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Confucius was a philosopher, teacher and politician who lived in ancient China over 2,500 years ago. His teachings continue to influence Chinese culture and society to this day. #Confucius #philosophy #China #history

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2/ Confucius emphasized the importance of virtue, education and respect for authority. He believed that rulers should lead by example and cultivate moral character in their subjects.

👉Prompts in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history #virtue #education #leadership A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...A detailed environmental po...
3/ Confucian values continue to play a significant role in Chinese society, particularly in areas such as education, family relationships and business etiquette.

👉Prompt in the ALT👈
#midjourney #AIart #history
#Confucianism #culture #society Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...Blend of comic book art and...
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#IPL is spreading hate amongst the citizens and minting money.

This is not a new analysis and it's known for most people but after watching yesterday's incident between #RCBvLSG this is the right time for all the cricket fans not to fall into this trap. 1/n
IPL has always been everything about #MONEY and #entertainment. The teams were based on most popular cities in #India so that each team will have larger fan following and representation, just like #football leagues. 2/n
The people behind #IPL were/are biggest #businessmen, #Celebrities from various fields and #politicians. It gathered enough attention when it got started as new league in 2008. Just because IPL has celebs backing doesn't mean it's gonna be a superhit league in the long run. 3/n
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⭐️Gender Identification or Gender Dysphoria
A disease propagated by the Left ideologues in the society.
Let us see how Left Kabal is destroying our social institutions:
#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage Image
1. Sex is the biological expression of our genotype in the form of phenotype while gender is a social expression based on the cultural evolution of ethos and eidos.
#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage
2. Our social institutions like family, marriage, and kinship all are based on values prescribed to gender-based roles.

#Gender #Woman #Man #Left #Right #India #Society #LGBTQ #Transgender #SameSexMarriage
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یہ انڈیا میں عدالت کی طرف سے حکم ہے کہ ریپ ریپ ہے چاہے شوہر ہی کیوں نہ کرے
عدالت کے اس فیصلے نے عام عوام کی کنفیوزن دور کر دی کہ زبردستی کاجنسی تعلق بغیر اجازت کے ریپ ہی ہے چاہے اسکا لائسنس اپکے پاس ہوشادی کی صورت میں
اس فیسبک پوسٹ کے کمینٹ میں 100% پاکستانی مرد

پاکستانی مرد حضرات سمجھتے ہیں ک نکاح نامہ پہ دستخط جنسی تعلق کی کھلی اجازت ہے
اگر انکی وجہ سے بیوی دو روٹیاں کھارہی ہے تو جنسی تعلق انکا ہر حال میں حق ہے
اک صاحب انہی کمنٹس میں لکھتے ہیں
بیوی کے لیئے زبردستی جھیلنا اتنا مشکل نہیں جتنا کہ شوہر کہ لیئے ٹاکسک باسز کو جھیلنا


افسوس کی بات ہے کہ کوئ مرد خاص طور پہ اپنی بیوی کے لیئے ایسا کیسے سوچ سکتا ہے
بات اتنی اسان ہے
پر اتنی مشکل بنائ ہوئ ہے یا سمجھنا نہیں چاہتے

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Was treibt die Regierung an
biosafety grade 3
zoonotische Biohazards
zu verharmlosen & hoch präzise Präventiv-Tests zu verunglimpfen


kapiert niemand
den Zusammenhang #SARSCoV2 #monkeypox
mit PACS & MISC & LC
Wer hat was von diesem Irrsinn?!

Gerade eben 20.03.2023
Scheuch & aerzteblatt im Schwurbler Modus 🤬
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"That the #Anthropocene, at its core, is a fundamentally bourgeois concept should surprise no one. After all, it tells us that behind the current, disastrous state of world affairs is the #Anthropos. It’sa trick ...… #history #capitalism #ideology
... as old as #modernity – the rich and powerful create #problems for all of us, then tell us we’re all to blame. But are we? And just who, in any case, is ‘#we’?"
"The #Anthropocene concept has graced the cover of The Economist magazine and received the blessing of The New York Times’ editorial board – for the very sound reason that anthropogenic arguments obscure capitalogenic realities." #Science/#Society
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"This long Malthusian cycle brewed the ideological alchemy of Good #Science and the Civilizing Project. Each moment produced new scientific and imperial regimes that simultaneously mapped, secured, and justified ever more extensive and violent...… #society
... appropriations of unpaid #work/energy for capital. Every moment of enclosing waste (the commons) involved grand movements creating #waste on the frontiers. In this long #history of natural law, Good #Science has been mobilized not only as a “productive force” but as the...
... ideological cement for securing the “general interest”. Thus decisive ideological function for successive #class compacts between ruling strata and the scientific, administrative, and military strata ...
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“The process of #rationalization central to #capitalism has required the creation of an intermediate stratum comprising the specialists of this rationalization, as #administrators, #technicians, #scientists, #educators. The very complexity of not... Image
... only the #technology but the social system has made it essential that this stratum be large and, over time, expanding.The funds that have been used to support it have been drawn from the global surplus, as extracted through entrepreneurs and states. In this elementary but ...
... fundamental sense these #cadres have therefore been part of the #bourgeoisie whose claim to participation in the sharing-out of the surplus has been given precise ideological form in the twentieth-century concept of #HumanCapital. Having relatively little real capital to ...
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#Science/#Society: "This #bias is explicit for Sir John Houghton, a former #IPCC vice president who is not only an eminent climatologist but also a fervent catholic and zealous proselytiser. Houghton has made a great contribution to the #climate cause, and no-one could accuse ...
... him of ignoring the magnitude of the challenge. Nevertheless, when he was asked one day if he was an #optimist or a #pessimist, he replied: ‘I am an optimist for three reasons; #scientists the world over are working hard and collaborating, the necessary #technologies are ...
... available, and #God takes care of His creation’. Taken to this extreme, his #optimism borders on recklessness. But this quote speaks volumes about the limited view of some #scientists, religious or not, who, between their ultra-specialised domain and 'human nature' ...
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Pondering the most socially & politically powerful tropes and memes (social constructs - please see R Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene (you what?),” 1976) of the crazy-arsed 1880’s City of London we may stumble back some decades down a handy Memory Lane 2 our secondary school studies
So here the psycho-cultural (mental) foundation of the SA Law Society’s grandiose and socio-economically devastating Theory of Diminished Responsibility:

“In traditional literature a tragic hero is utterly vicious but in The Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael Henchard is not the..
“the typical tragic man, [palaru] tragic hero.. impulsive, arrogant & honest, ambitious at the same time.. moral value supported his control over his wife, dau. & lover”


“..a kind of mysterious & unavoidable power, character, fate, deeply..”

Enough already

R Brown ‘66
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Join us at 3 p.m. (WAT) tomorrow as we commemorate #EducationDay with a #tweetchat where gender experts @Tawakalit19 and @ngunanioron_a will share insights on how to shift social norms that keep girls out of school in Nigeria.

#InternationalDayofEducation Image
Hello everyone! Welcome to our #tweetchat titled, "Transforming Social Norms: Girl Child Education" dedicated to #EducationDay2023, an annual event that raises awareness on the state of education in the world. The theme for this year is "Invest in people, prioritise education."
Formal education is critical to improving people’s quality of life and the nation's development. Globally, 244 million children and youth are out of school, and 771 million adults are illiterate.

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As a society, we must ensure that the #AI systems we are building are #inclusive and #equitable. This will only happen through increased transparency and #diversity in the field. Using already "dirty data" is not the way

Using biased data to train AI has serious consequences, particularly when data is controlled by large corporations with little #transparency in their training methods

For fair & #equitable AI we need Web3 democratized & agendaless data for AI training

The use of flawed #AI training datasets propagates #bias, particularly in #GPT-type models which are now widely hyped but are controlled by compromised #Web2 MNCs who have a poor track record in #privacy, protecting civil #liberty & preserving free speech…
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Good morning #medtwitter! Today #scientissimum would like to show you a #publichealth case of poor working conditions. Did you know that according to @WHO almost 2million people die from work-related causes each year? 450,000 deaths were related to workplace air #pollution 💨
(particulate matter, gases, and fumes). Any #job in the world has a meaning, whether you are a #doctor, #constructionworker or #janitor - each plays a very important role in the #society. However, no money in the world can ever buy the #health you need to continue #living and
and enjoying your #life. #Work smart and don’t expose yourselves to the dangerous situations, that may lead to the tragic outcomes!🦺
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Cities of Tomorrow*
‘20 minute city’ initiative

All so easy and accessible that in the future you won’t need a #car & if a #climate #Emergency should arise you can easily stay within your #zone
*… #svpol
#Agenda2030 #SmartCity 's
#Paris Is Planning To Become A ’15-minute City’
Where everything you need is within a 15-minute radius on foot or bike. The aim is to cut car use, resulting in fewer #CO2 emissions and cleaner air.…
#WakeUp #Jailhouse #society #Agenda2030
Efficient space use enables 15-minute cities
Improving #urban forms is one of #Europe 's most powerful levers to mitigate the #ClimateCrisis 🤔
#Agenda2030 #WakeUp #Sweden #Worldwide #svpolitik #svpol #powerabuse #tyranny #SmartCity #survilence #society #CrimesAgainstHumanity Europe has committed to reaching unprecedented goals includi
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@bob_way 1/ First and probably most important, I want to express my appreciation.

Talking about #anonymity and #privacy appears to be becoming increasingly frowned upon. Seeing your open and refreshing ideas on the subject definitely helped me open my eyes even further.
. . .
@bob_way 2/ . . .
As you have already indicated, we must first educate people on the distinction between #anonymity and #privacy.

Most individuals do not fully comprehend #cash and the challenges surrounding its "disposal".
. . .
@bob_way 3/ . . .
As you pointed out, we do not have #anonymity when purchasing a beer in a bar, but because the cashier will only print a receipt and will not send any personal informations about my nightly activities back to the government or any other company,
. . .
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#Indonesia’s new criminal code is absolutely illiberal, but it is not anti-legal. It serves the interests of some #elites, but not others.

So, how do we best parse its impact on #law, #politics, or #society?

A short 🧵based on ideas from:…

Fundamentally, it pushes Indonesia’s criminal law system toward what I call a mobilizational legal regime, and away from being more of a ’rule by law’ order.

This is due to a reason many might find counter-intuitive: it’s actually empowering previously excluded groups.

In a mobilizational legal regime, the set of politically empowered actors (what I call the ‘polity’) is open and contested. In some other arrangements - including rule by law - it is closed and fixed.
The constellation of politics shapes how law is made and deployed.

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My contribution to the #electricity market debate, today at @voxeu
Thread 🧵…
1/Von der Leyen “Current electricity market design is not doing justice to consumers They should reap the benefits of lowcost renewables We will do a deep and comprehensive reform of electricity markets”…
Which should be the building blocks of the reform?
2/ On the objectives:
➡️*Productive efficiency*: demand must be met by the plants with the lowest marginal costs 📉📈
➡️*Investment efficiency*: investments must take place at the right scale, mix, and locations 🌞🍃
➡️*Equity*: prices should be cost-reflective 🪙
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What's happening? Image
A moral society puts people first.
Not wealth.
Not power.
Not nation states.
Not archaic forms of govt or law.
Not royal families or venerable castes.
Ordinary people.

Intelligent Ethics by Luke Andreski…

#humanism #environmentalism #hope
Neoliberal propaganda?
Corporate lies?
Media bias?
Had enough of it yet?

Ethical Intelligence
Luke Andreski…
#understanding #reality #perception #truth
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کچھ عرصہ سے فیسبک پر ایسی پوسٹس تواتر کے ساتھ دکھ رہی ہیں کہ میں یتیم لڑکی سے شادی کرنا چاہتا ہوں
دکھ درد کی ماری ایسی لڑکی کی تلاش میں ہوں جس کے ماضی نے اسے توڑ دیا ہو وغیرہ وغیرہ
یہ سب ڈرامے بازی ہے
شکار کے لیے پھیلایا جانے والا جال ہے
اگر اتنی ہی ہمدردی ہے
++ Image
تو سوشل میڈیا پر ڈرامہ بازی کرنے سے بہتر ہے یتیم خانے/ دارالامان جائیں
وہاں آپ کی نیکی کی خواہش بھی پوری ہوجائیگی اور اُن یتیم/ بے سہارا لڑکیوں کے نکاح کا انتظام بھی ہوجائے گا
یہ لڑکیاں واقعتاً یتیم اور دکھوں کی ماری ہوتی ہیں
ان کے ماضی نے انہیں واقعی توڑ دیا ہوتا ہے
فیسبک/ٹیوئٹر پر اگر کوئی حقیقتاََ یہ نیکی کرنا چاہتا ہے تو اپنے اردگرد محلے، علاقے میں نظر دوڑائے تو اسے ایسے لوگ مل جائینگے جو وہ سوشل میڈیا پر تلاش کر رہا ہے
اگر ایسی کوئی پوسٹ/ ٹیوئٹ آپ کو نظر آئے تو اسے دارالامان کا راستہ دکھا دیں

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اک کالم میں پڑھا
سوائے بچے پیدا کرنے کہ یہ قوم کچھ بھی پیدا نہی کررہی
نہ کوئ نئی کتاب لکھ رہا
نہ شاعری کررہا
نہ کوئ کام کی فلم بناسکتے ہم
کپڑوں کے بھی تھان بناکر بیچتے
ناشتے کے سیرلز تک نہیں بناتے
گندم چاول مکئ باہر بیچتے
اور باہر سے ناشتے کے لیے سیریلز بنے بنائے منگواتے

اک زمانہ تھا مچلز کی جوبلی اور کینڈی لینڈ کی چاکلیٹ NOW اور BP کی چاکلیٹس کھاتے ہوتے تھے
اب محبوبہ کو فرینچ یا بیلجیم سے امپورٹڈ چاکلیٹس نہ گفٹ کرو تو 'میرا پیار سچا ہے' تک نہی ثابت کر سکتے آپ

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"The emergence of #government as organized #violence-cum-#robbery"
SFI Seminar by @CoenTeulings (@UniUtrecht)

Video link:

Follow this 🧵 for highlights + slides! Image
"What's the motivation of this paper? We've seen in most of these locations that there was an #emergence of some form of hierarchical #government [correlated with] a monopoly of #violence and increased #inequality [and] most people lost."

- @CoenTeulings (@UniUtrecht) ImageImageImageImage
Citing work led by SFI's Tim Kohler in 2017 showing the increase in #inequality (as measured by #GINIcoefficient) as society evolves greater political #scale and more complex/abstract means of production: Image
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These options advance SDGs but have trade-offs too.
#Enablers: #Awareness and educational programs (#SDG4 and #SDG12), technological solutions/#innovation (#SDG9), innovative #policy designs (#SDG16), involvement of multiple #socialactors (#SDG17)

92 Interventions are identified from 1000+ literature that helps to #Avoid or #Shift or #Improve in emissions.

#foodwaste reduction- 34 interventions: 10 Avoid, 10 Shift, 14 Improve

sustainable #dietary choices- 58 interventions: 15 Avoid, 7 Shift, 36 Improve
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Thread 1/9 #crisiscom
🚨 Increase in natural #disasters due to climate change in the past few years. 🚨
Time to talk about #emergencymanagement and #crisiscommunication! #aThread Source: https://www.munichr...
2/9 A natural #disaster is a disruption of #society. Time to take action, emergency management! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️
3/9 There are scenarios that will increasingly affect #Germany and #Europe!
🔥 Wildfires
🌪️ Storms or hurricanes
☀️ Droughts
🌊 Floods
🌍 Earthquakes
🌋 Volcanic eruptions
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اگر آپکو اپنی بیوی بدصورت لگتی ہے اسکے چہرے پہ ، ہونٹوں ہاتھ اور بازووں پہ بال ہیں تو ان بالوں کو تھریڈنگ ویکسنگ کے ذریعے صاف کیا جاسکتا ہے
اگر بیگم کا چہرہ چکنا چمکتا محسوس نہیں ہوتا
تو چہرے کو نکھارنے کے لئے ہزار دو ہزار کا فیشل اور بلیچ ہوتا ہے

اگر بیوی کے چہرے پر رونق نہیں ہے تو دودھ دہی اور پھل کھلائیں
یقین کریں آپکی بیوی بھی دیکھنے لائق ہوجائیگی
اگر اتنی گنجائش نہیں تو یہاں وہاں منہ مارنے سے گریز کریں
کیونکہ جن چکنی چمیلیوں کو خوبصورت سمجھ کے انکی مدح سرائی کرتے ہیں
وہ بھی اتنے خرچوں کے بعد ہی دیکھنے لائق بنتی ہیں
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