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Maybe we should change tack and - instead of concentrating on corrupt politicians - spend our efforts on changing our own approach to society and take on the challenge of reform in #Britain. #WATON
2/ Many Brits are stunned to find themselves in a situation that appears unchangeable and dismal. Reactions range from disbelief, regret of not acting differently earlier, resignation, anger and sadness. “How could this have happened? “ is a question I heard countless times.
2/ Comparisons with 1933 Germany are made, and similarities are there. But nobody is really examining how Germany got over this (with Allied help) to develop the democracy they have now. Lessons of failures and successes could be learned
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I'm supporting this call in the FT from UK's important medium sized businesses for a close #EU trade deal.

This is not about #remainers or #leavers. We have left the #EU, and it is now incumbent on #Government to deliver for us ALL on their promise.

And we rely on this promise of an ambitious, wide-ranging & balanced economic EU partnership not #NoDeal and not and #AustraliaDeal and not #Canada either. The bespoke #ovenready deal with no economic downside which needs close alignment on standards 2/3
And here the letter in full and the 110 signatures of entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and manufacturers

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Even #leavers are waking up to the fact the #ToryManifesto is a #tyrantscharter.

Why the breakthrough?

Undermining the courts and parliament looks wrong if you think independence is coming.

Trouble is press is conniving. So no one is explaining it's far worse.

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Ok some of you know the headline.

Boris will make sure he has the final say. Overturning Magna Carta.

1000 years of British history and a normal democratic courtesy says no one should be above the law.


Boris knows best.

Thank God we can rely on his scrupulous probity
2. The courts are the final protection for democracy, but here are others to get rid of

Parliament itself is sometimes needed to make laws. Unless you extend the "royal prerogative" so you can make diktats.

The house of lords annoying too.

Guess what #borisisacoward also added
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#OpportunityCost is the aggregate net cost of doing something, vis a vis 'not doing it' at all.

The initial project, option & prospect of #Brexit came with huge opportunity costs, which were too easily pre-discounted as #ProjectFear. 1/
The initial #Leave case, dramatised by the #BorisBus, contended that UK could save its £350m pw #EU 'gross membership contribution' and pass that 'saving' straight to the #NHS - as 'additional funding'. 2/
The #Leave case focused on saving UK's #EU gross membership cost in favour of #NHS.

It ignored regular #EU annual contributions back into a multiplicity of UK projects, which would obviously be stopped, if we ceased membership.
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So much noise about what Brexit means. Why not just check the source. Dominic Cummings.

Simple answers

Here we go: thread👇

Did we know what we were voting for?
How about Tory Red Lines? Were they part of "the brexit people voted for"
So what does respecting the vote mean?
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Dear friends, I must draw your attention to a trend here. It is as if all #brexiters have been told to lie blatantly. Raab' claims that being in a weaker position strengthens our bargaining power is pure #altright cognitive dissonance. It is a deliberate confusion tactic 1/
This is one of the hallmarks of the Leave Campaign and other campaigns where the #altright hate machine has been involved. It is using lying as a weapon designed to further obscure the truth and make people give up on trying... silence opposition based on truth /2
It is also a key part of stirring up hate. It is societal antagonism/terrorism. It is designed to enrage and encourage hate, anger and violence. It is designed to, for example, encourage verbal attacks against #leavers to use as proof of hate against them... 3/
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In her 18 Xmas speech, HM QE2 avoided Brexit entirely (she did mention Commonwealth), in the "BBC balance" interpretation of Royal obligation to be politically neutral. We can speculate on meaning and intent. But it got me thinking about requirements for reconciliation. Thread.
Leavers would need due consideration and political action on the discontents that drove their vote. E.g. redistribution, investment in communities whose public services have been eroded. Creating + opportunities: vocational training, education. Community-building and integration.
Parties can help by recruiting talent from outside the Public School - Oxford PPE - Spad conveyor belt. Westminster can help by letting serious £ move to regions. A decade of austerity has also left a sense that working people absorbed the consequences of moral hazard in City.
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I want to talk a minute about how #Brexit is viewed by most of the #Dutch here in the #Netherlands.

The #Dutch are mostly bewildered by #Brexit and why anyone would want to leave.

We do have a small EU critical faction in parliament (PVV+FvD=32 seats out of 150), but 4/5ths of the electorate are either uncaring or moderately to rabidly pro EU.

Our #economy stands to take quite a hit from Brexit. Up to a few percent, even.…

This is seen as a betrayal by most #Dutch, who take the
health of our economy very seriously, especially after supporting Britain's liberal ideas in the #EU

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1. I do not blame #Leavers for believing the lies that were given to them. I do not blame them for believing the years of Right wing propaganda. The originators of those lies, they are the enemy and they want something that is bad for everyone, Remainers and Leaver alike.
2. The originators of those lies want power and the creation of those lies are in themselves proof of guilt. For if #brexit really was best for the country the lies would not be needed, nor would the trolls, nor the illegal funding and methodology, abuse, stalking voters.
3. And now we know the true agenda of those #brextremists, it lies in their doctrine that spurned them to initiate #brexit. It is about control, it's about them having control, it's about them and their corporate paymasters having control. Own everything, own everyone...
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#Leavers do you know what the EU flight compensation rules are.

If your flight is delayed at departure, you have the right to assistance, to reimbursement and a return flight, depending on the duration of the delay and the distance of the flight....
If you arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours, you are entitled to compensation of up to €600, unless the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances.

Damn EU forcing these rights on UK consumers against their will.
If you are upgraded, the airline can't request any additional payment.

If you are downgraded, you are entitled to reimbursement of a percentage of the price of your ticket, depending on the flight distance as follows:

a) 30% - flights of 1 500 km or less
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1/ Yes there is more to it than GDP. Silver lining of #Brexit is it has woken up all of us Brits who are proEU. Before EURef we did not need to be active or engaged. Now we bloody well do because the future of our country is at stake. #FBPE #WATON #REMAIN #StopBrexitSaveBritain
2/ irony of #Brexit is that it has created a massive pro EU grassroots across the U.K. Millions of British people who are just if not more passionate, determined, committed & angry as any #Leaver or #Brexiter. #FBPE #WATON #StopBrexitSaveBritain #remainernow #FinalSay #StopBrexit
3/ Why are #Remainers so committed to stopping #Brexit? More reasons than you could give in a series of tweets. First & foremost we believe it is catastrophic to our country & we therefore have a duty to stop that damage to our country #fbpe #WATON #StopBrexit #REMAIN #FinalSay
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Here is Jon, her voted leave but now has seen the lies of the #leave campaign become clear & is a #RemainerNow
Respect @jonnywoo34 -so many feel like you! Thanks for speaking out & keep doing so!
Let’s hope MPs have courage to put country before party & start opposing #brexit
Here is #remainernow Jon again with a great post (and mini thread) on his #bregret and how #leavers should look at those still advocating #brexit and ask if they share their values!
Top work @jonnywoo34 keep speaking out, your courage will encourage overs!
I urge people to read this great thread from #remainernow Jon (for more see ⬆️). In it he explains his reasons for voting leave & what he has realised since.
Thanks for taking the time to do this @jonnywoo34 hopefully it can encourage others!
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Feels like history now! but @thatginamiller inspired me, I returned from Vienna, joined @LibDems, fought #Richmond, helped @sarahjolney1 WIN
Answer? not in the past! @ProfBrianCox memorably stated "Time travels relentlessly in one direction, FORWARDS" We need ideas for the FUTURE!
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