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At the end of 2021 I ended my 36 years in local government & came out of political retirement. Here’s my #Colchester 2022 review which turned out to be one helluva year. Solidarity & #HappyNewYear to all the wonderful new people I’ve got to know in the last twelve months. 1/14
JANUARY: A group of socialists visited Fratting Hall Farm, a former pacifist settlement nr. Colchester, founded during the Second World War in 1943. The painting of the barn which survives to this day was by local artist Roderick Barrett. History 👉… 2/14
FEBRUARY: Attended a #JohnsonOut rally organised by Brighton Trades Council. The message on the placard was one the stark messages of the protestors. 📷 BH Griffiths.
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OMG this Byline Times story has been flagged as "harmful" content by Twitter and asks if you "want to" Like and retweet it first! Why? It is about #VoterSuppression of course.
#DemocracyNotAutocracy #DemocracyDenied #Vote
/2 #VoterID
‘It’s Far Worse than Any US State’
Josiah Mortimer
Josiah Mortimer reports on fresh UK #votersuppression claims facing the Government – including the impact on young people – ahead of rushed roll-out of mandatory voter ID for next May’s #localelections #ToryBritain
/3 The Government has been accused of #Gerrymandering and “legalised #votersuppression” by pushing ahead with mandatory #VoterID I for next year’s May local elections, amid renewed concerns that young people will be locked out of voting.
#DemocracyNotAutocracy #ToriesOut
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Just returned from joint injections.Taxi drivers friend called him,man in a Bham job centre killed himself this morning in front of staff & clients after begging, screaming and crying for help. He had no food,money or family. 😥💔 #RIP. #ToryBritain. #DWP. #ToriesOut
I am absolutely distraught. The whole system is broken, and they just don't care. They have destroyed this country, and broken society for the majority of us, unless you are rich. The poor man was desperate 😥💔
The taxi drivers friend was attending an appointment with his 'work coach' at the time, and witnessed the tragedy. The victim was inconsolable before he ended his life, my heart breaks for him. How many others must die for them to see what they have done? 😥💔
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In a response to Richard Murphy's blog posted over the weekend, I think this is very insightful as to why the Tories are being so #cruel over #welfare #benefits and #CostOfLivingCrisis Support (a 🧵)... /1
/2 There is a new comment on The #Tories are now the most #rightwing governing party in the developed world:
"It could be worse than that. Maybe the rather tepid move to Labour in the polls is because of something darker.
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Voters abandon #Tories as faith in #Economic competence dives
Conservative MPs urge Liz Truss’s removal from No 10 after poll reveals British public’s fury over tax plans… #KamiKwasiEconomics #TrussFails #ToriesOut
/2 The survey by Opinium – which also reveals that Labour has extended its lead by a massive 14 percentage points in the last week alone, from 5 points to 19 points, and that Truss’s ratings are now lower than Boris Johnson’s at the height of the #PartyGate scandal
/3 Concerns were also voiced by Tories on Saturday after Simon Clarke, a key Truss ally and the levelling up secretary, signalled that #welfare would be cut as part of plans to bring public spending back under control.
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The #Tories are now the most #RightWing governing party in the developed world
~ Richard Murphy
This is really quite staggering, but explains a great deal.…
From the comments: "At least it simplifies the electorate’s decision at the next election. It’s becoming a simple binary choice between supporting decency or supporting the contemporary Tory Party, you can’t do both." 👍 #RightWingWrong #TrussFails #ToriesOut
/2 "The Johnson government was further to the left than depicted, whilst the #Labour and US Dems (especially the latter) should be further to the right.

The idea that #Biden leads a centre left government is nonsense."
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7 O'clock and all's...well...see for yourself:
Wow! Top #Tory says his party ‘has ALREADY lost’ the next election
In what has been a morale-sapping time for the Conservatives, one senior party official is already resigned to losing next #GeneralElection…
/2 It took just three weeks of Trussonomics to break the #ConservativeParty, then. According to one of their most senior MPs, the Tories have ‘already lost the next election’, and it has been suggested that the Blues should focus on ‘damage limitation’ going forward.
/3 Tory MP says his party ‘will not win the next election’
Charles Walker, who serves as the MP for Broxbourne, has been in a rather defeatist mood throughout the week. Following one political poll published on Thursday – which predicted a collapse in support for the Tories
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This comes as no surprise: He lied.
#BorisJohnson’s #flagship #jobs scheme was a #failure, new figures reveal
Fewer people found jobs under #WaytoWork despite triumphant claim that it helped 500,000…
#ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #ToriesOut #GetBorisGone
/2 Ed Humpherson, director general of the Office for Statistics Regulation, wrote: “There is no clear explanation of how the Way to Work target was defined, how it would be measured, and the methods used to support claims … that the target has been reached.
/3 “It is difficult to attribute and quantify publicly the impact of a campaign like #WaytoWork in the absence of a clearly defined and published target, and details about how the target will be measured and reported, at the start.
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/2 Post-Brexit immigration rules and the war in Ukraine have restricted the traditional flow of seasonal workers from eastern Europe, forcing some growers to seek workers from as far afield as #Nepal.
/3 But reduced productivity - allied to the impact of soaring #costs, #drought and #heatwaves - have left some #Norfolk farms cutting back on their production and considering their future.
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/2 In the short term, we’ve got to go through probably a very serious #economiccrisis. I’ve felt for some time that we’re bound to have a very severe #recession. And if we’re not careful, it’s going to be combined with very bad #inflation, which does social, as well as economic
/3 damage. Brace yourself for it, but living standards generally are going to fall for the first time for a long time, and the main short-term measures should be to protect the very #poor, very #vulnerable and stop us seeing any increase in number of people becoming destitute
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#Labour surges as Tory fears grow over #Truss’s #taxcut agenda
Likely PM’s policies will mean ‘big trouble’, say critics, as #Starmer’s #energybills initiative boosts him in polls… #TrussFails #ToriesOut #CostOfGreedCrisis #inflation
Panic: Amid signs of mounting panic among high-ranking #Conservatives about #Truss’s #economic policies, several former cabinet ministers told the Observer the party would suffer devastating losses in blue and red wall seats unless Truss changes tack if and when she enters No 10
Ken Clarke: ‘The idea that tax cuts will automatically produce growth is nonsense’

After #MichaelGove described #Truss’s plan to focus on cutting taxes as a “holiday from reality” and announced he was supporting #RishiSunak ,
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Right, let's see what's in the news...
#Tory jitters about #Truss: ‘She will just come across as Boris without the charm’
As Starmer leads in polls for best PM, #LibDems have formed attack unit to push for victory in blue wall seats… #TrussFails Every.Time.
/2 a large number of Conservative MPs are suffering a serious bout of the jitters about their own futures this weekend.

One reason is that while a clear majority of the 150,000 or so members of the Tory party, who have the ultimate say in deciding the next PM,
/3 are opting for #Truss over #RishiSunak, voters out in the country seem distinctly unimpressed by the prospect of the current foreign secretary moving into No 10.
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/2 "There is a darker alternative. The sometimes controversial Canadian writer and activist #NaomiKlein coined the term “#disastercapitalism”. This is when corporations, and those on the #Right politically aligned with them, use natural disasters around the world
/3 to force #neoliberal, extreme free market measures on populations so desperate they will accept anything to lessen their #misery.

One could speculate that the political trajectory of the past few years has been moving towards this. Collapse the UK #economy,
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#BloJo is a scandal of clear misconduct in public office. Boris (as Foreign Secretary) was attempting to secure a highly-paid job for Carrie with whom he was having sex while at 'work' in his parliamentary office. His wife was being treated for Cancer. Indefensible #ToriesOut
Misconduct in public office is a common law offence. Johnson’s behaviour occurred in his office when he was foreign minister. When sex occurs while the public official is on duty the concern is the dereliction of duty & unprofessionalism.
#TorySleeze #LickeyEnd
By being caught the situation opens itself to being BRIBED which is a huge problem esp for someone who is PM. The Metropolitan Police should add this to their ever growing Westminster caseload, or at the very least the parliamentary standards commissioner should take a look.
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#BorisJohnson would be stripped of his Commons majority and lose nearly 90 seats at a general election if local election results were replicated.

#ToriesOut #VoteToryCouncilsOut
/2 Asked by the BBC’s PM programme on Friday whether Labour was giving any thought to a #ProgressiveAlliance, the shadow attorney general, Emily Thornberry, said: “We are going into the next general election wanting to win it and wanting to be the government,
/3 and being a government that has the majority of seats.
“We will have no deals going into that election and no deals coming out of it.”
But asked about the issue on the Today programme David Blunkett, a former home secretary and current member of the House of Lords, said
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From earlier in the week
#Johnson has no idea about how to help those in poverty when there is so much he could do
~ Richard Murphy… #ToriesOut
/2 So what could be done for this pensioner, presuming we care, which Johnson clearly does not?
* The £20 a week Johnson took away from so many people when Covid was claimed to be over would help. This could be restored now for pensioners and those on #UniversalCredit.
/3 *Benefits including pensions could and should also be uprated now by the full current inflation rate, not the much lower rate of last autumn.
*VAT on domestic energy could be reduced to nothing. *Fuel duty on diesel and petrol could also be reduced temporarily
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Paul Waugh: Will Boris Johnson replace #RishiSunak with #LizTruss?
A Prime Minister, facing plotters inside and out his government, gets a drubbing in the local elections. He then opts to reshuffle his Cabinet the very next day, in a bid to “re-set” his entire government /1
/2 and prove he’s still the man in charge.
Well, that’s exactly what happened in May 2006 when Tony Blair reacted to Labour’s loss of 319 council seats and the control of 17 town halls...
So, is Boris Johnson tempted to do the same in the aftermath of this week’s local elections?
/3 In some ways the parallels are uncanny with 16 years ago, not least with a Home Secretary under huge pressure in a “not fit for purpose” department,party chairman with too much on their plate and prospect of worrying losses in key party heartlands (especially in the south).
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The Tories have been in permanent Campaign mode for over 12 years, endless promises that never materialised in reality. They rely on a heavily funded international militia of self financed business tycoons and oligarchs out to bypass legal restrictions and democracy itself.
In 1955 @iealondon was founded as a 'charitable' institute, it is a veritable paradox of democracy as r/w think tanks operate in the shadows, stealthily instructing Govt in advancing their true agenda of free market chaos, zero tax on rich and total abolition of the welfare state
67 years of r/w Libertarian ideology masquerading as a social science for public well being. Post Brexit UK now stands on the precipice of a total reconfiguration of the World Operating System to anarcho-capitalist ends. To fulfil this dystopian nightmare, democracy must collapse
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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “tempting evil” with his statements about the training of Ukrainian troops abroad amid the conflict with Russia, Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak, who advises the defense minister, said on Friday.
During a visit to India earlier this week, Johnson told journalists that “we are currently training Ukrainians in Poland in the use of anti-aircraft defense, and actually in the UK in the use of armored vehicles.”
Skrzypczak, who headed one of the multinational divisions in Iraq in the mid-2000s, told Polish newspaper Fakt that “when we were on missions abroad it was hard to imagine that one of the politicians would talk about our plans or training on television.”
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Government’s decision to allow homes to be built to low standards of #energyefficiency cost owners of new build homes £234m last year
#LibDems analysis shows scrapped #zerocarbon standard would have saved owners £200 a year… #ToriesOut #ToriesDoNotCare
/2 #energyefficiency #housingcrisis
Mold, leaks, rot: how Brad Pitt’s post-Katrina housing project went horribly wrong… #GreenHomes #housingstandards #InsulateBritain
/3 The project seemed cutting-edge, if not utopian..which incorporated next-gen features like solar panel roofs, energy-efficient heating and cooling, and sustainable materials.Each house would be sold well below cost: $150,000. #HousingCrisis #NewOrleans
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Penny Mordaunt - Portsmouth North - LABOUR🌹
Julian Smith - Skipton and Ripon - LABOUR🌹
Dominic Raab - Esher and Walton - LIB DEMS🔶
Michael Gove - Surrey Heath - LIB DEMS🔶
Mark Spencer - Sherwood - LABOUR🌹
Boris Johnson - Uxbridge & SR - LABOUR🌹
John Redwood - Wokingham - LIB DEMS🔶
Steve Brine - Winchester - LIB DEMS🔶
Liam Fox - N. Somerset - LABOUR🌹
Theresa May - Maidenhead - LIB DEMS🔶
Oliver Dowden - Hertsmere - LABOUR🌹
Jonathan Gullis - Stoke.N - LABOUR🌹
Therese Coffey - Suffolk Coastal - LABOUR🌹
Nadhim Zahawi - Stratford upon Avon - LIB DEMS🔶
Tom Hunt - Ipswich - LABOUR🌹
Michael Fabricant - Lichfield - LABOUR🌹
Natalie Elphicke - Dover - LABOUR🌹
RobRoberts - Delyn - LABOUR🌹
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Bit of a thread...

I live in Toxteth, a deprived area of Liverpool.

I've just been out walking, on my way to the shop, when an old lady called out to me:

"Hey luv, do you know where I go for the thingy?"

"For what, luv?"

#The thingy, in your arm"
"Oh! The vaccination centre? For your vaccination? It's just there, go left at the sign".

"Is it on this side?" She asked me.

I looked properly at the lady and it was pretty obvious that she couldn't see a thing. She had no glasses.

"Come on, luv. I'll take you there".
"Hasn't the weather been awful?" She said to me as we walked the fifty yards to the centre.

"Yes, it's cold, isn't it?" I replied.

I was dressed in a warm bubble jacket and had a Nepalese woollen bobble hat on. This lady must have been 80.
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I’ve just watched some of the clips of Nadine Dorries ‘debating’ in Parliament today.

If you’ve put someone like that in charge of your nation’s culture you’ve basically conceded it no longer has one.

Truly pitiful.
#ToryBritain #ToriesOut #JohnsonMustGo #idiocracy
Populism isn’t very popular.
They constantly purport to speak on behalf of the ordinary neglected silent British voter but the vast majority of ordinary neglected silent British voters want to be governed by anyone but the Tory Party. Our voting system is a total farce, a dark comedy of errors. #ToriesOut
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A thread about drug smuggling, the British Empire, and the ways in which historical wrongdoing by the Establishment persists into the present day. 🧐🧵🌳🍃🍂⛓ #EstablishmentPsychopathy #history #ToriesOut #OpiumWar #ColonialViolence
It’s generally well known that the Opium Wars of the mid nineteenth century were launched by Britain against China in order to benefit British drug smugglers… 🤨🇬🇧🇨🇳 #OpiumWars #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
After all, even the National Army Museum – not typically regarded as a bastion of anti-Establishment lefties – states this frankly in its displays on the Opium Wars. #BritishEmpire #ColonialViolence #China
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