.

Key theme: rebuilding #trust - in order to obtain new social #contract - required for global #greatreset that will secure/serve ruling class & corporate power expansion.

Accounts to follow, followed by Klaus Schwab account:
The "new social contract" will be sold via the global rebranding of capitalism. #StakeholderCapitalism is the branded concept of a capitalism w/ #Purpose.

"CEOs [] are rightfully concerned about the increasing fragility [] & the threat to capitalism..." #BRT #Imperative21
[Accounts appear in order chosen by account admin.]

5th & 6th accounts followed: #GlobalShapers & Young Global Leaders. Youth are a key target demographic, to be shaped/molded for #GreatReset. Jan 2021: Global Shapers opens 444th hub in Morocco #Africa:…
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“As a biddable ignoramus who has somehow jockeyed his way into becoming your elected representative, I do not consider it my duty to keep abreast of what world leaders or their guiding Technocrats are openly declaring to be their mission”
Let’s fix that for him: 1/x
Ever heard of a country called Japan, Neil?

Look! There’s another #centralbank head who just HAPPENS ro be banging the same drum:- 3/x

#COVID19(33) as a #ReichstagFire
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Yes there is.

He had her on his lap, seen without his shirt on in the company of what was clearly a underage girl.
#BorisHasFailedTheNation #KeirStarmerhasfailedthekids when head of @cpsuk helping @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles @JimmySavileNews to be buried.

Who is now #leadersdebate of @UKLabour who is attempting to divert you away from @TheDukeOfYork as @KensingtonRoyal carry on as
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#PrinceCharles, the #PrinceOfWales, is a classic example of someone who is massively privileged by #BigBrother & #TheMatrix of state & capital, while at the same time being enslaved to them. Notwithstanding that we are ALL enslaved in much the same manner.
I wouldn't want to change places with him, nor he with me, because be has been taught to accept his enslavement as a duty to his nation.

Only, Britain is no nation, but a mercenary #PatronState, deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to trick us into loving Big Brother.
If Prince Charles were to recognise this, we could work together in liberating ourselves, our people, & all humanity, & instigating a #SustainabilityRevolution while we are about it.
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#FakeNewsAlert ⚠️

Il Principe Carlo non è morto.

La notizia non esiste, basta cercare su Google.

#24luglio #FakeNewsMedia #WeAreTheNewsNow #PrinceCharles
1/ ImageImage
Right Wing Tribune
h ttps:// non solo non è affidabile, ma il sito è anche realizzato (volutamente) male, perché sopra i loro articoli appaiono banner con titoloni da clickbait.

Questa non è buona informazione.
Sembra un sito di gossip. Image
Sopra questo vecchio articolo…
(ennesima fake news, speculavano sulla morte della regina) compare il banner incriminato.
Se ci cliccate sopra, riporta ad un articolo che parla di tutt'altro.

Sono esche

In breve, Right Wing Tribune è Fake News. ImageImage
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En la segunda entrega del caso Epstein nos enfocaremos en sus víctimas y en sus cómplices.

La información para este hilo ha sido recogida de entrevistas,noticias, etc.
Como siempre volvemos a dejar clara la importancia de denunciar y sobre todo creer en las víctimas. Image
Epstein se sabe que no actuó solo.
Tuvo el dinero,los contactos y sus cómplices, quiénes captaban a las adolescentes, muchas de ellas a la salida del colegio.

#TrumpIsNotWell Image
Jóvenes menores de edad, generalmente con problemas familiares y/o económicos.
Se les decía que les pagarían 200 dólares por realizar un masaje .Cuando llegaban,un señor mayor con una toalla. Les decían que se tenían quitar la ropa. A lo que ellas no conformes accedían. Image
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So #PrinceCharles ignores govt. instructions to not travel to rural areas to avoid #Covid19 & takes the bloody #CoronaVirus with him using scarce #NHS #CovidTesting & treatment resources. "One rule for the rich..." & "do as I say not as I do"?… /1
"The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire where they met the criteria required for testing." What's that then? Large ears, an excessively narrow gene pool & flirtation with neofacist social policies? Still no #TestingForCovid19 for #NHS workers or more widely! /2
And still our #NHSheroes have inadequate #PPE & struggle to work on crowded #publictransport. The #Tory government are protecting the elite & their wealth while letting the #NHS collapse & condemning many thousands to die. What will @UKLabour do? #BorisResign! /3
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #Saville #PrinceCharles #PrinceAndrew #RobertMaxwell

On Jimmy Saville's 80th birthday, Prince Charles sent him a box of cigars, a pair of gold cuff links with a cryptic note:

“Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy."
When Robert Maxwell died and during his funeral service in Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized him and stated:

"He has done more for Israel than can today be said."
Jimmy Saville said: “The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover.”

Jeffrey Epstein claimed to be working for the CIA.
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What do these famous faces have in common?

They're related!

Test your knowledge and learn some trivia in this thread of #RelatedCelebs...
Let's start simple. The last name gives this one away.

Comedian @AmySchumer and @SenSchumer are second cousins!

Who said politics couldn't be related to humor?

How about these two?

It looks like humor runs in this family. Comedians @ConanOBrien and @denisleary are third cousins!

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#Epstein #Maxwell #Wexner #PrinceCharles

Let's re-cap:

State Attorney Barry Krischer stonewalled the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein who Detective Joe Recarey had investigated and collected statements from approx. 40 girls.
To end the investigation once and for all the secret Non-Prosecution agreement was made between Alex Acosta and Epstein. None of the victims were notified.
New photos that have surfaced are OLD photos that have been on twitter and social media before.
It is very clear the local officials, state officials and federal officials “knew” what Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were up to. Prosecuting Epstein would have meant very probable disclosure of pre-existing knowledge by U.S. and foreign governments.
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Going through the numbers released by @WHO (in turn are numbers released by China) from Jan 20th to Jan 27th.

Based on the released numbers, I did a simple analysis on the day-by-day increase in # of confirmed cases and # of dead owing to #coronavirus Image
The findings:(day2day)

1. The # of infected ⬆️ by an average factor of 1.49 ⬇️ to 1.4 *

2. The # of dead ⬆️ by an average factor of 1.68 ⬇️ to 1.6 *

3. The Death:Infected ratio is currently around 2.7 (# of deaths/100 infections)

* ⬇️ owing to conservative estimates + factors
Based on above trends:

1. The # of infected & the # of dead may reach a significant figure as early as Feb 6th *

2. The "Death:Infected Ratio" may ⬆️ sharply after Feb 2nd *

* Not posting my numbers here.

3. #nCoV is faster in it's infection rates compared to #SARS

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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4412: Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump, Prince Charles & A Tale of Two Fingers — #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #QueenElizabeth #DonaldTrump #PrinceCharles #MiddleFinger #Pointing
2/ While meeting in London with other NATO Country leaders, Donald Trump and Melania met Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of crucial portions of their greeting.
3/ In this first image (above), as Donald Trump turns the corner, he holds his mouth open for an extended time in a moment of feigned surprise-happiness. This is a common and insincere expression given upon greeting.
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Is #PrinceCharles going to solve #DelhiAirPollution?

"Air pollution challenge in Delhi. Where are we today? What has been done to reduce toxic pollution? What is the future agenda?"
Prince Charles being briefed by the India Meteorological Department
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