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¿Eres #developer pero te cuesta diseñar? Te dejo otro post de mi serie:

⭐️ Diseño para desarrolladores ⭐️

Como diseñar un banner principal en 7 pasos

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#diseño #ui #webdesign #diseñoweb #frontend #desarrollo

👇🏽 THREAD 👇🏽 Image
Lo primero es analizar qué está mal para saber como mejorarlo.

- La imagen
- El texto no se lee
- ¿Llamado a la acción? Image
Necesitamos conseguir una imagen con un "espacio libre" donde poder ubicar el texto.

Par de sitios para descargar imagenes free-stock.

- unsplash .com
- pexels .com Image
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Want to become a Data Scientist? Here are some great resources that you should watch in order;Statistics & Linear Algebra Not Included 🧵
#100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfMLCode #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #Coding #Coders #PyTorch #Tensorflow #Developer
Part 1 of Microsoft's Intro to Python Series:
Gets you up and running in python and introduces you to the basics of setting up your development environment.…
Continuation of the series above.…
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One of the more unique aspects of the @Helium Network is the Consensus Protocol. Proof-of-Coverage (#PoC) is used for sybil resistance and to periodically select a new #HoneyBadgerBFT group.
Ask any Hotspot host and they will tell you how they dream of joining the coveted Consensus Group - a small group of Hotspots on #ThePeoplesNetwork that receives 6% of all $HNT mined per epoch.
Let’s take a walk back in time, shall we? We first read @socrates1024 #HoneyBadgerBFT paper in 2018. Our implementation was similar to @ethereum, using the GHOST protocol and @bitcoin #NakamotoConsensus to select a winner for each block.
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It all started when I decide to apply Inbox Zero in my @Outlook work account. Why? I've heard it might help me be more productive, but I actually did it to have a cleaner mailbox = less noise. Little did I know...

A thread 🧵
According to @howtogeek

It's a staple of digital productivity advice. “Achieving Inbox Zero” is the knowledge worker’s equivalent of “reaching enlightenment.” But Inbox Zero doesn’t mean having an empty inbox—it’s all about reducing email stress.…
My setup was based on 8 folders and, in each, several subfolders. Total of 35 folder incl. Inbox. The incoming messages were automatically distributed using @Outlook rules. So, I had to flatten my mailbox somehow -> all messages back to the inbox (why? answered on the last tweet)
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Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) attacks -…

#security #websecurity #sec #infosec
what is Cross-Site Request Forgery?

it is a type of attack performed on web apps in order to carry out a malicious action without user's explicit consent.
these 'malicious actions' could be anything. for example: changing email address, personal information etc

how it is performed?

* attacker leads the user to perform an action(through email, website etc)

* attacker makes a request on behalf of the user(by using a hidden form, for example)

* vulnerable website sees it as a genuine action(by verifying session cookie)

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Popular JavaScript Interview Questions with Answers.

JavaScript is the most popular language with ample job opportunities. Here is the list of 20 most asked javascript interview questions to speed up your preparation.

🧵A Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode (RT for reach)
1. What's the difference between undefined and null?

"undefined" is the default value of a variable that has not been assigned a specific value and "null" is a value that represents no value.

3. What does the || operator do?

The || or Logical OR operator finds the first truthy expression in its operands and returns it. This too employs short-circuiting to prevent unnecessary work.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript
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#BandaDaily #1:

When #coding something, always approach the problem iteratively.

That means that as #developer you go through roughly 5 stages:

1. Make a straightforward solution
2. Cover edge cases
3. Improve the performance
4. Improve the design
5. Reduce complexity

1. Make a straightforward solution

It's the basis of your work: it's rough, potentially inefficient, and may not work in the edge cases.

Copy/paste here instead of creating complex reusable components.

Here's the goal to create something that actually works, but not perfect.
As a junior engineer, you should be able to come up with at least one such solution, after thinking about the problem for a while, researching, and discussing with more experienced engineers.

If you still can't, the problem requires more expertise than you currently have.
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- Why are you doing #frontend projects?
- To practice #webdev
- Okay, why do you practice web dev?
- To land a dev position in a #tech company or startup
- Why do you need to land a dev position?
- I see. I want to secure my family's future.

🧵to remind you of the reasons:
One day, everyone who is going through the path of becoming #developer, experience this unsureness.

We feel unmotivated, tired, and somehow #anxious.

We may feel afraid of a lot of requirements out there to get a job.

We may have trouble in our personal life.
Honestly, there may be a lot of reasons for us to experience the decline.

There are many recommendations people give in that case:
- Take a break for a few days
- Change the location: e.g. get from home to a coffee shop (like Starbucks) and practice there
- Find a coding partner
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How To Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Screen Time Damage?

Being a #Developer means long hours watching/staring, hence it is mandatory to take good care of your eyes, hence this thread contains tips to reduce or prevent eyestrain.

🧵A Thread 🧵

Exercises to prevent eyestrain🏋️🏽

1. Take occasional breaks.
2. Blink often to refresh your eyes.
3. Use proper room lighting.
4. Adjust the brightness of the screens.
5. Increase text size on screens.
6. Buy computer glasses.

#100DaysOfCode #eyehealth
Diet to improve eyes health 🍲

1. Eat more nutrients.
2. Quit Smoking.
3. Consume omega-3 or Fish oil tablets.
4. Leafy green vegetables
5. Nuts and Seeds.
6. Citrus Fruits and Berries
7. Stay hydrated.🥤

#100DaysOfCode #eyehealth
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5 tips that will improve the design and quality of your #software:

1. Write shorter functions (methods) that do just one thing ("single responsibility principle").

2. Decrease the number of decision points (aka "cyclomatic complexity") per unit (function, method, etc).
3. Avoid duplication at all cost!

4. Keep your interfaces small (e.g. the number of arguments a function or class receives).

5. Separate concerns by making your code more modular.
What have all these tips in common?

They lead to more robust and moldable software:

1. Components become more loosely coupled and are therefor easier to reuse, test and extend (support new use cases).
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The #AbilitySummit brought together people from all around the world to build the future of disability inclusion and accessibility. Continue this conversation by accessing the resources we'll gradually add to this thread.

Let’s start from the beginning: Illustration that reads 'Mi...
Learn about the latest accessibility features available in @MicrosoftEdge from the team behind it in this product demo: #AbilitySummit #A11y Alt text: Screenshot featur...
In this short excerpt from our Ability Summit Day 1 Keynote, learn from Microsoft’s CEO, @satyanadella, and our plan to Imagine, Build, Include, and Empower the future of disability inclusion and accessibility: #Inclusion #AbilitySummit
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My favourite VS Code extensions...

These are best of my favourite ones...

🧵 This is a thread 🧵

#programming #coding #CodeNewbies #CodeNewbie #Developer #java #javascript #python #DevComIN #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode #vscode @code #html #100DaysOfCloud #code #android
1. TabNine
• AI coding assistant
• Better auto-completes
• Understands patterns in your code
• Fast
2. Prettier
• Enhance readability of your code
• Make your code look more beautiful
• Fast...
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Building a #nocode platform is a lot of work. Especially for a #solofounder. Here's how I'm doing it. ⤵️
1/6. I need to make some money on the project while the full nocode platform is being built. I've released "half" of the application as a #developer tool to auto generate a backend (#nodejs #rest #api) without writing code.
2/6. Using developers as the user base for the initial product is not random. They're easier to teach nocode tools to because they already know about software development. Concepts like a database schema aren't foreign to them. This lowers the customer support burden
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As PI, I am looking to hire two full-time, full-stack experienced #python developers for #quantum #computing for an exciting and growing project I started and lead here with a wonderful and growing team based out of New York.

MAIN POST: (see...
requirements here)
Second post:

Required Technical and Professional ...
* Must have strong python developer skills (6+ years)
* Must have strong knowledge of object-oriented software design principles

Preferred Technical and Professional ...
* Quantum physics background and education
* Some experience with physics or engineering simulations

Ideal to know: defining abstractions & interfaces, PEP8, linting, magic methods in python, github, software design principles, rapid prototyping speed, demonstrated ...
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Popular JavaScript Interview Questions with Answers.

JavaScript is most popular language with ample of job opportunities. Here is the list of 20 most asked #javascript interview questions to speed up your preparation.

🧵A Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #Developer
1. What's the difference between undefined and null?

"undefined" is the default value of a variable that has not been assigned a specific value and "null" is a value that represents no value.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Developer
2. What does the && operator do?

The && or Logical AND operator finds the first falsy expression in its operands and returns it and if it does not find any falsy expression it returns the last expression.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Developer
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about the pros and cons of @CraftCMS on…. If you are deciding on whether to adopt #CraftCMS, you will find this thread useful. (1/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS is a general purpose Content Management System (CMS) which differentiates itself from other #alternatives by offering a clean starting point coupled with great tools to build a #website. (2/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS features a clear separation of concern between the content models, presentation and business logic. Since you begin with a clean slate, you have to bring your own #HTML and #design. There is no starter theme.
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Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020 results are out :… 

Picture for #Ruby doesn't look good. For me, it has several signs of becoming exotic / niche (like COBOL) than being widespread (like Java). This has huge impact on hiring and talent pool (1/n)
1. % of survey respondents working on Ruby is : 7.1 Decreasing over the years :
2020 - 7.1 (Rank 14)
2019 - 8.4 (Rank 12)
2018 - 10.1 (Rank 13)
2017 - 9.1 (Rank 10)
2016 - 8.9 (Rank 11)
This by itself is not significant, but when read with other metrics it is meaningful (2/n)
2. #rubyonrails is also facing a similar decline in popularity. This year it was at 7.0%
This, of course, could be the bias associated with the developers surveyed. It still, however, shows where the #developer #community is concentrating. More on importance of this below. (3/n)
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My React Native Journey:
A while ago, I fell madly in love with #React. And recently delved into #ReactNative. My React Native journey hasn't been as smooth though. Due to the frequent updates of the react-native framework, existing tutorials quickly become outdated.
In this thread, I have curated some of the most relevant materials I have found, which have brought the much-needed balance to my learning journey. They are listed below:
1. The React Native Documentation: irrespective of what other material you chose. This always comes in handy for quick reference. And it's always up to date.
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There are a lot of misconceptions what a rejection from Apple's app review means, so I thought putting together some strategies from publishing 1000+ apps for our clients might help. Here's what we learned: #apple #ios #app #review
1⃣ Persistence: Don't give up after the first or even third rejection. Ask the reviewer questions if you're unsure. Be polite with your replies and try to pinpoint the main problems. Saw problems go away, just by explaining them a few times in different ways.
2⃣ Don't take it personally: Reviewers are just trying to do their job, they are not creating those rules. Snappy replies or "running to the press" without trying to resolve the issue in the first place *usually* doesn't help.
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1/x In an effort to understand the #OilPriceWar I dug a bit. Here is what I found & another resource thread for any students that are not in school & would like to learn a bit on #markets. #ResourceThread

A. It. began with the #Corvid19 = ⬇️ demand.…
2/x The #Corvid19 -> ⬇️ Dem. to level this ⬇️prod.

B. V. much like the rhyme there was an old woman who swallowed a fly, shell, and a host of other holiday spin offs, the⬇️ demand, would have resulted in a price crash. See #oilprice metrics.…
3/x #Oilprice is complex, here is a site that show some price charts that may be of interest. Here you can create your own dashboard.…
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The secret source for delivering value in form of software at (enterprise) scale? Option 1: the Thanos Method (get rid of most people) - Not recommended but effective for sure.
Option 2: create and maintain an immune system made of strong engineering culture (includes #ethics!!) AND platform thinking (for synergy effects & North Star). This is the option I do consulting at: Strategic Software Delivery. #devrel #dev #experience #SoftwareEngineering
The immune system is a passive force to allow customer centric thinking, allow experiments on all levels. It frees up busy minds and let’s you focus on delivering value to customers. Because it is a passive system, it is easy to overlook, but it makes all the difference.
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The HR Recruiters fix UX interview with Technical Architect, Technical Managers, Engineering Directors, Delivery Manager, CTO etc. These guys only understand tangible UI Design and look for it overwhelmingly. They don't understand the Functional & Strategic aspect, that is UX.
UX is Functional and ideally be interviewed by Product VP, Functional Product Manager, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Strategist and Chief Design Officer.
UX consultation can be done on Services, Processes, Business and Products.

#UXjobs #UXhiring
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