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A Short History Of #Monero Network Upgrades, and What The Upcoming Network Upgrade In August 2022 Means To You!
Since #Bitcoin’s blocksize war came to a head in 2017, hardforks of blockchain protcols have been largely stigmatized. A Bitcoin maximalist is likely to tell you hardforks are bad, however this mindset or approach can stifle innovation and development.
We have seen many other protocols blossom in regards to innovation and development when they welcome improvements.
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I think escape velocity is an important concept for the #Zcash community to consider.

Escape velocity is the velocity needed to escape the gravitational pull back to a massive object.

If you don’t expend enough energy to escape the Earth’s gravity, you will always fall back to Earth.

In physics, escape velocity is easy to calculate. For a crypto project, it is not.

The gravitational object #Zcash is trying to escape is the mass of crypto projects that are sort of on the sidelines, trying to get worldwide recognition and adoption.

Pretty much everything but #Bitcoin and #Ethereum have yet to escape orbit IMO

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And we're LIVE with @P3b7_ and @zooko discussing our Freedom by Design initiative!
"People are not completely aware of the data that is collected and shared - that's why awareness is important in this area." -@P3b7_
"The word privacy means different things for different people. Some think it's to minimize sharing. It's about sharing or not being your choice. It's a consent." -@zooko
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Time for a deep dive 🧵 on one of the most promising projects on Cosmos:

👉Secret Network👈

Secret Network is "the first blockchain with data privacy by default for every dapp - 100x'ing the possibilities for #DeFi, #NFTs, .."

Crypto is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our financial lives, and with that everything is stored visibly on the blockchain.
This means that privacy is going to play an important role, so that crypto users have a choice to keep their transaction history and wallet balances to themselves.

"But I have nothing to hide".

Classic example of any free person's famous last words.

Privacy is a human right.
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How #Monero is Eating #Bitcoin's Lunch – And Ten Other Things You Didn’t Know About Monero.

A Tweet Thread for the Monero curious 🧵👇
#Monero transactions are higher than ever. In particular, Monero’s total number of transactions compared to Bitcoin (ratio) are rising. This means more people are choosing to transact with #XMR instead of #BTC.

Are other privacy coins being used today? No, unfortunately not. #Monero vastly makes up for the total number of private crypto transactions, with over 98% of volume.

(src: @JEhrenhofer)
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NU5 has been a talking point for some of crypto’s biggest names.

Let’s dive into the largest network upgrade in #Zcash’s history ⬇️
The first phase of Halo deployment in Zcash introduces a new shielded-transaction protocol, Orchard, which creates the first shielded-transfer capability that does not rely on a trusted setup.
This third shielded pool, underpinned by the Halo proving system, represents the continued evolution of Zcash’s zk-SNARK technology stack and would be guarded by the same shielded-pool turnstile design as used between Sprout and Sapling.
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ZK-Rollups represent the future of Layer-2 #Blockchain scaling

@orbisproject is building the first ZK-Rollup on #Cardano

& Orbis plays an indispensable role in scaling #Cardano

Here’s a breakdown of the ZK-Proof Orbis is using to build its scaling solution on #Cardano: 🧵👇 Image
So what is a zero-knowledge proof?

It is a cryptographic technique,

where one party (The Prover) can prove that a specific statement is true to the other party (The Verifier)

without disclosing any additional information

apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true Image
When it comes to computational zero-knowledge, there are 2 types of ZK-Proofs

- Interactive ZK-Proofs
- non-interactive ZK-Proofs

So let's try and understand the major differences between the two

and why non-interactive ZK-Proofs are superior to the former?
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Summary of fee mechanisms studied by GMU 4 #Zcash shielded assets…

1. Computational Costs: Identical to the current one

Pros: Straightforward and easy to implement

Cons: Unfair to $ZEC holders if ZSA's become popular + could potentially weaken privacy
2. Shielding Hosting: ZSA's pay fee equivalent to the dilution of ZEC holders. Fees are cumulative while assets remain shielded

Pros: Fairness between ZEC holders & ZSA

Cons: Incentivises quick ZSA redemption & complicates overhead for miners + tx's might get censored
3. Shielding Hosting + Mandatory ZEC market buys: Similar to previous but fees are automatically converted at some rate to ZEC through a Zcash DEX

Pros: More mangeable overhead for miners
Cons: Need to rely on price oracles, ZEC liquidity providers & fosters arbitrage behavior
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What are privacy coins? How do they work? What are some of the best options out there? Do they make a good investment? 🔍

Here are some pointers 👇 1/10
/2 Privacy coins are a kind of cryptocurrency focused on making transactions fully secure, anonymous, and untraceable.

Although in the public debate they are often looked down at as 'criminals' coins' they are actually the safest choice for protecting financial information❗️
/3 Pros of privacy coins:

-Recent Success - In the face of a challenging market cycle
-Greater Privacy
-Deliver on on promise of decentralization
-Growing Name Recognition - Chance to get in before they really take off
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Financial Privacy Is Not a Crime: #Bitcoin, #Zcash and #Monero.

A thread 🧵👇
This is what Zooko, CEO and developer of #Zcash , said a few years ago:

"I think we can successfully make Zcash too traceable for criminals like WannaCry, but still completely private & fungible."

Developers’ judgement matter.

It can be concerning when developers building tools for public use get to decide what’s right or wrong, and talk about censoring users at their discretion.

There's a reason why most darknet markets and hackers don't use #Zcash.

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[#Thread & #Giveaways] Autour du projet @RunOnFlux sur lequel @MiningTk est incollable.

Un lot de 150 $FLUX à se partager pour lequel vous devez :
🔹 Follow @FLUX_France & @From0To10K
🔹 RT & Like
🔹 Commenter : "Wen $FLUX listing on @BybitFr sir?"

Infos, tirage & Thread ⬇️
Les 150 $FLUX seront divisés en 3 :

🔸 100 FLUX
🔸 30 FLUX
🔸 20 FLUX

Le tirage du #Giveaways / #Concours aura lieu le 13 Décembre.

Ce concours sponsorisé vous est offert en partenariat avec @FLUX_France que je remercie pour leur confiance.

Aller, découvrons @RunOnFlux ⬇️
$FLUX, histoire & origines

Né du « fork » de la #crypto anonyme #ZCash, FLUX se nommait autrefois ZELCash et son coin le $ZEL. Le but était de créer une plateforme décentralisée, sécurisée et évolutive.

Ce n’est que le 27 Mars 2021, que le projet fût rebaptisé $FLUX.
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Some thoughts on #eth culture:

The thing I've always appreciated most about the #Ethereum community is that we don't take ourselves too seriously. This is an underrated characteristic and one well worth protecting. Why?
Because it creates openness and makes it easier to enter a community for the first time. Everyone starts at zero, so if each tiny fact you don't know yet is A Big Deal there's no ramp to gradually build skill and acquire knowledge, just a cliff you fall off with one misstep.
It's also allowed Ethereum, as the blockchain space grows, to make use of insights gained from other chains. Important PoS components were first deployed by #Zcash. People weren't sure about EIP 1557 at first, but seeing it run in production on #Filecoin improved confidence. Etc.
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State of the Market by @hasufl and @zhusu
Thread (1/n)

Apple Podcast:…
Is the Bull Market over?

People generally have trouble zooming out:
> YoY Total Value Lock in protocols
> YoY Activity in Addresses
> Daily Volumes
We are at monumental figures, healthy signs of adoption & continued interest
>Some coins went up every month for 9 months straight pullback not necessary a bad thing
>Gives entry point to new comers
>Bull Market definitely not over
>Also allows institutional participants to get involved Good chance to get into ETH
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موضوع: تحلیل سبد سرمایه گذاری 15 شرکت معتبر سرمایه گذاری #کریپتوکارنسی
1-اعلام #رمزارز های مشترک در #پرتفوی شرکتها
2-معرفی پروژه ها و توکن های فوق ، پتانسیل رشد و ارائه توضیحات شخصی
در صورتی که محتوا مناسب و دارای جنبه های آموزشی برای سایرین است لطفا #ریتویت کنید.
لیست شرکت های سرمایه گذاری بررسی شده:
#a16z #polychain #boostvc #dcg #hashkey #pantera#Placeholder_Ventures #cms_holding #blockchain #Coinfund#fabric_ventures#CMS_Holdings #binance_labs#Multicoin#DragonFly
خیلی مهم- رمزارزهای ذیل صرفا انتخاب کارشناسان شرکت های فوق است و زمان خرید آنها توسط شرکت های فوق فاکتور خیلی مهمی است، به نفع شماست که بدون تحلیل، تحقیق و بررسی، آنها را معیار سرمایه گذاری خود قرار ندهید.

توکن های مشترک در پرتفوی سرمایه گذاری شرکتهای بررسی شده: Image
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Fee comparison, mini-research

(Based on Binance withdrawal transactions, 03/2021)

@Bitcoin : 0.0005 $BTC
≈ $27.02

@ethereum : 0.008 $ETH
≈ $14.56

@Polkadot : 0.1 $DOT
≈ $3.61


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Polkadot #DeFi #fees
@OntologyNetwork :1 $ONT
≈ $1.19

@Cardano : 1 $ADA
≈ $1.18

@Dogecoin : 20 $DOGE
≈ $1.14


#crypto #Bitcoin #Ontology #Dogecoin #Cardano
@Dahspay : 0.002 $DASH
≈ $0.475380

@avalancheavax : 0.01 $AVAX
≈ $0.273549

@binance : 0.0008 $BNB on #BSC
≈ $0.218595


#crypto #Binance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #BNB #Avalanche #Dash
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My first tweet ever...

My case for #Zcash

Evolution of privacy in cryptocurrencies (as I understand it)

1. t2t

pros: @Bitcoin!; supported by exchanges; less regulatory concerns

cons: full information leakage
2. partial privacy (use of decoys, t2z2t transactions, privacy add-on features for non-private blockchains)

pros: better than t2t as it seeks to make it harder to link leaked information; coins that default to "private" mode arguably make it more effective, but this is temporary
cons: partial information leakage weakens security; can't make money that is in flight private; decoys/sidechains have limitations vs. blockchains that implement ZK proofs from the beginning
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1/ @Anchorage: The First Federally Chartered Digital Bank

In January, the US government gave there largest stamp of approval for crypto currencies like #Bitcoin

Here is my full analysis of the company poised to disrupt the banking system
2/ Cryptocurrency has exploded over the past 5-10 years.

Most people are familiar with #Bitcoin, but there are many other digital assets such as #Ether, #ZCash, #FacebookDiem, etc.

The space changes rapidly, and it requires significant levels of agility and expertise to keep up
3/ Founders @nathanmccauley and @diogomonica have over 20 years of security expertise.

Both led security within payments at @Square in the nascent stages

They recognized the upcoming challenges of securing digital assets.

In 2017, @Anchorage was born.
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1/ Ever since my #tether thread, crypto diehards have alleged that Tether printing is just market-driven.

More investors = more demand = more #tether being generated.

There is no strong evidence for this.

In fact, in this thread, I argue the complete opposite. 👇
2/ The following comes from a paper published in July 2020, with my additional commentary.…
3/ [..] large entities have gained centralized control over the vast majority of operations in the cryptocurrency world, such as centralized exchanges that handle the majority of transactions and stable coin issuers that can control the supply of money like a central bank.
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Ceteris paribus, halvings double the cost of producing a single unit of a PoW-based #cryptomoney like $BTC or $ZEC.
Cost of production is important for commodities, as it sets the price floor at which a producer is willing to sell.

As argued here, I believe PoW-based #cryptomonies classify as commodities:…
A halving's effect on price is a lagging one, driven by changes in miner economics and thereby the market structure of ASKS.
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The #Ethereum #proofofstake #phase0 #beaconchain is getting close to launch!

So what?

Here's a thread to explain why millions of dollars of #ETH are being moved into this state of the art gadget, what makes it different from other #PoS systems, and why it was worth the wait!
First things first: even though the #beaconchain is being referred to as an #eth2 or "Ethereum 2.0" technology, it does not exist to replace the current Ethereum Virtual Machine we know and love as "Ethereum 1.0" today. If you're using the EVM, you're fine. It's not going away.
Instead, the beacon chain is a gadget that was planned even from before the launch of "Ethereum 1.0" to be swapped in for the #proofofwork system, called "Ethash", which currently secures that same EVM environment.…
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Today, ECC released the source code for prototype wallet applications built on our SDKs. These are reference implementations for fully-functional, shielded-only, Android- and iOS-native applications. Direct links and more info in this thread. 👇👇👇 (1/6)

#z2z #Zcash $ZEC
Android ECC Wallet:…

iOS ECC Wallet:…

We view this as a significant milestone in our efforts to increase shielded address adoption, improve user experience and empower economic freedom. (3/6)
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We think of the governance components of NU4 as a type of constitutional amendment to the #Zcash protocol, and have been impressed with the rigor of ideas and debate that community members have displayed through this process.
#Zcash is in the most contentious stage of governance: deciding how future decisions will be made.
While it hasn’t been easy & an unnecessary amount of FUD has weighed on $ZEC, I feel grateful to have been part of this process as I agree it’s been “the most sophisticated debate/discussion on post-launch dev funding for a blockchain project in history.”
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Both @placeholdervc & @BlocktownCap support decentralizing governance of #Zcash dev funds to a 2-of-3 multisig, but diverge in % of new $ZEC supply that should be allocated over the next 4 years.

What's your preference for % allocation to Zcash dev funds from 2020-2024?
@placeholdervc @BlocktownCap For context, the 3rd option (Linear decline 20% -> 10%) is new & would look something like follows:

2020-2021: 17.5%
2021-2022: 15%
2022-2023: 12.5%
2023-2024: 10%

Following the 2nd halving, this could then march linearly from 10% to 5% of new $ZEC supply to dev funds and so on
@placeholdervc @BlocktownCap @BlocktownCap's proposal:…

@placeholdervc's proposal:…

Both firms agree the % allocation is ~arbitrary as the fund's $ amount is so dependent on $ZEC price, but what's key is the legitimacy of the decision. Hence the poll 🙂
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