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Investment tips for doctors

It is a fact that most of us lack the basics of managing our finances. It is not unusual to come across doctors who have little awareness about their income, expenses & future goals (for which money is needed). Here are some tips that could help.…
1. Life insurance: If you have dependents (children, spouse), life insurance is a must to safeguard their future in case of any unexpected incidents. Life #insurance is to protect the risk, and not an investment to get returns. Term plans are good.
2. Medical insurance: Medical care is expensive and we would have to bear the expenses if we or our family members fall sick. Family floater schemes are the best as premiums work out to be lower.
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Macquarie Downgrades Indian Insurance

Downgrades To Neutral From Outperform

▪️HDFC Life: Tgt Price Cut To ₹556 Fm ₹655 (-15%)

▪️ICICI Pru Life: Tgt Price Cut To ₹486 Fm ₹580 (-16%)

▪️SBI Life: Tgt Price Cut To ₹1,306 Fm ₹1,580 (-17%)

#Insurance @SureshGangraf
Macquarie On Indian Insurance

Why Cut Target Price?

▪️Mac Expects VNB CAGR Of ~9-15% (FY23-FY26e) Vs ~17-30% (FY18-FY23)

▪️Margins Of ~30% Likely To Have Peaked

▪️Mkts Won’t Be Enthusiastic Unless Sector Delivers +20% VNB Growth
Key Risks To Estimates

▪️Upside Risk: Meaningful Pick-up In Growth

▪️Downside Risk: Substantial Decline In VNB Margins From Peak
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#Health #Insurance #India
Public sector general insurance companies in India are facing a huge challenge as they continue to lose market share in their #healthinsurance portfolio to private insurance Cos. Should you switch from a PSU to a Pvt Insurer
A thread🧵
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According to #Statista Pvt insurers across India held around 49 %  of the industry’s market share in FY 2021, compared to 36 % by public sector insurers. Standalone health insurers had a market share of around 8 % and specialized insurers had a market share of over 6 %
Public sector insurers are facing challenges such as low profitability, high claims ratio, outdated products, poor customer service, and lack of innovation. They have also been unable to compete with the aggressive pricing and marketing strategies of the private players.
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This is borderline fraud by #Health and General #insurance companies in #India
The Misuse of "The Reasonable and Customary Clause" in #HealthInsurance
A Thread 🧵
We all know that health insurance is crucial, but a concerning trend has re-emerged post the pandemic in India. Insurance companies are back to misusing the "reasonable and customary clause" to reduce reimbursement claims, leaving ordinary people in a difficult situation.
🏥 Understanding the "Reasonable and Customary Clause"

The clause sets the maximum amount an insurance company will reimburse for medical procedures. It aims to prevent overcharging. However, some companies are misusing this provision

Let me share 2 recent cases
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Looking for a 1 crore #Health #insurance cover?
A stand alone #Healthinsurance policy of 1 crore or a combination of a 10 lakh base + 90 lakh Super Top up policy, which one will you choose.
A 🧵
The rising cost of healthcare and the need for adequate health insurance coverage, makes it extremely important to have a sufficiently large health insurance cover, to take care of any unforseen expenses due to hospitalisation or prolonged treatment of critical illnesses.
Let's discuss why combining a base policy of 10 lakh with a super top-up of 90 lakh is a more cost-effective option compared to a standalone 1 crore health insurance policy, choose what works for you but if premium is an important consideration read further.
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Met the Branch head of a prominent stand alone #Health #insurance company. What he said is going to spoil the annual budget of middle class indians more so senior citizens.
A thread🧵
The discussion was on the sustained and lumpy increase in health insurance premiums in the past few years where senior citizens are now paying DOUBLE of what they were paying 3 years ago.
He gave the example of what's happening with costs negotiated with network hospitals.
Gall bladder removal surgery in 5* hospitals 3 years ago was capped at 1.25 lakh
The same is up for renegotiation now at 3.25 lakh.
These are figures for Tier 1 metro cities . Many health insurance cos are charging premium basis the city where you stay in.
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If you ever wondered...

"Do I need a Financial Advisor?"

...this thread can help you decide!

Read on! (1/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #financialgoals #personalfinance #thread
Before we begin, reflect on these two questions...

When choosing between two similar investment options, have you ever wondered which one you should pick?

Ever wondered if an #insurance policy could protect your family or if it was just bells and whistles? (2/n)

These are the exact situations in which a Financial Advisor can help do away with uncertainty and help you make the right choices for YOU!

Here are 4 ways how a Financial Advisor can help: (3/n)

#financialadvisor #financialplanning #personalfinance
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Prabhakar Bhagyawant got 30 stitches after he fell 20 ft  from a tractor transporting #sugarcane. He lost 45 work days, couldn’t work off a an advance payment. @iyerkavi on a debt bondage system that persists in #India's richest state economy


“Neither the sugar factory nor the labour contractor will pay for medical expenses.” Bhagyawant, 39, of Dharur in #Beed, #Maharashtra, has migrated to #Karnataka for 20 years as #sugarcane harvest worker. The Rs 25,000 hospital bill will be recovered from his pay

Cane harvest worker Adinath Sonawane died in 2020 in Pune district when a truck his his motorbike as he returned to the fields from the #sugar factory. Union leaders managed to get ex gratia payment for his family, but his wife Parvati can no longer find regular work 

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Insurance Policies in Native Language: Is it a must have for customer delight?
By: @rk_process9

In #India, #insurance penetration is very low. When an uninsured family member requires hospitalization, it can deplete a middle-class family’s entire savings.
1/n Image
Having a #healthinsurance policy comes as a boon in such times. Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to comprehend the benefits of these policies due to the complex #language and unclear #claim procedures.
This lack of understanding can be attributed to both the inadequate #communication of #insurance companies and the public’s difficulty in deciphering the complicated terms used in documentation.
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We Solve Language Processing Problems For Enterprises - #straightfromtheheart by @rk_process9

#Organizations, #businesses, institutions generate a lot of #information which needs to be distributed to all concerned, in #languages that they can understand.
1/n Image
This requires #translation , not one way but both ways to establish a #communication channel. In an organization, there are often numerous information exchange touch-points, as well as information is created in many formats.
Translating all such information efficiently and timely can be a nightmare. Any delay can cause loss of a business opportunity. We therefore found it essential to enable our customers in a 360-degree way to ensure that they become truly #multilingual.
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Hospitalisation can burn a hole in your pocket and derail your finances. It will become even tough, if the person who brings in the money, is now in a hospital bed. All this can be avoided by just paying a small annual premium towards health insurance

#healthinsurance #hospital
There are some loop holes in these insurance policies which may again end up leaving a hole in your pocket. So let's shed light on a few things you should be aware of before purchasing insurance.

#HealthForAll #healthinsurance #hospitalised #hospitals
1) What type of health plan it is?

There are various types of health insurance plans -
Individual Health Insurance
Senior Citizen
Surgery & Critical Illness,etc
Go thoroughly through the benefits of each plan and then choose the one that best caters to your requirement.
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Incredible piece in @propublica on the dark underbelly of #healthcare #insurance — making profit margins off of denying claims (aka healthcare) to its members when they need it most…
If time is money, this is what @Cigna thinks the health of its members is worth: 1.2 seconds Image
It’s not just @Cigna, it’s all the big insurers — @UHC @AnthemBCBS @Aetna - multiple lawsuits filed for the amount of denials they have, but it’s more profitable for them to rampantly deny claims and settle the class action lawsuits later than it is to just do the service they……
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1) The fact is that @FDICgov #deposit #insurance is outdated. Don’t consider only the $250k or amount but underlying activities when assessing deposit insurance. It was designed for a Glass-Steagall world. Today, the #DIF should be priced relative to underlying business risk.
2) An old fashioned community bank that merely takes deposits and makes loans within its customer geography should be assessed at a different level than a bank that is also an asset manager, insurer, and investment bank.
3) #FDIC insurance should be priced based upon underlying activity AND business line risks. The DIF assessments for plain vanilla, old fashioned banks, should be essentially free up to a dollar amount that captures the deposit needs of their local customers.
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Entrepreneurs, are you tired of paying hefty taxes?

Don't worry! We got you covered!

Check out these top tax-saving tips that can benefit your business and your bottom line. (1/n)

#entrepreneurs #taxes #taxsavings #taxtips
#1 Hire Family Members & Relatives:

You can reduce your tax liability by paying salaries to family members, which are tax-deductible. Their income may also be below the taxable threshold. (2/n)

#tax #taxexemption #taxliability
#2 Deduct Business Expenses for Travel & Accommodation:

Business travel expenses such as tickets and accommodation can be deducted from your taxable income, thus reducing your tax liability.

#taxliability #businessexpenses #deductions
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Mar. 3:
1/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

More on #Russian #Volunteer #Corps” & #Russian freak out over #Bryansk incident:

@TheStudyofWar report:
#Russian officials continued to release limited ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #FalseFlag #Propaganda…
Mar. 3:
2/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

..”#Information” about the Mar. 2 #Incursion in #Bryansk Oblast but 🔸#Failed to provide clarity about what actually #Transpired.🔸[#Russia found the #Incident ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Misinformation…
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Find business insurance Massachusetts #companies & coverage #options for business auto, commercial property, & general liability at Lunova Insurance.……
At #LunovaInsurance, you #cansecurepolicyrates & coverage with #our 2023 "MA cheap small business owners policy insurance", online with "BOP Insurance Company & #AgencyRates at Lunova Insurance", locally & #online:…
Massachusetts Small #Business Insurance Agency can "help you find insurance for your company".

More on our #Localmap on #Google for "Small Business Liability, Property & Auto Massachusetts Insurance Agency Rates, Lunova Insurance".…
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The Nifty Financial Services Index, also known as the #FinNifty, is an index that tracks the performance of the financial services sector in India. @bbrijesh explains about the index in detail.
#FinNifty is an index that tracks the performance of the financial services sector in India, which includes #banks, #insurance companies, #housingfinance, and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). #FinancialServicesSector #India
The financial services sector in India is one of the largest and most diverse in the world, and FinNifty provides a way to track the performance of this sector. #FinancialServicesSector #GrowthPotential
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Is there a SMARTER way to buy Term Insurance?

Can you get back all premiums paid while paying the same premium as a Pure Term cover?

This all sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Let's dive deeper to find out 👇 (1/n)

#terminsurance #insurebesure #insurancepremium #thread
Zero-Cost Term Insurance plans allow you to 'exit' from the policy, thereby getting all the premiums that you have paid back.

But wait... What's the 'catch’? (2/n)

#insurance #terminsurance #financialfreedom
The CATCH is... You are allowed to exit the policy only within a specified period.

Let's look at an example. (3/n)

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Just a month into the new year and we already see some new myths floating around Financial Planning.

In this thread, we aim to debunk some of these myths & take a look at how financial planning can help you, the reader! (1/n)

#financialplanning #FinancialFreedom #MythVsFacts
Myth #1 Financial Planning is Only for Rich People

At their core, a good Financial Planner helps YOU achieve YOUR GOALS. Everyone has goals, not just rich people.

A good financial plan will help map your goals & help make your 'plan' a reality. (2/n)

Myth #2 I am too old/ too young for a Financial Plan

Age is no bar. You are never too young or too old to have a proper financial plan in place. Planning can help people build wealth over a period. (3/n)

#FinancialFreedom #financialplanner #retirementplanning
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Last Wednesday we sat down with the founder of @HatomProtocol and uncovered his perspectives and goals.

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from that conversation.
1/Q: What other #DeFi tools are you looking forward to that might be not built on MultiversX yet, but will synergize and further increase the utility of Hatom?

A: Dex Aggregators - To simplify the process to find the best price for a token by aggregating data from multiple DEX's
2/ Decentralized #Insurance - This offers users protection for their DeFi investment by pooling funds and purchasing insurance policies

Indexers - These make it easier for Dapps to search and display relevant data to users.
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Lots of people asked about Carbon/Demex's roadmap for 2023.

It has just been released! I spent hours summarizing it for you.

The devs keep shipping, and has >20 awesome stuff building, from EVM & Cosmwasm support, to better liquidity, and more!

Alpha-filled 🧵

1/26 Image
1. $SWTH Trading Discounts:

Trading discounts can be applied to wallet addresses with staked SWTH soon! The amount of discount will depend on the amount of SWTH staked.

Accounts with staked SWTH can delegate the trading discounts to an alternative address too.

2. Shared Security with Alliance Assets:

This allows Carbon to form economic alliances with larger chains, making Carbon network more secure as larger and more liquid assets secure it.

Learn more:

#alliance #terra #luna #security #interchainsecurity
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