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🇪🇺 European Front Pages, 31/03/23

Happy end of the month! Sure there are plenty of you staying up late for CPTPP news, so while you're there, why not read some of the front page stories across the continent


DE 🇩🇪 - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

TAKING CHARLIE: King Charles III gave a speech in the German Bundestag on Thursday, praising them for their support of Ukraine during the ongoing conflict - saying that "Germany and UK have taken an important leadership role"

2/? Image
AT 🇦🇹 - Der Standard

INFLATION SAVIOUR: High inflation in Austria, which in connection with covid is costing each person an additional 8600 Euro, is also a blessing for the Republic.

The increase in tax take from sales taxes is helping to pay down national debt.

3/? Image
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🇪🇺 European Front Pages 18/02/23

Welcome to the weekend people.

Here's what the papers have in store for us on the continent, should we find ourselves at some continental Bistro by accident when we wake up.


FR 🇫🇷 - Le Figaro

POWER LOSS: EDF published bleak financials yesterday, with the fallout of how the French govt handled the energy crisis resulting in them showing a nearly €18bn loss in 2022, giving them a total debt of nearly €65bn.

DE 🇩🇪 - Bild

FLUG ZONK: An airport workers strike in Germany resulted in more than 2,300 flights having to be cancelled, and over 300,000 passengers travel plans ruined.

The workers in strike are wanting a 10.5% pay increase.

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🇪🇺 European Front Pages 17/02/23

Happy Friday!

Was going to post a few of these late last night, but well Whiskey got in the way.

So you don't get #TomorrowsPapersToday, and instead get #TodaysPapersToday

Here's a selection of the front page stories across the EU.

GR 🇬🇷 - Kathimerini

LABOR DAY: The Greek Labor Ministry is expanding its Digital Labour Card scheme to two new sectors, which tracks the clocking in and out times of all employees in companies with a 250+ headcount.

Yes, the govt are tracking their working hours.

ES 🇪🇸 - La Razón

EQUALITY?: New and controversial amendments to abortion and trans laws in Spain have been approved by Congress, despite warnings from judges that they may have unintended and unwanted impacts.

The article looks to what happened in Scotland as a case study.

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🇪🇺 European Front Pages 15/02/23

Been a few days since I've done one of these - frankly the papers have been a bit dull and I've had other things to do. So sue me 🤪

But here comes a snapshot of the news hitting the continent in the morning


FR 🇫🇷 - Le Figaro

MINOR INCREASE: France has seen a significant increase in unaccompanied foreign minors crossing the French-Italian border illegally in recent years - from 174 in 2014, to over 5,000 in 2022.

Some are putting this down to the "Meloni Effect"

FR 🇫🇷 - Le Monde

JOBS HIGH: France recorded a further fall in unemployment in Q4 2022 to 7.2%, which is the lowest it has been since Q4 2008.

UK unemployment stood at 3.7% in December 2022.

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🗞 The front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:

'Liz Truss tells Tory MPs to unite or face disaster'


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🔴 Liz Truss will issue a stark warning to Conservative MPs returning to Parliament this week to stop undermining her or face a “monstrous coalition” of Labour and the Scottish National Party… Image
🔴 A No 10 source warned that the Prime Minister needed “time and the full backing of the party” to implement her plan to grow the economy… Image
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📰 The front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:

'Javid and Hunt call for massive cuts to taxation'


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🔓 This front page story is currently free to read 👇… Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid...
🔴 Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt have put tax cuts at the heart of the battle for Downing Street, as both MPs declared their candidacies in The Telegraph with pledges to slash corporation tax
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#TomorrowsPapersToday @TmorrowsPapers
"Royal family claim £100MILLION from taxpayers as grant soars to record amount."
Royal finances expert Norman Baker said: “The Government should have a complete rethink of how taxpayers’ money is allocated to the Royal Family.
“We have no say in how the royals choose to use private jets or helicopters,
which are all paid for out of the public purse, and while ordinary people are struggling it isn’t right.” The 10-year Buckingham Palace renovation project appears to be on target to cost £369million.
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The front page of tomorrow's Daily Telegraph:

'Army chief: Ukraine is our ‘1937 moment’'


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🔴 General Sir Patrick Sanders says UK must be ready for war with Russia as Nato announces massive troop expansion

Thread 🧵👇…
🔴 In his first public speech as the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders will warn that the UK must be prepared to “act rapidly” to contain Russian expansionism Image
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In a really shocking week, this is the most shocking story. Boris Johnson promised Parliament that the full report would be published. But the @thesundaytimes reveals that it was doctored by Downing Street officials. He lied to Parliament @RhonddaBryant #Partygate
.@Mark_J_Harper If the report was doctored, then Boris Johnson lied to Parliament when told you that it would all be published @SamCoatesSky @bbclaurak @Peston @BBCWorldatOne @thesundaytimes @Gabriel_Pogrund @RhonddaBryant @HugoGye @hzeffman
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🔴 BREAKING | @10DowningStreet says: 'Let's fix the protocol and not scrap it' - Writing in tomorrow's @BelTel @BorisJohnson calls on the DUP to restore devolution and on the #NIProtocol, he says it should be fixed and not scrapped.

Read his message:…
@10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson 🔴 BREAKING | Sam McBride on @BorisJohnson message ahead of his visit to Belfast: PM indicates to unionists #NIProtocol will not be scrapped but must be fundamentally altered, regardless of whether the EU agrees…
What Boris Johnson says about @moneillsf:

“I think it is testimony to the path that Sinn Fein have taken from 1998 that Michelle O’Neill is now awarded the position of First Minister. I have no doubt we will work together well.”…
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The front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:

'Johnson 'frustrated' with Sunak over nuclear'


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🔴Government sources said Mr Sunak's refusal to endorse the Prime Minister's "big bet" on a radical expansion of the Government's plans for nuclear power risked derailing a key element of the energy security strategy promised by Mr Johnson
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The front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:

'Britain warned of cyber attacks as Russia flexes military might'


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🔓 This front page story is currently free to read 👇…
🔴 Vladimir Putin may be preparing a cyber assault on British interests, the Home Secretary and GCHQ warned as they urged companies and public services to take "pre-emptive measures" to defend themselves against an attack
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Exc: NHS put on a "war footing" ahead of Omicron with thousands of Covid patients to be treated in their own homes. @NHSEngland chief medic reveals plan to deploy 20k reservists and boost ICU bed capacity by 10%…
Read all the details in tomorrows @thesundaytimes #TomorrowsPapersToday Image
"We expect 20% of NHS staff in London may be absent by Christmas Day...we are likely to see the same effect outside London later" - @NHSEnglandNMD tells @thesundaytimes Image
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EXCL: Sir Geoffrey Cox is tonight being referred to the standards commissioner by Labour after he appeared to use his Commons office to represent the British Virgin Islands in a corruption case against the UK government

Full story in @thetimes on Wednesday
It emerged yesterday Cox had voted by proxy while working in the BVI. But footage from September 14 appears to show him joining a hearing remotely from Portcullis House. This could be a breach of the rules around the use of Commons facilities - which Owen Paterson also broke
Here's the key clause of the code of conduct for MPs👇
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As a former Sports editor I’m always curious about decisions newspapers make, especially around photo choice for the front page. With the England game, there were 3 obvious choices:
1: Sterling for breaking the deadlock
2: Kane sealing the win
3: Team photo reflecting team effort
For me, the most important moment was Sterling’s goal. It changed the game and sparked unforgettable celebrations. Sterling also has a great back story, both his personal journey, his fight against racial injustice and sporting too with him overcoming doubts over his poor form.
Kane also had his doubters but his goal was less crucial. Picture editors tend to favour the final act of a match though and also Kane generally gives good celebration pictures (arms wide fit landscape holes nicely).

A team shot speaks for itself. Group praise over individual.
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An interview not being newsworthy or of any interest to anybody is a big front-page theme of several newspapers tomorrow ImageImageImage
It's not on every frontpage though, as ever collated at #tomorrowspaperstoday
More front-pages about things the newspapers dont care about, captured again by #tomorrowspaperstoday

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This #SaudiNationalDay we honor our frontline workers and take a look at how KSA protected its residents, and the rest of the world…
For #SaudiNationalDay, we look at how King Salman’s leadership made a different in #SaudiArabia’s fight against #COVID19

How the Saudi Ministry of Commerce helped protect the economy during COVID-19

What Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce did to help protect the Kingdom’s #economy amid the #coronavirus pandemic

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More fears here about the death of cities and growth of ghost towns arising from CV19, this time from the CBI:… 1/3
The future of cities beyond CV19 is the subject of our session with Robin Hambleton, Sheila Foster and Marvin Rees, 8 October… 2/3
And on 14 October we have the Mayor’s Annual State of the City Address 2020 with Mayor Marvin Rees, Alice Towle, John Wayman, Caleb Parkin. We’ll be discussing the future of Bristol here, too. Book here:… 3/3
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🧵 #COVID19 and the discourse of 'anxiety' 💬

1. People are ‘returning’ or ‘going back’ to work and good employers are putting safety measures in place.

In the mix, we're witnessing the division of people into categories: ‘comfortable’, '(ir)rational', 'reluctant', ‘anxious’.
2. Today sees an overt push/threat to stop #wft

#TomorrowsPapersToday @hendopolis
3. If I do my job from home for a while longer, which I'm lucky enough to be able to (although my partner, a keyworker, is not), I reduce transmission risk for myself AND others - by being one less body to d i s t a n c e from, need a mask for, etc.

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New York Times front page
24 May 2020

“US deaths near 100,000. An incalculable loss” #TomorrowsPapersToday Image
The FT calculates that there have been 64,000 excess deaths due to coronavirus.
On the day that the US death toll from #COVID19 looks set to pass 100,000, this was Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. (footage via @scottpasmoretv)
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Dominic Cummings was spotted by witnesses at his parents’ home in Durham, more than 250 miles from his London property, during lockdown . He was questioned by the police.

I remember seeing this story on Twitter at the time, but wasn’t able to verify.…
Interesting how they managed kept the lid on this story for almost two months.

Witnesses saw him at the end of March, the police investigated on March 31 & #DominicCummings story floating on social media for weeks.

I wonder how many editors got the Malcolm Tucker treatment.
SNP - #DominicCummings must resign now.

Lib Dems - #Cummings should resign “if" he broke guidelines.

Labour - calling for a "very swift explanation" from Number 10.

Piers Morgan - “Boris must have known”

Still no official response from Downing Street. #TomorrowsPapersToday ImageImageImageImage
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It's surprisingly easy to picture how UK journalists would behave under a military dictatorship.

A thread about the regime of Britain's ruler, General Killmore, being fearlessly held to account by the British press.
Kuenssberg: after months of speculation, the leader of the Opposition was today found buried in an unmarked grave.

Opposition MPs blamed agents of General Killmore. But when I asked him, he seemed reluctant to agree.
Marr: General Killmore - several of your critics, in exile, have suggested that the recent wave of indefinite detentions,
which you had ordered, may have worrying implications for democracy.

How do you respond to that?
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