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1. Hey @FoxNews, your recent complaints about the LGBTQ+ flag and how the American flag is the 'only approved flag' in America overlooked the fact that American Indian tribes are sovereign nations within the United States. It's important
2. to recognize that American Indian tribes are distinct Nations with their own governments, laws, cultures, and histories. As a news outlet, it's crucial to accurately report. Image
3. You are so Patriotic 🙄 So proud of the Constitution. But what about Article VI, Clause 2? The part that says: Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land?
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This is major--BUT "A Vatican statement said the papal bulls, or decrees, 'did not adequately reflect the equal dignity & rights of Indigenous peoples' & have never been considered expressions of the Catholic faith" -- isn't quiiite owning the atrocities it encouraged/sanctioned.

But also ferstinkin' own your role and complicity in the thing, friends. It's been 500 years. You can do it. We believe in you.

Any comment on Pope Leo XIII's 1892 defense of the conquest of the Americas and forced conversion of its Indigenous peoples?

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Local #Atlanta Interfaith Clergy holds a Press Conference to demand Mayor Andre Dickens #StopCopCity. The #ATL police are stating "outside agitators" are against this $90M project but that is a lie. Local residents of #ATL "do not want Cop City."
🧵 We heard the Interfaith Clergy loud and clear: "We don't want more policing and terrorizing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous bodies in our community." #StopCopCity
✊"All of this is a fight over land, which white people have been wagging since the beginning of time." #Landback #StopCopCity #Solidarity
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“Decolonization is the encounter between two congenitally antagonistic forces … Their first confrontation was colored by violence and their cohabitation - or rather the exploitation of the colonized by the colonizer - continued at the point of the bayonet and under cannon fire”
The struggle for @epni_urbanfarm is not just a struggle against pollution, it is a struggle against ongoing colonial violence and the settler state itself, a struggle for #LandBack and full sovereignty to indigenous peoples across Turtle Island
Resistance to settler occupation has never stopped, and it will continue til every last colonial institution is destroyed!
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Call for pitches: Looking for quickturn stories that offer insight on the news of the moment/day/week/month. Pay: $1/word for reporting + 50 cents/word for essay/perspective. Also looking for visual-driven storytelling (photos, illos, comics etc).
In general, I’m looking for: Stories that complicate our understanding of the world. Journalism that connects issues to people’s lives. Work by and for the communities it’s about.
A brief, NOT comprehensive list of topics I'm looking for:
Stories from Black, AAPI, Latino communities
Money and power in politics, climate futures, criminal justice, #landback, recreation, environmental justice, immigration/migration
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The US banned Hawaiian language, poisons our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence.
The US military poisoned our Hawaiian water supply, still hasn't cleaned the jet fuel in our aquifer or shut down it's tanks, and all of Oahu's water supply could soon become unusable due to petroleum, salt, & PFOS contamination. ImageImageImageImage
The US military won't acknowledge or clean its catastrophic gas spill in Hawaii, because the US is illegally occupying Hawaii as a platform to plunder China, bomb Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan. The US own troops and Hawaiian 'natives' are expendable pawns.
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In honour of yet again being called Far Right for criticizing Inclusionary Zoning, let's talk about why IZ is not my favourite way to fund "affordable" housing.

Inclusionary Zoning is popular because people think that it's a way to "force developers" to pay for affordable units.
This is, however, a misconception. Developers will only build when there is a profit margin - the greater the risk, the higher the profits must be - because that's how borrowing money works. They will not get financing unless there is a return on investment.
So let's say that developers (or more accurately, lenders) demand a 15% profit after 3 years of developing some rental homes (5% every year). To get that profit, after all hard and soft costs, they need to charge, say, $2000 per unit.
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@leahfrombklyn introduced issue of affordable housing not being accessible to everyone even once constructed & with voucher in hand. Racism & discrimination are often not acknowledged. Leah invited people to speak & 1st speaker wants to treat Black displacement as catastrophe.
10s of 1000s of Black residents left, as detected by last Census.

Where did they go?
Left city?

Signs of gentrification:
more 911 calls
Quality of Life
Noise complaints
Read 51 tweets BRITAIN IS ENTERING A NEW AGE OF CORRUPTION - BRITAIN HAS RETURNED TO THE ‘OLD CORRUPTION’ THE VICTORIANS TRIED TO END - TAKING US FURTHER DOWN A ROAD TO A KLEPTOCRACY THAN MOST PEOPLE IN BRITAIN IMAGINE. Britain has entered an era of legalised larceny by the politically well-connected some 150 years after the Victorians ended what they execrated as the “Old Corruption”. By this they meant the toxic system whereby the ruling elite enjoyed a parasitic relationship with the state enabling them to obtain jobs and money through patronage, partisanship and purchase.
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Pele is coming for y'all military & colonizer resorts. The US' been bombing Hawaii for a century, made an island uninhabitable (Kahoolawe). You stage, train, & launch most US wars from Hawaii - Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, dumping toxic waste & jet fuel. Lava is aiming for you
The US military has been bombing our sacred mountain Mauna Kea and burning thousands of acres in Hawaii, to practice for more imperialist, genocidal war in the Asia Pacific. The fiery eviction notice was a long time coming.
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🧵 - A Northeastern tribal perspective on the ethnic fraud and harm caused by Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Hoover who has falsely claimed a Mohawk and Mi'kmaw identity. #lizhoover #elizabethhoover
Hoover rose through the academic ranks at New England's most elite institutions, BA at Williams College, MA and PhD at Brown and held an Assistant Professor position at Brown for 10 years, while also heading the NAIS program.
She positioned herself to be an ally between Brown and local tribes. Therefore many people here befriended her in the hopes that these institutions would finally open their doors to our communities and establish meaningful relationships.
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Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay! "Conservative" advocates before the Supreme Court are challenging federal Indian law as unconstitutional. Friendly reminder that #originalism means #landback. It means Native people get Louisiana and everything west. 1/…
The framing generation never envisioned treaty or territory powers able to incorporate huge new swathes of land and peoples. Only those peoples in the map consented to and ratified the constitution. Want to stretch the US from sea to shining sea? Amend the Constitution. 2/
No amendment? Then #originalism means that we cannot constitutionally hold those lands or peoples as part of the United States. Not just that, but Hawai'i, Alaska, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, &c. All gone. This isn't realistic, you say. 3/
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A friend asked me to share posts from my Instagram about @cmckenney's promise to turn Ottawa's Greenbelt into an urban national park. For context, I had no idea what that election promise actually meant and assumed I wasn't alone! So here's a quick little breakdown for you!
So the Greenbelt in Ottawa is the largest in the world. Greenbelts are meant to protect natural areas (forests, wetland, streams, etc) that sustain biodiversity A.K.A good for sister girl planet et al. Drawing of city of Ottawa with green horseshoe shaped area s
Greenbelts are also meant to protect from urban sprawl (expanding urban areas), but this doesn't always work well. Ottawa has seen increasing urban sprawl on and around the Greenbelt despite having the largest in the world. Drawing of city of Ottawa with green horseshoe shaped area s
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This week I won't be writing about employment, unions, voting for our rights (or something), or how thankful we are to settlers. Instead, I will be reminding anyone following this account that the best way you can show support to Indigenous people is to give #LandBack.
I do want to point to people who've spoken or written about how we can bust out of colonial mindsets. I know it can seem like a list and I hate lists cos who is missing, who is left off? It's often people getting on and doing this 'work', so I'm going to try to mention some.
But I'm also going to talk about IndigiQueerness. Because of course I am.
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We're happy to be out tabling at the #Kanata Mayoral debate tonight to talk to Kanata residents about our movement for a better #ottcity!

We'll also be livetweeting the Mayoral debate tonight so follow along with us in the thread below!
First up with opening statements are Param Singh, former police officer at OPS; former mayor Bob Chiarelli (who still reads his statements off the sheet after all these years); and Ade Olumide, who is focused on a police complaints bill of rights.
Two comments from Ade: “I’m not sure why they put me next to the police officer…” and “I would like to hear how Mark Sutcliffe is going to pay for his environmental plan.”

And next up is Sutcliffe - who is the first to stand up during his opening statement, which is something?
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1/10 PM @JustinTrudeau & #NATO @jensstoltenberg just visited #Canada’s biggest fighter jet base, CFB Cold Lake, in #Alberta. Canadians should know that the land for this @RCAF_ARC base & air weapons range was stolen from First Nations 70 years ago. 🧵⬇️
2/From 1952-1960 Liberal govt gave minimal compensation to Dene & Cree peoples for taking land then stopped all payments. Loss of land had devastating consequences: poverty, despair & trauma. They lost traditional hunting grounds & sacred sites that were under Treaties 6, 8 & 10.
3/For 7 decades, all year long, Canada’s #fighterjets conduct loud, low-level flights over reserves & they bomb, strafe and torpedo #ColdLake Air Weapons Range, it's boreal #forest habitat for endangered #caribou. Land contaminated w/ munitions & toxins from military. @IENearth
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Chile’s proposed constitution, written by a representative democratic convention, is up for a vote on 9/4. If passed, it’ll be a victory for Indigenous self-determination in Chile and across the 🌎. I've translated key Indigenous provisions to expand access & celebrate them. A🧵:
Many, if not all, of these provisions were written by Indigenous peoples of Chile - a critical step toward justice and the first Indigenous participation in co-drafting the document, w/ 17 convention seats reserved for Indigenous peoples including the Mapuche, Rapa Nui, & Aymara.
Throughout this thread, I will tag some North American Indigenous scholars, activists, and orgs whose work you can check out to learn more about referenced topics (all gave permission). I also hope they will find this translation useful. Please follow them and support their work!
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Yes Museums could return ALL baskets & cultural items (many they rarely use or display). Collaborate with tribes for visiting exhibit/research. Uphold sovereignty, build best practices, be better. Just give them all back. (Don’t get me started on remains of ancestors. Sheesh.)
Museums will invite me to do “decolonizing museums” talks. I’ll go “Step 1 give everything back. End of steps.” They’re confused. I’ll say “anyway. Whose got keys to the warehouse?” Someone asks “wait? Do you mean everything?” I advance to next slide which says “yes. Everything.”
Many museums won’t acknowledge they built immense wealth b/c of genocide. Values of “preservation” dispossessed Natives of wealth & control over lands, histories & cultures. Saying “Museums kept items preserved/safe.” Cool. We survived. Thanks for the assist. Give ‘em back.
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Hey, I know Twitter is horrible at communicating tone, but I genuinely feel like you're not really engaging me because I've already said that I do not disagree with you that #LandBack would save the planet nor have I argued that you are centering Settlers.
I don't really know where the disconnect is happening.

My critique is two-fold: a) Survivability is NOT the Settler's highest interest and the assumption that survival "benefits them" assumes a specific ethical and political frame that is not historically adopted by Settlers.
b) The frame of interest convergence, which is not the same thing as centering them or claiming that Natives will save them, is not useful because Settlers care more about Native death than they care about Settler survival and because it limits the horizon of communal action.
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I considered whether to add this because I know it's unpopular and I understand the intent of the Tweet and its follow-ups, but I think this framing is both untrue and politically dangerous and so I wanted to offer this good faith engagement: 🧵
First, it is untrue, I believe, to the extent that virtually every theorization of #LandBack includes the dismantling of capitalist economies, the ending of settler colonial forms of government, and the attendant ending of other forms of violence like patriarchy or antiblackness.
The ending of capitalist economies not only would entail the dismantling of industrial models of production, but its attendant agricultural approaches which would destitute most Western standards of living.
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I’m on the road but wanted to get this thread out as the creep of fascism feels larger and closer. Another resource list, this time using @MsKellyMHayes’s self-reflection prompts on planning for disaster, including @prisonculture’s guiding questions for moments of injustice. 🧵
Here is the episode of Movement Memos where @MsKellyMHayes discusses her prompts.…
A wonderful complementary article is Deana Ayer’s blogpost “Balancing urgency and patience when the world is burning around us.”…
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This July 4th, remember parallels between the colonization of Turtle Island (“North America”) and Palestine.

If you support Palestinians’ right to return and self-determination in their homeland, you should also support Indigenous people’s demand for #LandBack.

The parallels between the colonization of Turtle Island and Palestine include land theft.
Ethnic cleansing.
Environmental destruction.
Forced displacement of people from their homes, and sequestration into isolated areas with (artificially) scarce resources.
Denial of self-determination and sovereignty.
Criminalization and surveillance.
Violent repression of resistance.
Erasure of native history and culture.
Ideologies (Manifest Destiny, Zionism) of entitlement to, and justification for, these atrocities.
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Canada cannot be a decent democracy if we are stuck under abusive and racist British Empire monarchy and policy. #AbolishTheMonarchy #BritishEmpire #Decolonize #landback
We have captured media, captured politicians and governance who gives no regard for Indigenous People or Science. They bind politicians as admitted by Sir John. Armitt in the KPMG 2015 Insight Report.
Tim Fortescue from Westminster's Secret Service BBC 1995 - YouTube. This is the use of child sexual abuse to control men in power. It is a UK issue.
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When the U.S. govt rescinded our #federalrecognition status in 2002, we lost our right to self-determination & access to much needed resources & services. Today, we're fighting to protect & preserve our nation.

A thread 🧵 on what federal recognition means for #ChinookJustice
1/7. #federalrecognition means the U.S. govt acknowledges the right of an Indian tribe as a sovereign entity. A federally recognized tribe can directly engage with the U.S. govt. #ChinookJustice #indigenousrights
2/7. Many tribes received #federalrecognition through treaties & executive orders. Today, tribes can be federally recognized through acts of Congress, federal administrative actions or federal court decisions. #ChinookJustice #indigenousrights
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