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1/ 🚀 Ready for an even better metaverse experience!

@TheLandVault, known for empowering metaverse like #TheSandbox & #Decentraland with awesome tools, has secured $27M in funding! 🌐💰

Also new on DappRadar! 👇


More alpha the latest DGM🧵
2/ What's more? 🎮 @MagicEden launches Magic Eden Games, a great place for discovering web3 games & trade in-game items!

3/ Time check out some stats

The Gem Mining and giveaways events have led to a significant boost in the @honorworld_io's stats.

🔥UAW +36.33%
🔥transactions 102.52% and increase in
🔥volume +521.17%

Check out the game 👇…
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.@borgetsebastien at @TheSandboxGame has embarked his builder journey since 2011. He has influenced many great builders and brands to come to Web3 to build in open metaverse. Over the last 12 years, not only Seb is a builder, investor, advisor, he is also an inspiring educator🧵 Image
1/ From 2019's first hands-on taste of The Sandbox to 2023 NFT Paris, Seb and his team have come a long way

2/ In 2021, @borgetsebastien, @ysiu , @amokensuke, along with 18 authors wrote “NFT Textbook: The future where digital data becomes an asset from business, blockchain, law, and accounting”, published in Japan 🇯🇵 Image
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5 tokens à surveiller qui pourraient voir leur prix chuter à cause des « tokens unlock » 📉

Un thread 👇
🖊️ « tokens unlock » : quand un projet crypto libère dans la circulation une certaine quantité de tokens.

Souvent, ce sont des tokens distribués aux investisseurs privés ou à l'équipe mais verrouillés pendant une période définie 🔐
Notez qu'à court terme, le « tokens unlock » peut entraîner une pression baissière 📉 issue de la libération des tokens et de la prise de profits des investisseurs 💸

Voyons ensemble les 5 plus gros « tokens unlock » à surveiller en février 2023 ! 👇📅
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1) It's no secret that the MOST safe returns often come from high cap projects.

After writing threads on more than 50 projects here are my TOP high cap picks for the future.

🧵👇 Image
2) $QNT

The single one that I believe is winning the race in TRUE interoperability by a huge margin.

Build a Dapp with components of multiple blockchain leveraging the best features.

⏩ Sitting at a 1.8b marketcap.

3) $BNB

#Binance has proven time again that they continue to build and innovate.

They even acknowledge #CEXs won't be around forever and have expanded to every need in the industry to survive.

This likely won't change.

⏩ Sitting at a 47b marketcap.…
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QUELQUES #Cryptos que j'accumule en cette PÉRIODE de législation/regulation, et de #bearmarket

$BTC #Bitcoin
$ETH #Ethereum

Privacy Coins
$XMR #Monero
$ZEC #Zcash
$SCRT #SecretNetwork

Cosmos Ecosystem
$ATOM #Cosmos
$TORI #Teritori
$EVMOS #Evmos
$JUNO #JunoNetwork

$FLUX #Flux
$QNT #Quant
$HFT #hashflow
$VRSC #VerusCoin
$KAI #KardiaChain 

DEX Tokens
$UNI #Uniswap
$LRC #Loopring
$CRV #CurveDAO

Yield Farming
$AAVE #Aave
$SNX #Syntetix
$BAL #Balancer 
$BIFI #BeefyFinance

$GRT #TheGraph
$LINK #Chainlink
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$ENS #EthereumNameService

Médias, Gaming, Sports, Vidéos
$CHZ #Chilliz
$VRA #Verasity
$ENJ #EnjinCoin
$TFUEL #ThetaFuel
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$UFC #UltimateFCFanToken
$VIT #TeamVitalityFanToken

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MEGA Thread #OasisProtocol : The privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

Here's everything you need to know about $ROSE, tackling the challenges of the contemporary economy that poses economic and privacy concerns.

A thread 🧵👇
1. My recommendation to read first:

I've written about the fundamentals of $ROSE previously in a simple to understand thread below.

2. In this thread, I want to focus on the upcoming events, ecosystem and potential value $ROSE offers to us as investors.

Firstly, with an ecosystem fund this accelerates growth by creating an economic flywheel incentive designed by @a16z that I will explain below.
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✨The Metaverse Index is 14 tokens in ONE ✨

In this thread 🧵👇

-Where to get 40%+ APY on $MVI? 🚀
-What is the "Metaverse"? 🌎
-What's in the Metaverse Index? 📈

Because which sector in crypto has the greatest L2 potential? Easy, the Metaverse.

x/ ImageImage
1a/ Where to get yield on $MVI?

@SushiSwap on @0xPolygon

Stake your $WETH / $MVI LP token to get about 35% yields.

Earning both $MATIC and $SUSHI rewards. Image
1b/ Where to get yield on $MVI?

@AdamantVault on @0xPolygon

Stake your $WETH / $MVI from SushiSwap on Adamant to auto-compound your rewards

@0xPolygon's lower gas fees makes this possible. Image
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Next up in my #Cryptothoughts series, in which I take a closer look at some of the projects in the crypto/blockchain space that have me beyond #bullish is @TheSandboxGame. #TheSandbox is one of the most exciting blockchain-based metaverses on the market, with 1/8
its platform enhancing the gaming experience and integrating all of the innovative features & benefits of #DeFi, blockchain technology, & #NFTs. What the media often misses when they talk about NFTs and some of the ascendant blockchain-based games & metaverses that we're 2/8
seeing is that this isn't just some fad; it's a true game changer for the gaming experience, putting control back in the hands of users & developers and bringing a true sense of digital asset ownership to the table. Using @TheSandboxGame platform, gamers can actually trade, 3/8
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Most undervalued sector in crypto with the greatest L2 potential? The Metaverse.

✨The Metaverse Index is 15 tokens in ONE✨

$MVI is a basket of tokens capturing the trend of NFTs, entertainment, sports, & business shifting to a virtual environment.

What's in the $MVI?

2/ $ENJ - @enjin - 16.2% of the $MVI

#Enjin allows game developers to tokenize in-game items on the #Ethereum blockchain. It uses $ENJ, an ERC-20 token, to back the digital assets issued using its platform, meaning that items can be bought, sold and traded with real-world value.
3/ $MANA - @decentraland - 14.9% of the $MVI

#Decentraland is a decentralized VR world. Where you can purchase land, build on it, monetize, and immerse into the applications and content that is built by other users. Land and in-game currency give users complete ownership.
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