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Available in 2024: Snapdragon ride system platform
Cristiano Amon, CEO, Qualcomm

#CES2022 #CES @CES @Qualcomm @cristianoamon #mobile #5G #smartphone #MWC22 #auto #automotive
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Die Forderung nach einer Senkung der #Mehrwertsteuer auf #Energie und Kraftstoffe wäre ökologisch, wirtschaftlich und sozial das Unsinnigste und Schädlichste, was die Politik tun kann.

#Transformation #Klimaschutz

Ein Thread mit einer Einordnung:…
Spritpreise sind nicht zu hoch, sondern zu niedrig. Der Staat gibt € 70 Milliarden jedes Jahr an Subventionen für fossile Energieträger — Benzin, Öl, Gas und Kohle — da deren Preis nicht den Schaden widerspiegelt, den diese verursachen.

Meine Kolumne:…
Effektiver #Klimaschutz erfordert einen höheren Preis für fossile Energieträger, damit Unternehmen und auch Verbraucher:innen, die dies vgl. leichter können, ihr Verhalten ändern und zB auf den öffentlichen Nahverkehr umsteigen. Einige können das nicht, aber viele können es.
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8th edition.


Soulful music by none other than @VijayKedia1 before the AGM kicks off

check this one: @vijaykedia1 at his best
When will PPFAS will launch a new scheme?

Only if, PPFAS is excited about putting their own money & can add value to investors

Right now, there is no plan to cut any more expense ratio.

#NewFundoffer? nops
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On the heels of a terrible quarter, #VW bigwigs finally starting to notice that their house is on fire.

"Future competition with #Tesla's new Gigafactory will be brutal...

A Model 3 is built in 10 hours, more than 3 times as fast as a VW ID3."… Image
#Volkswagon, like all other #legacy #auto companies, have been resting on their laurels and very slow to accept (not counting attempts to sabotage it) the #EV revolution that Tesla has set in motion.

The question for them, and others:
Is it too late to survive? Image
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Today, $TSLA announced that in the third quarter it sold 241,300 vehicles globally, up 73% year over year (YoY) and 20% quarter over quarter (QOQ). Meanwhile, $GM blamed the ~33% YoY decline in its US sales on chip shortages. What? #EVs require 3-5x more chips per car produced!
In @ARKInvest’s view, traditional auto manufacturers have been building chip inventories since April when their US sales peaked at more than 18 million units and then dropped more than 30% (65% at an annual rate!) over the next five months to 12.2 million in September.
Addressing the chip shortages in the last two weeks, the Biden Administration has threatened to invoke a traditional war-time measure, the Defense Production Act, which would force companies to disclose supply chain information, including chip inventories.
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[#THREAD] La course à la présidentielle est lancée et les déclarations sur la #voiture ne se sont pas fait attendre de la part de certains candidats.

👉Nous compilerons dans ce thread les différentes positions concernant l’#auto dans le cadre de la #Presidentielle2022Image
1⃣ Dans un premier temps, on retrouve la position anti-SUV de Sandrine Rousseau, qui semble ignorer que les #SUV sont les nouveaux véhicules familiaux et répondent donc à un besoin caractérisé.
Les SUV, si décriés par les écologistes… Et pourtant de + en + plébiscités, puisqu’ils représentent à ce jour plus de 40% des ventes. On remarque donc le décalage complet entre ce genre de discours et les besoins d’une majorité de Français.
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The Electric Mobility dilemma of Legacy vs New-Age

There is no doubt that Legacy Auto businesses might be able to leverage their scale, capital & experience to roll out EVs faster than EV startups..

But does that make them a better investment?


#Megatrends #investing

Historically, disruptive #innovation has always come from outside the traditional bounds of the industry.

From #Apple's iPhone📱 & #Amazon's AWS☁️ to
#SpaceX's Reusable Rockets🚀, the incumbents have more often than not, failed to innovate and/or spot the disruptors.


In case of Electric Mobility though, there's one critical factor that's keeping incumbents in the race: POLICY📜

Since EVs are now a necessity to reduce global #carbonfootprint & control the #ClimateCrisis, incumbents have no option but to cannibalize their products.

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FTSE China A50 Index futures open 2.6% higher on Thursday morning following the 3% gain overnight.
Sources said China's authority had a hastily call with major intl banks in a bid to restore the market calm after the recent rout.

#China #StockMarket
Hang Seng Tech Index up 6%, #Meituan jumps 10%, #Tencent rises 7% and #Alibaba gains 5%.
$BABA #Hang #China #HongKong #StockMarket
SSE Composite Index +1.26%
Shenzhen Component Index +2.16%
SZSE ChiNext Price Index +2.75%
#China #StockMarket $ASHR
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Why the name #AUTO for the most popular vehicle in #Chennai?

One early morning some time in 2016, on reaching Central Station from Coimbatore, I engaged an Auto to go home.
The Auto driver appeared to be a well informed person.
1 /
I struck up a conversation with him enquiring about competition that he faced from call taxis. He admitted that it was tough but was confident that autos would survive. While he pointed out the short life of call taxi companies like Bharathi, NTL, Friends etc.
2 /
He was confident that Autos would survive.
*Suddenly he asked me whether I knew the meaning of #Auto
I said "No".
He surprised me with his explanation.
During the British Rule, medicines were transported to hospitals from the Central Medical Depots initially by
3 /
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Ohne #Corona hätte Deutschland die eigenen #Klimaschutzziele im #Verkehr krachend verfehlt - ein weiter so kann es nicht geben!

Zur #Bundestagswahl haben wir mit @greenpeace_de und @naturschutzring 10 Maßnahmen für einen starken Start in die #Verkehrswende zusammengestellt.
1️⃣100 Prozent E-Mobilität bei neuen #PKW.
Die Neuzulassung von Pkw mit #Verbrennungsmotoren muss noch in diesem Jahrzehnt enden. 🚗💨🚫
Ein Ende der Neuzulassungen muss mit einem Transformationsprogramm für die #Beschäftigten der #Automobilindustrie verbunden werden.
2️⃣⚡ Mindestens 75 Prozent der Schienen bis 2030 elektrifizieren. 100 Prozent Elektrifizierung der Grenzübergänge.
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Girlfriend out for the weekend, it's time for a side project! I like @yieldwatch but it's not giving me the changes over time. Let's plug a @TimescaleDB and let's create a website with nice charts for that 😎 #DeFi #BSC
wow, that was easy to bootstrap and I've found a name as well 🙌

- jobs to track the price in @TimescaleDB
- jobs to update user wallet content
- @HasuraHQ for GraphQL subscriptions over WebSockets
- #nextjs + @tailwindcss + for the frontend Image
Next steps are:

- add… for login
- display more portfolio information
- (fancy?) home page with explanations
- deploy to production

I want to make it live the fastest possible and then work on the improvements.
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#Budget2021: Highlights & Investment Opportunities

A thread 👇

In what was a first-of-its-kind digital-only budget amid a pandemic, the government was committed to aggressively tackle the perils of an ailing economy.

Here is an overview of sector-wise allocation: Budget 2021: Sector-wise al...
The union #budget 2021-22 was focussed on six pillars, ranging from infrastructure to healthcare and the total budget amount stood at ₹34 lakh crore!
The Insurance Act, 1938 will be amended to increase the permissible FDI limit from 49% to 74% in #Insurance Companies & allow foreign ownership and control with safeguards. #LIC will debut on the stock exchanges in 2021-22.

See Insurance Tracker:…
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"Afrika wird zum Schrottplatz der Industrieländer". Die UNO warnt davor, immer mehr ausgemusterte Gebrauchtfahrzeuge in Afrika zu entsorgen.…
Zwischen 2015 und 2018 wurden demnach weltweit 14 Mio. Gebrauchtwagen exportiert, von denen rund 80 % in ärmere Länder gingen. Mehr als die Hälfte der Fahrzeuge wurde nach Afrika geliefert. #Umweltschutz #Afrika #Auto #Gebrauchtwagen
"Industrieländer müssen den Export von Fahrzeugen stoppen, die Umwelt- oder Sicherheitsüberprüfungen nicht standhalten und nicht mehr als verkehrstauglich in den Herkunftsländern gelten", fordert die UNO: Solche Fahrzeuge tragen erheblich zur Luftverschmutzung bei. #klimaschutz
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#Apar Industries is one among the best established companies in India, operating in the diverse fields of #electrical and #metallurgical #engineering.
@Raunak_Bits @Sachsharma12 @srslysaurabh @Agarwal_Ishu @Random_Gyan @drprashantmish6
Raw materials:
Crude #oil & #Steel
There are 3 segments: #Conductors, Transformer and speciality #oils & Power/Telecom #Cable. The revenue breakup is in the screenshot attached
Domestic revenues decline 52% YoY with lockdown in April, lower scale of operations in May-June; #Exports up 11% YoY. Management focus is on improving revenue generation from high value products. Long time consolidation in financial parameters
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Die #Windkraft hat einen schweren Stand, auch wegen lautem #Widerstand einer kleinen Bevölkerungsgruppe. Schauen wir uns mal die beliebtesten Argumente gegen die #Windkraft an. (1/8) @EvaStegen @wdr5…
#WKA.s zerstören Natur!“
> Größte Gefährdung der #Natur ist umgebremster #Klimawandel. Deswegen hat sich ein Konsortium aus @bund_net, @Umwelthilfe, @NABU_de, @greenpeace_de, @Germanwatch & @WWF_Deutschland explizit FÜR #Wind-Ausbau ausgesprochen. (2/8)…
> Die hauptsächlichen Todesursachen für #Singvögel sind: #Gebäude, #Verkehr, #Jagd, #Hauskatzen, #Insektensterben, Flächenverbrauch, intensive #Landwirtschaft und abermals #Klimawandel. (3/8)…
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Let’s dive into #manufacturing and understand how #Pakistan has lagged its #Asian peers in #industrialization, how stagnant growth turned to a decline even #precovid and how #financing has been unable to encourage #investments in the sector… (1/n)
#Industrial value add per worker in Pakistan has seen minor improvements in the last 25 years. While it changed by 12% for Pak, it changed by 512% for #China. Unfair comparison so not even on the chart but #India has doubled its #Productivity too… (2/n) Image
What’s worse is that post 2018, manufacturing in Pakistan has been on the decline, specifically Large Scale Manufacturing which makes up the bulk. Major reasons cited are PKR #devaluation, rising #energy costs and higher #taxes... (3/n) Image
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S&P Global Ratings provides an odyssey length bullet point journey through the global credit landscape here:… #CorporateCredit #Macro #Risks A few takeaways...1/4
2/4 Economic/Financial conditions & #credit outlooks...#US outlook, #Europe outlook...#Macro #Risks ImageImageImageImage
3/4 #EMs outlook...#Auto industry outlook...#Germany corporates outlook...2020 global corporate #defaults jump above total 2019 levels in 5 months led by the #US...#Macro #Risks ImageImageImageImage
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I’ve seen a lot of threads about how hard it is to get a job in VR. I would love to help in any way I can. I’m blocking tomorrow 10am-12 noon to do Zoom calls with people interested to get in the VR industry or advance in the industry. DM me if you want to connect. #VR #VRJobs
I know it is a US holiday tomorrow. I’ll be happy to do this again later on a non-holiday if there is interest.
The 1-on-1 sessions got booked. Feel free to DM questions OR I am happy to #AMA on this thread AND I set up a Group Zoom call for 12:30pmPDT tomorrow to answer Qs on getting a job in #VR. If you work in the field & want to join in and answer Qs, pls do so!…
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Find the best coverage and price first time Homebuyers Insurance quotes in Maine through Premier Shield Insurance call 1-774-847-7746. Maine first-time Homebuyers insurance company Quotes Premier Shield Insurance
Find the best coverage and price #Auto #Commercial #Home and #Flood Insurance quotes in Maine through Premier Shield Insurance call 1-774-847-7746.
Insurance quotes in Maine (#HomeInsurance #AutoInsurance #BusinessInsurance #FloodInsurance) through Premier Shield Insurance call 1-774-847-7746.… Maine Insurance Quotes Home Auto Business Flood Insurance Agent Quotes #PremierShieldInsurance
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#Wolfsburg heute findet Proteste gegen #Abwrackpraemie statt
Mit viel #Polizei #Willkür. VW Landesrecht in Autostadt. Thread
Es gab eine demo auf dem Gehsteig weil man in #Auto stadt von VW autoverkehr nicht stören darf
Aktivistis von #RobinWood wollten Protest gegen Autofixierte Politik und #Abrackprämie mit Bannerdrop an Fussgängerbrücke äußern
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(1/x) Nachdem #Neonazis der Partei "#DieRechte #Einbeck" bei einer von ihnen gelesenen linken Aktivistin an der Tür klingelten; einige Wochen später dort #Sticker an der #Haustür geklebt wurden, wird nun ihr Klarname mit Schmähungen in Öffentlichkeit mit Edding geschmiert. Image
(2/x) Wenn die lokalen #Neonazis in #Einbeck sich eine Person herausgesucht haben, ihren #Namen/#Wohnort herausgefunden haben, werden bis jetzt fast alle Register gezogen: zerstochene #Reifen am #Auto, #Hausbesuche, hinterherlaufen beim #Einkaufen und die oben genannten.
(3/3) Klar um ein #Bedrohungsszenario aufzubauen und die von ihnen gelesenen linken Aktivist_Innen mürbe zu machen.
Die POL und die Stadtverwaltung #Einbeck hat bis jetzt keine konsequente Strategie gezeigt um so eine Bedrohungslage zu durch brechen.
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(1/x) Grade läuft der neue @Tatort „National feminin“ aus #Göttingen im @daserste. Thematisch geht es um einen Mord an der „nationalen feministischen Aktivistin Marie Jäger“ Aushängeschild der "Jungen Bewegung". #Thread #naziwatchgoe… #tatort
2/x) Designtechnisch/inhaltlich orientiert sich die fiktive „Junge Bewegung“ an der „Identitären Bewegung #IB“, die ihrem #Selbstverständnis nach #Ideologie eines #Ethnopluralismus vertreten und
(3/x) von einer ethnisch homogenen „europäischen Kultur“ ausgehen, deren „Identität“ von „Islamisierung“ bedroht sei. In Deutschland werden die Identitären vom #Verfassungsschutz (BfV) als klar "#rechtsextremistisch" eingestuft.
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Don't believe the spin of @karenandrewsmp look at what the #Auto report really says: "that 2018 sales & employment are still
significantly lower than 2013 levels for the majority of businesses. The impact of the
auto closures on the supply chain has therefore been significant."
@karenandrewsmp But wait! the report goes on to say: "Furthermore, it is likely that the impact of the closures has been greater on companies not captured in the survey data."
@karenandrewsmp The truth is that the Liberals goaded the manufacturers into leaving Australia, then have done remarkably little to support the hundreds of thousands of workers who are affected by these closures.
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The #Sony surprise is just the beginning. I expect many more surprise winners in #electricvehicle space. @Sony #CES2020 1/n
@Sony The traditional #auto behemoths with their fully depreciated plants & highly profitable operations don’t seem to have the ability or the appetite to look beyond their guzzling #ICE cars. #electricvehicles 2/n
@Sony Similar statements have emerged from #toyota and other biggies too. They don't seem to see the tsunami coming their way. #ElectricVehicles 3/n
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