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I'm an archaeologist, and in this thread, I’m going to tell you why our current climate crisis is so terrifying to me. 1.) In this paper, Xu et al demonstrate that humans have concentrated in a really narrow subset of earth's climate.…
2.) The production of our current crops and livestock is really limited to this "niche" and has been so for millennia (at least the past 6000 years) when farming and foddering of animals really took off.
3.) We should be terrified by this figure in the paper, which basically shows mean temperatures experienced by humans over the past 6000 years, and predictions for 2070. Its way outside of anything we have known during the period that the economies we rely on today developed.
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What a split screen moment.
⬅️ The Gulf of Mexico is literally on fire because of a rupture pipeline.
➡️ Jessica Reznicek is jailed for EIGHT years in US prison for her anti-pipeline activism.
❓ How many years will the fossil fuel executives be sentenced to? Want to guess?
That's right. None. Because we live in economies dominated by fossil fuel industries and their allies, and our governments and 'justice' systems favour them above future life on earth, including our own.
#StopLine3 #freejessica
.@amywestervelt is absolutely correct, as usual. The punitive long-term jailing of a non-violent (against people) activist is a free speech issue, going to the core of democratic rights.
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VIDEO THREAD: This morning, environmental activists with @ShutDown_DC, @IENearth, @ArmInArmClimate blocked several entrances to the White House to demand Biden back policies for a fossil-fuel-free future.

At east entrance, they chained themselves to fake oil tower and wind mill.
"We'll speak to you in your colonizer language if we have to," an activist said in an interview directed at Biden as activists blockaded White House south entrance.

"We're demanding that you put climate at the front of your agenda like you said in the first place."
At the White House south entrance, a vehicle tried to get in despite the enviro activist blockade.

Activists cheered as police made the car turn around.
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At a #StopLine3 protest camp in Hubbard County Minnesota, this morning Sheriffs arrived & declared that vehicles cannot be used on the road leading to the camp. Cop cars are blocking the entrance & folks that arrived to deliver food/supplies are getting their cars towed.
Over the sheriff’s radio “jail vans” were called for. Officers/sheriffs with zip tie handcuffs are stationed near the exit. Multiple vans have arrived. Collection of sheriffs officers standing on a dirt road nearJail van and some officers standing on the road.
At least one support vehicle that arrived to help deliver food, supplies, and water has been towed away. There are many more support vehicles. Around 30-40 Officers and/or Sheriffs are at the scene.
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[1/11] The police removed me and the remaining Water Protectors from our #stopline3 encampment, charging us with trespassing. We held the land for 8 days, blockading the boardwalk that Enbridge machines would drive on to place Line 3 across the Mississippi.

My thoughts:🧵
[2/11] 3 months ago we set off with a vision - that 1000s engaging in direct action would thrust Line 3 into the nation's consciousness & force both the public and the politicians to grapple with the hard truth that business-as-usual is putting us on a crash course with disaster
[3/11] And that's what happened. A single video of a helicopter descending to 20 feet above the protestors earned 1.4 million views on twitter, and the action got 1700+ news hits in sources including the Washington Post, NYT, New Yorker and PBS.
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So - this herbicide spray didn’t actually happen yet to entire area marked, but to just ~2 acres of ~350. It will happen in Aug. There is opportunity to count bumble bees, maybe find Rusty Patched BB to justify a protection order and/or rescue plants. Near existing Line 3 ROW.
If MN Court of Appeals throws a monkey wrench in Enbridge’s plan, there’s still plenty of good work here to protect wild blueberries, raspberries, food plants and nectar/pollen plants of endangered pollinators, hunting grounds of Tiger Beetles.
If Enbridge is stopped completely, all permits revoked, there’s repairs required to the scar they’ve made here, preparing to bore under America’s greatest river.
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Right now, Enbridge’s planned drill pad sight is a bare patch of muddy earth that is 100% inhabited by a neat nix of ants, solitary wasps and bees, hunting spiders that don’t use webs of several type, and breeding tiger beetles. As there are state-listed #TigerBeetles, @mndnr...
...might want to put a stay on HDD at that drill pad site until a #Coleoptera expert gets a chance to ID them. There seems to be at least one species, similar to but also different from what I’ve seem at Fosston Trail, also Clearwater County:
I don’t have photo or video of the different species I observed, because I wasting/in-prayer without electronics and watching them just before dusk.
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ACAB Daily Digest (June 10, 2021)🧵: Three panel meme from "Reservoir Dogs" (Harvey Kei
Broward County, Florida | "Like most people bitten by police dogs in Broward County, Davis was unarmed, accused of a nonviolent crime, and Black."…
Archived version of above:…
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Yesterday, about fifty activists trekked across a marsh into the Mississippi River Monday afternoon to demand President Biden rescind his approval of the Line 3 Pipeline, which is expected to flow under the river.

A Sheriff's Deputy pledged not to interfere.
"It's more than a pipeline. It's about racial justice, social justice and environmental justice," said Dawn Goodwin of @RISEandEngage.

"Why are they not following Article 6 that states that treaties are the supreme law of the land?" she said of the United States Constitution.
The activists stepped into the Mississippi River, where they then danced and prayed.

Assuming President Biden's approval of the Enbridge Corporation's permit stays in place, the tar sands oil pipeline will run under this water.
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ACAB Daily Digest (June 8, 2021)🧵:

Notorious, #LASD gangleader Alex Villanueva is consolidating new powers to venture into Venice, citing the support of stakeholders (not "the people") against "anarchy." #MaskOff

[h/t @CarpendiCacoeth]
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) | "A social justice group made up of current and former Ottawa high school students is renewing its call to remove police officers from schools..."…
UK | "The first in-person meeting of the leaders of major developed economies for nearly two years will take place in Cornwall on the tip of southwestern England"… #G7 #G7Cornwall #G7Summit
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PHOTO THREAD: Activists occupied a Line 3 Pipeline construction site in Northern Minnesota yesterday, halting operations for the day.

Just before 5 pm, police from several departments came and began arrests, initially scuffling with protesters linking arms at the entrance. ImageImageImageImage
Activists linked arms and some chained themselves to the Enbridge equipment in an attempt to hold onto the occupation of the construction site as police moved through and made arrests.

#Stopline3 #TreatyPeopleGathering #HonorTheTreaties ImageImageImageImage
Some police efforts were focused on a separate entrance to the #Line3 construction site, where activists had also erected a makeshift barricade outside. ImageImageImage
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VIDEO THREAD: Today activists occupied a Line 3 Pipeline construction site in Northern Minnesota, halting operations for the day.

Just before 5 pm, police from several departments came and began arrests, initially scuffling with protesters linking arms at the entrance.
The construction site had a giant fence around it with only two entrances, so police had some guards posted outside, but the group was basically kettled the moment police stepped in.

"You're all under arrest for trespassing on critical infrastructure" officers announced.
The next several arrests took place at the one other entrance to the Line 3 construction site.

Activists had erected several makeshift barricades, and officers arrested many (by my count, 16, but not precisely sure) activists as they dismantled part of the barricade.
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Guys, we've crossed the marsh and the Enbridge crossing point of the Mississipi is now occupied. I think this camp will last until Line 3 is stopped.#StopLine3
The scene here is solemn and joyful. Treaty rights need respecting and so do the laws of physics. Instead of 800,000 barrels of oil crossing this wetland there are thousands of people.
Indigenous leaders welcoming visitors now, and reminding them to go back to their communities and spread the word. #StopLine3 @IENearth
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Targets that need protested in 2021 #MayDay2021 #PortlandProtests
Financiers of #KeystoneXL #TransMountain #DAPL #BayouBridge & #Line3 pipelines
Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, Barclays
@MazaskaTalks #StopLine3 #NoTMX #NoDAPL #IndigenousSovereignty #HonorTheEarth 1/
-Amazon Web Services and Microsoft contract with ICE to provide cloud services, data processing and AI
-Aramark provides shitty food to prisons, including private prisons ran by ICE.
-Wayfair provides beds for detained migrants. #MayDay #AbolishICE 2/…
@G4S helped detain, transport and deport migrants & involved in Israeli occupation of Palestine until recently. Still operate private prisons, and train Israeli police. Contract with City of Portland and @trimet. @AlliedUniversal is merging with G4S 3/
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Let's talk about Minnesotans for Line 3, the propaganda arm of @Enbridge's #Line3 expansion project. 🧵 (1/10)
Minnesotans for Line 3 (M4L3) was founded in 2018 by the late Bob Schoneberger, a previous Enbridge employee and the then-CEO of United Piping Inc., a fossil fuel infrastructure contractor that stood to benefit from a Line 3 expansion. (2/10)…
Not long after its founding, M4L3 began to play dirty.

In 2018, members of M4L3 stockpiled limited tickets to an @MN_PUC hearing regarding Line 3, only to skip the meeting, depriving the public of its ability to voice concern over Line 3. (3/10)…
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NEW: Police and sheriffs in Minnesota have been paid more than $500,000 by a foreign corporation, Enbridge Energy, while they surveilled & harassed Indigenous activists opposing the Line 3 pipeline.

The payments came via an escrow account overseen by an ex-deputy police chief.
Enbridge, a Canadian corporation responsible for the largest-ever U.S. inland oil spill, is now building a massive tar sands pipeline through pristine wetland and Indigenous land in Minnesota.

Activists want @POTUS & @SecDebHaaland to cancel the project and #StopLine3.
Enbridge's construction permit established an escrow account that the company uses to pay Minnesota law enforcement for any activity related to the pipeline, including "Public safety related costs for maintaining the peace in and around the construction site."
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Every Monday we will be sharing #StopLine3 updates from the previous week.

Here is a thread on last week (Mar. 15-21) 🧵: Resisting Line 3 weekly updates: March 15-21
On March 15th, actress & climate activist @Janefonda joined Indigenous leaders on the frontlines to bring attention to the #StopLine3 fight.

She called attention to the impact of tar sands oil, and also to unfair policing practices in Northern MN. (1/11)
On March 15, Executive Director of @ProtestLaw was pulled over while driving in a caravan w/ other water protectors.

They were subjected to one of the illegal stops often executed by cops in service of @Enbridge, to harass and suppress resistance. (2/11)
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BREAKING: Two water protectors have locked themselves to a machine on a Line 3 worksite in St. Louis County.

Support these brave water protectors and the movement to #StopLine3:
“We're here because Indigenous sovereignty means access to healthy ecosystems. We're here because we’re tired of the assault on Indigenous lives. We're here because we all deserve to grow up healthy; a reality which Line 3 stands against."
-Ananstasia, who has locked down today.
Water protectors near the worksite are singing songs to their locked-down friend to show solidarity and help keep their morale up as they brave the cold and state repression to #StopLine3. A person in the foreground is pointing a megaphone at a piec
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@XR_PDX is marching towards Chase bank to oppose their funding of #Line3
#StopLine3 marching in solidarity with the blockade near Minneapolis
It appears @Chase has closed early and boarded up due to action
Liie Die-In at Chase to #StopLine3…
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Downtown Portland at the federal courthouse, anti DHS/ICE and #StopLine3 protesters gather. A few of the remaining uncovered windows have been broken. An American flag burns in front of the door.
The glass door gets smashed and DHS agents unload pepper balls into the crowd.
After trying to extinguish the fire DHS agents headed back into the building. The fire grows once again.
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At #StopLine3 action and fencing is being removed around federal courthouse. A video collage
#StopLine3 March has started
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Today marks the 30th anniversary of the largest ever inland oil spill in U.S. history - and it happened because of the current Line 3 pipeline, right here in Minnesota.

Here's the story of that spill. 🧵 (1/7)
On March 3rd, 1991, a huge rupture in the Line 3 pipeline near Grand Rapids, Minnesota caused oil to shoot over 50 feet into the air. It soaked trees, saturated the surrounding wetlands, and coated icy rivers.

When all was done, 1.7 million gallons of oil had spilled. (2/7)
Oil from the pipeline made it into the nearby Prairie River, only half a mile from the Mississippi.

The only reason it didn't get to the Mississippi is it was still winter, and the river ice stopped the oil from getting too far. In May, it would've been a different story. (3/7)
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Every Monday we will be sharing #StopLine3 updates from the previous week. Here is a thread on last week (Feb. 22-28) 🧵:
On February 24th, @Giniw led an action where water protectors blockaded over a dozen Line 3 worksites. They locked down to a flipped-over vehicle, and ascended 35 ft into the air on a bi-pod. (1/8)

Watch the video on Giniw's FB page:
On February 24th, the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council came out opposing Line 3. (2/8)…
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Seven Enbridge workers have been charged in a recent underage traffic sting. The demand is for these men to be brought to justice and for the cancelation of the Line 3 permits. Sex trafficking was a concern brought up in the EIS @GovTimWalz @SenTinaSmith @amyklobuchar
We have now seen that the pipeline does not create as many in state jobs as Enbridge claimed. Now our children are at risk, so how much more are you willing to risk @GovTimWalz until you act? Doesn’t our youth matter more than union votes?
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