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29 Jan
Shame on @POTUS to go ahead and appoints pro-Mullahs @Rob_Malley as his envoy on #Iran.
What a disaster

#Biden has handed the keys of the levant and Yemen to the Mullahs…
Yes, there is no better “for the Mullahs” to appoint their favourite man in DC.
Knowledge is dangerous when ideological outlook is in sync with American enemies.
Triumphant #Zarif, standing next to his Turkish FM,
sensed @POTUS’s soft approach
and laying his Mullahs masters terms and conditions.
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28 Jan
#Lebanon’s #Tripoli is the poorest city in the #Mediterranean, with marginalised #Sunni population with reported of 80% uneducated, high unemployment, well before #BeirutBlast
No wonder the city’s youth had enough and protest against #lockdown
Thus far, one dead & 200+ injured
Traditionally, the #Hariri’s Mustaqbel party is the patron of Sunnis, but thanks to Saad Hariri’s weak leadership, Sunnis, especially in #Tripoli, are now under the influence of Salafi sheikhs and even #Erdogan’s #Turkey
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27 Jan
This is @POTUS’s first unwise FP decision, since his inauguration.
To put hold on F-35s sale to #UAE is an indirect sabotage of the #AbrahamAccords with #Israel.
Shame ... Shame.. Shame...…
Why @POTUS wants to resurrect the Middle East problems of the Obama years?
#UAE #F35
Credit to @POTUS and @SecBlinken, Arabs are losing faith in peace. If the US continues with such approach, many youth will think Iran’s terror approach is what the US leadership prefers.
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1 Jan
A top Egyptian lawyer appeared on Tv program @Elhekayashow with @Amradib to explain the details of #Italy’s Regeni murder in #Egypt.
This alone is unprecedented! 1/
The Egyptian lawyer says they are two parallel events:
The first, is a gang of Egyptians who attack foreigners in Egypt and steal their stuff, they were responsible for several attacks including Regeni.
He claims other foreigners reported similar cases since 2015. 2/
Same lawyer says that another unrelated event, in which one of vendors who regeni dealt with as case study for his research became suspicious of Regeni and reported him to #Egypt’s security. He asserted that security investigated the claim and found it wrong; #Regeni innocent 3/
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1 Jan
Welcome to Palestinian ruthless oppression:

The arrest of Sama occurred after attack on private recording for streamed performance in Jericho’s Nabi Mousa by group of young people after vicious campaign of misinformation on social media that fueled violent reactions against Sama
Sama Abdulhadi is a victim of Islamism, regression, and misogyny.
The Palestinian society now consider music haram?
After arresting #SamaAbdulhadi, Islamist Palestinians flocked to the historic site of #NabiMousa and threw all the musical instruments, hotel furniture out.... As if they are liberating Palestine !
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1 Jan
Many wrote about the impacts of Brexit on UK, but few wrote about the challenges facing EU.
This article is well worth reading.
I also think the hasty deal with China before @JoeBiden inauguration; ignoring Chinese HR record, was very unwise.
EU leaders focused on maintaining unity against UK, managed to hide many deep seated differences.
Following #Brexit, however, those differences will eventually surface.
They are facing tough challenges on many fronts:
• Relations with US
•Handling #Turkey
•Countering Islamism
This 👇👇 is one example of #EU and its fake unity.
Many smaller EU countries resent #Germany’s Merkel bossy dominance but they are too coward to openly admit their dissatisfaction.
Instead, they leaked to American media.
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31 Oct 20
Those angry Muslims cannot differentiate between secular France, Catholic church in France, and democratically-elected French president. Blurring and blaming in a chaotic ignorant way. #Lyon
Those angry Muslims cannot differentiate between secular France, Catholic church in France, and democratically-elected French president. Blurring and blaming in a chaotic ignorant way.
Blame or don’t blame @EmmanuelMacron, there is an undeniable fact:
The reputation of Islam and the view of Muslims is deeply tarnished in #France and many other European countries.
The loud liberal progressive who apologise for radicals are not the majority btw.
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31 Oct 20
American Universities and Think tanks are full of anti-western pundits apologising for Islamists and providing them with logical arguments justifying their horrid actions
In 2011, people used to laugh at the thought of possible funding from Qatar or Turkey etc, to prestigious think tanks.
Now we know it was true
American universities are even worse!…
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29 Oct 20
Shocking and abhorrent thread by ex-PM of #Malaysia-a hard-core Islamist, basically igniting more flame of hatred.

Eye for eye? So should French people kill Muslims to revenge beheadings of #SamuelPaty and #NiceAttack

Delete your account
You should be banned by @Twitter
False irresponsible statement, which is factually incorrect.

Let me add, How about millions killed in Muslim conquests of Christian lands?

Do you want to ignite a religious war?

Revolting after #NiceAttack
Islamists have changed tactics. Instead of playing innocents and denounce terrorism ( not us mantra), they now openly condone murders and advocate it
#BanMahathir @Twitter
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29 Oct 20
Utter madness!

Nice attack: Two dead and several wounded in mass stabbing inside French church.

Is this now a war between Muslim world and France?

When will Muslims understand that irrational anger will not earn them respect, but it feeds terrorism?…
Three dead now!
War World War III over cartoons?
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29 Sep 20
Oh... oh... Hassounah is speaking live now...

Just what we need at this surreal day!
#Nasrallah rushes to deny #Netanyahu’s claim that Netanyahu shows that Hezbollah has an arms depot adjacent to gas canisters in the Jonah. He invites journalists to visit the place!
#Nasrallah is clearly feeling the pressure. He is fully aware that his popularity has plummeted after #BeirutBlast
The way #Nasrallah talks as if he is the cute lamb of #Lebanon is suffocating!
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27 Sep 20
Watching defiant @EmmanuelMacron press conference, standing by #Lebanon, and clearly blame #Hezbollah and his allies.
But he offers nothing about what’s next?
. @EmmanuelMacron
“Hezbollah and Amal movement unwilling to do any concession”
“The failure is their, not mine”
#Macron is visibly angry and frustrated.
Who can blame him, after dealing with such corrupt politicians in #Lebanon.
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27 Sep 20
Few hours off twitter, only to find this madness 👇👇?
No need to search, but I have no doubt #Erdogan behind the #azarbaijan aggression!
#Turkey’s defense minister Hulusi Akarhas affirmed that Turkey will stand with #azarbaijan “with all available resources” against #Armenia

Because those resources worked wonder in #Syria #Libya & #EastMed

When will @jensstoltenberg realise that Turkey has become a rogue state?
Stand with #Armenia 🇦🇲
Never forget #ArmenianGenocide
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22 Sep 20

In a huge blow to #Erdogan, Members of the #EastMed Gas Forum —which #Turkey is NOT a member, have just announced it will be a formal #Cairo-based organisation.

#Palestinian Authority
Worth noting, #France attended today’s #EastMed gas forum meeting as an observer
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19 Sep 20
#Egypt’s Foreign ministry released statement condemning #Turkey’s policies against Egypt since #June30 2013.

Translation: as I said yesterday, #Erdogan’s attempt to open direct channel with Egypt has failed,

It was stupid from #Erdogan’s regime to attempt to open channel with #Sisi’s Egypt, while his Islamist fans are inciting against Sisi and calling for protests against him tomorrow Sept20.

Does #Erdogan think @AlsisiOfficial is foolish to believe the Turkish flirting?
Here is #Egypt’s FM. It states that CNN Turk has broadcasted a very biased documentary about #Egypt
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15 Sep 20
Some pundits argue that #UAE- #Israel peace deal is not as historic as previous ones signed by Egypt and Jordan.
I beg to differ.
What truly historic is how the Emiratis are proud about it.
That is refreshing and admirable.
As someone who relentlessly campaigned for peace, for over a 9 years on Twitter, I feel a sense of vindication today.
I never wished to be in DC like today.
Peace has won—for a change!
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13 Sep 20
In case you missed it, #Turkey backed down, and pulled its ship Aruc Reis back to Antalya.
As I stated before zillion times, #Erdogan only understands unity and stern redlines.
Many criticised #Greece for insisting that #Turkey must stop aggressive actions, before starting any talks on #EastMed crisis— But it was the right move.
#Erdogan does not appreciate weakness
Many credit the US for the latest backdown of #Turkey and withdrawal of #ArucReis back to Antalya.
That is only partially true.
Indeed @SecPompeo’s visit to #Cyprus sent a crucial message, but so as the Corsica meeting, and #Greece defiance.
Collective act
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11 Sep 20
19 years after #TwinTowers atrocities, it is scary to see many in West, particularly in America, flirt & appease #Islamists and Islamism.
Islamism is NOT Islam; it is a sick ideology that must be fought.

Do not be fooled by cute Islamists posing as liberals folks!

#TwinTowers is not just terror attack by a terror group
Al-Qaeda is almost dead, but #Islamism is alive and will continue to produce sisters and cousins for AL-Qaeda.

The best way to honour #Remember911 is to stand against #Islamists, especially inside the U.S.
Today, most of American mosques are under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood —the mother of all terror groups, spreading hatred and intolerance among Arab Americans.
While some Congresswomen and men whitewash Islamism
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10 Sep 20
OMG.. #Lebanon
Another inferno in #Beirut, a new blast in the port!
Update #Lebanon

According to this 👇👇, sources from Lebanese army reports that #BeirutBlast II is caused by a fire in storage facility of oil and tyres in Beirut port.

Funny how that happened after US imposed sanctions on 2 politicians with links to #Hezbollah alliance!
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9 Sep 20
I remember how #Egypt’s leftists & Islamists ranted against Toshka project, accused Mubarak of planning to send water to #Israel, which was FALSE. Now, #Ethiopians circulate that myth, while Toshka actually receives extra water of current flood, serving as strategic water reserve
Egypt’s rulers, despite their ills, have cared about our water vulnerability:

• Muhammed Ali Al Qanatir Al Khayriyyah- first modern irrigation structure
• Nasser built High Dam
• Mubarak initiated Toshka project
#Sisi started mega desalination projects+ lining of canals
This year huge Nile flood is a big plus for Egypt in its negotiations with Ethiopia on #GERD
A-It proves to hard core nationalists in AddisAbaba they can’t control the Nile as they like to believe

B-It highlights potential environmental backlash from their hasty Dam project
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3 Sep 20
Delighted to see #Jewish businessman Simon Arzt’s department store is renovated.
Another small, but significant step, towards restoring tolerance in #Egypt
Of course, this is #Egypt that Tamara and Co. know nothing about!
Another great renovation project is completed in #Egypt.
The iconic #Sednaoui department store in the heart of #Cairo is now open.
Founded by a #Greek Catholic who escaped #Ottoman oppression
It looks so cool ♥️
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