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Proto 6/10: Copy printed text to desktop with AR+ML

Book: Neurones, les intelligences simulées, Frédéric Migayroux & al (Editions Hyx 2018 @centrepompidou)

#ML #AR #AI #AIUX #ARCore #ARKit #WebXR

Technical Insights: ↓
The magic here is to use ARCore + AugmentedImages rather than SIFT.
Phone gets a new desktop screenshot on touch and adds it to ARCore (< 100ms).
Tracking is crazy fast & precise.

Interesting alternative to touch screen for interactive installations!
The text detection is performed on device with @Firebase #MLKit. Super fast, good accuracy and cross platform.
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Facebook wants to own the VR app ecosystem, & @blakejharrisNYC got an Zuckerberg email revealing FB tried to buy @unity3d to ensure integrations with their services. Zuck thought this would strongarm @EpicGames in integrating tightly with FB. What a misread on @TimSweeneyEpic!
Oh the stories @unity3d could tell about the invisible platform wars that have been happening in VR/AR over the past 5 years. Valve seems to be the only major XR player that deeply understand ecosystem development, but maybe that's because they've owned gaming's #1 app store.
It's likely @unity3d is probably trying to own aspects of the gaming platform like cloud hosting, especially with their recent terms of service update & public feud/breakup with @Improbableio. It's likely their business model directly competes with Unity:…
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The @Sundance Film Festival 2019 is officially kicking off. I'll be in Park City covering the VR/AR pieces in the #NewFrontier program & catching as many documentaries as I can.
Sundance serves as a public square for independent media (over 14k submissions) that's an antidote to shallow clickbait news. Art, culture, community are vital for making sense of what's happening in our world.
The Sundance theme is "Risk Independence." Some of the worst conditions for doing journalism today.
2 Syrian & Iranian filmmakers couldn't get visas because of the Muslim ban.
Sundance also expanded beyond white male critics with 63% of credentials to underrepresented minorities.
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#MagicLeap One hardcore engineer review-preview

- Meshing + tracking is great, do _not_ need to please it
- Very cool to see the virtual world clipped by real!
- World-aware content is the killer feature, the tech nailed it
- World mesh persists
- Great suspend/resume
- Lumin runtime + Lumin SDK immersive was a great technical direction
- Controller tracking is surprisingly good 6DOF, in or out of view
- Hands tracking is fast
- Opacity is a total NON-issue, not even top 10
- At one point I thought my wall had a hole in it
- Surround audio is surprisingly great, no headphones needed
- FOV is a little annoying at first, but you don't notice after a while
- Clip planes are too close
- No pixels, feels higher res than Vive despite FOV
- You can see a bit of prisming, but aesthetic feels right
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