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1/ Some reasons why the Domino’s pizza dismissal case has some disturbing features for employers / lawyers / claimants.
2/ It shows that the lynchpin of Theresa’ May’s #hostileenvironment policy, (the ‘right to work’ system), is causing confusion for employers, staff and Judges.
3/ If Judges are confused about the 'right to work' system, what hope is there for employers who face potential fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker and potential criminal prosecution?
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Two months since @SajidJavid took charge, but this report shows the Home Office still has no answers on Windrush. How many people have been made homeless and jobless? Why still no hardship fund for those left bankrupt? Why still no right of appeal?
We need to dismantle the hostile environment, to stop the criminalisation of innocent people. We need to bin bogus migration targets. And we need an independent review of Home Office practices. @sajidjavid needs to admit it has failed.
.@sajidjavid’s response to @yvettecooper again fails to recognise the urgency of #Windrush. How does helping people in financial ruin ‘undermine a compensation process?’ Why is the HO shifting responsibility to 3rd sector charities? Victims need compensation now, not next year
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The NHS was created 70 years ago. My aunt & uncle were born a few years later but like so many immigrants, dedicated their lives to the National Health Service. It is exactly 10 years since they died. This is a thread about immigrants and the NHS. Are they overloading it?
I did something very unusual recently - I enjoyed a copy of the Daily Mail. Well, 1 page entitled 'NHS heroes'. This is my uncle in 2000. Have you ever read a better description of how valued a traditional family doctor is?

He & his wife (my maternal aunt) were GPs from India.
Their story is not exceptional. They arrived in the 80s as junior doctors and worked in under-served & deprived areas. Thousands of doctors from India & Pakistan started arriving in the 60s, at the request of - surprisingly - Enoch Powell (then Health minister)
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1) A #Grenfell survivor
2) Homeless
3) From the #Windrush generation
4) An EU citizen living in the UK
5) A UK citizen living in the EU
6) An Airbus worker
7) On a zero hours contract
8) Young
9) Disabled
10) A refugee
Have I left anyone out? #PMQs
lots more good suggestions coming in:
11) Teachers
12) Users of Sure Start centres
13) Not a homeowner
14) A rail commuter
15) Receiving Universal Credit
16) Hit by the bedroom tax
17) Relying on a food bank
Keep them coming in; unfortunately this could go on for a while.
even more of your examples:
18) A WASPI woman
19) A public sector worker
20) A student 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓
21) A carer
22) A fire fighter 🔥
23) Living near the Northern Ireland border
24) In need of legal aid
25) A badger
I’m sure there must be more...
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In his keynote speech #Confed18 Simon Stevens reflects on the history of the NHS, how it is a high quality service & how he is heartened by the prime ministers committment to a long term funding plan #NHS70
Simon spoke about the health of children & young people saying there were two epidemics we face: obesity & mental health #nhsconfed #Confed18 #NHS70
Simon: We are using the 70th anniversary to recognise the contribution the Windrush generation has made to the NHS #Windrush #Confed18 #NHS70
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I was denied service at 2 diff. Chinese restaurants in LDN. EP1, my cousin asks the lady why she was asking us 2 leave and “this is not a fast food restaurant” she answers. He calmly tells her that she cant do that. I told my cousin 2 let it go & we walked out #rascismisalive
EP2 My @malaikaaminata friend & I walk in2 another Chinese restaurant. We sit at an empty table. A lady comes over asking us 2 move upstairs. Prepared by my previous incident I say no right away. She starts shouting at us 2 move bcos the table is for 4. #rasicismisalive @kuvie_
2 avoid an incident, I look right over at the next table & notice 2 ladies sitting at another table for 4. I ask them if it’s ok for us to share the table. They agree and make room for us. We sit down and this is what ensues @wanlov @panjianoff @niikotei @tafari #rasicismisalive
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So sick of this. Feeling quite despondent about things, so a big rant incoming.

I'm not only sick of populism, but sick of those who object to fighting the populism with more vigor.

Over the past week or so we've had a Neo-Nazi thug taking video footage at court in order to rile up race hate in a manner reminiscent of the Brownshirts of old.

We've had numerous people call for his release in "mainstream" news like Fox and The Spectator.
We've also had a member of Parliament and one time leader of the Conservative party demand that people all line up behind his vision or literally leave the country entirely.

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An impressively ignorant tweet. From the top then. /thread
1. “The NHS does not need any more of our taxes.” Currently roughly 18% of NI & Tax goes to the NHS. The retirement age is 65 for most people.
2. For someone working 18-65 on the average U.K. wage their net individual contributions beyond retirement only pay for healthcare until 74. The average life expectancy in the U.K. is 81.
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Morning all! Time for my daily #brexit realisation:

"#Brexit only makes sense when you realise that these people really, REALLY just don't care."
They don't care if the NHS fails. They have private healthcare
They don't care about EU citizens - bargaining chips - they'll just get cheaper labour in to clean their privvies, build houses and work in the NHS. (Don't forget #Windrush)
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Quick reminder that May's priority will be staunching #Windrush, even if that incurs collateral costs on #Brexit

Problem will come in next month, when HMG has to advance alternative plans for Irish dimension, but May finds herself less able to move Cabinet

Javid makes sense as Home Sec in #Windrush context, but doesn't help Brexit agenda, having neither Rudd's vigour nor the same confidence of May (yet)

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Bon. En ce moment, c'est le gros, GROS bordel au Royaume-Uni. Et non, ce n'est ni à cause de Meghan Markle, ni à cause du Royal Baby. C'est à cause du scandale #Windrush. Que je vous explique.
Après la Seconde Guerre mondiale, le Royaume-Uni est exsangue. Il a remporté la guerre, mais le pays est complètement détruit. Il faut tout reconstruire. Comme la France, il fait donc appel à ses forces vives : celles qui vivent dans les colonies.
Pour la France, beaucoup de travailleurs immigrés viennent du Maghreb. Chez nos voisins de la perfide Albion, ils viennent surtout des Antilles et des Caraïbes : la Jamaïque, les Bahamas, la Barbade, les Îles Vierges, Grenade, Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès, Trinité-et-Tobago, etc.
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Short Thread about the @AmberRuddHR memo. #Windrush
This is a quote from the memo, "This will move us along the path towards the 10% increased performance on enforced returns, which we promised the home secretary earlier this year."

So regardless of whether she... 1/x
...actually read the memo, she was aware the Immigration Enforcement Agency was attempting to increase enforced returns by 10%. How did she think that was going to happen? Put in some policies & hope for the best? Anyone who has worked in any sort of modern large... 2/x
...organisation would know that that would be broken down into regional targets, team targets, all the way down to individual officials' KPIs, which was, of course, the evidence given to the Select Committee this week.

So, giving #AmberRudd the benefit of the doubt... 3/x
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1. On this most solemn #EdBallsDay, we thought we'd take you through 50 years of the history behind #windrush & #hostileenvironment as seen through our eyes.

We can do that because we didn't destroy our archives (looking at you @ukhomeoffice ). Thanks to @Hullhistorynews.
2. In 1967 JCWI was founded in the Dominion theatre Southall by 240 reps from community and anti-racist groups.
3. 1968, in the wake of Rivers of Blood, we started work defending the rights of Commonwealth nationals who had arrived in the #windrush era from attempts to remove them.
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Very frustrating interviews on @BBCR4Today this morning on Amber Rudd and #windrush. Shows how hard it is to make accountability work in the UK system - @instituteforgov on this…
Rudd linked the treatment of #windrush to the culture of the Home Office – failing to look at people. (That’s the reason why she is now the victim of leaks – not right but not surprising).
So the question is why do officials do that. One reason is that they feel pressure to meet targets for performance Ministers have set. And as Diane Abbott said it matters what the target is. (lots of work on how targets drive behaviour..)
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Gove says no one has responded with more grace and commitment (or something like that) to #windrush than Amber - but that is not true. Less than a fortnight ago she had done nothing at all (at least publicly) to show this was an issue she was worried about
A fortnight ago the guardian had already published many detailed accounts of people made homeless, sent to detention centres, sacked from jobs, unable to visit dying parents, refused benefits, asked to pay for NHS treatment - I think around 10 already printed
I’m sure Rudd must have been very busy think about Brexit - and that’s part of the problem. She may not have been reading the Guardian that regularly. But what about her staff? Couldn’t they have flagged it as important?
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Hearing a lot of angry retorts saying "#Windrush has NOTHING to do with #Brexit" and "Its the EU that's racist prioritising other EU citizens over others"
Well... #Windrush was happening before #Brexit, that IS true. However, it is part of the same xenophobic rhetoric that our heartless Tory government has been pursuing...
So they are absolutely linked, on a macro level as to the type of policies shaping our country today. The hostile environment is thriving because of the enablers of #Windrush and #Brexit
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I had one of those really depressing conversations with Labour supporters yesterday that confirmed my worst suspicions. The question was why Labour can’t be more positive towards freedom of movement.
The answer was, it seems, that the Northern ‘leave’ constituencies wouldn’t accept it. The unspoken question was *why* the Northern ‘leave’ constituencies couldn’t accept it. What makes freedom of movement so evil?
There’s only one real answer: they think immigration is bad for them. They believe that foreigners ‘coming over here’ take their jobs, lower their wages, increase crime etc etc.
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What the hell will it take to bring down the corrupt @Conservatives government?

Here's an evolving thread listing Tory atrocities (in no particular order).

#fbpe #waton #abtv #indyref2 #notinmynameTheresaMay
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In 2011 I was serving as British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago. I was incredibly excited to have a son born in Trinidad (mostly because my wife preferred to be around her family as she gave birth but also to show our confidence in the local medical services).
We duly applied for his passport. Contrary to what you might expect a British High Commissioner cannot issue a passport. I sent off the forms and waited...
After a few weeks I received notification that he had been refused. You cannot be more British than the British High Commissioner but he wasn’t British enough.
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1/ The Withdrawal Agreement & implementation in UK law. The risks of the UK approach to EU citizens rights. This is an important thread, please read and bear with us.
2/ The UK Government has informed the3million that they intend to use secondary legislation to implement large parts of Settled Status. But what does that actually mean and why should EU citizens be worried?
3/ there are two forms of legislation in the UK, primary & secondary. Primary legislation is what people talk about mainly. Acts & bills that get passed by Parliament after debate, which is called parliamentary scrutiny. It's checked & majority of Parliament agrees. And then...
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#ABTVtoStopBrexit isn't about affecting the balance of power or forcing a General Election. #ABTV is about sending a message to the Tories, and *especially* to Labour that people don't support *any* #Brexit. Not a #HardBrexit, #SoftBrexit, #NoDealBrexit, #Lexit, or *any* Brexit.
The Tory's control more than half of councils, nearly double Labour. Losing control of even half of them is unrealistic, and even if it happened under fixed term government I can all but guarantee it won't result in a General Election.
A Prime Minister calls a GE under two circumstances:
1) They are miles ahead in the polls and think they can increase their majority (as in 2017)
2) They have suffered a humiliating defeat or scandal.
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couldn’t find a leader who *wants* #HostileEnviroment. Just @DPJHodges - “it’s what people want, but politicians hate it”

Tragic commentary. Thread 1/
ignores political leadership & public learning from experience. He’s wrong about politicians & public opinions. And he’s not doing his job. 2/
Leadership matters: studies find many anti-foreigners want political leaders to be *better than them* - less ideological / obsessive. Kinder. 3/
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Let's take a moment to recap the last few days and consider what they tell us about the state of affairs in the UK. Hint: it ain't good and the path the UK is on is now getting even darker. 1/
It really began a little more than a week ago when a BBC producer decided it was a great idea to boast about the airing of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech. 2/
Saturday, 14 April
Enoch Powells speech airs. Unsurprisingly, racists hail it with great joy. Don't understand why that is so dangerous? Here's why: 3/
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Please help me fight anti-Romanian discourses!

Recently, there have been opportunistic interventions promoting anti-Romanian feelings, in the form of "Romanian [negative attribute] vs. [positive attribute] Commonwealth"

Please do contact me if you see anti-Romanian comments.
I will write to my MP @DanielZeichner and speak to Romanian institutions in the UK. @PaulBrummell may also be interested to look at this? @The3Million collected some of those anti-Romanian media interventions here:
These people are deliberately singling out Romanians to strengthen "us" vs. "them" attitudes. Weaker solidarity between migrant groups fits their political aims, nothing else.

They play into stereotypes about Romanians promoted for years by the Daily Mail et al.
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