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Symbolism of the color palette used in @PeteButtigieg’s 2020 Presidential campaign: a thread
(📸: @WTVYNews4)
I went to the Design ToolKit on the website, and it turns out that each color in Pete’s campaign has symbolism to it. Pete thinks everything out very thoroughly, I didn’t even realize it went right down to the colors!
So, what does each color mean? I took the meanings off his website so you can view them in his thread! The page you can find it at is here:
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For those interested in hearing about Joseph Buttigieg from his colleagues and former students, these tributes are lovely. Also a couple of nice memories of a very young Peter and a father’s pride in his son. #PeteButtigieg…
In this lecture by Joseph Buttigieg, we can see and hear influences on his son. #PeteButtigieg
Proud parents, a very young JFK Award winner #PeteButtigieg and Caroline Kennedy.
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Pete Policy Deep Dive is finally here!! Today, we’re going to approach his climate change and policy and why framing it as a security issue is important!
First, what is #PeteButtigieg’s policy on climate?
Outside of implementing the #GreenNewDeal, Pete’s signature idea is implementing a carbon tax and dividend. Here is Pete explaining how and why it’s important ⬇️…
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@RawStory Admitting Depression, #Buttigieg Says U.S. Had a Homosexual President
South Bend, Indiana, Mayor #PeteButtigieg says he’s certain that one or more of the previous 44 presidents before Trump, was, like Buttigieg, a gay man.… #ThatGoofyKid
@RawStory Did you hear about this in school?
Was #AbrahamLincoln a Gay American?
"For homosexuals, there was a cloud over them but it seldom rained."
People, Ms. Baker noted, "were accustomed to these friendships between men."… #WasLincolnGay
@RawStory Was Lincoln #Gay?
The Intimate World of #AbrahamLincoln by C. A. Tripp.
Tripp is not the first to argue that #Lincoln was #homosexual.
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Ahhh, McKinsey, where #PeteButtigieg worked for a few years on "energy and grocery pricing."
Of course the original link where this Buttigieg interview was posted now "can't be found" but of course I have the receipts. 😉
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I grew up in the same South Bend @PeteButtigieg, graduating just a year ahead of him. I see how the media is trying to turn some things, especially with our crime rate, so I’ll just give you my perspective. I worked in downtown South Bend 18 years ago at a restaurant /1
and adjoining nightclub. I worked late evenings doing banquets and sometimes coat check. The drug store down the street would close at 6pm because the criminal element got so bad after dark. I would park there and walk the two blocks to work so I could avoid the parking /2
garages. My co-workers would tell stories of their cars being broken into repeatedly. When I would hostess in the restaurant I would see homeless people with obvious mental health issues urinating in front of the floor to ceiling windows that ran the length of our restaurant. /3
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This is a stunning attack by the Sanders team on an independent org for which two of his top people worked. Unlikely Sanders wrote this letter himself; it has none of his standard hyperbole. His senior aide, a former CAP employee, has attacked @neeratanden repeatedly, though.
Making this letter more disturbing is the fact that @BernieSanders campaign manager @fshakir is former editor-in-chief of @thinkprogress who in fact wrote all the policy for this very issue.
This bespeaks lack of cohesion in the Sanders campaign and suggests personal animus.
That @BernieSanders would personally attack @neeratanden, a woman of color, when Sanders has long been chastised for both misogyny and failing to properly acknowledge communities of color, is at best counterintuitive and at worst borderline racist and misogynist.
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Wow, a real eyeopener‼️
Outstanding exposé👇by @HumanistReport #MikeFigueredo:
"#PeteButtigieg is No Progressive, But Cable News Wants You to Believe Otherwise"
(#Israel #WallStreet #Technocrat #Apathetic #Globalist #MilitaryIndustrialComplex)

Pete Buttigieg Praised Israel After Gaza Massacre:
April 03, 2019

#PeteButtigieg #Israel #Palestine #Gaza #WarCrimes… #Tulsi2020
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The Rise and Fall of #PeteButtigieg, a play in three acts (probably):
Act One: Who is this guy with a funny name? Mayor of Notre Dame? I mean South Bend? Well whatever there are like 40 candidates and I don't have time for another random white dude who thinks he ought to be president. Go run for governor or something dude.
Act Two: These quotes reveal an unusually keen mind. The James Joyce, the piano, the Norwegian. Rhodes Scholar? - What if he is the millennial genius that we've been waiting for. I like how he talks about packing the courts, as we need a theory of change as well as policy. +
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Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “I get that I’m the young guy in the conversation, but I would say experience is what qualifies me to have a seat at this table”
“I know it’s more traditional to maybe come from Congress, to have a background in Washington. But I would also argue that we would be well served if Washington started to look more like our best run cities and towns rather than the other way around.”
“I have more years of govt experience under my belt than the president. I also have more years of executive government experience than the vice president, and more military experience than anybody to walk into that office on day once since George H W Bush”
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