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City ⭐️ On The Hill
These are the days of OUR LIFE . .

Starting to put it all together ?Whenever someone is set to pass, I show before they pass. Have been for A long time now with MANY. Connection right before cross over.
Anytime I posts A Reaper, that’s usually what it means—someone is ready to Cross over. .
I have no choice but to see it all happen within my mind Over & over & over & over & over again since I was A young boy. .
Piecing it all together & understanding was tuff.
Too the world, it’s all just #Useless information coming from “Nobody” most have no clue what to do with, what it mean or why “Nobody” is showing everyone …

My Kind, Most would rather destroy someone like me just because it makes them feel good or for Money.

If your
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All these other people claiming to be me, none of them can show what NEEDED to be shown for everyone to know the truth …
I literally risked my life daily NOT CARING showing WHY everything around me was built up the way it has been.. ALL BUILT UP by ones who KNEW 1 individual
Was going to be born, all of it SPECIFICALLY built up because it was known far in advance of how many would try to be me trying to mislead, very few would believe & spit on me ..

Every street name, every business, every street name correlates to what business is on the
Corner, it’s all A way of leaving truth hidden in plain sight & telling A story hidden in plain sight.

The symbol on the sign where I was born, is the same symbol on the neck of the JFK .50 cent pieces.
Every restaurant name, #GEORGE WEBBS, Final APPROACH (Has A plans on the
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Funding for Up, was actually funding for Down?
Down Is up?

Who funded?
The people?

The whole world was set up by evil/corruption to where if [their] empire was ever threatened & the truth was set to come out about what has really been going on—The People funded much of it?
Purposely done KNOWING everyone would point their fingers running their mouths about everyone & anyone in front of them the people thought were “evil” but the reality of it all is, the blind people funded what’s been happening to children?

Huh, Forgive them for they know
Not what they do?

“Fuck [them], I’ll never forgive [them]”!!
- Says the Millions of individuals who voted in the politicians overseeing the evil operations as puppets to puppet masters that were purposely creating ways right underneath the peoples noses on how to make the
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.@DanScavino, the day Bill Clinton looked at me like he wanted to rip me apart, was the day he was at Langers. .

DJT did his rallies in those Hangers not just because of Tony Hawk Pro Skater Video Game/ #GamesRGun, he did it for another reason.

Spelling Is FUN!
I was like 5 years old or something like that.

I was standing just feet away from him, he knew—Everyone knew.

Which is the reason [They] tried erasing/changing so much around me.

ADAMS park was changed to something different A long time ago.

I’m in the Garden, ADAM & the

Who is the Governor of Wisconsin? Tony EVErs .

All of it, thrown in my face like I was just supposed to roll over & let them destroy me.
When [they] figured out [they] couldn’t destroy, [they] all tried turning everyone against one another to have THE PEOPLE do
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17 & 72 Side by Side, United as 1 …

(This Tweet has nothing to do with Race. NONE OF THIS HAS #EVER been about Race.✍️ That’s MSM/PROPAGANDA B/S sleep walkers fed into)

The Military protected A “Nobody” as worthless as A Penny.✍️
Most have had absolutely no clue how much
Was being SHOWN out in the wide open this whole time, not just by the Military but everyone else too.
Seeing how many fed into those who tried attacking me or sticking the “Bloody Dagger” in me, None of it meant anything. I had more important things to tend too.

& have ALWAYS chose LOVE While many chose different paths .
… & to think some of these individuals prance around like none of it happened, Well it did & those individuals who know who they are have to forgive themselves.
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The Bull, This is the part of the Movie/Show where THE BULL does not get banged up on to where THE UNDERTAKER has to choose, WE ALL WALK TOGETHER !!!

I REFUSE to play the same games so many others choose to play, #REDEMPTION !

The second to last STUNT in JACKASS FOREVER,
Johnny Knoxville pours MILK into A Hat …
“The Milk was supposed to disappear” as he gets hit by the Bull.

Then the last scene was A group of cast members on A carousel surrounded by other cast members dressed up as Military personnel, armed with PAINT ball gunS.
Those who
Played the game, hurt humanity, trafficked children, kept humanity enslaved or committed treason/sedition are SHOWN to the world …

The Booms drop, there will be no war.✍️
Peace = The Prize !

Why the rest of the world/Most can’t see what it is others have been SHOWING
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Translation—Government is A complete pile of poo & what all of this is REALLY about is NONE OF IT MATTERS to most because MOST only care about Government or money.
Light & Dark coming together UNITED as 1 against the common enemy …

God & Lu work side by side, the FALLEN
Are rising alongside of God & Lu …
Most have absolutely no clue what is really going on, why it’s happening as it is & continues feeding into all of what isn’t real ..
It’s blinding many from seeing beyond what everyone is being shown, because so much is being
Shown every single day BEYOND face value.

Basically DJT & everyone else is/HAS BEEN (for years) SHOWING God & Lu are the ones in control of EVERYTHING … Those who know, no matter which “side” (there are no sides or drawn lines) you think others are on, none of it should be
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“What Does Jaime Thomas have to do with anything happening in the world today”
-Random Comment



The WHOLE WORLD has been living either dead inside for the past 150+ years, Living unfulfilled or living with regrets. .
Everyone is ‘DYING TO LIV’!


I Will bring YOUR INNER CHILD OUT OF YOU, you ARE A child of God & YOU will GROW into this Brave New World with A heart of FLESH !!
#NoMore Hearts of stone !
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Someones have something(s) THEY don’t want uncovered …

#EVERYTHING that was done in the dark, will be brought to the light …-
This photo along with EVERYTHING else ever done in time has ALWAYS Meant so much more, what it means is, there is absolutely NOTHING anyone can do or say to stop God from taking from Corruption/Evil & giving it ALL back to his people FOR HIS PEOPLE TO PROSPER !

It’s Gods Time To Shine, FOR HIS PEOPLE !

The Cure, Gods words will spread far & Wide!

I know of all the lies, I Know what CORRUPTION/EVIL did last summer, the summer before that & the summer before that !


Guilty !

How many children/Young adults
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I showed A picture during the day, now at night …

The symbol on the JFK coin, same as the sign.

Did you know every Sunday the MANY out there choose Lucifer over God?
Which is Fine, I DON’T CARE—John & I are
Same same but different, still the same …

Who is VK?
Why is this important ?
“Illuminati Bloodlines”

Remember when that “B” person posted?
Days before that, I posted A Bull that was at the zoo, the caption was “Mess with the Bull” …

Then the owner of the boards made A video with his shirt saying, TAKE NO BULL!

Anti-Hero Skateboards
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Home Opener

144 born in 414, Shane Browning—the Milwaukee BUCKs Won championship, HOME of HARLEY (Q) DavidSON, #ROOT of DAVID/Grandmothers Second marriage, Milwaukee ADMIRALS play at Panther Arena where DJT had A RALLY where “DO IT Q” was heard ALL AROUND THE WORLD,

WHO AM I!?!?


Get it over with !!

(Below not for anons)
.@DanScavino, here it comes.

The Storm Of All Storms, What is within will finally be released out into the world.
GOTT FREE’D & now I will make #HER Queen …

Bride Of ______ …

Do It!
Doing It!!
Just Do It!!!


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Directly right of me, the EXACT direction the camera is pointing, Jaime Thomas was in town with the #ZERO team & Asked #ME out of 5,000 people to play A game of skate. I was roughly 15 years young or so. There were HUNDREDS of people he could have chosen, out of those hundred
He could have chosen, 50 of them were standing in front of me.
There are ones in the world who KNOW & HAVE KNOWN about the plans all along.
Each layer of life have had ones who were “chosen” to be ambassadors to make sure that layer of life stays the course of what has been
Asked of them.
A Vision of the future was SHOWN to selected individuals, those individuals took an oath of SILENCE, they could not speak A word about it with anyone. They could ONLY DO, many that surround those individuals may not have understood #WHY decisions had to be made
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Did you know #WWE Licensed A deal to have A WWF ( WWF At The Time) Roller Coaster @ Niagara Falls back in June, 2004? …

‘BEWARE OF THE #PileDriver’ !!!

Everything ever done in time has been CALCULATED & Has deeper meaning.
‘BEWARE OF THE PILE DRIVER’ was open for 1 whole day, 1 DAY!

It was apparently shut down for “Safety Violations” ..

Also, did you know—VKM has wanted to open A WWE/WWF Theme park for MANY years now?
All the rides in the park would be named after PAST/PRESENT Wrestlers.
Think about what’s happening in the world today when it comes to Disney . . .

VKM also tried working out A deal getting WWE/WWF into existing themed parks in California, he was denied …

PARADISE #GARDENs Park, Adventure Park & Disneyland?

Knowing what everyone knows now,
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3 + years later it finally matters, after 1 person showed the world what all of this was about & all so many could do was NOT CARE, judge him for knowing or judge him for the way he did things ..

All these years later, it finally starts to matter, matter the way it should have
From the very beginning ..

Even when Humanity doesn’t deserve my love, humanity is loved every day ..

#Repent, I saw EVERYTHING & I Remember #EVERYTHING ..
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Fake cities

Makes you really THINK, HuH? ..

How many Pre planned fake wars were fought for political reasons that have made the world think it was real?

How much money do you think could be made from fighting fake wars or fighting wars as blood sacrifices/rituals making the
World think it was real? ..

The world can’t swallow the WHOLE TRUTH ..
WHY are dates so important ?
MANY Wars started on specific dates all connecting to one another? How is that possible?

Too the naked eye & blind mind, those small details would have never mattered at those times, now as the world awakens the people see all [Their] symbolism
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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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Maybe connect ALL the dots & not just the dots you & many others think are the most important ..

I could show everyone exactly who is being pointed too, I already have but none of it matters though … It’s all too good to be true or little want to believe.
Or, most FEAR all of
What’s being shown being true …

Don’t worry, I will remember #EVERYTHING . .
I’ll never forget the way so many chose to treat others or not care about the smallest of details outside of those who most have chosen being most important .

Enjoi, Be careful what is wished for..
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Water Or Wine?
Water/Wine = Unity ? …
2 As 1?
The Hybrid Changes #EVERYTHING, #SweetTooth ? …

Once the Fake Pope finishes acting out his scenes going to where he’s set to go(CGi)—I’m thinking that will be the opportunity sought after by someone’s on #HOW
They’re going to explain/confess everything & #WHY so much was kept A secret or Altered/replaced … 1 Word swapped out in A sentence can alter it’s true hidden meaning.

What’s been kept A “Secret”/Hidden, it allows humanity to go back to it’s #G ROOTS understanding who they
Are, answering Questions of where everyone comes from & SHOWS EVERYONE/Humanity truly how POWERFUL the human race is/always has been…All the answers everyone seeks have either been kept hidden/secret or WITHIN #YOU this whole time, one’s just required A PUSH & the eyes to see.
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Everyone is being SHOWN how corruption works/has worked all these years … If someone was apart of “THAT” Club, they were above the law. The entire corrupt system is being exposed, every single day …

Just wait, the fake Pope will be going to Russia soon too ACT something
Important out for the world …

Because of this, people will start burning their bibles & shortly afterwards. someone everyone talks to will make A video speaking to the world, it’ll end up being seen by MILLIONS all over the world & pretty much stops MOST from being brainwashed
Or continuing too be apart of the problem …

Everyone is pretty much being tested, this is the
#FinalExam “…

#VE Already won. .

Everything that is being done, it’s being done in A way that bring people closer to the one person so many chose to not take seriously.
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There are always one thing of Two things, A Truth or a Lie, Day or Night, Yes or No, Black or White, Some things precede all these things. What we call them Occurrence, "Imaginations", "Thoughts", "Fantasies" 👇
When a relationship is established between two people have relationship is based on distance. Then there is the Emotional connection between the two. The relationship that is formed after the relationship of feeling, is the relationship of feeling that we call imagination. 👇
There are certain conditions for the existence of everything.
The imagination cannot settle in these situations until it has fallen. Imagination comes in many forms. Imagination is the means by which we can meet God. When we can meet God in imagination, 👇
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Remember this?

EVERYONE was being SHOWN bafk then what [THEY] were going to be trying to do to YOU & YOUR CHILDREN TODL DATE !
Everyone said this was evil but in reality, it was someone trying to help & SHOW the world but all the warning signs or cries for help were either
Ignored or shot down ...

Now look, little to no one knows what to do that makes this all stop ..

All the answers have been given to the world LONG BEFORE 17 ..
The world has ALWAYS had much more than you ever knew ...

EVERYTHING was apart of the plan, even if the ones
Within each layer didn't know at the time they were apart of the plan ..

So many music artists, entertainers etc couldn't figure out WHY they were being told what to do or how to do things.. The ones getting the information from the future, then giving that information to the
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Behind the Back ..

WOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!
Guns R Save

I tried showing everyone WHY WHY WHY WHY #EVERYTHING was/is done the way it is/was ...

Game Over.


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You have more than you know, always have.
Every post made, every re tweet made, every response, every time stamp, every date matters..

Every reply, matters.
Every Post made along with the time In between each post, matters.

EVERYTHING I/WE do, you have to see MORE than what
Meets the eye.
It's ALWAYS been like this.

So many do it for others but even with all the others they "decode", they are only "cracking the code" to the shell of the EGG ..
There is so much more - hidden conversations happening, what's to come is being talked about &
So much more.
Unfortunately, ones choose to NOT see the yoke of everything that has been taking place right in front of them this whole time..
Don't get me wrong, there are some fascinating "decoders" in the world today & NO ONE is above or better than the one beside them
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