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Read this thread by Maggie Day about The Sanders Institute's close relationship with Yanis Varoufakis who is a major supporter of Julian Assange
Given this it's interesting how The Sanders Institute hosted an International Roundtable without one person of color, but highlighted the work of Varoufakis.
Varoufakis claims that his poor neighbor is just as privileged because they share the same view. Also it seems Bernie Sanders doesn't care that he earns a living giving speeches to bankers.

‘I would like to live in a world where we’re all privileged’…
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Now that we’ve all read the Mueller report and have seen confirmation of the fact that Bernie was aided by the Russians in the last election, does anyone else remember this? #VettingBernie…
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Bernie Sanders fought a yearlong battle with city aldermen, during which he decimated local Democratic Party power while strengthening Republicans. In the end, he placed his own partisans on the board and elsewhere — in case you’re wondering how he’d govern. #VettingBernie
You might remember Franco from when he ran for Lt. Governor.
Before losing, this is how he sounded:
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“If he spent as much time talking to the Board of Aldermen as he did holding news conferences, relationships would be better.”

Bernie really is consistent, isn’t he? #VettingBernie
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Decided to skip ahead to 1985 for a while. #VettingBernie
This is the reason I started looking through these old newspapers in the first place.
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When it comes to Medicare for All,

Bernie Sanders is a fraud. /thread
Bernie's plan thru the '16 election & most of his decades in Congress, wasn't remotely M4A. Like the worst kind of politician, he just called it that.

(Protip: If Republicans call a bill the 'Blue Sky Clean Air Act,' read it. It's prob roll'g back environ. stds to 1960's levels)
Not only was it not M4A, Bernie Sanders plan wasn't even "a" plan so much as "50" plans.

His plan: To require all 50 states to create their own individual plans.

It did not open Medicare to everyone, or expand/build on Medicare's framework at all.

It ended Medicare.
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Addressing Nicaragua's authoritarian abuses in 1985 is @BernieSanders first foray into American foreign policy. His smug dismissal of Daniel Ortega's and Tomas Borge's authoritarian rule and the ethnic cleansing of the Miskito Indians can be viewed in this clip:

Note how @BernieSanders says "Other Question" when asked if he expressed concern to Daniel Ortega about the killing of the Miskito Indians during his trip to Nicaragua in 1985.
In the clip above, a reporter confronts @BernieSanders for praising Tomas Borge when he came off the plane from Nicaragua. Borges - a leader in the Sandinista movement - had recently said that if the Miskito Indians did not submit to the Sandinistas they would be shot.
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So, let's play a game. Let's pretend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a baby last year and gave it to the child's biological father to raise on his own. Let's pretend that parent was on welfare and had trouble finding housing as a single parent. Now...
Let's pretend AOC LOST her election but decides to spend the next decade not working full-time but running for office as a socialist - each time getting less than 5% of the vote. But she's so poor that she can't financially support her child (whom she never discloses to media).
Now, let's pretend she finally gets her first job as town Supervisor of Yorktown where she grew up. She stays there for 8 years and then runs for Congress and loses, but wins the following election. Then after several terms she finally gets elected to the Senate.
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This thread is about @BernieSanders Hypocrisy.
The one thing Bernie Sanders has expressed his entire career is that people - poor people and working people - need to create a "political revolution."

But only if they follow Bernie's Rules of Engagement apparently.
But after returning from a trip to Nicaragua in 1985 when he himself protested the possibility of the US going to war against Daniel Ortega - Sanders FIRED his Asst City Treasurer for protesting the GE plant in Burlington manufacturing guns being used against innocents there.
Why did he fire her for going out and protesting, you ask?

Because Bernie Sanders supported GE. He didn't care that they were manufacturing guns that he would be used in the wars being fought in Central America. He wanted the union works in Burlington to keep their jobs.
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Did NO ONE read Steven Soifer's book, "The Socialist Mayor: Bernard Sanders in Burlington, Vermont" in 2016?????

My god the #BernieReceipts

This thread is on Benie's super problematic position on women as Mayor of Burlington in the 80s.
Soifer in 1986 interview Bernie about progressive complaints that he doesn't hire enough women. His response:
[People say]: "I'm in the women's movement. I'm in the environmental movement. I'm in this movement and I'm in that movement"--and Ronald Reagan is President of the U.S.
Bernie goes on: Should we vote for Madeline Kunin because [she] is a woman? To the degree people think that that's true, I would regard that as a sexist position. I get distressed when somebody looks at things from a single point of view. [cont]
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#VettingBernie video –
Russia, 1988 – Bernie gets naked with his Soviet Socialist comrades. Do we really want an avowed socialist, bloated-ego octogenarian hijacking the Democrat label to run for POTUS? #NeverBernie
#VettingBernie 1985 – “A handful of people in the US are whipping up Cold War hysteria, making us hate Russians.We’re spending billions on military.Why can’t we take some of that money to pay for thousands of US children to go to the Soviet Union?”- Bernie…
Tad Devine worked with Manafort in Ukraine for a few years just before starting on Bernie’s campaign. Both reported to Putin thru indicted GRU agent Kilimnik. Devine has testified to Mueller. Is this how he knows Manafort lied?…
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How can Bernie not know about a $30000 settlement from his own campaign? This does not pass the credibility test.
Bernie Sanders' votes and non-votes that support GOP's LIFTING SANCTIONS on Russia's oligarchs is definitely not consistent with his campaign trail words from 2016.


Sanders silent on claim that Russians backed him in 2016 | by Gabriel Debenedetti…

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