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In light of misinformation being spread regarding @CEOAdam and @AMCTheatres' expressed intent for a 1:10 reverse #split, here's a quick🧵to address the #FUD, & explain why AA is still playing 3D Chess, and why this can benefit #AMC. 1/
A reverse split is a "corporate action". 2/…
Some corporate actions require a CUSIP change. 3/…
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@TwinTurboCe1ica 1/ This is a very nuanced topic. First, to the pricing point - pricing of what? Say natural flake. Okay so, what type of natural flake, what quality, where is it produced, is it vertically integrated, which supply chain is it feeding, what end product is it creating?
@TwinTurboCe1ica 2/ all of this affects flake graphite concentrate price. Then you need to look at synthetic vs flake as less of a "substition" and more of a balance, see image attached.
@TwinTurboCe1ica 3/ Understanding sythentic graphite is important. Artificial graphite for battery anodes (need to be specific here) is better than natural graphite in efficiency, cycle life, the way it can be curated, morphology, sometimes conductivity and the way it reacts to coatings.
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(2/13) Blue Owl was brought up by @SylviaRey Recently

The Mcafee KillSwitch/Blockchain
Data Dropped This Image 👇 I will go Through The Locations In these next tweets ImageImage
(3/13) 🔮What I found Near the Location is More Important than the Location itself

#Blackrock/Blackrock Financial/#Blackstone Group
#Citi & Citi Private

Shadow/Real? Synthetic Everything? 1:1 Seen/Unseen Image
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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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Developing an #mRNA vaccine is a sure-shot way to success? No! Despite the spectacular performance of #Pfizer & #Moderna vaccines, we also have a #CureVac fiasco. We need to dig in much deeper into the intricacies of developing a highly efficacious mRNA vaccine 1/
There is more than low dose & impact of VOCs behind #CureVac’s failure. And here we once again need to salute the sheer brilliance of @kkariko . Will do a little thread to explain, why! 2/
No doubt, the #CureVac used a much lower #RNA dose. Dose is lower (12 (CureVac) vs 30 (#Pfizer) vs 100 ug (#Moderna)) but no idea how that translates to protein. Need to know how much of a role the lower dose played in the lower efficacy 3/
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1/Based on what are pools @SBF_Alameda + and some key blocks analyzing.

Let’s see what @ProjectSerum and @SBF_Alameda got in their heads.
2, Pools are essential parts of DeFi and have unreplaceable roles in AMMs, lending, yield farming, synthetic assets, insurance platforms,...

Basically, pools are places where you store assets and are locked in smart contracts.
3, This is like you put money in the bank, that money is used to lend and pay the interests for the lender or like insurance companies use money of the majority to pay for a few when accidents happen. Pools will be used to do whatever the projects tend to do.
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ATTN #CBD stakeholders: @US_FDA today holding scientific conf. on CBD/other #cannabinoids. I'll be live tweeting throughout. Not sure we'll get much insight on immediate path forward for consumer products but I'll share noteworthy observations. Agenda:
I'll be paying particular attention to @DrAbernethyFDA's remarks at 9:05a (head of #FDA's #CBD Policy Working Group) and @DThrockmortonMD's keynote at 9:15a (one of Agency's principals for regulating R&D, manufacture & marketing of #cannabis & cannabis-derived #drug products).
And we're underway! First up is Kaveeta Vasisht, MD, PharmD. Associate Commissioner for Women’s
Health and Director, Office of Women’s Health, FDA. She's noting ubiquity of #CBD products in marketplace, many of which are targeted to #women.
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Plastic based #synthetic fabrics use 342 million barrels/ 5437 crore litres of #oil annually.

Some commonly used synthetic fabrics are #polyester, #nylon, #acrylic etc.

These #fabrics are made using fossil fuels and are #nonbiodegradable, hence they’re bad for our #environment.
Synthetic fabrics release #micro #plastics in the environment which can be #carcinogenic.
Let’s stay clear off them while future #shopping. But we don’t have to get rid of the ones we already own. We must take good care of our clothes, use what we already have till it wears out.
After the clothes wear off, we must either #upcycle or #recycle them.
Disposing our synthetic clothes in the bin means sending them off to the landfills & that just means a mountain of clothes for hundreds of years to come.

We believe #upcycling is the most #sustainablefashion.
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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On this week's @ARKInvest newsletter, I'm going to talk about how #synthetic #biology (not reading, but writing DNA) is a crucial (but not widely talked about) part of our ability to rapidly develop tests and treatments for #COVID19. Until then, ask questions and I'll post links.
Synthetic biology (#SynBio) = creating DNA molecules artificially

In this case, it means synthesizing #COVID19 fragments to aid in the design, validation, and quality control of diagnostic tests. It also helps us research different viral strains and potential therapeutics.
First, I want to tackle 'spike-in' controls for validating RT-PCR assays for #COVID19 detection. Detailed write-ups below and then I'll post a summary (or TL;DR)...………
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Analysis: #NASDAQ: #MSFT

Case 29 #Microsoft Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

MSFT 1/6
Microsoft has been in a strong #uptrend since the break/close above the previous all time high of 59.97 which happened Oct 2016. A monthly close above 144.45 will eventually target 155.40 and 158.25 within 5-7 months.

MSFT 2/6
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The strong trend supported by #trendline support, TL #pivots and natural pivots. A close above 144.45 targets 158.25

MSFT 3/6
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1. Talking at #EmTechDigital today on 'Preparing for #Deepfakes: Trust and Truth' placing in broader framework of how we think about AI and social good. My cliffnotes here in this thread… (in great company with @red_abebe and @latonero)
2. Quick intro for those don't know @witnessorg; work on helping anyone, anywhere using video and tech for human rights. We're focused on making you more effective, ethical and safe if you do. And that means also keeping eye out for emerging tech threats
3. Big emerging tech threats we're concerned about now are: #AI at intersection with #disinformation, #media manipulation and rising #authoritarianism. We know this is where the rubber hits the road for activists and civic witnesses on the ground.
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