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The panel is ready for @The3Million to explain to us @LibDems the issue of #citizensrights / #Brexit at the #LibDemConf.

You can watch it live on their Facebook.
Key points from @The3Million
⭕ Guaranteeing #citizensrights into law with primary legislation
⭕ Physical proof for Settled status
⭕ Keeping voting rights

The current EU settlement scheme is failing a third of EU citizens by forcing them to accept the wrong status.
What will happen to the EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for Settled status?

⭕ They will become unlawful residents subject to the Hostile environment from the @ukhomeoffice

👉 We need a declaratory system where EU citizens are considered lawful per default.
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The most disturbing #Windrush case I encountered:
Joycelyn John, arrived in the UK aged 4, worked as a chambermaid at the Ritz, was forced 50 years later into self-deportation back to Grenada, when Home Office branded her an illegal immigrant.…
Still find it hard to understand why officials thought it was a sensible idea to fly her to an island on the other side of the world, where she had almost no ties, and dump her there alone.
The full story is in The Windrush Betrayal, Exposing the Hostile Environment
which can be pre-ordered here…
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There’s some confusion building already on Patel’s very unhelpful announcement that the UK will end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit, under new government plan. Let’s break this down...…
This applies for those arriving in the U.K. to commence residence for the first time from 01 November 2019 (assuming Brexit will happen on 31 October). Freedom of movement was always ending on the day the U.K. leaves on a no-deal basis - when EU law ends.
The previous Govt. accepted that the new immigration system and border controls will not be ready for an abrupt change, so they planned to implement a temporary transition phase.
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1/ I am trying to say less on here but I have seen one too many opinion-pieces asking black and Asian people not to be fiercely critical of the black and Asian members of Boris Johnson's Government.
2/ I think a lot of those authors are being disingenuous. For one thing, I know plenty of black and Asian Conservative voters, and considering some of the regressive policies they support towards other black and Asian people it is amazing how civilly they are treated.
3/ That treatment is largely civil though, in my experience. As I mentioned, I am trying to say less, but the defence of Sajid Javid has been cynical in the extreme, and shows some people have wilfully short memories.
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Today is possibly .@theresa_may's last day as PM, if .@BorisJohnson can command a majority (which is in some doubt...)

So it's a great opportunity to look back at some of the *highlights* of Mrs May's premiership in memes👇
13 JUL 2016: May was appointed as PM and named her Cabinet shortly thereafter, surprising many by giving 3 of the top #Brexit-related jobs to arch-brexiters Boris Johnson, David Davis & Liam Fox. Sheer folly, or genius in making them own what they'd sold? Sadly, the former😢
5 OCT 2016: With such a narrow result, the country could be forgiven for expecting May to propose a consensual solution, as Norway PM Erna Solberg had done in a similar situation. Most Remainers would've accepted #Norway.

May's #CitizensOfNowhere speech crushed all hope.
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Just wondering who is the real Jo Johnson? 🤔🤔🤔

The one who wanted a #PeoplesVote & allegedly resigned because of it only last November

or the one campaigning with a brother who wants to drag UK out of EU with #NoDeal?

The one who defends his brother's #Watermelon comments, & nominated T Young, prince of leerage, to Office for Students, or the sensitive accordion player 🤔
The Jo Johnson who followed his brother into #BullingdonClub, who was a May cabinet minister during #Windrush mess, or supportive husband of journalist who exposed it?

Or is he just better at concealing his opportunism & power-seeking than his brother (not a high bar, granted)
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We're about to begin the event for Runnymede's & @CLASSthinktank report, 'We Are Ghosts - Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice' with speakers @faizashaheen @omaromalleykhan, @johnharris1969 @SamiaBadani and Laurie Mompelat

We're live-tweeting using #RaceAndClass
.@faizashaheen opens the event talking about the stereotype of the working class, as the white and northern, leading to the erasure of long-standing BME working class groups.

It's created division, that we need to overcome and move the narrative forward

Laurie Mompelat (@RunnymedeTrust and @CLASSthinktank) is presenting the report's findings

The research is a year-long case study of working class London, mainly North Kensington (#Grenfell)

There were 10 focus groups, with people from low income backgrounds
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So @ukhomeoffice is now routinely checking whether experts applying to sit on advisory boards etc have tweeted critically about #Brexit or #Windrush. I guess that rules me out from any future work. .... Seriously: this is truly shocking and a very worrying development. 1/
Surely critical engagement is exactly what advisory and expert roles are about! In any case what has been revealed here is especially worrying as this is routinely done also to experts who work in completely unrelated fields! The only explanation I can come up with is that 2/
this is politically motivated rather than by a concern about impartiality etc - why vet these topics for people not working on them? I cannot see another explanation. This really is not a good look at all. 3/
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This just went live, the reason I brought it to the Guardian was that I was pretty shocked that part of the diligence checks for appointments included routinely checking what people has said about #windrush & #brexit regardless of the policy area…
I stand by what I said in that Tweet and my criticism of the Home office letter and here is why...
The letter from the Minister ignored the evidence for #DCRS and was incorrect in its analysis of the experience of other countries. Nearly 10,000 people have died from heroin related deaths in England, Wales & Scotland since 2010 - this makes me angry!
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A quiz about economic treason:

Who sold of our railways so that 74% of UK rail services are now operated by foreign state rail companies (with the UK the only country that is barred from bidding to run our own rail services)?
Who flogged off the UK's nuclear expertise on the cheap to a bunch of private mercenaries, who then sold the whole lot on to the French state (meaning we now have to bribe France & China into building new nuclear infrastructure for us because we can't build our own)?
Who has literally no objection to the government of China owning massive chunks of our water supply, but has a vehement ideological determination to prevent the British state from running the British water supply?
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For those who are attacking @LordCFalconer (especially his fellow Jews or Lords) for trying to help solve an issue such as #Antisemitism in @UKLabour or elsewhere in society reflect upon what this suggests about your own attitudes:
1) Do you want antisemitism to be tackled?
2) Why can't fellow Jews, such as Falconer (within the party) or @BoardofDeputies (wider engagement/healing) be part of the process ... without being attacked without tropes that hint at 'wrong sort' being used?
3) If you are a Lord or MP are you asking about ...
or tackling the significant rise in hate crime in UK over the last 8 years (@Conservatives government)?
4) Would you be advocating people to leave the UK due to its institutional #racism? The #HostileEnvironment and #Windrush crisis was caused by government policies and money.
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1/ On the Immigration Bill committee the immigration minister @carolinenokes shows that she does not understand differing immigration systems. When asked about #Windrush & EU Settled Status she is saying that declaratory system does not work. This is wrong...
2/ Windrush was not about a choice of people needing to apply for rights (constitutive system) or were entitled automatically by law (declaratory system). It was a problem of not having documentation to prove status. A declaratory system can still issue documents.
3/ @Stuart_McDonald points exactly this out to @carolinenokes. The lack of documentation was the issue not the way people obtained the new status.
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1/ "How many lawyers you got?"


I hope he's got a good one on call, but in the meantime this one is here to explain a few things about what we know about his immigration situation and where his case is likely headed…
2/ First: It does seem to be confirmed that #21Savage was born in the Caribbean nation of Dominica, a "Commonwealth" country with remaining ties to the UK which entitle certain citizens to British passports.…
3/ ICE claims that #21Savage overstayed his visa and has no lawful immigration status.

Let's say just for purposes of this thread they're correct. This would be very, very bad for him.
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1/ We at @The3Million are very grateful to the support given by everyone who is an #EUcitizensChampion supporting the @eucitizenschamp campaign.
2/ The money allows us to reach & inform more EU citizens across the country doing our part in ensuring no one is left behind.
3/ For every 1% the UK Government fails to process during the Settled Status application period 36,000 EU will fall into the #HostileEnvironment - with the potential of dwarfing the #Windrush scandal
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Reading report on the handling of #Windrush makes it even clearer to me how dire the situation is for EU citizens now too. If settled status goes ahead as planned, there will be thousands more cases just like Windrush among EU citizens in future too.… 1/
Some of the problems identified in the #Windrush report are already happening for EU citizens with respect to settled status now too — eg the failure to proactively inform / identify vulnerable groups etc. 2/
In the end it is sickening that while all of this began to emerge and continues to demonstrate the true vileness of the #HostileEnvironment, May and HO are actively putting in place a policy that will replicate the #Windrush crisis on an altogether unprecedented scale. 3/
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Good morning. Today seems like a good day to tell you about my conversation with a brexiter, that I had a few weeks ago.
That day I was told to my face that #brexit means they can finally switch out all those EU migrants with better foreigners. /1
This person knew that I am one of "all those EU migrants". And while I've been told way too many times to count that I should "go home" or "go back where you came from", being told that I can and indeed will be "switched out" for something better was a new one to me. /2
There has been a shift, a reframing going on for a while. Back in the early #brexit days, any foreigner was bad. Then followed the phase of bad EU migrants (e.g. "those Poles! Those Bulgarians!"...) and good ones ("we don't mean you!, You'll be fine"). /3
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Hope. I had hoped, @guyverhofstadt, that the EU meant something. That the people at its heart - those #The5Million of us who live the EU by exercising FoM - meant something. But today the EU (& UK) showed us that that we don't. #citizensrights are not protected and it is 1/
shameful that you are selling what has happened as a protection of our rights. It makes me angry and sad. I have repeatedly called on the EU to be better than the UK govt. Now I know that it is not. Negotiators from both sides have failed to protect what they have always 2/
claimed was their first priority. In the UK, this will mean the creation of a new #Windrush generation in EU citizens. Due to how settled status is planned to be implemented it will create eternal limbo for millions. Our British friends in the EU are set to lose a right that 3/
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Before the #Brexit referendum, a lot of us were saying two things:

Firstly, that if the vote went Leave, all the government's focus would be on Brexit to the detriment of everything else.

Well, turns out we were right about that.…
We've got Tories blaming Sadiq Khan and Sadiq Khan blaming the Tory government and, all the while, the government is so fixated on moronic Brexit that they do nothing and people (especially in #London) and being killed at an alarming rate.
Secondly, we said that it would release a wave of suppressed anti-foreigner sentiment.

Well, lo and behold, the rates of racist incidents, particularly but not solely against eastern Europeans has sky rocketed.
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Labour MP @SDoughtyMP's excellent summary of the issue around and real life impact to #citizensrights of the 3.6m EU citizens in case of no-deal Brexit despite unilateral guarantees & later Government 'clarification' on @carolinenokes's evidence statements
"The reality is with the #HostileEnvironment policy [...] we seen in the #Windrush case [...] people react in the most cautious way. Employers, landlords [...] don't want to run the risk of being prosecuted by the Home Office or border force" @SDoughtyMP says
"It's going to have an impact on people's lives. It already is. People are losing contracts, are already deciding to leave the UK because they are not sure what the system will be" @SDoughtyMP concludes on the uncertainty over #citizensrights caused by the Gvt's lack of clarity
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1/ This is truly shocking. @carolinenokes at Home Affairs committee saying that it will be UK Govt policy to plunge 3.6m EU citizens straight into the #HostileEnvironment in case of no deal Brexit. Creating 2 indistinguishable classes of EU citizens with different sets of rights
2/ @YvetteCooperMP's face says it all. Utter disbelief that the UK Govt's plan is to create two indistinguishable classes of EU citizens with two different sets of rights in case of no deal Brexit which will automatically lead to discrimination from employers.
3/ @YvetteCooperMP quite clearly not believing what she just heard asks again. And again @carolinenokes confirms her intention to create an environment that will lead to discrimination against the 3.6m EU citizens who will have no documentation to prove their status at that point
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1/ Today UK Govt has published updated list of what evidence is accepted for Settled Status applications. Compared to the Home Office guidelines published August 28th the list of acceptable evidence has shrunk while list of disallowed evidence has grown.…
2/ mobile phone contracts allowable in the August 2018 guidelines have now been dropped
3/ while now under the new list of acceptable evidence ALL photographs and videos will be disallowed as evidence.
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I am becoming more sure as every twist of the #Brexit knife happens, that the same mindset that was behind Hitler's policies in Nazi Germany are being subtly or will be openly enacted here upon a #nodealbrexit
Let me unpick this .....
Right from the start of the campaign ~ generated to keep Cameron in power and stave off the 'bastards' sic.Major on the right/UKIP, pure racism was allowed and encouraged in the press. A subtle game was played whereby legit EU citizens were turned into 'illegal migrants. #brexit
Outright lies of Leave.EU and Voteleave were never publically opposed by any MPs ~ and indeed, the *crimes* committed by both organisations are not being investigated by the police,nor Govt declared the ref null & void on what has been uncovered by @carolecadwalla
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1/ "Cabinet ministers have been warned that the introduction of a new migration system [for EU citizens] could cause a '#Windrush-style' crisis." writes @SamCoatesTimes in @thetimes
2/ "[...]cabinet sources have revealed private warnings that the plans to change the rules for EU citizens who come in future could cause chaos." @SamCoatesTimes continues
3/ "Whitehall is trying to work out how to distinguish EU citizens born outside Britain who already live and work here, and are treated the same as UK citizens, from those who arrive after Brexit, who will not be." @SamCoatesTimes can reveal
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This is a drop in the ocean & just spin until we know full numbers deported, detained & those hounded out of their home country by the home office. Apology is crocodile tears & an insult to people still not given hardship fund, left jobless, homeless & unable to afford food.
Home Office covering up scale of the scandal by consistently refusing to answer my questions, including those to the PM back in April. This will all be viewed as just spin until every single person affected gets an apology and compensation.
According to @sajidjavid 6,507 people contacted the #Windrush taskforce, were considered possible #Windrush and referred for a call back to progress their case. 2,272 people have now been given documentation confirming their status.
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