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I spent an hour pursuing the Complete Web Design Course by Vako Shvili on Udemy today.

So far the course seems to be great and completely value packed.

Here's what I have learned today:
1. In web design, It all starts with alignment and grid.

Everything that is orderly, symmetric, and organized will be perceived as more beautiful than anything that is chaotic and disorderly.

Just as you would perceive a clean room better than a messy one.
2. One should start web design by using imaginary grids (not necessary though).

As a standard, the entire webpage should be divided into 12 grid columns with each column being separated by the other by a gap(gutter) of 30px
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Solidity Data Storage Location Comparison:

storage vs memory vs calldata.

A 🧵 to help you better understand solidity and write gas-efficient smart contracts
In Solidity, variables can be stored in three different locations: storage, memory, and calldata.

Each of these locations has its own unique characteristics, and it is important for Solidity developers to understand how each of them works.

Let's break them one by one:

Storage is a permanent storage location that is written to the blockchain.

Variables stored in storage are persistent and can be accessed by any function within the contract. However, accessing variables in storage is more expensive than accessing variables in memory. Image
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Melhorar a performance de aplicações não deveria ser algo incrível 👀🥵


#developer #softwaredeveloper #developertips #developerstories
Sim, eu acredito que deveria ser o básico!

Em 99% das empresas que trabalhei, a preocupação sempre era "faz funcionar agora e depois melhoramos"

E a real é que isso NUNCA aconteceu e todos os problemas que o time previa que ia acontecer, aconteciam e os projetos se tornavam um caos

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📊 Hey Folks

✍ So Day - 6 on #powerbi 🚀

⚠ Today I Made a Awesome #America Retail Analysis Dashboard

🎇 The beauty of Power BI is that you can look at each element to make better #decisions. The #dashboard's visual representation allows users to quickly see the #data that's relevant for the choices they have to make
🔥Then, define clear objectives to ensure that the dashboard accurately reflects your desired outcomes. 👇

#PowerBI #100DaysOfCode #100daysofcodechallenge #Data #100daysofcoding #developer #DataScience #dataScientist #DataAnalytics #excel #SQL #tableau #visualization #Dashboard
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🔹@FinanceChainge is a cross-chain DEX aggregator offering decentralized, and completely secure cross-chain solutions for achieving universal interoperability.

Projects can integrate their SDKs to achieve cross-chain capabilities while getting access to massive liquidity.🦾
Why is their solution superior to the existing ones?

1️⃣With multiple cross-chain operations occurring concurrently, assets are no longer restricted to a specific blockchain.

Eg: #USDT spread across 12 chains can be bridged to 1 destination chain or swapped with just one tap.🔎
2️⃣Chainge is the sole aggregator with the ability to combine liquidity across different blockchains, making it the most liquid DEX aggregator, offering economical services.

A cross-chain aggregated swap refers to splitting a transaction over multiple liquid chains.🔎
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🎯- Day 28 of #SQL Series 🤖

💹 Today I Solved a Two Amazing Questions 📙

🔗Q1) Problem Statement : Write a #Query to find no. of Gold Medal per swimmer for swimmer who won only Gold Medals .

#60daysofcodechallenge #60daysofSQL #30daysofSQL #sqlqueries #100daysofcodechallenge #SQLbySk #dataanalytics #business #sqlprogramming Image
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Create amazing #developer experiences 🪐🪄🚀

A #thread 🧵
API publishers: follow these three steps to get started with a better developer experience for onboarding, educating, and inspiring your API consumers. ⬇️
1⃣ Create good documentation with The Good Documentation Checklist from @PetuniaGray ✅✏️…
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.@ScalablyInc Research記事更新しました✅

パブリックチェーンを “運営 “するには?

/#パブリックチェーン 運営の3つの側面
/#Aptos#Sui を例に考察する…
/#パブリックチェーン 運営の3つの側面

この記事では #Avalanche#BNBChain などいくつかの有名なパブリックチェーンの運用方法の優先順位を付けました。


開発者は #Solana のPoHや #Avalanche のサブネットなどの様に、技術的な違いの協調に有効です

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1/ Get rid of complex, traditional backend servers while building your #websites.

According to @HTTPArchive, now more than 1% of ALL websites are based on the Jamstack architectural approach


(image by C. Fayock)

#webapp #coding #developer #innovation
2/ Whether you are an experienced or a novice web developer, your main, urgent goal is to avoid:

🐢Slow loading times

🔒Security vulnerabilities

📈Scaling issues


3/ The Jamstack is a way of building web applications that utilizes modern tools and technologies based on #JavaScript, #APIs, and Markdown (J.A.M. stack), in order to decouple the #frontend from the #backend
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[1/🧵] @Ripple's Green ♻️ Agenda 2030 — Part 1/2

@Ripple as a significant actor in the achievement of the most critical goal of:
🌱 „Goal 13 Climate Action“

In part 1 of this series, I will break it ALL down for you in regards to #Ripple 🧵👇 Source:

This is typically a heated topic. That is why I will do my best to be neutral, clear, and factual. Expect no guesstimates or personal opinions on this subject.

Everything is stated exactly as it is! Source:
[3/33] Before I get any farther into the intricacies of #Ripple, we must first build the groundwork:

❓ What is the primary goal ❓
The purpose is to combat #climate change by enacting the "Paris Agreement" and meeting the "#UN Sustainable Development Goals [13]." Source:
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Hey there! Are you interested in learning web development? Struggling with figuring out where to start and how to focus on one particular area? I've been there too! I used to jump from one technology to another, trying to learn everything at once and ended up becoming a Jack ...
of all Trades, Master of None.

But then I decided to drop everything and focus on becoming a Master of JavaScript, particularly the Backend (Node). And let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made! Not only is it a highly paid and in-demand technology, but it also ...
brings me so much joy and fulfillment.

If you want to start your journey in web development, I highly recommend taking @yu_angela's Development Bootcamp on Udemy. She has a unique way of teaching that keeps you engaged and interested. And the best part? ...
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Lightning Developer Tools 🧵⬇️⚡️

-Channel Tools;
-Lightning Dev Kit;
-LNP Node;
-Java LND Client;
-PHP Client (LND/Core Lightning);
-LN API Paywall;

(continue below)

#bitcoin #LightningNetwork #developer #layer2 Image
-Lightning Dissector;
-Integration testing Framework;
-NodeJs LND
-Payment Request Decoder
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🤔¿Cómo interrogar a un #código que no es tuyo?

Como #developer, no siempre trabajas con fácil de leer y entender desde el primer momento.

🔧 Por eso te traigo 10 TRUCOS que puedes usar para interrogar el código desconocido.

[ HILO ] ↓
1. Instala plugins. Suena obvio, pero tal vez no estés exprimiendo al máximo tu editor de código.

✅ Instala cosas como: Resaltado de sintaxis, auto formateo, refactoring, navegación contextual (ver implementación, ver referencia, etc), test-runners, ...
2. Lee el código al menos dos veces.

A la pimera casi nunca es suficiente para entender completamente lo que hace un trozo de código. Dos debería ser el mínimo.
🦆 Si tienes un patito de goma, es el momento de empezar a hablar con él.
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@verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 answering the question on how to grow professionally (as software architect for her, but it’s the same for all paths in #softaredevelopment). Let’s discuss about it in this thread 🧵 👇🏻
Let me introduce the thread saying that the talk by @verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 about #gitops was very helpful and rich of content and points of inspiration. Surely something to try in every day company business to improve our products, developer and customer experience.
Next, going straight to the point what @verodigiorgio says here is that #curiosity and the ability to face our ideas with other #developers (or more generally other colleagues in the business having another point of view) are fundamentals point for growth and success.
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#RAILGUN is now open to ALL DeFi devs with Quickstart SDK, an open-source toolkit to add RAILGUN's advanced privacy system to your dApp.

It's written in TypeScript and compatible with node.js and web browsers.

🧵 on our RAILGUN Developer Guides

The Quickstart SDK is simple to integrate and only requires 100-200 lines of code for complete #privacy integration into any new or existing #dApp.

DeFi devs can now add RAILGUN's full privacy feature suite across @ethereum, @BNBCHAIN and @0xPolygon dApps:

- Shield any and all ERC20s (NFTs soon) into a Private Balance
- Maintain a Private Balance
- Send tokens privately
- Use a Private Balance with ANY smart contract
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You've heard of $ERG but not sure what it is up to?

I'll make sure you know all about #ERGO and why is it gaining all this attention. 📈

Let's see what you could be missing out on with @ergoplatformorg! 🧵👇

#ERG $ERGO $ADA #Cardano
#Ergo is a next-generation layer 1 #blockchain that builds upon the UTXO model to serve as an efficient, decentralized, and secure, smart contract platform (without gas fees) and provides optional privacy.
Let's get some of $ERG's high praise out of the way, namely, the praise received from #Cardano $ADA (also a co-founder of Ethereum) founder Charles Hoskinson, who called $ergo a "technical marvel".
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Es dificil encontrar libros de testing que marquen la diferencia.

Solo comparto libros que de verdad me he leído.

Te comparto los 3 mejores libros sobre testing que me he leído.

[HILO] ⇩
Test Driven Development: By Example de @KentBeck
Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests
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Chrome Extensions of the Month - September 2022

#ChromeExtensions #Chrome #Developer #webdeveloper #javascript #programming #productivity

Thread 👇
1. Fake Data

It is the most advanced tool for filling forms with fake and random data. Fake Data will help you insert random values in any form field. Generate random names, emails, addresses, phone numbers and many more types of data.
2. GoFullPage

Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions! The simplest way to take a full page screenshot of your current browser window.
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Python for Cybersecurity Specialization

Master Python for a variety of cybersecurity tasks with these FREE Top-class resources.

Enrollment Starts: Sep 15

#CyberSecurity #Python #programming #infosec #developer

1⃣ Introduction to Python for Cybersecurity

- This course is the first part of Python for Cybersecurity Specialization.
- Learners will get an introduction and overview of the course format and learning objectives.…
2⃣ Execution, persistence, privilege escalation, and evasion…
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17 roles you must know to run a successful software development team🧵👇

For building a successful software product, you need to have a strong software development team. These are the following roles crucial to run the software business👇

#software #programming #developer
1. Project Executive

Experienced professionals with a good grasp of business serve as project executives. An individual with this role must be granted the required authority to take any rational business decisions for the project.
2. Product Owner

The product owner is responsible to make sure all the requirements of the project follow the business needs. An individual having such a role must be familiar with the strategic aim and objectives of the project.
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🤖 ¿La inteligencia artificial te reemplazará?

¡NO! Por ahora vino a hacerte tu trabajo de #developer y #UIDesigner más fácil.

✅ 7 utilidades de inteligencia artificial para #WebDevelopers

❤️ Ayudame con un RT

1️⃣ Copilot creado por @GitHub es un "autocompletado" de código que utiliza AI para ofrecerte sugerencias a tu código, pero completa una función completa solo con el nombre, por ejemplo.

Está en beta privada, anótate en la lista:
@github @tabnine parecido a Github Copilot, pero se puede usar en cualquier editor de código y no está en beta cerrada.

Tiene una versión paga y una gratis y promete ser mejor que Copilot.
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5 Websites to Boost Your Frontend Development Skills 🔍

A Thread 🧵👇
1. Frontend Mentor
2. CSSBattle
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