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I made a FB post about Céline Dion's new album having an "Explicit" warning bc I thought it was funny.

A Bernie supporter commented: #BernieBlackout

I made a post about Emmett Till. Same guy commented: #BernieBlackout

A woman, and a 14-year-old civil rights era murder victim.
I suppose I should apologize for thinking I could post about a woman who is a recording artist and a black child who was murdered by white supremacists and not be guilty of the sin of not centering Bernie Sanders.

And I'm not the only one.

This is ridiculous, guys. Stop it.
By the way, if any candidate had a right to complain about not being the center of attention, it'd be Kamala Harris.

But women, and especially black women, don't get to play victim when they aren't in the spotlight. They just put their hands to the gears and keep working.
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Here’s an example of the #BernieBlackout in progress. Professor of PoliSci at Univ of SC touts the number of events for each candidate and OMITS Bernie, who has 280 events, ECLIPSING his fave, Kamala 😆😆😆🔥
So, here’s someone nicely offering to ADD the data to the pool, and check out the shitty response Mr. Prof of Political Sci at Univ of SC left him —> he can’t be BOTHERED to tweet ALL the numbers. Which is why he tweeted EVERYONE but Bernie.

And it gets even better...
Mr. Prof of Political Science at University of South Carolina THEN accuses the person offering simple data as being a “conspiracy theorist.”


You can’t make this stuff up.
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CNN: "If you're not going to ignore @AndrewYang's $10 million Q3 fundraising total, MSNBC, we certainly will. And don't you just love how Biden’s total puts him right in the center of the screen? Gosh we love that guy. And Booker too! Bless his $6M."

#YangGang #YangMediaBlackout
This new graphic isn't an exclusion, but it's an error that was only made with @AndrewYang's numbers. It looks like ABC created a bar for $28M instead of $2.8M in Q2, so visually, it looks like Yang lost instead of gained a lot of support in Q3.

CNN: "We only have room for one of the three candidates who polled at 2% in this poll. Let's go with Booker again. Sure he's in 8th, while @AndrewYang is in 6th by RCP avg, but we really want that to change. And let's put Booker in the chyron too."

#YangMediaBlackout #YangGang
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Okay, here's #MyBernieStory:
I went to college because you HAD to have a degree to make it in the world. $80k later, I have to live with my Mom, because my $1,200 rent payment is going to my loans instead. I can't default because my Mom co-signed. I WILL NOT destroy her credit!(1
...Plus it's impossible to declare bancruptcy anyways. I've worked for a non-profit for ~8 years hoping to get some of my loans forgiven. Turns out 99% who try that fail. So, with interest rates at 14% and ALWAYS rising, I will NEVER pay them off. (2
And that's not for lack of trying. I work a full time job on weekdays, cater as a 2nd on weekends and housesit for all my coworkers and friends consistently for extra cash in my "spare time." I am using my grandparents old car (blessed) & would be completely HOSED without it. (3
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🗣️‼️Americans think well before voting, the world is tired of US wars‼️

Special edition- US 2020 Presidential Candidates

#2020PresidentialElection #USA
Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020…
From Crime Bill to Iraq War Vote, Biden’s Legislative History Under Scrutiny as He Enters Race…
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