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$UNI #uniswap pool subsidies is a defense from vampire attacks.

The problem with the current subsidy is that it comes at the expense of the $UNI holders. Farm and dump is a problem.

My analysis and suggestions for the current situation.

The current subsidy pool choices, Stablecoin - $ETH are fantastic! It serves not only #Uniswap, but provides the deepest liquidity in DeFi.

This pool choice combined with Uniswap's network effect is healthy for the entire ecosystem.
If Uniswap doesn't incentivize Stablecoin - $ETH, then someone else will. It's a competitive environment, compete accordingly.

Incentivizing minor pools turns things extra political and invites quarrelling. I don't think it's a good idea.

Incentivize the most agnostics pool.
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Radio chatter increasing about #Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract announcement. In response, my TDL:

1. Simply my portfolio, get more $ETH
3. Keep researching $ETH 2.0 validator maintenance

1. Simplifying my portfolio, by descending order:

1st. $ETH #Ethereum - That's what I'm here for. All accounting is measured in $ETH. There is nothing on the market that will beat a combo of TRUE DECENTRALIZED SCALING and EIP-1559 over a five-year horizon.
2nd. $LINK #Chainlink - It powers all of DeFi. It's a chain-agnostic framework, which makes it a hedge against my full weight into $ETH #Ethereum.
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As the @SynLevdefi product launch is imminent. A thread.

Why should you become a #Synner?

Recent news about regulators targeting CEX´s like Bitmex and Okex showing the need for decentralized trading solutions - particulary when it comes to leveraged assets.


Another issue traders are facing are non-transparent liquidations and market manipulations going along with CEX´s. Furthermore, the Okex case cleary showed that your funds should remain in your wallet rather than in CEX`s custody.

@synlev is fixing this.

$SYN Image

Providing decentralized, trustless and non-KYC solution for leveraged assets seems to be the next evolutionary step following uniswap.
These behave similar to ETF`s (e.g. 3x BULL/BEAR for the ETH/USDT pair).
The trading pairs can be accessed from your wallet.

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🦛Exchanges $UNI #Uniswap
🦛Extremely committed Dev
🦛NFT lotterys coming
🦛Already on Uniswap

🦛Token contract : 0x81313f7c5c9c824236c9e4cba3ac4b049986e756

🦛Audit passed by @NCyotee
🦛Deemed safe and reliable
🦛Second audit also passed
🦛Featured in Coin telegraph
🦛Recently opened $HIPPO hedgefund…

Users will generate returns from staking $HIPPO in various farming pools along with growing the decentralized hedge fund of which token holders decide as a collective. Stakers of $DHIPPO get $DOT voting rights 👀 partnership one day?
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$WCCX 'Privacy & De-fi come together'

💥Supply 500k $wccx
🌈Presale Live (50k)
🔑Presale price $2 - public sale $2.50
💰Public Sale Oct21-29 (450k alloc)
🦄#UNISWAP $UNI Listing
🔐25% of presale -> Locked liquidity

Token contract

$WCCX #Wrappedconceal

Funding for the presale distribution

💰20% development & operations
💰25% locked liquidity
💰20% Marketing & promotions
💰15% Partnerships & exchanges
💰10% Team Development

🔥50% of the tokens unsold from the public sale will be Burnt Forever

🔥Remaining 50% used for promotion rewards and marketing.

Public sale starts on the 21st october and lasts until the 29th october.
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On @StoboxCompany dubbed the "all-in-one" securities & tokenization platform.

🔥 @c0insbit listing soon!
🔥 Investor dashboard ready
🔥 Stobox exchange (Nov 2020)
🔥 P2P market place (2021) 'LIKE #UNISWAP FOR SECURITIES'

$STBU | powering "all-in-one" securities & tokenization platform

🖥️ Dashboard for managing & offering digital securities

📊 Crypto exchange using a proprietary DLT network to automate "compliance" between KYC registered companies & investors

📈 P2P securities marketplace
P2 | #Stobox mixes traditional & crypto finance: links ANY COMPANY to individual investors (via STO)

🔁 Incentivising investors via fee discounts to buy, stake & trade $STBU (adds liquidity)

🔐 Automated 'compliance layer' adapts to international regulations & issues legal docs
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(1/5) From Sept 30, 23:10(HKT) on: $SUN 🌞rewards will be further cut by 80%, daily output will be 80% less than Genesis Mining, dropping from 129,000 per day to 25,000 per day. A positive impact is expected from the $SUN reduction.
(2/5) $SUN 🌞adds support for WBTT/WIN/USDJ staking mining and LP mining pools. On $SUN LP mining: the launch of WBTT/TRX LP, WIN/TRX LP and USDJ/TRX LP mining will push up the demand for WBTT/JST/TRX, which will help boost the three markets.
(3/5) 💁‍♂️More flexible mining options — users may pledge $SUN, $JST, $USDT, $WBTT or $TRX to join in the mining, which paves the way for lending on $SUN in the future.
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A thread on #core_vault

CORE is a high yied #defi token. But what makes it different? Well, most if not all of the yield farming tokens so far are inflationary, most of them have really high inflation. That leads to price depreciation of the asset.
The total supply is 10k. All of the tokens were sold on presale and are locked in the LP together with the raised ethereum. The presale buyers got LP tokens, which are locked forever. They can never be removed from the liquidity. There will never be more than 10k tokens.
So where is the yield comes from? CORE has a smart contract function that taxes 1% of every transaction and adds it to the staking pool. That's how the total supply is always below 10k and yield farming continues. How big the yield will be depends entirely of the volume.
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#Uniswap - H1

As shared earlier, not fan of H1 development as it's currently losing its trend once again (might be a fakeout like we had on Sept 23th).

H4 still alright.

As long as > 4.55-4.65 I guess it's looking alright.

Taking forever to get to target #3........ Image
Was quick.

Now H4 trend only to "save it" as H1 gave up fully (last time it happened was at $6.8).

Let's see how 4.55-4.7 is defended or not.
Losing H4 trend too now. bulls better show up to hold > $4.5 otherwise I reckon we revisit low $4.
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A #uniswap V3 thread.
There are plans to tackle slippage, and improve capital efficiency.

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So I have 8000 VET focused tweets, I post about some blockchains /dApps and suddenly I`m a shitcoin shiller and traitor?


I wanted to learn more and make a kind of abstract. Also a little bit of teasing to my friends.
Like I said: I don't hold ICX
1/6 ImageImage
I'm reading about other coins to learn how their value flows go and add it to this thread, so it's easy to compare and see how awesome Vechain works. Also trying to bring VET outside of our bubble.

I started reading about Uniswap AMM, an amazing tech. ImageImage
I started reading about how it works and the other (shady) coins like . Very interesting tech so I gave Uniswap credits for what they do (pic 1). They had no coin at that time.
Got more interested in Uniswap and was looking for a solid coin. (Pic 2) ImageImage
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Educating neighbors Uniswap accounting 101.

Balances are vectors, and K-value is the product. Fees are additive to the vector.

To figure out fees collected is to figure out the proportion of vectors using K2 vs K1.

#Uniswap $UNI #Ethereum $ETH 🔹️
Now onto the more political aspect of crypto: " $UNI is a wOrthl3ss ToK3N. "

Few understand.
All will horde.
The pure form is simple to explain, the working form factors in many moving parts, including repeated deposits and withdrawal constantly interrupting good accounting.

Nothing motivates accurate accounting more than real money on the line.

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#Uniswap X AMM Chaining
Today I posted about this person that bought $22 dollar of and paid $42 dollar of fee.

I was wondering why it was so much and found out he was using AMM Chaining.

A nice feature of a AMM DEX is Automated Market Maker Chaining; AMM Chaining.
1/4 Image
You can basically trade any token for another token as long as there is a pair with liquidity for both tokens on the AMM DEX.
As you can see in the above case:
He had .
He wanted .

The protocol automatically traded for and bought with that . Image
The only problem is that the fees are 'a bit' high. However, I do think it's an amazing feature which will be used a lot in the future once the fees are fixed. Image
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AMM LP Accounting:

Volatility buffer is the amount of leeway the ratio can change before IL exceeds revenue.

Unless it's a Stablecoin-ETH pairing, I usually pull liquidity and bail if I see either of the volatility buffers approaching zero.

#uniswap #Ethereum 🔹 Image
In a bull market, I'm actually more worried as an LP about IL than I am in bear markets!

In bear markets, I just sit and collect fees waiting for it to go back up again... bull markets I still get $$$, but IL is devastating!
Stablecoin-ETH from my XP: don't worry about IL, the fees are consistent, volatility favors me, and fees will always catch up or exceed IL on a bigger timeframe.
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1/ Shoutout to @SkaleNetwork for hosting @Terra on their panel “Bringing Crypto Mainstream”! As requested, here is the video and some highlights from our CEO @d0h0k1 on #DeFi moving forward:
2/ #Interoperability - “One of the things that we’re pushing at Terra is to have our stablecoins available on multiple chains. We announced Terra stablecoins on @Solana earlier this year.”
3/ “What would be great about having multiple stablecoins living together is 1) it gives exposure to developer ecosystems on various communities 2) all of these stablecoins are going to have first class citizen rights in all of our different #fintech and payments assets.”
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Since the Binance listing, there are quite some new $RUNE chads that have entered the community. Instead of hoping a short-term pump to 1 dolla, you have to realize what Thorchain is building and how that will massively affect $RUNE's price

#DeFi @thorchain_org
BEPswap is the OG project that will roll out after the latest testnet 4.1 is concluded. Essentially it's Binance Chain's first DeFi application allowing BEP2 token holders to swap or stake assets in liquidity pools to earn yield

Like a Uniswap for BNB
Within BEPSwap you could stake the launch partners and pegged BEP2 assets, like $BTC and even $XRP.

Here a list of launch partners as stated on

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