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“No one thought I could make a name for myself in the arts. I grew up in a time when academics was more important," says #NRI Harminder Boparai from #Punjab, who has gained worldwide acclaim for #sculpting artwork from #scrap pieces of wood and metal.
Harminder was not academically sound, which invited the wrath of his family and teachers and was looked upon as a sign of non-competency. He was often referred to as “trash” and faced undue pressure to excel in #academics.
“For all the hardships I encountered, my life now is filled with contentment.”

#PravasiBharatiyaDivas #Inspiration #Artist #WasteMangement #Upcycling #NonResidentIndian
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If she would have answered: I grow Atomic Tomatoes from the seeds i get from @rareseeds i might have fell outa the chair... these were the funkiest tomatoes i've ever grown. Baker Creek Seeds atomic to...ImageImage
@rareseeds #carrot advice and my Yard - Garden pics and my quest to teach the kids where food actually comes from. hint Make Gardening Fun and the lessons will stick.…
:) image 4. ImageImageImageImage
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In case it comes up -
96% of the feed consumed by domesticated ruminants is NOT human-edible. The grains that are fed amounts to 7% of 2018 global cereal production. #Upcycling #FoodSecurity #EssentialNutrition #SustainableFood
83% of all livestock feed is consumed by ruminants, which can utilize resources humans cannot consume directly.
86% of the feed consumed by all livestock is NOT human edible. This amount of grain is 26% of 2018 global cereal production.
Mottet, A., et al. (2018). "Review: Domestic herbivores and food security: current contribution, trends and challenges for a sustainable development." Animal 12(s2): s188-s198.
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Here's a #BrightonWaste 🧵
Lots of ways to reduce your waste or manage it better


Find all the local @TerraCycleUK schemes for hyper-recycling
Plastic packaging, crisp pkts, PPE, toothbrushes, lots of stuff you can't kerbside recycle!
The biggest and best local specialist recycling happens every Thursday at @BrightonOpenMkt check what can be recycled and how to participate BEFORE you go!…
Check this national postcode search to see what can and cannot be recycled where you live from home (in theory for when there's not a strike on!) and all the other local #recycling options available via @recycle_now
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Heute - einen Tag vor der #btw21 und einen Tag nach #Klimastreik - ging es wieder einen Balkonsolar Upcycling Workshop. Die @fesa_freiburg hat die Einführung gemacht & zeigt von wo die #Solarmodule stammen, dem Schulzentrum in #Kirchzarten.
22 Teilnehmer:innen da, einer sogar aus #Böblingen auch viele Lehrer.
Ich werde heute versuchen live zu Twittern.
Als erstes gibt Rolf Behringer vom Verein Solare Zukunft eV eine kleine Einführung in die Geschichte der

#SolarPower #solarstorm #solarpunk #balkonsolar #waldsee #Balkonkraftwerk
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Am letzten Samstag haben wir aus gebrauchten #solarpanels neue #Balkonkraftwerk‘e gebaut.
🗺 In diesem Thread will Tipps & Anleitung geben, wie das geht & was man beachten sollte.
#upcycling #Solarpunk #solarmodule #balkonsolar #guriellapv #energiewende #maker #makerspace
Was braucht man?
☑️ Alte #Solarmodule, kommen derzeit viel von den Dächern weil nach 20 Jahren die #EEG Förderung endet & sich dann teils der Weiterbetrieb wirtschaftlich nicht lohnt.
😎 Solarvereine vor Ort
😎 Ebay Kleinanzeigen
😎 Solateure
☑️ Mikowechselrichter - die können 300w oder 600w Gleichstrom aus den Solarmodulen umwandeln in 220 V Wechselstrom.
⚡️etwa den Hoymiles HM-300…
⚡️ Envertech EVT-300…
⚠️ prüfen: wie wollt ihr Anschließen? Sind Kabel dabei?
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1/4 Preparing for next week...
So, per #ipccreport2021, the effect of enteric CH4 emissions from stable herds has been overstated (and CH4 from fossil fuels similarly underestimated).
IPCC. 2021. AR6. Ch 6… p 123 @FarmersDefence @GHGGuru @UCDavisCLEAR
2/4 And yet, even with this OVERESTIMATE, accounting emissions for the amount of foods needed to provide essential nutrients dramatically shifts the narrative. Now divide the beef or milk by 3...
3a & 3b/4 And the land footprint and water use shifts when the essential utilizable nutrients being supplied are considered. Metrics Matter!
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Thread on #lysine #upcycling #ruminants
Only 4% of the feed consumed by the global domestic ruminant herd is *potentially* human-utilizable. The upcycling of the other 96% into resources that are essential to modern (& future) societies is under-appreciated.
- The grain fed represents only 10% of the global cereal production.
- 1/4 of the grain fed is off-grade & not human edible.
Source for this & previous slide.
Mottet, et al., (2018)…
In the US, only 11% of the lifetime feed consumed by a commercial fed steer is *potentially* human-utilizable.
Rotz, et al., (2019)…
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Lately, I have been very disturbed with the whole #climatecrisis. Every day some new naturally unnatural calamity looms over our head.
The ice caps are turning in cold rocks and I end up in a rabbit hole feeling helpless.
It just sucks to imagine a #future where the only way people can enjoy nature as you and I did via #hiking etc is to read blogs and watch videos.
That sucks on so many levels.
And when I think about the reasons for this situation. I can't seem to go any further but to pin it on #consumption.
Not just fashion or lifestyle consumption. But any damn product.
From the smallest sewing pin to the giant #spaceships.
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#ProtéinesVégétales, les étudiants se mobilisent pour présenter des alternatives innovantes
Premier prix au projet d’œuf végétal "V’eggs"
@Villagebyca_NdF @IfriaOccitanie #AIRFIC @EcoleLaRaque…
Viennent ensuite :
- Les Jeunes Pousses : valorisation des plantes sauvages en biscuits @essec
- Synergy : valorisation des drêches de micro-brasseries en galettes vegan @AgroParisTech @NEOMAbs #upcycling
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Plastic based #synthetic fabrics use 342 million barrels/ 5437 crore litres of #oil annually.

Some commonly used synthetic fabrics are #polyester, #nylon, #acrylic etc.

These #fabrics are made using fossil fuels and are #nonbiodegradable, hence they’re bad for our #environment.
Synthetic fabrics release #micro #plastics in the environment which can be #carcinogenic.
Let’s stay clear off them while future #shopping. But we don’t have to get rid of the ones we already own. We must take good care of our clothes, use what we already have till it wears out.
After the clothes wear off, we must either #upcycle or #recycle them.
Disposing our synthetic clothes in the bin means sending them off to the landfills & that just means a mountain of clothes for hundreds of years to come.

We believe #upcycling is the most #sustainablefashion.
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Conférence sur l’#upcycling à Paris. 1ère invitée Hélène de la Moureyre, fondatrice de @bilumParis, récupère des bâches publicitaires pour les transformer en objets de mode.
Il y a 13 ans, toutes les bâches étaient brûlées. Il y en avait 200 000m2 à Paris !
Exemple 1 : un sac fait avec une bâche du musée d’Orsay, une fermeture utilisée par la Marine Nationale et une ceinture de sécurité pour la anse
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