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Series 10: Real Builder in Winter | @JPEGd_69 – Tham Vọng Quá Lớn Liệu Có Thành Công?

Thread bao gồm:
1⃣ Tổng quan về #JPEG'd
2⃣ Hành trình & Thành tựu đầu tiên
3⃣ Vì sao JPEG'd khiến mình ấn tượng

Retweet để ủng hộ @HakResearch nhen mọi người ơi! Image

1⃣ Tổng quan về #JPEG'd

🧙‍♂️ Định nghĩa về @JPEGd_69

JPEG'd là một nền tảng CDP là viết tắt của Collateralized Debt Position tương tự như Maker DAO đã quá nổi tiếng với DAI trên Ethereum, tương tự vậy JPEG'd chấp nhận các tài sản thế chấp là những bộ

sưu tập NFT Blue-chip như #CryptoPunks, #EtherRocks, #BAYC, #MAYC, #Doodles, #Azuki, Pudgy Penguins, CloneX hay Autoglyphs để phát hành ra #pUSD (stablecoin) hoặc #pETH.

Có thể hiểu rằng pUSD và pETH sẽ là trọng tâm trong việc phát triển của JPEG'd bao gồm xây
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The Bear's take:

•Upward momentum is lost
•Negative divergences and sell signals from classic indicators
•Big weekly bullish enfulfing candle on $VVIX
•Weekly bearish haramis on major indices
•Inflation is sticky, higher rates coming
#Recession is here


The Bull's take

•Major indices printed weekly higher lows and higher highs
• $VIX continues in strong downtrend
• Leading stocks holding support
•Dealers are holding net long positions
•Positive Gamma regime
•Buy the dip: Bullish price action


Our take

•The market will stay in the current range (4100/4160) through Tuesday
•Nothing has broken yet, we remain cautiously bullish, but moving up our flip levels (↑↓)
•Earnings will help float the market, but could be mixed

#ES_F #SPX $SPX #options $SPY
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New iOS in #Markets

Indian #Options Speculators.

There has been a huge surge in #Retail and #Proprietary trading in #Options and more specifically in #Index Options.

The Data & Charts below are just #Crazy and getting crazier.
1) #Retail Participation went through the roof in 2021

Some Moderation now in 2022-2023

#Retail in Cash Market From 3 cr in Jan 20 to 11.7 cr in 2021.
#Retail at 3.2 cr participants March 23.

3x jump in all participation from Jan 20 !! Image
2) Everyone is an #Option Trader

#FIIs are just 9.5% of #IndexOptions Premium Turnover !!! From 21% in Fy20.

45% is #Domestic Prop ( #Broker trading on its own behalf )

35% is #Retail.
Retail + pro = 80%
#Retail is almost 4x of #FIIs.

Btw #FIIs own 20% of India. Image
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Ghanshyam Sir has made sometimes more than a #Crore in a Single day and is one of the Best option Traders in India, watched almost all of his videos and shared my learning that how to become the best #option trader.

Le's Start Image
1. Start with Less Captial :
No Matter how much money you have you will lose it all if you don't have trading experience so start small like Max 2 Lot, even 1 is better.
2. Trade Everyday: No Matter what happens but never skip a day without trading it, which helps you understand the price action behavior and give you important teaching about market dynamics that impact the price behavior.
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#13 @wasabi_protocol

The Decentralized #NFT Options Protocol

In this thread
2) What is Wasabi protocol
3) How does it work
4) What does it enable
5) What are the challenges
6) Summary Image
It is a #NFT #option protocol with a to be confirm "collateral pool" model, seem Image
How does it work

So it basically works as a normal option.
Buy Option

1. Put (i think going down)
2. Call (i think going up)
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Phases of #Option Buying In #StockMarketindia

A #Thread
1.Bought BN CE/PE at ₹250
2.Price falls down to ₹150
3.Buyer starts praying “Bhagwan, bus Mera cost price aa jaye to nikal jaunga aur vapis kabhi hadbadi mein buy nai karunga”🙏🏻
4. Price comes back to ₹250, buyer be like “abhi kaise bech dein”😜
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Que tu souhaites couvrir des positions ou accroître ton exposition, les #options représentent un produit financier intéressant, notamment dans les conditions de marché actuelles

5 min pour tout comprendre sur ce produit financier 👇 Image
1. Qu’est-ce qu’une option ?
2. Comment fonctionne une option ?
3. Les protocoles #DeFi offrant des options
4. Quelques stratégies à mettre en place avec des options

Let's go
Avant de débuter, petite anecdote “le saviez-vous ?”

En TradFi, les volumes échangés sur le marché des options dépassent ceux sur le marché des actions

Pourtant, bcp d'entre-vous ont déjà entendu parler du marché action, mais peu connaissent réellement le marché des options Image
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There are various Options Greeks like: Delta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Theta.

A complete guide on how these #Option Greeks impact option price.
1/ Delta:

Delta is a measure of the sensitivity of an option’s price changes relative to the changes in the underlying asset’s price. In other words, if the price of the underlying asset increases by 1 points, the price of the option will change by delta amount.
Call option has positive delta, and put option has a negative delta.

As the options become ITM, the value of delta tends towards +1 for call and -1 for put.

Delta is important greeks to determine the hedge ratio for investors who want to hedge their portfolio.
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1/ With Cega creating the first exotic derivatives products in DeFi, we’ve seen some misinformation rooted in a lack of understanding about our product. Better educating users is one of our core values, so let’s debunk some myths 👇…
2/ Here is the original official response:…
3/ The false claims and misinformation fall under 3 main categories:
(1) Undercollateralized lending without disclosure
(2) Yields are not real
(3) TVL is not real

Detailed answers are in the medium post, but here is the tl;dr
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Many who became a Full-Time #Trader in the last two years would be in a dilemma because of the volatility in this market.

Be a part-time trader instead of leaving it.

This #thread 🧵will be on what all #strategies, I personally use to generate active #income in the market.
We will discuss positional trading and investing in stocks and then about option trading.

In #Stocks, we don't take any leverage, so risk is lesser, whereas in #Options it is a leverage instrument, so risk is high and it can wipe out your capital.
#Investment #Portfolio:

This is basically my long-term portfolio, which I create for a horizon of more than 5 years.
There are certain criteria which I use to filter stocks in #Investment.

Mostly look for the sector where you know something.
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Sur les #pénuries & blocages, quelle option choisir?
1) soit une #vraie pénurie avec des milliers de morts de faim (embêtant pour les dîners au Palais Vivienne)
2) soit une "#pseudo pénurie /famine" où on aura juste des rayons de biscottes vides filmées en gros plan? (suite⬇️)
Le #Covid a bien sûr malheureusement tué beaucoup de gens, mais le taux de mortalité était relativement bas.
Les protocoles (criminels), le non-traitement des gens fragiles et le #Remdesivir ont largement contribué aux décès. On a vu comme les médias ont juste contrôlé la trame⬇️
Alors si tout est faux par les médias, dans quelle proportion faut-il une "vraie" #pénurie pour avancer la suite? Faire fermer les rayons biscottes à Leclerc, puis envoyer les acteurs-manifestants-casseurs dans les rues, pour prétendre à une insurrection à mater par l'armée?
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The cash strategy 👇☢️👇

1⃣ #stock selection process - always choose that stock which are consolidating near all time high.

(Because whenever stock will give all time high breakout then it will easily give 20/30% return in 1/2 months

U can use trading view scanner for that.
2⃣volume analysis - In that consolidating period volume should be high of up move days then down move days. And last 3/4 month volume of accumulation is much higher.
3️⃣ fund diversification - always deploy your capital in 3/4 stocks, not more then that or not less then 3.

And, your 3/4 stocks must be from different different sectors.
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Want to understand what makes #USDINR interesting from an individual #option trader perspective.

Let's try to understand this in this thread. USDINR has both weekly and monthly options contract which are fairly liquid. Today was weekly expiry.
Weekly options expire every Friday at 12:30 pm and monthly options at 2 days prior to last working day of the month. Margin applicable in USDINR is normally between 2.5% to 3% depending upon volatility.
Margin for one lot of USDINR #straddle (74.50 July 30 expiry - weekly contract) is roughly Rs. 2600/2700 and premium received is around 35p, which on one lot comes to Rs. 350 ($1000*0.35).
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A Thread 🧵#Option Terminologies for Beginners ...

Must read for beginners in #StockMarket.

(RT to maximize reach.)

#Options #CallOption #PutOption #StockMarket #Trading
🌟Definition of Option 🌟

#Option is a #derivative product. It gives the buyer of an option the right, but not the obligation to buy or
sell an underlying asset at a set price on or before a certain date.
There are two types of Option contracts - #Call and #Put.

A call option gives the holder the right to buy a stock.

A put option gives the holder the right to sell a stock.

👇(Both call & put are explained in detail below)👇
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1- Options & Earnings - A new thread!

Every option rises in price in anticipation of earnings. This is related to the increase of anticipated volatility (yo vega, she's back).

#fintwit #mintwit $option $AG #option #optiontrades
2 - But why?

Actually it's simple: earnings are a casino event for the stonk. Nobody knows what will happen, will the stonk crash or rise? Earnings are thus binary, it's a yay or a nay (UK ref. for you @BuyingMyFreedom). Movements post earnings are stronger as well.
3 - Here comes Mr. Market Maker. Mr. MM knows this, and they want more money for these call/put options, since they have to secure themselves against more risk.

Makes sense, in classic markets, I sold options on my underlying stonk for premium (#coveredcall).
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I hv seen ppl telling subjective about firsy 15 days buy Option last 15 days sell option etc.
This is actually not a proper way of doing.
Implied Volatility (IV)
Historical volatility (HV).

When IV less than HV go for buying option
When IV greater than HV go for selling
For iv observation keep tracking any Option related websites.

But my simple suggestions dont do it complex simply use spread. Its reduced theta and iv issues almost and also easy to adjust.
For adjustment see Long call repair article tree.
Now spread also hv 2 types either credit or debit one. If ur view sideways to Directional better go credit one. If u r looking purely directional then debit is best.
Note: otm credit hv big risk than Reward but otm debit spread hv low risk setup in Option Strategy.
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Mostly i hv seen people do calendar incorrect by doing both call put sell at atm and buying long straddle next expiry.
There is no need to place 4 leg which can happen only by 2 leg either by call calendar or put calendar.
If u see both example exact same payoff. ImageImage
But i prefer put calendar due to its less sensitive to delta and more effective on vega as we know put side more premium mostly available and they decay slow and near to end of day/near to expiry.
Calendar is neutral payoff but its harsh move resistance power.
So if ur view sideways to bearish then only use it.
Its normally give 1sd breakeven but with time n vega payoff keep changing.
Even in sharp correction like march its useful and profitable if u follow proper guidelines.
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People do itm put calendar instead of otm call calendar. Why give big slippage and stt. Any benefit with it. Just reviewing one adjustment technique.
Views most welcome, also giving free one way of adjustment.
#adjustment #option ImageImageImageImage
One diffence i can see fut to fut arbitrage pts difference. Rest everything almost same for me.
For any short strike we can manage it net debit otm calendar. Atleast 3x to multiple offset calendar required. But its helpful on downside adjustment than upside bcoz of downside iv shift up helpful than upside tent going to shift small with iv erosion.
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The #deficit #myth #deficitmyth by @StephanieKelton #MMT modern monetary theory
Myth N. 1: The #state should budget like a #household
#RealityCheck : unlike a household, a #SovereignNation, which owns its national #centralbank, issues the #currency it spends
Myth N. 2: #deficit is evidence of #overspending
#RealityCheck: look to #inflation for evidence of over spending
The purpose of #taxes is not to pay for #government expenditures but to help rebalancing the #wealth distribution #MMT
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#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple.
Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apart from the position built up, if one pays attention to futures position, traded value in cash and delivery% along with the traded value at the each strike price of respective option, this may give much stronger insight of bias, since, bigger money at stake.
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Biggest issues i had seen in option writer they fear with gapdown only. But in reality mkt nature atlast go up and iv construction such u can escape n manage easily in fall also downside limited loss. Only issue is u r taking high leverage position. Only God can save u. #option
Downside u can roll position without management until mkt recovery (only for index). But in other hand upside unlimited losses, low iv and very hard to roll bcoz no one can say mkt when crash or come down next time only range extension n stop work.
Thats why i hv seen ppl Trading reverse jade lizard (few say twisted sister) but mostly option writer trade normal jade lizard. Nowadays happy to see ppl started shorting put which is good investment plan.
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#option game of IV
need to understand why so? Image
I went long in 20500 yesterday and short in other two--
bnf down by 600 point and see premiums Image
deep neck shorted 😑
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#Options vs #Futures

Although both are #derivatives, Futures and Options are entirely different in terms of their potential #risk and #return , #leverage and how they work.

How different are futures and options?
#Rights vs #Obligations

In #Futures Trading, both the buyer & the seller are #obligated to settle the contracts on or before expiry ie cover shorts or longs or rollover to next contract, regardless of how the underlying asset price moves.
With #Options the buyer has the #Right, but not the #Obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) on underlying asset. The option seller is #passive and must comply with whatever the option buyer does.
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#Option #Greeks Simplified

#Options are definitely more complicated than equity or futures.

Their prices don’t just go up and down.

They also fluctuate based on things like #time, #implied #volatility and #underlying stock movements.
#Options #Greeks Are Simply Mathematical Shortforms

Most of you would remember from school that mathematical formulas sometimes were #Greek letters like Pi and #Delta. The same is true for options.

Don’t let them overwhelm you or scare you.
They’re simply #mathematical words to explain some very basic principles.

#Greeks Describe the Behavior of #Individual #Options

Each #greek can help predict how it will behave under different circumstances and how options prices would change.
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