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📏 How I Measure #DevRel Impact

Let’s take a blog post, for example. You write a post that is intended to drive inspiration and get a developer to use your product.

Most people are tracking page views. I track page views only to validate that my strategy was successful. 🧵
What I really want to track is the results of the traffic to the blog post.

I leverage a short url, coupon code, etc to track the sign-ups from the blog post. Connecting the traffic lead to an actual trial or customer.

How many new customers has it brought in?
And of those new customers, what is the impact to the company?

Feedback leading to Improvements
Support they provided peers
Referrals, etc.

I can now prove the impact that my team is making down to the asset or project. I report these metrics in executive-language.
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⚡️Writing an abstract for a lightning talk…a thread 👇️

Lightning talks are generally 5-10 minutes. As the name implies - they are quick!
A good lightning talk is not just your breakout talk condensed into a shorter time frame. You can't simply deliver the same material faster, or the same material at a higher level, or the same material with a few bits left out
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Documentation is hard. @meeroslav referred me to, probably the 1st categorization of structuring technical docs that immediately made sense to me.

It approaches docs from these 4 angles.

here’s me paraphrasing some things to remember 🧵👇

#devrel Image
@meeroslav Tutorials are learning oriented. They provide a path for the learner to follow, exercise and comprehend. They should not directly teach, but provide opportunities to learn. They are not intended to create experts, but create interest and lay the basis for exploring more.
@meeroslav Tutorials vs How Tos is like a cooking lesson vs a recipe.
Both come with concrete steps but one is meant to teach/learn while the other is a guide to reach a desired outcome in the most direct and efficient way. Image
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On this #podcast episode, @onejasonknight speaks to @tessak22 & @wesley83 about the wonderful world of DevRel and whether PMs and DevRels are friends or foes. What is #DevRel? What types of companies need it? How does it intersect with #prodmgmt?
🥑 What DevRel is, what they love about it and how there's not one boring DevRel person in the world

🥑 Their journeys into DevRel and whether there's a standard career path for people trying to get into the trade
🥑 The types of companies that need DevRel teams and how the concept of "developer-first" and "developer plus" products informs when you need to spin up a DevRel team
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5 DevOps Projects that will get you a job

A Thread 🧵
1️⃣ Chatbot Deployment over cloud

▶️ You can create one voice bot using tools like RASA, CSML, Dialogflow or etc.

▶️ Start using command line to deploy it, Learn Linux apply it.

▶️ Use AWS/GCP services for App deployment like EKS/GKE, ECS, or AWS Lambda.

If you want one, DM
2️⃣ Application deployment

▶️ Learn about AWS services like EKS, ECS, Fargate clusters, Cloudformation, and many more.
🔅One of them is enough for project.

▶️ Create demo application like wordpress or owncloud deployment yaml file.

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In 2018 I joined Microsoft as a Cloud Architect, it was a childhood dream to become a Microsoft employee. It was the start of an incredible journey.

🧵 1/6
Fast forward two years ago (today) and I transferred into the Cloud Advocacy team where my mission was to help produce and share actionable IT Operations content.

During my time as a Cloud Advocate I've stood on the stage of large auditoriums and delivered content on behalf of Microsoft, I've written blog posts to help solve problems, I've written content for Microsoft Learn, created and learnt how to produce video content...

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What is @CroquetIO anyways?

A thread 🧵
Croquet lets you build completely client-side multi-user web apps.

Read that again.


No I'm not kidding. I built it, I know it works. 😁
Croquet apps run completely client-side:
• can be hosted as a static web sites
• no server-side code needed
• no networking code needed
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I'm excited to share that I've finally landed on my niche for @Devocate_

Devocate's mission is to serve developers who are seeking to learn developer advocacy. Either for a career in #DevRel or to expand their soft skills & learn tactics to engage with their fave companies.
If you're a Devocate follower or subscriber, you will start to notice changes to the way we draft content—targeting developers over CEOs & founders. You will also notice a new community launching in October that will feel just like, thanks to @forem.
This new mission is largely due to the fact that developer advocacy is in very high demand, yet the applicant pool is very small. There are so many opportunities for engineers to vary their career paths and it's always been my passion to be a part of the mentorship movement.
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📰 A thread of helpful newsletters outside of tech you might not know about it

With #DevRel living at the nexus of marketing, product, & engineering, I find it helpful to learn from a variety of sources. Here are some of my fave indie newsletters, would love to hear yours!
I've talked about by @DruRly before, but it's exceptionally valuable. Each week Dru sends out a thorough report on a new topic like DeFi, digital products, paid communities. The paid version includes access to a wonderful community, too.
Maker Mind by @anthilemoon is all about mindful productivity, which is one of my all-time favorite topics. Anne-Laure's articles are always fascinating and research-backed.
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I've been doing this #DevRel thing as an actual job title for nearly three years now, so does that qualify me to tweet some Pro-tips? Or they're maybe just tips? 🤔
🤷‍♂️ Anyway, here are some things you really should stop doing in your presentation decks.
🧵 👇
Your slides are not your talk
Your slides are not your talk
Your slides are not your talk
Your slides are not your talk
Your slides are not your talk
Your slides are a *prop* for the talk that *you* are delivering.
If I can just download your slides and imbibe the knowledge you wish to impart from the slides alone, what's the point of listening to your talk?
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Moving from dev to #DevRel is tough - there's no doubt about it! 😬

Even though it's a very fun job, the day-to-day is totally different than the usual sprints & tickets you're used to.

Here is a thread 🧵 on some strategies I've learned to ease the transition: Image
1️⃣ Embrace the fact that #DevRel is a new set of skills you can learn.

The big shock moving to dev rel is the dizzying # of required skills: content, marketing, speaking, community-building, & more.

Don't resist it: you're a newbie again & it will take time. That's okay!
2️⃣ Focus on shipping and improving instead of waiting for perfection.

At any given time, you could be doing a zillion different things. Instead of haphazardly bouncing between projects, try to focus on finishing things, no matter how small. More:
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😫 If you're feeling discouraged or like you're not making any progress, it might mean you're not scoping your projects correctly.

Whether it's #DevRel, side projects, or learning a new coding skill, knowing how to properly scope a project can feel like a superpower. 🧵 Image
1️⃣ Ask yourself: "What's the smallest deliverable I can make that pushes me further towards my goal or dream?"

This could be a short blog post, a 30 second screencast, a small command line app, or part of a new app feature. It needs to be easy to know if it's finished or not.
2️⃣ Adjust the size of that deliverable according to what you can get done in roughly a few days of work.

This isn't a hard & fast rule, but the goal is to keep it under a week so you can build momentum.
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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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1/ Next up in #ReflectionThreads : Throwing some light on ‘Developer Relations’ (DevRel) as a function.

I'll summarize some experiences from
- My work at a product MNC
- My research + prep work for product startup/s interviews

Read below 👇🏻

#DeveloperRelations #Thread
2/ DevRel is useful for any company which has a tech product and is looking for increasing their developer base. Needless to say, the framework mentioned below would be applicable (at a high level) for various other (non-tech) products as well.
3/ Why DevRel? 🤔
- Engage with a unique audience : Developers
- Reach devs@scale (1:few:many)
- Help devs make *meaningful* solutions
- Receive critical product feedback
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Submitting an abstract for a conference? Remember the basics like paragraph breaks. If a reviewer finds it harder to read yours vs another, guess which one gets favoured?
A popular conference is going to have 100s of submissions, and little things like this matter, a lot.
It would be great to think that reviewers can telepathically discern your intent in an abstract by spending 20 minutes poring over the words, right? In practice, you're lucky to get 20 seconds. Layout, grammar, spelling, verbosity - all these matter!
Verbosity is an interesting one. Too verbose and you get marked down for being too unfocused, the concern being that if you can't pinpoint the purpose of your talk concisely in an abstract are you just going to waffle in your actual talk?
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1. Do you take home assignments?

A lot of engineers I know refuse to do them and for good reason. It's no secret that the candidate is going to spend many hours on their take-home assignment. Hours that could be sent researching, applying, and interviewing at other companies.
2. As most coveted positions have upwards of 50 "qualified" candidates the interview process is frequently seen as a numbers game. i.e. even if you are a great candidate, odds are that there are another few great candidates and you have a fairly low shot.
3. Most coding boot camps that have job placement guarantees require you to apply to at least two jobs DAILY!

It seems that the quantity of applications is a better strategy than 1 or 2 quality applications. Obviously, the quality has to be "good enough" to get you interviews.
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The secret source for delivering value in form of software at (enterprise) scale? Option 1: the Thanos Method (get rid of most people) - Not recommended but effective for sure.
Option 2: create and maintain an immune system made of strong engineering culture (includes #ethics!!) AND platform thinking (for synergy effects & North Star). This is the option I do consulting at: Strategic Software Delivery. #devrel #dev #experience #SoftwareEngineering
The immune system is a passive force to allow customer centric thinking, allow experiments on all levels. It frees up busy minds and let’s you focus on delivering value to customers. Because it is a passive system, it is easy to overlook, but it makes all the difference.
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There were really good answers to the tweet suggesting that "algorithms can't be racist because they are math", so I made a top 10.

Let's jump in.

1/ My personal favorite is Dr. @mathbabedotorg's, the world's expert on the topic, and yet her answer is benevolent and humble:

2/ Google's deep learning expert @fchollet's answer generalizes the argument of @RealSaavedra into the concept of "bias laundering", which I bet will come back often in the next years:

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Ok #devrel discussion time. If you choose to use twitter for your devrel activities or you identify your company and your role in devrel for the company THEN
DO NOT make your twitter timeline all about marketing for your company
DO NOT make your twitter timeline all about your personal life or just tweeting back and forth with your friends/admirers
As a devrel professional this will not go well. I DO think you should have *some* company and personal content on your timeline. It helps to make clear who you work for, things you are proud of at your company, and that you are a real human. 3/x
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I'm re-reading articles about #burnout before finishing up this section of my #DevRel book and stumbled on this oldie-but-goodie from @aprilwensel:

"What burns people out is not doing hard work, but rather feeling like their work doesn’t matter."…
Don't get me wrong... as long as I know my work still matters, I'm ok with doing the basic, repetitive work that I'm overqualified for but that needs to happen to keep the team going. It's a part of every job, right?
The difference is when I'm told that my time is best spent doing that drudge work rather than doing the work that I love & care deeply about. The message that sends me is that the work that I care about the most is essentially worthless & is doing nothing to further the company.
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