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#MCPersonalFinance: To help you save on your travel bookings and to make the most of your holidays, we have here the best travel #creditcards available in the market for both domestic & #InternationalTravel. ✈️…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel | @kayezad
@thanawala_hiral @kayezad All your bags are packed, you're ready to go. The third wave has eased and destinations far & near beckon.✈️

But before you book that #ticket there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read👇…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel #MCPersonalFinance @kayezad
@thanawala_hiral @kayezad #MCPersonalFinance: While traveling abroad for holidays, some of us withdraw money using our ATM, credit or debit cards, but unknowingly pay hefty fees.

Check charges for using credit or debit cards abroad👇…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel | @kayezad
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Unravelling the most awaited and #LARGEST #IPO of #India. #LICIPO #LIC #Investing #Equity #DRHP
Random FACT - LIC is a part insurance and part investment products company.
The price band is set at Rs 902 - Rs 949 per equity share, and I find it very attractive.
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A man sued his company for throwing him a surprise birthday party
He won $450k!

A Kentucky man was recently awarded $450,000 in a lawsuit against his ex-employer for throwing him an unwanted birthday party that triggered stress and anxiety.
Evidently suffering from an anxiety disorder, Mr. Berling had asked his manager to not throw him a birthday party at work as it could potentially result in a panic attack and bring back uncomfortable childhood memories.
Despite his plea, the company threw him a surprise birthday party in August 2019, triggering a panic attack and causing him to leave abruptly. But, his ordeal didn't end there.
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Why was pop-icon Jimin’s luxurious apartment seized by authorities?

Park Ji-min, popularly known as Jimin, a member of the famous South Korean boy group BTS, recently had his house seized by authorities for not paying his Health Insurance premiums.
According to reports, South Korea’s National Health Insurance Service temporarily impounded Jimin’s $4.7 million Nine One Hannam house located in Seoul for failure to pay his dues.
However, a statement released by BTS’s record label, Big Hit entertainment, revealed that Jimin was not even aware of his overdue premiums!

As it happens, any mail sent to an artist’s residence is received by Big Hit first.
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Medicare – A National Health Insurance Fund
The history of Medicare goes back to President Teddy Roosevelt. In 1912, his presidential campaign included a national health insurance plan. The idea of a national health plan didn’t gain steam until 1945..
🧵 (thread)

Pres. Harry S Truman championed the idea of a national health care fund in 1945. He wanted national health insurance for all Americans and fought to pass a bill but was unsuccessful. It took another 20 years before Medicare became a reality.


John F. Kennedy
After studies showed that 56% of Americans over the age of 65 were not covered by health insurance, JFK made an unsuccessful push for a national healthcare plan.
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Travel is back on the table! With restrictions easing off, most of us are now determined to plan our next exotic vacation.

We have our bucket lists ready, a list of places to see, things to do, and cuisines to savour. But what about insurance? (1/8)

#insurance #travelinsurance
Travelling on a budget is not easy. We know from practice that we need to set aside money for unforeseen expenses. But, when travelling to a foreign land, could we take an extra step to be a little more prepared? (2/8)

#travel #financialplanning
Why should you take travel insurance? It safeguards the interests of the travellers on foreign land.

Imagine falling sick, meeting with an accident, or even losing your luggage & passport. As glum as it may sound, it is essential to prepare for emergencies. (3/8)

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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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Wild Weather: Our World Under Threat | Knowledge.c
#lytton bc #bcstorm #bcwildfires #bcheatwave
#bcheatdome #heatdome…
#MichaelMann telling the truth👀😳 on what happens at 2°C + #TellTheTruth #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateScientists #RapidGlobalWarming
Mann also simply explains why Australia is a Climate Canary.. it's already barely on the edge b4 Global Warming started amping up.
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#Options have same maths as #Insurance.

Insurance Companies win because:
1) #Mathematically Options are priced expensive,
2) With their deep pockets writing large enough number of options the #Probability works for them,
3) Endless Covenants to the Contract protect 'em
Thus #OptionSellers can hope to win OVER TIME if they have the same wherewithal as #Insurance Sellers, i.e.:
a) Deep Pockets
b) Very large number of trades over time
c) Math / Actuarial Skills
d) Legal Wherewithal.

Thus option sellers will be destroyed at some point.
#OptionBuyers are hoping beyond hope! They are in a worse position than #OptionSellers because:
#Probability is loaded against them & that makes a pressure to achieve #Extraordinary #Market Timing

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CROONICLE: A Guide on PTSD Cause and Symptoms…
CROONICLE: Meditation for Positive Thinking and Health…
CROONICLE: Guide on Digital Entrepreneurship… #onlinebusiness
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Different professions require distinct applied skill sets
1. Working as a #quality systems controller in the dairy industry, a degree in total quality management will not suffice alone!
You need to have some awards in veterinary sciences & nutrition sciences or food science/tech
2. Working in the Insurance Industry with just a degree in Actuarial Sciences cannot help per se.
The Actuarial Risk Aspirants must develop an understanding of #Insurance Underwriting Methods, Insurance Business Models, Insurance Law & Accounting, in addition to Maths and Stats.
3. The same holds true for those who graduate with qualifications in Financial Engineering or FINTECH, etc.
Students must develop an understanding of financial products, laws, exchanges, etc
Blindly applying quantitative models to events or observable data won't take you anywhere
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Are you buying Insurance this year just to save taxes?

DON'T. 🤫

It could cost you more than it saves in taxes!

Here's how ⤵️
Suppose there is a Mr Rahul who gets Rs 7.5 Lakh a year as his salary (with no other sources of income).

➡️ In India, if you earn more than 5 Lakh, you have to pay taxes.

But there are ways by which you can reduce your Taxable income. Some of them are:

° By investing up to 1.5 Lakh in PF, NSC, ELSS, Insurance, etc (80C)
° By investing up to 50 Thousand in NPS (80CCD)
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எவ்வளவு ஆயுள் காப்பீடு coverage வாங்குவது என்பது குழப்பமான ஒன்று. பல காப்பீட்டாளர்கள் death benefits-ஐ பொறுத்தவரை பலவிதமான காப்பீடுகளை வழங்குகிறார்கள்.

இப்படிபட்ட ஒரு சந்தையில், நுகர்வோர் தங்களுக்கு எவ்வளவு கவரேஜ் சரியானது என்பதை எவ்வாறு தீர்மானிக்க முடியும்?
அவர்களின் ஆயுள் காப்பீட்டுத் தேவைகளைக் கணக்கிடுவதற்கான சிறந்த வழி ஒரு எளிய அணுகுமுறை உள்ளது. இது DIME முறை என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.

DIME முறையானது ஆயுள் காப்பீட்டு death benefit எவ்வளவு இருக்க வேண்டும் என்பதைக் கணக்கிடுவதற்கான பொதுவான அணுகுமுறையாகும்.
M- Mortgage/அடமானம்

கடன்: அகால மரணத்திற்குப் பிறகு செலுத்த வேண்டிய நிலுவைத் தொகையைத் திருப்பிச் செலுத்துவதற்கு எவ்வளவு செலவாகும் என்பதைத் தீர்மானிக்க, ஏற்கனவே உள்ள அனைத்துக் கடனையும் சேர்க்க வேண்டும்.
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Sonam Kapoor’s father-in-law's company was cheated out of ₹27 Crore!

Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd., an apparel manufacturing and exporting company run by actor Sonam Kapoor’s father-in-law Harish Ahuja, has recently been a victim of a highly sophisticated cybercrime.
Approximately ₹27 Crore was stolen from the company by a gang of cybercriminals who were busted by police in Faridabad, Haryana.

The fraudsters operated by misappropriating the firm’s ROSCTL licences with the help of Ahuja’s forged Digital Signature Certificate.
ROSCTL (Rebate of State and Central Taxes and Levies) licences are incentives given by the government to export-import firms and are similar to digital coupons worth several lakh rupees.
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CROONICLE: What Can You Learn from Click Heatmap?… #heatmaps
CROONICLE: Hire a Reliable Website Management and Maintenance...… #websitemanagement
CROONICLE: A Novice Guide about Scalping Strategies on Forex… #scalping #forex
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LIC IPO- Biggest is not the right word!

The government is expected to raise >75,000 Cr by selling part of its stake in the insurance behemoth LIC.

The issue size is so big that even the word big does not seem to capture the essence of how big it is!

A thread by Bhaskar & me. Image
Some numbers to put things in context-
1. The biggest IPO yet was by One97 Communications (Paytm), which raised just about 18,000 Cr; LIC IPO size is at least 4x.

2. The mutual funds SIP flows/month are upwards of 9,000 Cr; LIC hopes to raise >8x of this amt in 2 days!
3. There are 10 Indian states whose budget size is less than the LIC IPO size.
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How can you migrate from corporate to individual health #insurance? 🧵 (1/n)
When we talk about perks for salaried employees, corporate health insurance surely tops the list.

After all, your employer pays your premiums & you enjoy the benefits.

But imagine quitting your job...
That means bidding goodbye to your corporate health insurance benefits as well...Or does it?

Well, there’s still a way to enjoy them- by converting your corporate insurance into an individual health plan.
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CROONICLE: Advantages of Cloud Computing Services on Education… #CloudComputing
CROONICLE: Life Insurance Buyers Guide… #insurance
CROONICLE: Amazing Things to Do in Florida… #placestovisit #travel
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A guide to selecting a super top-up #insurance🍿👇

Thread. (1/n)
💡What if we told you that you could get an extra 90 lakh worth of health coverage with annual premiums as cheap as your Amazon prime subscription (₹ 1000)?
- Well, believe it or not, that's exactly what a top-up plan offers.

- The idea is simple- pay cheap premiums & walk away with massive coverage. "Well, what's the catch Ditto?"
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Here's a simple checklist on selecting the best health #insurance for you & your loved ones.

A thread.👇 (1/n)
1.) Don’t split the Bill:

- Insurers might nudge you to consider a co-payment clause, in which case, you’ll be forced to foot a part of the bill each time you make a claim.

- This might not be the best option unless you have no choice, or are purchasing for elderly citizens.
2.) Restrictions on room & room rent:

- Some insurers will have a limit on room rent. And if you breach this limit, they’ll make you pay extra for every little service rendered in the room.

- Opt for a policy that doesn’t have too many restrictions on this front.
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#Budget2022 wish list:

Congratulations to @nsitharaman and @PMOIndia to guide our country thru this #pandemic period. You have avoided excesses of many countries during this period. Thanks to that #India is touted as the next preferred #investment destination.
It is dream of our Hon #PMModi to reach $5 trln economy very soon. For that, besides Govt spending, you will need help from citizens to save, invest and channel the same to productive use through investment vehicles like Mutual Funds.
Our #MutualFund Industry has grown from 25 lac crs to currently 37 lac crs and likely to touch 100 lac crs.

#MF mobilizes #savings of all #Investors - #retail, #HNI, #Institutional and helps in growing our economy by participating in #Debt and #Equity - key drivers for growth
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⚖️ LEGAL LOOKOUT 1: We’ve read with interest the amicus brief below filed by 24 health policy experts in the @texmed v. @HHSGov lawsuit, as we filed one, too.

Without any further digging, though, we can see off the bat that a majority of the so-called experts who signed

(1/8) ImageImageImage
onto this brief are funded by the #insurance industry.

We respect and cherish the fact that everyone party to a significant #policy debate like this one over #regulatory implementation of the #NoSurprisesAct has a voice.

But, a question to @RonaldKlain, @SecBecerra, and

@BrooksLaSureCMS: How can you reconcile the fact that the administration’s #regulations rely on these bankrolled academics and experts while also claiming that these regulations help #patients and our #healthcare system? This is an alternative reality.

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14 months ago I shared a concept with insurance industry & others for indemnifying individual #EWS1 forms/surveys. It was slapped down. Today I hear this is essentially the @luhc scheme to launch by Easter. Hey ho.
In addition to the indemnity (making #EWS1 worth something) there was also counter fraud and quality control benefits as dodgy surveys would not be insurable. This also appears to be being partially adopted by @luhc
Here is an @BldgSafetyReg blog on #EWS1 Fraud from Oct 2020 that includes a section on #Insurance…
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