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Banana farming is a lucrative venture that anyone with resources and commercial interest in farming should venture.
Kenya is among the largest banana producers globally with estimated annual production of 1.4 million metric tons.
It ranks 4th after rice
Benefits include:
Source of vitamin B6 and C, manganese, potassium, starch n fibre.

There's a high demand of bananas in Kenya n deficit in supply.
Much is imported from Uganda

Areas that lead in production are Meru, Kirinyaga, Embu, Kisii, bungoma, vihiga, Busia, Taita
The most common varieties include:
Williams, Cavendish, Grandnain, Giant and Dwarf Cavendish, Uganda Green, Ng'ombe, Sweet bananas and others considered indigenous varieties.
Most farmers rely on propagation through suckers. However, tissue culture is gaining popularity.
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With only a few days to go before the most comprehensive #lockdown announced by GoI comes to an end, participated in a VC with Hon PM to discuss the exit strategy to deal with fallout from #COVIDー19 Crisis & ways to kick start the #economy. Made the following suggestions.(1/n)
1. TESTING: Use Rapid test kits to segregate the people into red, yellow & green zones. Empowering employers to test their workforce, will reduce the burden on Govt and create green zones of productivity and help get economy back on track. (2/n)
2. #supplychain: They are extremely important to get the economy moving even in a partial manner. Allowing trucks to #transport goods and other #materials is vital for the #economy. The Govt might also consider ensuring Road side facilities for the drivers' #welfare. (3/n)
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1/n A little thread on the impact of #9baje9minute on the Indian #Electricity #grid @PosocoIndia @MinOfPower

From @PosocoIndia o data #India's #power #demand at 19:00 hours in the last three #Sundays:

29 March: 110632 Gigawatts (GW)
22 March: 125000 GW
15 March: 144258 GW
2/n #Power #demand at 19:00 hours on similar Sundays last year:
31 March 2019: 149361
07 April 2019: 150735

#lockdown has reduced demand by 35-40 GW primarily as a result of the partial closure of industries and commercial establishments
3/n In 2019, #residential #demand was about 25% of total demand but it likely to be 33% of the total demand today. So, a sudden change in #residential #demand is likely to have a bigger impact.
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Today, the battle we chose to focus on is #foodsecurity. While our policy recommendations will be released to the public in a few days, I will be live tweeting my literature review for my notes, and you are welcome to them. || #COVID19PH @emitc4c
1. The 'Entitlements Approach to Hunger' is by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Entitlement here is defined as a reliable source of food. Market-based entitlement is most prevalent and resilient, but in crises, vulnerable people must look elsewhere for food.…
2. The Food Security Crisis in the PH from @OSINTHK. Two dynamics: panic buying and weak logistics infra. Entitlements are also mentioned here.
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#FieldSurvey of #IndiraCanteen #FoodSecurity #LockDown #COVID_19

Visited 9 Indira Canteens of Vijayanagar and Govindarajnagara Constituency in the morning(8am) to check on food distribution, social distancing & safety measures at the venue!

My findings 👇👇👇 Image
Marshal at the canteen told the distribution starts at
7am - Breakfast
12pm - Lunch
7pm- Dinner

But this seems to be 30 mins earlier than what is mentioned in the notification. Image
1 out 9 I visited is officially non-operational (i.e 133 Hampi Nagar is closed till 31st March). Image
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Import dependency & food Security
1-Lebanon imports ~ 5 times the value of its exports. On the total import bill, fuel comes 1st accounting for ~ 21.1% & food comes 2nd accounting for ~ 17.7% (Worldbank, 2018). The country imports 65% to 80% of its food needs. (ESCWA & WFP, 2016)
2-Major Imported #food categories include sugar, vegetable oils, animal products, beverages, fruits & vegetables ... , many of which can be either produced locally or already have local substitutes.
3-Agriculture’s value-added as % of GDP has been regularly falling since 2014. In 2016- 2018, it dropped to 2.9% only. The high dependency on imports coupled with the declining agriculture sector poses a serious threat on 2 dimensions of food insecurity: Availability & stability
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Some information starting to emerge on how #COVID19 #coronavirus could impact global #foodsecurity. Here is my personal take:

Former @IFPRI DG, @ShenggenFan: "COVID-19 is a health crisis. But it could also lead to a food security crisis if proper measures are not taken.”

He's right.

Ebola, SARS, MERS all had direct & indirect negative impacts on food security.


COVID-19 poses a great threat to nations with pervasive poverty & poor healthcare infrastructure. Most of world's hungry people live in these same places.

While the virus has been slow to spread to sub-Saharan Africa, its impact is imminent.


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Droughts are currently having widespread impacts around the world.

E.g. in Thailand

“Many rice mills are refusing to sell due to uncertainty over supply during this dry season" ..."Many parts of the country’s rice growing area have been hit by drought"

#ClimateCrisis #food
Whanganui farmer worries about drought, not coronavirus

"The world needs to eat - coronavirus or not - and farmers can take heart from that"

#ClimateCrisis #drought #NewZealand
Drought in Africa, Southern Europe Threatens Durum Crops

"deterioration of rainfall in late January and February and exceptionally high temperatures in February have caused low planted areas and low crop performance” 

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity #food
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Winnipeg City Hall adult ally #ClimateStrike

Week 27

So this is my worst Strike selfie yet - accidental shot while struggling to hold the ph for the pic at which point my camera died ;)

#Wetsuweten shirt art credit @christibelcourt

Thread incoming, will be pauses while I type
Disclaimer - everything I say here has already said, by better writers (often Indigenous) & by more knowledgable ppl (often Indigenous).

None of this should be taken as my own original thoughts, tho is not the fault or deficiency of the original thinkers if I get anything wrong.
Hello World, we need to talk about Canada.

I'm doing this in the context of my #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike, because the Winnipeg youth Climate Strike group, @mbyouth4climate, has been very involved in #WetsuwetenSolidarity #ShutDownCanada actions.
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The #ClimateCrisis, buried in aggregate economic indicators:

A spike in inflation in #India "caused by food prices...a sharp rise in the price of vegetables... pulses... attributed to supply shocks caused largely by extreme weather events"

Food prices nearly double in Kenya

"economist Ken Gichinga attributes the rise to erratic weather conditions that hit various parts of the country late 2019"

Where is the media?

The doom is here. We don't need prophets.

#ClimateCrisis #foodsecurity
☝️...Anyone see a pattern?

In Sri Lanka:

"It is well-known that vegetable prices wrere going up rapidly in the last few months...The main reason for this is the climate anomalies...some crops were completely destroyed"

#ClimateCrisis #food #SriLanka
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I think the most asked question I get from those who have developed interest in Agriculture is - how much do I need to start?

How is too little to be profitable

What I think works is...
#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #FarmLab2020

1. When you have little money to invest in agriculture, ask yourself - do you want to be involved in the business or want to invest in other people's venture.

Ans. I will focus on those who want to be involved
#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #FarmLab2020

2. Next, imagine if you had enough money, what would you really do in agriculture?

Input supply

I realized most people would love to process

#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #FarmLab2020

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Tomatoes are the 3rd highest consumed crop in Nigeria. Most people do not know there are thousands of tomatoes varieties. However these thousands of tomatoes can be grouped into 7

#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #May2020
1. Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are round, bite-sized, and so juicy that they may pop when you bite into them.

Average weight is 17g,
3 calories
Trace amounts of vitamins

Use: Salad, snack, skewers and kebabs.

#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #May2020
2. Grape tomatoes

They contain little water and have an oblong shape. One grape tomato

Average weight is 8g
1 calorie 

Use: Salads or snack.

#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity #FarmerSamson #FarmLab2020
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It is “laziness” that makes people complain they ate stone rice. B4 stonefree, we’ve had rice & there are ways to make it stone free in our respective homes. UncleBenz ws the standard
#NutritionValueNotStone #FoodSecurity

If you buy #Mamaput & cracking stones, blame the seller & take your money back. If it’s you, hide your face. Obvious that stone will settle down, just a little patient while washing your rice & you have it stone free.
#NutritionValueNotStone #FoodSecurity
Didn’t we have on our CVs: 1) ability to work under pressure, with or without supervision & 2) attention to details. What should bother us even with imported Rice is “What is the nutritional value of the Rice we eat?
#NutritionValueNotStone #FoodSecurity
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#India has lost $7 billion #WTO case against US. Meanwhile #China has won its case with WTO allowing the Chinese to impose a $3.6 billion sanction on American goods. The verdict comes days after India US officially suspended defense cooperation. #TradeWar…
The #WTO verdict against India in favor of US in a $7 billion case comes days after India and US officially suspended defense cooperation in what is now giving rise to a full-fledged India-US #TradeWar.…
The #WTO case was filed in March 2018 by the U.S., challenging what it said were illegal export subsidies provided to #Indian firms. The decision, which can be appealed, comes amid a now full-fledged  India US #TradeWar.…
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Ruminant Animal rearing - the foundation to combat climate change

The reality of climate change isn't really a debate anymore, how much of it we believe could differ, and the extent to its impact differs.

#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity
For example, Northern Nigeria suffers from desertification and those in the Southern coastal line have coastal encroachment.
In the past I took time to explain how the waste products of animals especially cows are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emission (GHG)#ZeroHunger
... and how we can resolve this using the feed.
There is still the issue of desertification, this today is our major issue in Nigeria and must be tackled quickly. The herdsmen can be at the forefront of this battle, the herds (animals) are the weapon.
#ZeroHunger #foodsecurity
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Some key points from the #ClimateChangeAdisoryCouncil working paper on "Climate Change Mitigation and the Irish Agriculture and Land Use Sector"
1. Ireland is not food independent - exports of meat far exceed domestic consumption while a high proportion of cereals, vegetables and fruit are imported. #foodsecurity
2. The "value-added focus" of #FoodWise2025 may have resulted in a #rebound effect, with the re-investment of income into production expansion.
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Ok am gonna list this in sequence ONE LAST time (for Bozos & Half bakes)
1. In 2010-11 TN needed a fresh non conventional power source
2. Natural Gas etc was proposed as safer cheaper more environment friendly alternatives
3. The central govt pushed for new exploration thru NELP
4. GEECL which was already producing fuel in Raniganj West Bengal showed interest to search for deposits.
5. State Govt OFFICIALS signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding ONLY)
6. The MoU was strictly time bound for 4 yrs ONLY and EC or NO other CLEARANCES were issued in 2011
7. In 2011 very little info was known about the Methods that would be used to "Extract" IF anything was found
8. In 2012 I PERSONALLY gave out a press release against the project (WAY BEFORE MOST OF THE ADIMAIS AND BAKTHOOS EVEN WOKE UP to learn abt it)
9. The MoU EXPIRED in 2014
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I think we can all agree that food is pretty important for survival.

Climate Change is already impacting food security- it is not a distant, ambiguous concern: 

More than 1 million acres of US cropland ravaged by floods

#ClimateActionNow #foodsecurity
Cascading impacts of deadly flooding around the world includes "food supply shocks"

"A “whiplash” between very dry periods, followed by very wet periods, is exactly what we can expect from climate change"

#foodsecurity #ClimateChange #agriculture
...North America is not immune -

Already ‘There’s bleeding going on’ in U.S. farm economy, ag lender says, due in part to extreme weather

A prolonged downturn “has impacted farmers of all ages, experience levels and sizes”

#extremeweather #farming #farm
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Here’s a thread that nobody asked for comparing today’s urgent global problems to dim sum.
1/14 Nuclear Weapons v. Xiao Long Bao: Treat with respect or face intense explosion, third degree burns and worse. Experts disagree on how to handle in a never-ending debate. Also, it’s a challenging dish to make. #globalzero #nuclearweapons
2/14 Climate Crisis v. Chicken Feet: Look, you can’t soft sell this. It’s not chicken “change” for chrissakes. It’s the most intimidating item on the table, and there’s no disguising it for what it is. Deniers are vocal. #climatechange #globalwarming
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My latest in @sciam: How does #ClimateChange harm our #health today and threaten it tomorrow? Let me count the ways... THREAD (1/n)

1. The frequency, intensity, and duration of #ExtremeWeather events (heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, floods, storms) are increasing, with some of the first and worst impacts occurring in least-developed countries, whose people have contributed least to climate change. (2/n)
2. As average temperatures continue to rise, so will heat-related disorders. One shocking thing I've learnt is that an unforeseen example of human #ClimateCanaries has emerged in Central America , where 20,000+ sugarcane workers have died from chronic kidney disease. (3/n)
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Today the First Nations challenge to #SiteC in BC Supreme Court resumes, asking for an injunction to stop work on the dam until the rest of the Treaty 8 infringement case is decided in court. A critical case for BC. Follow the #SiteC & #SiteCInjunction hashtags this week! #bcpoli
Heading over to 800 Smithe now for 9:45 entry. All are welcome to be in the courtroom - please join us. Latecomers not admitted; proceedings start 10 am sharp. #bcpoli
This final week of the #SiteCinjunction hearing involves lawyers from the Province of BC (we have already heard from @sage_legal on behalf of West Moberly & Prophet River FNs, and BC Hydro's lawyers. #bcpoli #SiteC
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Dr M #Karunanidhi was a scientists’ scientist. Among his numerous contributions to Tamil Nadu's development are outstanding universities like Anna University as well as the State Biotechnology Council and gender-sensitive institutions like the Women’s Biotechnology Park.
#Karunanidhi was also keen to see Tamil Nadu progress from food security to nutrition security. Long before India's #foodsecurity Act was introduced, he launched in the 1990s a ‘#Hunger -free area programme’ in order to fulfil the dream of Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar.
The former Chief Minister also married #science with Tamil #literature. At the World Tamil conference in 2010, Dr #Karunanidhi announced the setting up of genetic heritage gardens based on Sangam literature in five zones representing kurinji, mullai, neithal, palai and marutham.
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