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0.1% = rate of fatal #OD in the medical use of #opioids acc'g to 2019 research from Kaiser Permanente (link below).

Bwn 2006-2014, 41 of 31,142 died of OD, a rate of 5 per year. Risk stratification did not lower OD rates. Dose reductions were "inconsistent" (VonKorff). /thread
2,887 #vets died by #overdose or #suicide after their #opioid medicine was stopped by the VHA in FY2013 (90 fewer than on 9/11) (Oliva et al 2020).

Patients whose rx opioid was stopped were 3 times MORE likely to die by OD than those whose medicine continued (James 2019).
4.9% of discontinued patients died of OD.
1.7% of continued patients died of OD.

Discontinuation of rx #opioids was associated with 1.35 times the risk of death & 2.94 times the risk of fatal OD compared to patients whose rx continued (James et al 2019).
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#WATCH : Our Urban team recommends the new video series “Pop Culture Urbanism”with @PacificLegal. The urbanist @mnolangray of @UCLALuskin discusses "city planning, real and functional" 1/4
YT channel:…
Episode 1:“The Amazing Housing Politics of Spider-Man” addresses housing issues of New York City. A good explainer on how urban planning tools and regulations influence the market. Some of these issues and concepts are true for any cities 2/4

#Read: Our agenda for Reforming Urban #India gives insights on what applies to Indian cities. We recommend the essential steps to be taken for solving the core issues that hold our cities back. 3/4

Report here:
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#CCPchina #READ #OrwellianState1 Marx "The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with " needs to be updated for the Xi era(for example): "The Capitalists will invent the AI we need to control their minds & make them our slaves, without shedding a drop of blood"
3/aus #READ The #CCP directly controls >75% of the Rents & domestic profits generated by the China economy. yet it is able to con other countries to fund its research. 😍🥰
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* Thread on Bhartṛhari (" ಭರ್ತೃಹರಿ")

भर्तृहरि is a Sanskrit writer,
His famous works are:
2. Śatakatraya
These three shataka are

Shringara shataka,
Niti shataka,
Vairagya shataka

I have listed some of best Bhartṛhari's Nitiśatakam.(ಕನ್ನಡ,eng, hindi)

#Read ImageImage
- - Bhartṛhari's Nitiśatakam .

Nitiśatakam contains 10 chapters, these 10 different chapter deals with different aspects of human beings like knowledge, mind, Thinking, how to behave in society and all. Image
ಅಜ್ಞಃ ಸುಖಮಾರಾಧ್ಯಃ ಸುಖತರಮಾರಾಧ್ಯತೇ ವಿಶೇಷಜ್ಞಃ |
ಜ್ಞಾನಲವದುರ್ವಿದಗ್ಧಂ ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಾಪಿ ನರಂ ನ ರಂಜಯತಿ || ImageImageImage
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If you read one #book before November's contentious, horrifying #election, "We #Recommend" you check out this seminal, groundbreaking one on #democracy and #voting by #RollingStone and #Guardian reporter Greg Palast!…

#Vote #Votes #Elect #Fraud #Theft
In his inimitable, rousing, feisty fashion @Greg_Palast within chronicles past & present weaknesses & vulnerabilities of #voting in America & provides crucial instruction on how to assure yours gets counted and is not thrown out.

(Real possibilities you might be unaware of!)
The short, highly readable, artfully #illustrated work also contains an informative treasure trove of excellent research and #information regarding deceptive practices and unnerving implications, from willful #purging of #blacks, #seniors and #collegestudents from #voter rolls...
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Do they finally get the #CCP? 🧐🤔…
2/ Biden Sec of State to deal with China👇🏼 ?
#CCPapologist "We ❤️sensitive dictators, we 😖 insensitive democrats,"
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#CCP #READ strategy: "We are the most advanced in #AI so you must open your colleges, universities, research labs, AI start ups & AI companies to (#CCP approved) Chinese students, researchers, professors, current & retired #PLA officers, #PartyCapitalists, for mutual benefit"
2/read #CCP #READ (#SREAD, but s is silent in S for spy 🤓)
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#BipolarOrder #HiTechDecoupling #PartialEcDecoupling Is the only policy option to thawart #CCP's #Socialist #Market #Ecnomy's #ESIS policy & #READ strategy, for dominating the #commanding #heights of the global economy!
2/ccp We have to make a distinction between DJT's approach to China policy(correct) and his approach to Rest of World(flawed). The core of the China policy is spot on & only needs to be adapted to the demands of diplomacy & 21st C narrative.
3/ccp Paradoxically the critique is both correct & wrong. If Trump wasn't a "bull in China shop" viz #CCP #China, World would still be debating how to compete with #PRC through investment in infrastructure, education & R&D, not CCP #spying, #HK & #Xinjiang…
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I have been warning American friends for several decades, about the #CCP's, historically unprecedented, whole of China, approach, to technology spying, grounded in Marxian theory of value. #READ strategy is just the formal manifestation of it!
3/ispy #CCPchina #OrwellianState1 I've said for ~20 yrs(based on study of Marxism, Maoism, Chinese & Indian communist parties and post-Deng China), that all China organizations & domestic companies have #CCP minder more powerful than CEO (#PartySector):
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#Trade ideologues (who 💕 graduate trade theory) don't even understand the meaning of "China treatment" (in trade, tourism, FDI, technology)🧐🤔
2/trd #FreeTrdIdeologues You will surely object to this violation of free trade? Graduate Trade theory textbooks don't mention slave labor? prison labor? 🧐🤔
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#DoYouKnow @niteshtiwari22 is a graduate from @iitbombay in 1996 with a bachelor's degree in Metallurgy & Material Science Engineering. He joined advertising instead after graduation & later pursued film making. 1/n Image
His father was very angry for a longer period of time as he didn't pursue engineering however once he was talking about how the writers are writing beautiful lines like "aaj car badi hogayi aur beti bhi" referring to an @HDFCLIFE ad while talking to @niteshtiwari22 's brother 2/n
Even without knowing it's written by @niteshtiwari22 & then his brother revealing that you know Nitesh had written it Papa !
"Finally papa has loved your work & he finally approves your choice"
For many suchstories #read @kvpops #30secondthrillers
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#DoYouKnow The girl in this ad who starts dancing impromptu barging into the stadium when his boy friend hits over the boundary of a last ball & won the match for his team & a beautiful jingle in the background "Kuch khaas hai Zindegi",a young singer got his break in this? 1/n
The singer was not known those days,that's @Shankar_Live Lyrics by #PiyushPandey,the @90sKid born & brought up watching them,listening to the jingle.Video: @DairyMilkIn YouTube channel. #Read #30SecondThrillers by @kvpops for many such stories
The girl was mistaken as @JagiPanda for years however it is Shimona Rashi & the male model Arvin Tucker & yes as Piyush ji shared with @HyperPops @kvpops in the book Pradeep Bhushan ji supervised the recording who had also done the Hindi VO for the same @DairyMilkIn Image
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1/In sanctuary for #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral due to start in about an hour. Family and friends are wearing black and white, filing past the open, gold-plated casket. Everyone wearing masks. @AP and @HoustonChron posting photo.
2/Family and guests taking seats #GeorgeFloyd #Houston funeral. @JJWatt and @channingtatum spotted. @tylerperry Jamie Fox and @FloydMayweather expected.
3/ The latest from #GeorgeFloyd family and funeral in #Houston…
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How did Indian States organise their initial responses to #COVIDー19?

#Thread: Quick overview of the first administrative measures that governments took.

#Read: For full highlights, check out our note to discover State-wise strategies.… 1/6 Image
Coordination: Most of the states set up general Task Forces and committees, or sector-wise groups (See Mizoram). A few of them organised bodies at the district level (See Bihar, Manipur) and empowered the local level bodies and officials (See Goa, Gujarat, Odisha). 2/6
#Transportation : All states closed their borders and stopped inter-district transportation systems. Most of them quickly developed passes for temporary exemptions on restricted movement to ensure essential services during the lockdown (See Chandigarh, Maharashtra) 3/6
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#Read | Our note documents Kerala’s response to the #COVIDpandemic:…

This #thread highlights how #Kerala worked to support the primary care and sanitation capacity of its health system (1/5) Image
Kerala converted educational institutions into temporary care centres, establishing #COVID19 Care Centres as early as 20 March to take care of those who had no residence in the state (2/5)…
Sanitiser kiosks were set up in public places across Kerala by 21 March (3/5)…
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#Read | You don’t want to miss these articles on your Sunday’s reading list:

First up, @ShankkarAiyar rounds up the geopolitics that played out in May and the opportunity for India and the world to redesign economic engagement:…
Closer to home, @PrakharMisra argues against government micromanagement in #Lockdown5. Instead, clear communication, no distinction b/w essential and non-essentials & providing flexibility to e-commerce companies to deliver anything, is required:…
On post lockdown priorities, @harshita_a94 and @plamsonhall point out how cities need to be made liveable for India’s migrant and informal workers. Improvements across sanitation and sewage systems, quality of housing and jobs support are needed.…
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#Read | Our note documents Kerala’s response to the #COVIDpandemic:…

This #thread highlights how they took swift legal and regulatory decisions to support public health measures (1/6) Image
Kerala declared #COVID19 as a ​state calamity ​as early as 1 Feb : (2/6)
The Epidemic Diseases, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020 released on 21 March. This allowed the state to “restrict the duration of services in essential or emergency services such as banks, media, health care, food supply, electricity, water, fuel, etc.” (3/6) Image
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In this thread, we look at some of #Japan's responses to #COVID19. (1/7)
#Read about other countries' strategies in our note… Image
Clear response goal and strategy: The ​goal of Japan’s strategy is to ​maximise suppression and minimise socio-economic damage (2/7)
(PDFs) and Image
Citizen education​: The Japanese government published guidelines on techniques for washing ​hands​, ​coughing etiquette, ​and issued timely advisories for avoiding places with weak ​ventilation​ (3/7)
(PDFs) and Image
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#Read | We compiled a note on Kerala’s response to the #COVID-19 pandemic.

This #thread highlights their human resource management strategies.… (1/6) Image
Training modules were created for various job-roles in existing health care centres and Corona-specific care centres (2/6)
The state enlisted volunteer retired doctors and duty of newly retired ones was extended by two months for helping on ad hoc basis (3/6)
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@USAmbIceland @usembreykjavik In #deathtotals this impostor leads.
At 100000 our nation bleeds.
As before: THERE’S NO PLAN.
Just this #ElCrappyTan
whose ineptness no one supersedes.

#CadetBoneSpurs 🏌🏻
@ArcticCouncil @landlaeknir @Landspitali @svasva @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi
@USAmbIceland @usembreykjavik @ArcticCouncil @landlaeknir @Landspitali @svasva @HouseForeign @SpeakerPelosi #Iceland’s strategy?
Try using SCIENCE.
Trump’s malfeasance?
It’s his failed appliance.
Donald flubbed the #pandemic. Response was anemic!
Upon Trump there exists no reliance.

@megtirrell @jonatlib @RUVfrettir
@KariStefans 👏🏻 @katrinjak 👏🏻 @VidirReynisson
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#Read | We compiled a note on Kerala’s response to the #COVID19Pandemic (…). Here's a #thread highlighting their #communications strategy (1/n) Image
To spread awareness about the virus, the #breakthechain campaign was launched, which found active participation from Kerala police as well:… (2/n)
Daily press bulletins (, presentations, & creative quizzes ( were disseminated among citizens. Care was taken to translate guidelines into local languages (3/n)
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🙏 @Metallica

Wherever I MAY Roam, The EARTH Will ALWAYS Be My Throne.


🙏 @riseagainst

I Posted The Very #Two Lanterns You See Below , A Very Long Time Ago ..
By All Means, Surfs Up.
#READ The Transcript, The Proof Is All There..
I Know What You ALL Truly (THINK) Of Me, I ACCEPT.

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