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Starting soon! Make sure to tune in - we have important issues to discuss for working families. #MedicareForAll, #GreenNewDeal, #PROAct, and #StopLine5 are all on the line. LINK:
#Proven #ProWorker #Progressive @OurWisconsinRev
@OurWisconsinRev I will never take fossil fuel money. Fossil fuel interests are holding us back from real progress on fighting climate change, including passing a #GreenNewDeal - @OurWisconsinRev #WISen
“Don’t forget. This is the senate seat of Russ Feingold. There is an obligation for the next Senator to continue his legacy.”
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Today is the day when @JoeBiden betrays the whole world.…
“No more subsidies for [the] fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. Ends.”

@JoeBiden lied when running for president.

Many people will die as a result.
It's not just the Gulf of Mexico. It's not just the refusal to #StopLine3. Biden's government are doubling down on oil and gas while trying to deflect blame for climate breakdown onto India and China.…
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BREAKING: @SenAmyKlobuchar was just confronted at a fundraising event by a group of water protectors who SHUT DOWN her speech.

When faced with Indigenous youth questioning her inaction on Line 3, she rolled her eyes, tried to interrupt, and eventually fled the stage. #StopLine3
@SenAmyKlobuchar This isn't the first time that @amyklobuchar has been confronted on her Line 3 stance. This has happened several times already.

What's remarkable is that every single time, her response is to run away.

Senator, do you really think this is a good look?

Amy must hate this. It's like she can't have a single expensive private event for big-money donors without it being rudely interrupted by the people her policies are killing.

The worst part is, she could end this anytime. She could come out and say #StopLine3, but she won't.
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Wondering what's happening lately in the movement to #StopLine3?

Here's what's been going on in the last month. REad on for the updates. 🧵 Text: RESISTING LINE 3 Mont...
While boring through the Mississippi River headwaters, @Enbridge spilled large quantities of drilling mud and industrial chemicals into the ecosystem. Months later, heavy rains are revealing the extent of the ecological devastation caused by the company’s negligence. In the fall, a tributary st...
For reference- here’s a comparison of the Mississippi River headwaters before and after Line 3.

Credit to WCMCoop for the first photo and Ron Turney for the second. The headwaters of the Missi...A tributary leading into th...
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🚨🚨🚨 ALERT: Today Israel declared this work “terrorism”: documenting the murder of Palestinian children @DCIPalestine, supporting Palestinian political prisoners @Addameer, reporting on human rights @alhaq_org, & helping farmers remain on their ancestral land @UAWC1986.
From Palestine to #BlackLivesMatter to #StopLine3, governments use baseless claims of ‘terrorism’ to cage and criminalize advocates for justice. We must raise our voices to defend these partners and all of our communities. Amplify their work to keep them safe.
These threats are designed to shut down these organizations, and force those who document and challenge Israel’s abuses against the Palestinian people to live in fear or silence. “‘Anti-terrorism legislation’ is nothing but a racist tool to crush Palestinian society.”
- @m7mdkurd
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HUGE UPDATE: water protectors just confronted First Lady Jill Biden, demanding she oppose the Line 3 pipeline.

As a teacher, she prepares young people for their future. But as a leader in the Biden Administration, she’s complicit in preventing us from having one. #StopLine3
.@FLOTUS's husband, US President Joe Biden, could #StopLine3 with a single executive order. He could force construction and shipping on the line to pause while a full Environmental Impact Statement of the pipeline is conducted.

So what's the hold up? Our climate can't wait.
Donna Goodlaxson, a water protector who spoke in the video, says, "Jill Biden has power to influence the President to honor the highest law of the land - the treaties."

@DrBiden, we need your husband to honor the treaties made with Indigenous nations. We need him to #StopLine3.
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BREAKING: Activists just SHUT DOWN Senator Tina Smith’s keynote speech, demanding she call on Biden to #StopLine3.

Two minutes after taking the podium, Smith *fled* to her car to avoid questions about the Line 3 pipeline.

Nice “climate leadership” @SenTinaSmith @TinaSmithMN.
For years, water protectors have met with @TinaSmithMN and called on her to take action against Line 3. Yet she has refused to take a side.

"Not taking a side" on Line 3 enables @Enbridge to poison Indigenous land and water and wreck our climate.
At a press conference last week, Smith said "Minnesotans understand that taking strong action on climate is a moral imperative."

So why hasn't she taken action to #StopLine3?

Instead, she’s refusing to engage with water protectors and running away. Shameful.
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After nearly 8 years of fierce resistance, we learned that Line 3 will become operational this weekend.

This fight is not over, only shifted, so it's a good time for a refresher: what is Line 3, why should it be stopped, and how can you help? A thread 🧵 (1/9)

#StopLine3 Image: march to stop Line 3
Line 3 is a pipeline that crosses 200+ bodies of water and treaty land in northern Minnesota. It's set to carry over half a million barrels of tar sands oil per day from Alberta, Canada through ND, MN, and WI, before being shipped across the country. (2/9)
.@Enbridge claims Line 3 is a "replacement" for another pipeline that has carried oil through MN for decades, but its capacity is nearly 2x that of the old. It also has a brand new route that is rich with pristine wildlife and water bodies including the Mississippi River. (3/9)
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NEW: Minnesota police are using brutal physical violence and “pain compliance” against water protectors and Line 3 pipeline protestors.

The torture tactics have left some activists with partial facial paralysis.
Enbridge Energy, the multinational corporation building the tar sands oil pipeline, is funding the police who torture, harass, and surveil protestors opposing Line 3.

Enbridge has now paid police & sheriffs in Minnesota $2 million to protect the pipeline.
Police have also used tear gas and rubber bullets against the unarmed protestors.

Tara Houska (@zhaabowekwe) with the @giniwcollective spoke to Vice about the extreme force law enforcement have used to squash Line 3 protests.…
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Last month over 50 water protectors were arrested, some violently, outside of @GovTimWalz mansion in #StPaul.

Led by #Line3 pipeline resistance camp Camp Migizi, three people locked down to the mansion fencing as the group sought to speak to the governor🎥…
Hundreds of water protectors marched from the Minnesota Capitol grounds on Saturday, August 28, 2021, to the MN Governor's Residence demanding the government #StopLine3 construction in Northern MN:… Image
#Line3: During the march from the MN State Capitol to the governor's mansion, the group stopped at the Cathedral in St. Paul to rally and hear speeches:…

↕️ Thread ↕️ ImageImageImage
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Evening thoughts:

The White House’s @PressSec - ie @jrpsaki - just said Biden can’t #StopLine3 because it’s “under active litigation.”

Isn’t that a reason he SHOULD halt construction?
To @PressSec @jrpsaki:

If you are going to use legalese to justify ecocide, please don't insult our intelligence with such poorly reasoned arguments.
If Biden doesn't want to #StopLine3 just be honest and let us know he prefers Big Oil profits over our future. Ok?
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At least 500 dead in British Columbia alone in wildfires. Whole towns wiped off the map.

But @JustinTrudeau is surprised that the environment is a defining issue in the Canadian election. 🤯
Since Trudeau came to power, carbon emissions have risen every year. 😡

“He said all the right things. However, the government didn’t follow through” - Grand Chief Stewart Phillip.

(This approach may sound familiar to citizens of the US, UK, Germany and many other countries.)
5% of Canada’s GDP is from oil and gas. Trudeau’s Liberals claim they want to use those revenues to invest in the transition away from fossil fuels.

“That’s like buying a tobacco company and saying we’re going to use the money made to pay for throat cancer” - @charlene_amy
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Manoomin (wild rice)🌾is lead plaintiff in first ever "Rights of Manoomin" lawsuit filed by White Earth against @mndnr. The agency permitted Enbridge to take 5 billion gallons of water during a drought to build #Line3.

This case is reshaping the law as we know it: a thread (1/6)
@mndnr Plaintiffs are claiming that the DNR violated the rights of manoomin as well as multiple treaty rights to hunt, fish and gather along Line 3's route.

“Manoomin will have its day in court; this is big,” said Michael Fairbanks, chairman of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe. (2/6)
@mndnr The move stems from the "Rights of Nature" doctrine, a legal theory acknowledging that an ecosystem is entitled to legal personhood status and has rights to defend itself in a court of law against harms, including environmental degradation caused by projects like Line 3. (3/6)
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For those wondering why today @SenAmyKlobuchar literally turned her back on a youth water protector asking for a livable planet . . . Here’s the best explanation we’ve seen so far.
Thank you to @davidsirota for flagging this monumental conflict-of-interest.
Receipts are in the screenshot.

You can also check them out at this link:…
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BREAKING: @SenAmyKlobuchar was just confronted by water protectors, asking her if she’ll call on Biden to #StopLine3.

She froze - then turned her back and stormed away.
Let's talk about @amyklobuchar:

Asked about Line 3 in an interview, she said it was up to the state.

Funny because the **federal** Army Corps is in charge of granting the permits.

She's not dumb - she's deceptive. Image
She's been so bad on this issue that Water Protectors had to resort to protesting outside her office.

At the action, leading #StopLine3 campaigner @WinonaLaduke said "You need to be the woman who stands up for the water, Amy." Image
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The millions of people who have died of COVID deserve to be memorialized with the reverence that will be shown for victims of the 9/11 attacks this weekend, but our grief over our COVID-19 losses cannot be weaponized to make us more patriotic or supportive of imperial warfare.
Pandemic grief, if let loose upon the world, at the volume it deserves, would shake capitalism to its core, or even upend it, so it is smothered with talk of getting "back to normal."
I'm not saying you shouldn't remember the people who were lost on 9/11. You should remember them, just as you should remember the hundreds of thousands of people who were slaughtered in their names -- a legacy no one in the towers asked for or deserved.
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Removing a Governor from the podium during his keynote address is an act of justice. And accountability. And radical love for those we cherish and those who will proceed us. #StopLine3
As we blockaded the stage, forcing @GovTimWalz to flee just moments after he started speaking, we thought not just about what we were shutting down, but also about the new possibilities - moral, economic, ecological - we were opening up.
If you want to re-live those moments of renewed hope collective euphoria, watch the recording here:
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The governor of your state was booed off the stage moments into his speech - at this very event.

50 water protectors literally shut down the whole thing.

And you pretend nothing happened?

Unreal how far you’ll go to avoid mention of the #StopLine3 struggle.
Here is the screen shot in case @RepWolgamott takes the tweet down
The @DFL_RuralCaucus did it too, showing @GovTimWalz in that *tiny* window of time between when he took the stage and when he FLED, pedal floored and tires screeching, in an SUV skidding over gravel.
If you want rural Minnesotans to stop embracing Trumpism, try not lying to them.
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BREAKING: A speech by @GovTimWalz at a Democratic party event in Alexandria, MN was SHUT DOWN by 50 water protectors demanding he #StopLine3!

Minutes into his speech and vastly outnumbered, Walz fled the event.

Direct action gets the goods!
Since he was elected, Walz has refused to take action against the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline- despite it having the potential to emit more carbon than his entire state.

We have tried for years to be civil. We have tried having a dialogue. None of it worked.
Before election, Walz said any pipeline that goes through treaty lands was a “non-starter” for him. He said Line 3 needed a “social permit” from the people of MN to be built.

Yet here we are. He’s building a deeply unpopular pipeline through treaty lands.

What changed, Tim?
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🚨🚨Line 3🚨🚨

RIGHT NOW - cops in front of Minnesota state Capitol have surrounded water proctors and their ceremonial tipi! There are hundreds of cops. They are threatening arrest. ALL EYES ON WATER PROTECTORS #StopLine3
This kind of police presence seems ridiculous. There are teenagers in there. What’s the point of this? Please keep your eyes on water protectors. It feels like shit is about to go down. #StopLine3
You seeing this @Ilhan @IlhanMN @keithellison?? 👀👀👀 #StopLine3
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LIVE: Thousands Rally At Minnesota Capitol to #StopLine3…
Winona LaDuke calls on President Biden to stop the #Line3 tar sands pipeline project, noting that a federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) hasn’t been done at a federal level. Image
Lack of a proper federal EIS was the reason that a federal judge found the Dakota Access Pipeline was built illegally. (DAPL is still operating as this ruling is being appealed.)…
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From the #StopLine3 frontlines to Palestine, we stand with Indigenous people resisting the settler-colonial destruction of their lands!

“The capitalist extraction and colonial expansion here are the exact same project that is happening in Palestine," says member Rosi Greenberg.
The Line 3 crude oil pipeline violates the treaty rights of Anishinaabe peoples and risks environmentally-devastating spills in areas where they harvest wild rice, hunt, fish, and gather medicinal plants. It has already drained rivers and caused mass die-offs of wildlife.
Line 3 construction also poses a specific threat to Indigenous women and two-spirit people, since settler pipeline employees regularly commit acts of sexual violence and have been caught organizing sex-trafficking operations.
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As an archaeologist who works on climate, a question I often get is: "But why should we be worried about global warming, the earth has moved through hot and cold periods right?" Here's why.
1.) We live in a fundamentally different world from that of how humans or rather hominids lived the last time we had similar concentrations of atmospheric CO2 to today (2 million years- 800,000 years) source :IPCC 2021.
2.) What was going on with humans between 2 million to 800,000 years ago. Well we were just getting started. Homo habilis and Homo erectus started making some of the first stone tools around this period of time, and had very low population densities, like 10,000 of them.
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When Indigenous people say stolen land
we don't mean 500 years ago

In the late 1800s a lumber company had my g+ grandfather tell them stories & asked for an "autograph" on blank paper

They forged a land transfer

It's a golf course today

This is typical Native family history
Another moment in typical Native family history:

Colonizer wanted farmland, said my great+ Aunt's [farm animal] gored him

Her tribe testified in court, she didn't even own [that type of animal], no one did

She lost, had to pay fees, her home/land was valued at the exact amount
Since some people are looking:

#StopLine3 from further destroying the planet

Stop this foreign company from destroying the Mississippi River & 200+ other rivers forever

Water shortages & heat & fire everywhere, it's ridiculous that they're this evil ImageImageImageImage
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